I remember being outside at my grandfather’s farm, standing in the driveway. It was evening and I was surprised when I saw in the Spirit a vision of the earth above and in front of me. That was when I heard in my spirit the nine words I believe God spoke to my heart – “I want you to go to China for Me!”


Current Events

Want to Learn More about our Ministry? We have newsletters about our current events that get sent out monthly as well as regular radio broadcasts. On our last trip to China we were able to videotape some of the testimonies of the people that received bibles. Click on the icon below to watch the Video.

Bible Distribution

Because of long-term relationships and our commitment to operate openly and legally, the Voice of China and Asia is permitted to provide on-site verification of all our Bible related projects…

Rural Believers

Within two decades, the Christian Church in China will grow to over 400 million believers! China will soon become the largest Christian nation in the world! Of those who are committing their lives to Jesus Christ each day, seventy percent live in rural areas…