Proclaiming the Gospel

The most effective way to touch Asia for Christ is placing Bibles in the hands of rural believers. Millions of poverty stricken rural Chinese people have no one to speak for them and with no media contact, their plight remains hidden to the outside world. Through in-country coordinating staff, the Voice of China and Asia systematically distributes legally printed Bibles to rural China, county-by-county. Each Bible distributed in rural China will be shared by up to four people. These four together will lead up to two more believers to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Pastoral training has become essential to build self-sustaining churches. The average church in rural China has upwards of two hundred members, yet the majority of the pastors have had no Biblical or ministerial training. In answer to their prayers, the Voice of China and Asia is providing them with free Pastor’s Study Bibles. By empowering these pastors with God’s Word, we are strengthening China’s church and our outreach to rural believers is being multiplied exponentially.

In addition to all this, the Voice of China and Asia provides rural pastors with motorcycle transportation to enable them to cover more ground than ever before. By equipping these leaders we affirm their ability to establish the truths of the Christian faith in their rural settings.