1933 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Sunday, January 1
A beautiful day. Dr. Mary stone preached in our mission. Dr. Stone, Miss Hughes, Miss Woo of San Francisco, the Larson family and Miss McPherson for dinner. Called at hospital and a very busy, happy day.

Monday, January 2
Larsons had breakfast here and then left for their own flat a few doors from ours, 550 Nathan Road. I worked all day and had all the Sunday school teachers, preachers, students, etc. here for a happy time together – 50 came.

Tuesday, January 3
Wrote to Miss Myers. Mrs. Crane called. She told me Miss Drew is dead – was buried yesterday. Such a shock. Bible school reopened after holidays. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 4
Called, Women’s meeting at Mr. Cheung’s – Reclamation Street. Night meetings – souls at altar. Wrote letters, sewed, etc.

Thursday, January 5
Called. Got lining – 5 yards for $1. Lines my grey coat. Bible study. Work in general.

Friday, January 6
Rain – cold. Early prayer meeting. Ah Kam very bad. Mr. Kwok informs us his wife and baby are going with Dr. Stone and Miss Hughes to Shanghai to school. I called. Night meetings. Miss Hughes and Dr. Stone went aboard ship for Shanghai. Mrs. Kwok Yan Hoi and Lei Lo Wing’s sister did not go on account of trouble in the north.

Saturday, January 7
Prayer meeting. Sunday school teachers’ meeting. Dr. Clift had baptismal service in our chapel – orphans (eleven) from Hong Kong side. Mrs. John Galloway for supper. Helen and McPherson went to Station House meeting.

Sunday, January 8
Albert went to Sheung Chau. Hung Hom Kwok preached here. I went to Koon Chung night meeting. Ah Choi sick. Ip Si Ni baby sick. Mrs. Kwok sick and Ah Kam very low.

Monday, January 9
Ip Si Ni baby in hospital. Sewed, wrote and work in general. Esther entered the bid school and Helen third year high school.

Tuesday, January 10
Hospital meeting. Li Sy Tai called. So Tsoi Yan in meeting. Mrs. Burtt called. Many callers here. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 11
Took Ah Choi to Dr. Smalley – going tomorrow for an X-ray. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung. Night meeting – Kwok preached. Mrs. Kelley, Pentecostal missionary in Canton, died of smallpox this A.M. Work in general.

Thursday, January 12
Bible study business meeting. Added Leung Chan Kwong and Mr. Grant to the Board. Called. Night meeting. Took Ah Choi to Kowloon Hospital for X-ray. Get results Saturday.

Friday, January 13
Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Grant. Bought my Japanese bed spread and table cover for $5 mex. Night meeting. Work in general. Made Helen a blouse. Helen’s serge blue – $1.10 yard.

Saturday, January 14
A very precious prayer meeting. Ip Si baby very sick. X-ray results not over from Hong Kong yet for ah Choi. Many callers.

Sunday, January 15
Communion (two Sunday’s late). Very large crowd. Mrs. Burtt, Esther and Mrs. So, their Bible women, for dinner. Good meetings all day long.

Monday, January 16
Wrote to Miss Myers. Ip Si Ni baby girl, 7 months old, died. I dressed it – very sweet. One box came from San Francisco. Work in general.

Tuesday, January 17
Funeral – baby looked very pretty. Called at Old Peoples’ home. Night meetings here. Wrote letters and made Esther gym waist.

Wednesday, January 18
Women’s meeting to Koon Chung. Night meetings. Ah Kam died in hospital. A Miss Wong gave $18 for her funeral expenses. Night meetings. Many callers. Made Helen gym waist.

Thursday, January 19
Ah Kam’s Funeral – she look happy. Mr. and Mrs. Hassell called. Night meetings. Work in general.

Friday, January 20
We are married 20 years today. Kam Chi Keung and Chan In Kwong graduation day from Peniel Bible School. Had coffee and cake and fruit for about 45 people in our home. Brother French and Pauline came on afternoon boat. Brother French gave the message. They looked nice in new grey suits. A misunderstanding about the music and organ, and Mrs. Grant went home.

Saturday, January 21
A splendid prayer meeting. The graduates gave a foreign meal in a restaurant, Sam Man, on Shanghai Street for all their teachers and the missionaries. At 4:00 P.M. all present but Mr. and Mrs. Grant. A very nice time. Brother French spoke in the prayer meeting. San Kei is back from Wuchow. Her mind is still affected.

Sunday, January 22
Sunday school. Mr. French preached at noon and night. Full, busy, happy day.

Monday, January 23
Mr. French and Pauline left on early boat for Canton. Grants moved to No. 51 Kowloon City. Ralph Oden got a new buggy. Grant children for supper.

Tuesday, January 24
Meeting to arrange for New Year’s open air meetings. Callers, called, night meetings, etc.

Wednesday, January 25
Early prayer meeting. Called on Mrs. Crane. Mrs. Larson and I went to pray for San Kei. Work in general. Miss Hardy and Miss Webster down from Canton. Miss McPherson, Hardy and I went to see the New Year things out on the street after meeting.

Thursday, January 26
One band went to Kowloon City villages; Shamshuipo and boats and one band to Cheung Chau. Good opportunities. Night meeting. Had 14 for dinner – Chinese New Year Day.

Friday, January 27
Early prayer meeting. San Kei tried to drown herself. She is now in hospital. Her mind affected. Crane girls and Elizabeth here to play. Very cold. Albert came back from the Island. Night meetings.

Saturday, January 28
Bands out preaching. 18 of us went out on a teng into the harbor. Very fine time. All had supper on Chan boat and then came home.

Sunday, January 29
Lei Kam Man preached. Philip Lee came through Hong Kong from Shanghai to Canton. A busy happy day.

Monday, January 30
Got up at 5:30 A.M. to go to Macao for a meeting – 14 of us. Arrived at 11:00 A.M. Went to Shui Laan’s grandmother’s new home that her son in Canada had sent money to build. We had tea and refreshments and then all went sight seeing. Morrison’s grave, ruins of old Cathedral and many places of interest. Called at Galloway’s. Had Chinese meal in new house and then a meeting. Ah Coil, Kam Chi Keung, and Tak Ching preached. Afterward we went to Gospel boat meeting and at 10:00 P.M. boarded ship for Hong Kong. Got back to Yaumati at 8:00 A.M., Tuesday. Miss McPherson and I went.

Tuesday, January 31
School re-opened after New Year holidays. Had splendid open air meetings. Several new students entered this A.M. Mr. and Mrs. Larson began teaching in the school. Two new students. Night meeting, hospital meetings, callers and a busy day.

Wednesday, February 1
Ah Shui left. Has been here over four years. She was disobedient and I told her to go. Two more new students. Night meetings. Women’s meeting. Called at Grant’s. Wrote to Miss Myers. Work in general.

Thursday, February 2
Worked on books all day. Albert not well. San Kei tried to run away from hospital.

Friday, February 3
Early prayer meeting. San Kei was taken to the “Tin Fong” in Hong Kong today. She got away from hospital again. Called at Tai Kok Tsui on that afflicted Hoh girl and sent her into hospital. Wrote on P.S. to Miss Myers letter. A very fine testimony and prayer meeting. Made Helen’s blue serge skirt.

Saturday, February 4
Work in general. Prayer meeting and business meeting. Two boxes came about 10:00 P.M., one from Los Angeles. Many callers.

Sunday, February 5
Meetings. Called with Miss Woo and Miss Yee at Miss Shultz and Dr. Clift. Might meetings.

Monday, February 6
Sorted clothes for the poor. Went to Hong Kong and got Albert a hat and shoes. Went to Helen and Esther’s school prize giving.

Tuesday, February 7
Albert is 51 years old today. Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. Oden, McPherson, Pierce, Helen, Albert and I had a wonderful Chinese meal at Miss Woo, 784 Nathan Road (From Cameron Home, San Francisco). Night meetings. Lined my black coat.

Wednesday, February 8
Mrs. French and Miss Clark here from Canton. Mrs. Larson had a meeting or class for women today in our home from 12:30 to 1:30 P.M. Night meetings – Mr. Larson preached. Went to pray for Mr. Ng after meeting. Work in general. Early prayer meeting.

Thursday, February 9
School board meeting. Many callers. Work in general. Bible study.

Friday, February 10
Called at Grant’s. Met Miss Stodghill in Hong Kong. Got the girls each a bathing suit – $15 price for $2.50. Night meetings. Mrs. Larson’s class. Many callers.

Saturday, February 11
Workers’ prayer meeting.

Sunday, February 12
Good meetings. Called on Miss Western (Miss Drew’s worker) in Kowloon Hospital – she has T.B. and is ordered to U.S.A. While we were there, Miss Hardy and Mrs. Ward of Canton came. Miss Hardy had supper here.

Monday, February 13
Mrs. Crane, Rebecca and Miss Pierce and McPherson for dinner. Lai Si Ni here over Shai Kai’s affairs. Miss McPherson has an English class.

Tuesday, February 14
Went to insane house in Hong Kong to visit San Kei. Night meetings. Mrs. Kwok took her baby to Nethersole Hospital – pneumonia.

Wednesday, February 15
Meeting here. Went to a feast on Kwok brother’s boat. Kam Mooi is marring a Mr. Ng. Night meetings.

Thursday, February 16
Many callers. Mrs. Crane got her new teeth today – very nice. Made blue dress. Night meetings. Miss Shek has taken Kwok Yan Hoi “Chang” to care for. She plans to go to Shanghai.

Friday, February 17
Letter from Miss Daniels saying she is engaged to a Mr. Richardson. Night meetings. A very busy day.

Saturday, February 18
Prayer meeting. Went to Dr. Clift’s meeting. First meeting in their new place on Nathan Road.

Sunday, February 19
Albert preached. Had a funeral at 3:00 P.M. – Grandma Li of Kowloon Mission. Went to pray for a man who has been craze for 20 years. A very busy day.

Monday, February 20
Moved wardrobes. Worked all day. Had a missionary prayer meeting from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. All workers here but Grants. Mr. Chan King Ue went to country to sell gospels.

Tuesday, February 21
Ue Ying Si Ni baby boy born today. Hospital meeting and night meetings. Miss Pierce had whitewashers. She is sleeping here nights.

Wednesday, February 22
My father’s birthday. Mrs. Larson had Women’s meeting at Shamshuipo. Night meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, February 23
Ah Joe and I whitewashed the kitchen. A very busy day. Night meetings.

Friday, February 24
Ah Choi, Chan Kwong and wife, our family and Elizabeth Rousseau went to Rose Edna’s grave. Night meetings.

Saturday, February 25
Prayer and fast day. Mrs. Crane called and many others.

Sunday, February 26
Albert preached. Chan In Kwong’s brother died of smallpox. Chan Kwong preached at night. Miss Wu was in meeting. She sails for San Francisco via shanghai Tuesday.

Monday, February 27
Work in general. MacKenzie stayed overnight. Made Esther blue gym dress – 22 cents a yard. I was vaccinated, also Albert.

Tuesday, February 28
Chan in Kwong’s brother’s funeral at 10:00 A.M. Wrote to Miss Myers. Night meetings.

Wednesday, March 1
Meeting for Women. Mrs. Burnside and many other callers. Night meetings.

Thursday, March 2
Went to Hong Kong; blue voilet dress – $1.80 yard and Albert’s suit. Night meetings. Sewed, wrote and work in general.

Friday, March 3
Meeting at noon. Work in general. Night meeting. Mrs. Larson’s birthday. Grants in meeting. They called here after meeting.

Saturday, March 4
Twenty years ago today we arrived in china. Grants arrived 12 years ago. Larson’s fourth wedding anniversary. We and Miss McPherson had dinner at Larson’s. Afternoon prayer meeting and business meeting. Helen went to a Bible scripture union picnic.

Sunday, March 5
Kwok preached. Mr. and Mrs. Oden, Miss McPherson and I had an all night prayer meeting in their dining room for a revival and conviction on profession workers for Christ. God answer prayer.

Monday, March 6
Mrs. Munroe for dinner. I went to Hong Kong with her. Mr. Munroe, she and I had ice cream at On Lok Yuen. They left on night boat. Mr. Philippi here to call. Work in general. Mr. Crane went back to country.

Tuesday, March 7
Evan’s wife got machine from Mr. Evans in U.S. I sewed and worked in general. Night meeting.

Wednesday, March 8
Work in general. Meeting here at 12:30 P.M. Women’s meeting at 2:00 P.M. Night meetings, callers, etc.

Thursday, March 9
Board meeting. Kwok was not here. A beautiful day. Night meetings.

Friday, March 10
Sewed, wrote had meetings here and in mission. Callers galore.

Saturday, March 11
Workers’ meeting. A good time. Sent group picture of girl students to Miss Myers.

Sunday, March 12
Esther in bed all day with fever. Mr. Haskett off ship called at noon. Hung Hom Kwok preached. Went to pray for So Tsoi Yan’s Father and Mother. A busy day.

Monday, March 13
Many, many callers. Esther still in bed. Papers report the terrible earthquake in California, Los Angeles, etc. on Friday night and Saturday and several quakes on Sunday A.M.

“From the Penny Postcards from California: This magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck at 5:55 P. M. on Friday, 10 March 1933. The epicenter was 3 miles south of Huntington Beach, and resulted in at least 120 deaths, many injuries, and damage of about 60 Million Depression-era Dollars.
Long Beach was the hardest hit. The death toll there was 74; property damage $35 Million.
Compton and Huntington Park also suffered heavy loss of life and damage.
Most of the damage was done to buildings of un-reinforced masonry, including many school buildings. The loss of life would have been much higher if the quake had struck during school hours. This led to the passage of the Field Act, which gave the State Division of Architecture authority and responsibility for approving design and supervising construction of public schools. Building codes for all buildings in Los Angeles County were also toughened.”

Tuesday, March 14
Esther up a little while. Another day of callers. Wrote letters, etc. Night meetings.

Wednesday, March 15
Meeting at Shamshuipo for women. Night meeting here. Ip Si Ni played her mandolin at women’s meeting.

Thursday, March 16
Got the girls white gym dresses out and a few other summer things. Bible study, wrote letters, etc.

Friday, March 17
Called at Grant’s. Mrs. Crane and Rebecca for dinner. Meeting for women here. Night meeting. Tried to get Albert to marry a couple who have only heard the gospel – he refused.

Saturday, March 18
About 25 of the Christians went to Aberdeen to this wedding. A Mr. Leung, Albert, Esther, Miss McP and Miss Pierce and I also went. They were married at Sec. of Chinese Affairs and then we had meeting on their boat. Many heard the gospel. Prayer meeting here and then Albert and Oden went to Munsang College to the opening of the new assembly hall and their prize giving and graduation exercises.

Sunday, March 19
In meetings all day.

Monday, March 20
Work in general. Hassells called and many others. Miss Bancroft’s girl Wong moved in back.

Tuesday, March 21
Made Helen’s pink gingham dress from Mrs. Graham. Night meetings. Many callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, March 22
Meeting for women. Early prayer meeting. Sewed. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Thursday, March 23
Work in general. Night meetings. Many callers.

Friday, March 24
Changed rooms, wardrobes, etc. Night meetings. Sunday school meetings, etc.

Saturday, March 25
Prayer and fast day. Good meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, March 26
Albert preached. Very warm. Ralph Oden sick. We had supper there. Night meetings. Ah Choi went to Canton.

Monday, March 27
Much colder again – wind and rain. Called at Crane’s with Mrs. Larson. Missionary prayer meeting here from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. All present but Grants and Mrs. Oden (Ralph sick).

Tuesday, March 28
Hospital meeting and night meetings. A very busy day.

Wednesday, March 29
Women’s meeting at Wanchai – name Cheung. Seven of us went. A long walk. Night meetings. Real cold.

Thursday, March 30
Work in general. Many callers. Night meetings.

Friday, March 31
Went to Mrs. Larson to Dr. Kew – dentist. Meeting here. Night meetings, callers, etc.

Saturday, April 1
Eugene Larson is one year old. Esther had dinner with him. Worker’s meeting here. Crane children and Elizabeth for supper.

Sunday, April 2
Mr. Larson preached – big crowd. Night meetings.

Monday, April 3
Made Helen’s white dress. Called and had callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 4
Grandma Cheung died – was buried at 5:00 P.M. – 93 years old. Night meeting.

Wednesday, April 5
Women’s meeting at Yau Si Ni. Made Helen’s red, white and blue dress. Night meetings. Police arrested Wai Fong’s boat – at wharf after 9:00 P.M.

Thursday, April 6
Went calling with Ah Choi – six homes. Night meetings. Work in general.

Friday, April 7
Made my blue dress with red flower in it – 45 cents yard. Street meetings and night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, April 8
Prayer meeting. Esther took fever Thursday night. Has been in bed since. Had Dr. Wong last night – he gave her medicine.

Sunday, April 9
Esther still in bed with fever. Dr. Wong again came and gave her medicine and thinks it’s her tonsils. Hung Hom Kwok preached. Mr. Rushton called and brought fruit and eggs to Esther.

Monday, April 10
Work in general. Wrote to Miss Myers. Esther better. Mr. Rushton called and brought her fruit. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 11
Cleaned windows and doors, etc. Esther is up. Night meetings.

Wednesday, April 12
Went with Mrs. Crane to book her room for Hoi Peng – she and the children are going Friday for one week. Ralph Oden fell down the back steps in his walker and cut his lip. Women’s meeting at Ue Si Ni. Night prayer meeting.

Thursday, April 13
Meetings. Wrote letters. Work in general. Lois Crane’s 10-year birthday. Helen and Esther went.

Friday, April 14
Good Friday. We went to meet Mrs. Emslie again, but she did not come. Elizabeth Rousseau stayed all night with Helen. A beautiful day. Meetings, etc.

Saturday, April 15
Special prayer and fast day for the Peniel work in U.S.A. Last meeting of week in Shamshuipo.

Sunday, April 16
Easter Sunday – Communion. Mrs. Larson had morning and Albert had night. Very warm.

Monday, April 17
Helen went to Cheung Chau. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 18
Hospital meeting. Called and had callers. Night meeting.

Wednesday, April 19
Early prayer meeting. Mrs. Cheung Yau Tak, Mei Oi, and Oi Kwong for supper. Noon meeting, women’s meeting and night meetings.

Thursday, April 20
Made Esther gingham dress. Package from Mrs. Storey – dress goods, underwear, etc. night meetings. Mrs. Oden changed her dining room into bedroom. Rain.

Friday, April 21
Work in general. Went to pray for several different ones. Went to meet Helen – has been away at Cheung Chau since Monday. Night meetings. Supper at On Lok Uen.

Saturday, April 22
A busy day. Workers’ meeting in afternoon.

Sunday, April 23
Mr. Oden preached in A.M. and Kwok at night – big crowds. Helen and Albert went to Dr. Clift’s meeting after the Koon Chung meeting.

Monday, April 24
Ah Ho took her baby to Nethersole. I called on Mrs. Burtt in Matilda. She has had cancer removed from her breast. Is doing nicely. Mr. Rushton here. Work in general. Night missionary prayer meeting. Ralph Oden sick. She and Grants and Miss Bancroft were not here.

Tuesday, April 25
Called, wrote letters, etc. Albert preached at Koon Chung.

Wednesday, April 26
Women’s meeting at Koon Chung. Made my lavender dress that Ah Choi Shui Laan and Chan Kwong gave me for my birthday last year. Helen went to Helena May Institute to hear a Northern General speak. Might meetings. Larson at Koon Chung to preach.

Thursday, April 27
Work in general. Examined candidates for baptism.

Friday, April 28
Callers. Mr. Hoh out of hospital. Examined candidates – accepted 36.

Saturday, April 29
Prayer and fast day. Children went on picnic. Miss Daniels’ wedding day. Again examined candidates – 45 altogether including three from Kowloon City an Ah Choi.

Sunday, April 30
A beautiful day. Albert preached – a very full house. 45 baptized and there were many foreigners present. Larson did the baptizing, Li Kam Man preached at night and 8 or 10 at altar. Albert preached at Koon Chung.

Monday, May 1
Worked all day and countless callers. Miss Bancroft says she begins teaching in Divcesan Boy’s School on the 15th. Work in general. Wrote to Alta Myers

Tuesday, May 2
Esther had earache last night and we got to bed at 2:00 A.M. work in general. Many callers all day. Night meetings.

Wednesday, May 3
Work in general. Women’s meeting at Ng Si Ni (new convert). Night meetings.

Thursday, May 4
Many callers. Went to Lai Sz Naai – Hung Hom, baby feast. Night meetings. Wrote for circular

Friday, May 5
Took circular to printers. Night meetings. Two new chuk curtains on verandah – $4.10. Many callers.

Saturday, May 6
Prayer meeting. Mrs. Grant present. Teachers’ meeting. Larsons for supper. A busy, happy day.

Sunday, May 7
Miss McPherson preached in A.M. and Lam I at night. called at Cranes. Esther sick.

Monday, May 8
Many callers. Put curtain on verandah. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe here. A busy day.

Tuesday, May 9
Many callers. Meetings, Hospital meeting, etc.

Wednesday, May 10
Elizabeth Rousseau’s 16 years old. She and Helen had supper at On Lok Uen. Women’s meeting at Uen Si Ni. Night meetings. Rain.

Thursday, May 11
Work in general. Board meeting from 2:00 to 5:00 P.M. Mr. Cheung for supper. Night meeting. Mr. Rushton called.

Friday, May 12
Proofread Flashlight. Class for women here and then had women’s meeting and business meeting. Miss Olsen from Canton and Miss Pierce came here for supper and then Larsons came and then Brother Smith from Kwai Uen – also here for supper. Night meetings.

Saturday, May 13
A very blessed prayer meeting. Many callers; Brother Smith here.

Sunday, May 14
Hung Hom Kwok in A.M. and Brother Smith preached at night.

Monday, May 15
Work in general, callers, etc.

Tuesday, May 16
Hospital meeting and night meetings. Folded and stamped circulars. Many callers.

Wednesday, May 17
Early prayer meeting, Women’s meeting and night meetings. Such a busy day.

Thursday, May 18
Mr. Smith back last night from Canton. Took very severe pain in right side could not eat. Albert called rickshaw and took him to Kowloon Hospital. Mrs. Crane in bed with cold. Wrote to Miss Myers.

Friday, May 19
I had chapel service. Albert called Dr. Wong for Mrs. Crane last night – fever. I went to Crane’s and worked all afternoon. Night meetings.

Saturday, May 20
Worked at home until noon and then to Crane’s. Mrs. Crane, Rebecca, Lois and her Chinese girl all high fever. John Braga helped get them all into hospital (Kowloon). Poured rain. Surely a long busy day. I’m here with Ruth, Esther and David at Lo Kwa Wan.

Sunday, May 21
Went to hospital. Odens and McPherson called here. Mr. Braga took us for a car ride.

Monday, May 22
Cleaned and worked all day. Went to hospital – some are better. Mr. Smith left hospital Saturday A.M.

Tuesday, May 23
Cleaned some more. Albert called. Washed my hair and many duties. Mr. Smith left for Kwai Uen.

Wednesday, May 24
Empire Day. Queen Victoria’s birthday. Esther and Helen here at Cranes for it is a school holiday. Made mango ice cream. Mr. John Braga took Ruth, David and I down to the Empire Fair at Kowloon. Were all through the Peninsula Hotel and also the big mat shed. Had a very hard rain about 11:00.

Thursday, May 25
Mr. Crane came from Hoi Peng – got here at 7:00 A.M. I came home at 10:00 A.M. Very warm. Went to a Mr. Leung’s wedding out in harbor – two of our members. Went to the Empire Fair with Mrs. Oden and Ralph while the rest went to the feast. Night meeting.

Friday, May 26
Rev. Griggs of Shanghai arrived for breakfast enroute to Canton. He will stay here until Monday. He preached to the student body at 2:15 P.M. Early prayer meeting. Called at Kowloon Hospital. Night meeting – Brother Briggs preached.

Saturday, May 27
Brother Briggs had chapel service and also from 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. of prayer and fast meeting. Sunday school picnic from 1:45 to night. I did not go. Albert and Larson left for Cheung Chau to examine candidates – baptism tomorrow. Odens for supper. A busy day.

Sunday, May 28
Rev. Briggs preached morning and night. Blessed meetings and large crowds. Albert returned at supper time – 18 were baptized.

Monday, May 29
Rev. Briggs left for Canton Convention at O.M. S. compound. Missionary prayer meeting here from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. Grants and Miss Bancroff not here. Kwok, Cheung, Canton.

Tuesday, May 30
Called at hospital. Mrs. Crane had gone home. All are better, but Gracie. Night meetings.

Wednesday, May 31
Mrs. Cheung had women’s meeting at Chan Si Ni. Good crowd. Made Helen’s red dress. Mr. Fung had night meeting.

Thursday, June 1
Rain. Made Esther a blue voilet dress. Chan Kwong had night meeting – a number at altar. Many callers.

Friday, June 2
Bible school closed for summer months. Rain. Albert, Oden and Chan Kwong went to Canton to O.M.S. meeting. Au Chi Tong Muk Sy preached here in our mission. Many callers. Work in general.

Saturday, June 3
A very precious workers’ prayer meeting from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Letter from Miss Daniels. She is now Mrs. Richardson. She was married April 29, 1933. Callers, etc.

Sunday, June 4
Brother Larson preached in A.M. I met a Mr. and Mrs. Hall enroute to Japan Rescue work from Australia. Here for dinner and over night. Good meetings all day.

Monday, June 5
Albert and Oden, etc. back from Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Hall sailed at 3:00 P.M. for Japan. German sisters from Koon Shaan called and many others.

Tuesday, June 6
Hospital meetings and night meetings. Callers galore. Worked all day.

Wednesday, June 7
Mok Si Ni bean visiting and calling on members, but has no salary yet. Brother Briggs came back from Canton on noon train. Women’s meeting in Shamshuipo. We changed our meeting to 7:30 P.M. on street. Very fine night meeting.

Thursday, June 8
Work in general. Fine night meeting. Mrs. Marsh in meeting. Wilbur Lee interpreted for Brother Briggs.

Friday, June 9
Made pajama suit for Helen and Esther. Brother Briggs at Grant’s for supper. A good meeting – large crowds; although, three other churches are in special meeting.

Saturday, June 10
Met two ladies enroute to Japan from England. Miss Ratz (spelled different) and Miss Charles. They and Brother Briggs sailed at 12:00 noon for Shanghai. Rain. Good prayer meeting.

Sunday, June 11
Large crowds and good meetings all day. Oden’s fourth wedding anniversary. Fung Hin Kai left for his country home.

Monday, June 12
Helen is 17 years old. Made her a big cake and ice cream. Ruth, Esther Crane and Elizabeth here. We all had supper at Oden’s. A Miss Barbara Woo came from Cameron Home in California. Albert met her and she stayed overnight here.

Tuesday, June 13
Made Albert pajama suit. Night meeting. Callers, etc.

Wednesday, June 14
Women’s meeting. Early prayer meeting. Ah Koi sick and did not come to work. Night meetings.

Thursday, June 15
A very busy day. Night meetings.

Friday, June 16
Mrs. Cowman and Miss Lydia Bremman of U.S.A. and Rev. Woods of Shanghai arrived at 4:30 P.M. Here for supper. Mr. French down from Canton. They all left for Canton on night steamer.

Saturday, June 17
More rain. Wrote to Miss Myers to Yokohoma. Workers’ meeting. Called at Miss Matley’s.

Sunday, June 18
Albert preached – full busy day.

Monday, June 19
Ah Koi at work again. Made Esther a dress. Callers and work in general.

Tuesday, June 20
Mrs. Cowman and party back from Canton. They went to Hong Kong side and then stayed all night on ship. Mrs. Crane and I went and Albert to call on her.

Wednesday, June 21
Larsons and Odens went to say goodbye to Mrs. Cowman. She sails at 10:00 A.M. Also Woods and Miss Bimmell. Night meetings. Work in general. Miss Wendall down from Canton – in our meeting. Mrs. French and Mrs. Hassell stayed all night here. They brought Miss Clark to Matilda Hospital.

Thursday, June 22
A busy day. Mr. French and Hassell returned on P.M. train. Bible study, etc.

Friday, June 23
Tore up to whitewash – finished on room. Night meetings.

Saturday, June 24
Made plum jelly and butter. Prayer and fast day. Whitewashers here.

Sunday, June 25
Good meetings all day. Albert at Kowloon, Koon Chung and Dr. Clift.

Monday, June 26
Whitewashers here again. They finished – what a job! Our missionary prayer meeting – Pierce, McP, Larsons, Mr. Oden and Reitons present.

Tuesday, June 27
Painters here. Night meetings.

Wednesday, June 28
Women’s meeting. House still upset. Night meetings.

Thursday, June 29
Dr. Clift’s meeting. Rev. Jaffrey spoke – about 30 present. No. 6 typhoon signal up. No meeting in Yaumati. A busy day.

Friday, June 30
Mrs. French and two children, Polly and Harold, and Mr. and Mrs. Philippi and David and Joann Ruth arrived at midnight last night form Canton

Saturday, July 1
The above party left on 5:30 P.M. launch. Good prayer meeting. Work in general. No school last two days.

Sunday, July 2
Albert preached – big crowd and many at altar. I went to six meetings. Larsons for supper.

Monday, July 3
Painters are trying to finish their job. Tak Ching went to Canton. Work in general.

Tuesday, July 4
21 of us went to Lo Kwa Wan beach. Helen got her piano today. It came while she was at Rousseau’s for dinner. It was given to her. Many callers and a busy day.

Wednesday, July 5
Early prayer meeting. Nam Lau Ah Pak died at 10:00 last night and buried today at 1:00 P.M. Many flowers and a large funeral. He was 82 years old – saved 6-1/2 years.

Thursday, July 6
Called on Kau Koo and her new son, Ping Kei and her new son, Yau Si Ni and her new daughter and visited Mrs. Leung Shi Kan. Also called at Bullock’s across the street. They have a nice home.

Friday, July 7
Mrs. Crane here. Many callers. Work in general. Night meetings.

Saturday, July 8
Sunday school business meeting here. Workers’ prayer meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, July 9
Good meetings all day. I went to Koon Chung at night. Rain. Callers, etc.

Monday, July 10
Whitewashers at Koon Chung Mission. Hoh Hing Ho at Macao for vacation.

Tuesday, July 11
The painters are here again painting shutters. Many callers.

Wednesday, July 12
We worked at Koon Chung Mission – cleaning, whitewashing, etc. Did not go to Women’s meeting. Mrs. Grant and Lenora called. Mrs. Rushton here. Ralph Oden had doctor fever.

Thursday, July 13
Telegram from Miss Myers. Arrives tomorrow. Six of the Braga family were here for tea and music. A very busy day.

Friday, July 14
Went to Taiyo Maru to meet Miss Myers – a large crowd there. Got in at 11:00 A.M. A very happy day. Had reception here at night – a large crowd. Miss Myers is living with us.

Saturday, July 15
A good prayer meeting – all present but Mrs. Grant and Bancroft. Miss Myers reception at Koon Chung at night. A very full house.

Sunday, July 16
Mrs. Larson had morning meeting – a very large audience. Miss Clarke is here and has been in Matilda three weeks – is quite weak. A busy day and good meetings.

Monday, July 17
Work in general. Many callers. Ralph one year old.

Tuesday, July 18
Wrote letters.

Wednesday, July 19
Funeral of a young man who heard and accepted Christ. Three deaths in this family within a few weeks. Grants went for vacation to Cheung Chau. Larsons in their flat and Miss Pierce in Larson’s flat.

Thursday, July 20
Lined bamboo curtain on verandah, sewed and work in general. Callers.

Friday, July 21
Early prayer meeting. Called on 7 Koo in Shamshuipo. Called on Miss Bancroft. She is living with Grants. Night meeting.

Saturday, July 22
Tony Clement and John Braga took our family and Cranes family and McPherson and Myers out to their beach near Castle Peak – car trouble and we got home at 10:30.

Sunday, July 23
Communion. Brother Oden preached in A.M. and Chan Kwong at night – very large crowd.

Monday, July 24
Funeral of a Mrs. Hui’s son – 4 years old. A busy day.

Tuesday, July 25
Went to Hong Kong. Got the girls each a cloth hat. Esther’s read and Helen’s white. Many callers.

Wednesday, July 26
Dedication and women’s meeting at Mok Si Ni new wood store – near Yaumati railroad station – 103 Aryle Street.

Thursday, July 27
Took 7 Koo to Nethersole Hospital – her mind is not just balanced.

Friday, July 28
Work in general. Night meetings. A boat child took very sick at close – large crowd.

Saturday, July 29
Prayer and fast Saturday. Very warm. Typhoon signals up. Mrs. Burtt here.

Sunday, July 30
Miss Sherick came from Manila enroute to shanghai and spent the day here. Mrs. Burtt still here.

Monday, July 31
Letters. Missionary prayer meeting – Pierce, McP, Larson, Myers and Reitons here. A busy day.

Tuesday, August 1
Hospital meeting – visited sick, Shamshuipo meeting. Oden’s whitewashed. We looked for houses.

Wednesday, August 2
Early prayer meeting. Im Si Ni dinner at Happy Valley – after Women’s meeting and then we called and prayed for sick. A full day.

Thursday, August 3
Wrote letters. Work in general. Koon Chung meeting.

Friday, August 4
Mail from U.S.A. Lessie’s mother dies in Astoria May 16. Buried in Juneau, Alaska. Night meetings – large crowd.

Saturday, August 5
Prayer meetings. Mrs. Grant came. A German missionary lady – 30 years old, was burned to death by explosion of oil in Miss Hitchcock’s house at Cheung Chau. Buried at Happy Valley. Braga boys took us and Odens, Crane and Langs to their beach near Castle Peak. A lovely swim and supper.

Sunday, August 6
Albert preached. Miss McPherson is staying at Braga’s for a few weeks. The girls are away on vacation and she is with Mrs. Braga since Friday.

Monday, August 7
Work in general. Mr. Braga took our family and Miss Myers up to the Kowloon Reservoir and out for a car ride in general.

Tuesday, August 8
Rain. Mrs. Oden got new grass rug. Many callers.

Wednesday, August 9
Mrs. Cheung and three children spent day here. Ah Choi, Albert and Helen left for Shiu Hing. Many, many callers.

Thursday, August 10
Ran all day about Tsat Koo – the little crippled woman.

Friday, August 11
Went to Nethersole with Miss Myers and chapel keeper and brought Tsat Koo to my house. She went to Kai Che to stay. Miss Clark came to sail at midnight for U.S.A. Mrs. French came and stayed all night. Miss Bancroft and many others here. A group of girls left for evangelistic trip to Shiu Laam. Sunday school teachers’ meeting. Prayer meeting, etc. Work in general.

Saturday, August 12
Went to destroy idols. Had a splendid open air meeting. Workers’ prayer meeting. Esther went on a picnic to Castle Peak.

Sunday, August 13
Mrs. Betzel of Alliance Mission called. Albert, Helen and Ah Choi got home from Shiu Hing. Hung Hom Kwok preached here A.M. and Mr. Leung Chan Kwong at night. Burtt’s street chapel was dedicated yesterday. Albert says it seats about 300 people.

Monday, August 14
Work in general. Bullock family and Miss Devour called. Mr. bullock plays violin very nicely.

Tuesday, August 15
Hospital meeting. Many callers. Miss Hitchcock for supper. Oden’s for dinner.

Wednesday, August 16
Larsons moved from Nathan Road to Fa Kai back of tobacco factory. I kept Herbert and Eugene all day. Larsons and Mr. Grant had dinner here. Many callers.

Thursday, August 17
Miss Myers, Helen, Esther and I went to Cheung Chau. Myers, Ah Choi and I stayed in the mission. Called and had a good meeting at night.

Friday, August 18
Came home on 4:00 P.M. launch. Helen stayed. Had supper at On Lok. Albert met us. Night meetings in Yaumati.

Saturday, August 19
Good prayer meeting. A busy day. Helen came home.

Sunday, August 20
A Mr. W. S. Wong from O.M.S., North China preached here in A.M. Chan Kwong at night – souls at altar.

Monday, August 21
Took Tsat Koo to poor house to see if she could get a room. She spent the rest of day here. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 22
Washed all our chairs and cleaned in general.

Wednesday, August 23
Made Miss Myers a dress in P.M. In Ho went into Kowloon Hospital. Tsat Koo entered poor house at old Kowloon.

Thursday, August 24
Work in general. Tak Ching, Wong and Chaam got back from country trip. Many callers.

Friday, August 25
Felt hat – $1.00. Night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, August 26
Ah Koi sick. Prayer and fast day. Worked all day.

Sunday, August 27
Hassells here for dinner. Also Ella Munroe and Larsons for supper – 13 here for meal. Mr. Oden preached. Many callers. Good meetings.

Monday, August 28
Hassells still here. Missionary prayer meeting – all present but Grants. Very warm. Kin Fong got back (student). Work in general. Very warm.

Tuesday, August 29
Work in general. Hassells left for Canton at 8:30. They and Munroes and Ella for supper. Munroes left on President McKinley for U.S.A. We went to see them off.

Wednesday, August 30
Wrote and work in general. Munroes sailed at 6:00 A.M.

Thursday, August 31
Many callers. Sewed and work in general.

Friday, September 1
Countless callers. A young man from Japan Rescue Work here enroute to England Bible school. He gave his testimony in meeting.

Saturday, September 2
Prayer meeting and teachers’ meeting. Sewed and many other things. Callers until 9:00 P.M.

Sunday, September 3
Mr. Kwok preached – large crowd. Very warm. Night meetings – eight souls.

Monday, September 4
Made Esther’s pink dress and many other things. Worked all day.

Tuesday, September 5
Miss Sherick back from Shanghai. She and a Miss Esther _____ had dinner here and then sailed at 6:00 P.M. I took Leung Ah Mui and got her eyes tested for glasses. Our fall meetings begin tonight.

Wednesday, September 6
Went to Hong Kong again. Ah Mui’s glasses were $7.00. Night meetings.

Thursday, September 7
School board business meetings – Leung, Cheung, Oden, Albert and I. Night meeting for candidates.

Friday, September 8
Chan Kwong and Shui Laan married one year ago today. Night meetings – work in general.

Saturday, September 9
Mr. French came from Canton and rented little room back of Oden’s for Chaam Wai Chan and Lum Wai Laan – $2.00. Worked in store room. Workers’ prayer meetings. Helen returned from Island.

Sunday, September 10
Brother French preached in A.M. Good meeting. A Miss MacKee and a Mrs. E. Elliott arrived from U.S. They, Miss Bancroft and French, Myers, McPherson and our family for supper. They stayed overnight at Kowloon and left on Monday A.M. train with Brother French and Wilbur Lee for Canton. Miss MacKee preached at night here in Yaumati.

Monday, September 11
Esther and Helen started to school. Typhoon 7 ball up and they were sent home.

Tuesday, September 12
Bible school re-opened. Mr. Oden, Lam and Chaam girl moved across street. Gave the 9:00 A.M. message. Mr. Kwok the 2:30 P.M. Also a good meeting at night. Still a high wind.

Wednesday, September 13
7:00 A.M. Prayer. 9:00 A.M. School meeting. 12:00 Noon Chui – old man funeral. 2:30 P.M. Mr. Cheung preached. At 7:00 Street meeting and at 7:30 indoor meeting – souls at altar. No meeting for women today. Very heavy rain.

Thursday, September 14
Mr. Oden had the 9:00 A.M. meeting. Many confessions and meeting until 12:00 noon. Albert had P.M. meeting. Very precious time. Bible class as night.

Friday, September 15
Oden and Larson had meeting. God was there. Very fine night meeting.

Saturday, September 16
God was with us. A.M. meeting until 12:00 noon and 2:30 meeting until 7:15 P.M. Oh, Praise the Lord. Glory to His Name. Mrs. Kwok, Wong Kwai Fong and many others prayed through.

Sunday, September 17
Mrs. Larson preached A.M. Kwok at night. Very good meetings.

Monday, September 18
Worked all day.

Tuesday, September 19
First day of school this term. After our week of meetings. A very precious spirit. Night meetings. Very hot.

Wednesday, September 20
Children sent home. Typhoon. Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting at Ue Si Ni. Night meeting and funeral.

Thursday, September 21
Rain. Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Oden and Ralph. Many callers. Night meetings.

Friday, September 22
Miss McGhie and Mrs. Elliott came back from Winters and O.M.S. Here for dinner. Begin meetings tonight. A very blessed time.

Saturday, September 23
Mrs. Elliott spoke to the students. Miss McGhie to the audience at 2:00 P.M. It is one year since our prayer loft began and we had a picture taken of the praying group. About 200 were in prayer meeting and the Lord was there too. We took them to Shamshuipo and Koon Chung stations.

Sunday, September 24
A blessed day. Miss McGhie spoke to Sunday school children, to noon meeting and night meeting. We went through the hospital and had a blessed night meeting on the heart.

Monday, September 25
A busy day. Called on Tsat Koo, Ah Kiu and Mrs. Cheung. Had a wonderful boat meeting – Miss McGhie, Mrs. Elliott, Larson, Pierce, McPherson, Albert and I and many Chinese.

Tuesday, September 26
Miss Olsen and many others for dinner. Miss McGhie preached at 11:00 A.M. and night. A blessed meeting.

Wednesday, September 27
Went to Hong Kong – a very hard rain. A.M. and night meetings. The Lord was present.

Thursday, September 28
Esther 10-year birthday. She and Helen and Evelyn and Elizabeth Rousseau had dinner at the On Lok Uen. She got a lot of nice gifts. Evangelists here and meetings so that she did not have a party.

Friday, September 29
Miss McGhie’s last sermon at 11:00 A.M. on the “Miff Tree” and then we had dinner and went to destroy idols. About 30 or more of us went to say goodbye to them for they sailed at 5:00 P.M. for Manila. They will return next week and have meetings at Munsang College in Kowloon. A very blessed prayer meeting at night.

Saturday, September 30
Prayer and fast day. A precious time then we went to destroy idols. Ten for supper.

Sunday, October 1
Chan Kwong preached. Typhoon signals up. Bullocks called. Ah Koi sick. Good meetings.

Monday, October 2
Rain. San Kei went to Cheung Chau. Our missionary prayer meeting. Miss Bancroft came by request and we prayed for her spiritual condition. All present but Grants.

Tuesday, October 3
My 47th birthday. Mrs. Crane gave me a beautiful basket of flowers. Aryma a tin of cookies. MacKenzie a card, Ah Joe meat and fruit. Mrs. Grant flowers, Miss P money. Mrs. Larsons gave me stockings. My family a beautiful bread knife and a surprise party for supper. They brought cake, ice cream, pickles, sandwiches and etc. Our missionaries all but Miss Bancroft and Grants here. Also Mr. and Mrs. Crane were here. Night meetings.

Wednesday, October 4
Mrs. Elliott and Miss McGhie returned from Manila. Mrs. Elliott here. Sewed, etc.

Thursday, October 5
Mr. Crane 51 years old. We were there for ice cream, cake and sandwiches. Then we went to Munsang School to hear Miss McGhie preach.

Friday, October 6
Early prayer meeting. Work in general and letters. Callers. Night meeting.

Saturday, October 7
Sunday school business meeting, Prayer meeting and Bible school business meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, October 8
A blessed day.

Monday, October 9
Got my glasses (old frame and new lens). Mrs. Elliott gave me $10. I paid $3.

Tuesday, October 10
Hospital meeting. Helen’s red velveteen dress – 65 cents yard. My grey. Night meetings.

Wednesday, October 11
Meeting for women at Wong Sz Tai. Koon Chung. Night meetings. Many callers. Made Helen’s yellow blouse.

Thursday, October 12
Sewed and had callers. Night meeting. A Mr. Lei from Chiu Hing preached.

Friday, October 13
Mrs. Elliott and Miss McGhie here. Made ten pints of mixed pickle. Esther has fever – had 103.2 last night. Better today. Many callers. Miss McGhie preached. Her last sermon tonight – a full house.

Saturday, October 14
Students came at 9:00 A.M. to say goodbye and then we went to Hong Kong and out to the Maru ship and Mrs. Elliott and Miss McGhie left us for India on their world tour. Gave them a $17.20 collection. A very precious prayer meeting at 2:00 P.M. – 30 here. Ah Ho’s brother’s baby (3 months old) died. Her brother was reclaimed and so happy.

Sunday, October 15
Early prayer meeting, Sunday school and noon meeting. Miss pierce and I dressed Kwok baby and funeral was at 1:00 P.M. As soon as it was over, at 3:00 P.M., the Chan man funeral at hospital. He was buried way back of the Christian cemetery. A very long walk – 85 went. Street meeting and night meeting. A full day’s work. A Mr. Lei and Miss Bancroft, McPherson, Myers and Pierce had meals here.

Monday, October 16
Made mixed pickle. A very busy day.

Tuesday, October 17
Meetings. Sewed and work in general. Called at Miss Olsen’s, Stodghill and Crane.

Wednesday, October 18
Meeting for women and night meeting.

Thursday, October 19
Sewed and had callers.

Friday, October 20
Cleaned and worked all day. Night meeting. Many callers.

Saturday, October 21
Sunday school meeting about Christmas. Prayer meeting. Lam I baby girl born at 10:30 P.M.

Sunday, October 22
Albert preached. A very large crowd. Callers all P.M. Night meeting.

Monday, October 23
Cottage meeting at Pang Ho In in Kowloon City. He and wife reclaimed. Work in general – 16 present.

Tuesday, October 24
Made my blue blouse. Went to On Lok Uen manager’s two sons wedding – Peter and John. Hundred of people there. Married in church near Wan Choi. Began examining candidates for Baptism until 10:00 P.M. Many callers.

Wednesday, October 25
Destroyed idols. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung. Early prayer meeting. Work in general. Examined candidates again.

Thursday, October 26
A very busy day. Mr. MacKenzie overnight. Examined candidates again. Albert and Oden took men and Kwok and I women.

Friday, October 27
Ah Ho baby sick. She did not come to work. I washed. Callers. Early prayer meeting. Mrs. Crane called. Koon Chung accepted seven candidates and Shamshuipo ten. Not through here. Night meeting and again examined candidates. Accepted 43 thus far. MacKenzie here again overnight. A long busy day.

Saturday, October 28
Prayer and fast day. Ah Ho not here. MacKenzie here. Work in general.

Sunday, October 29
Baptism – 67 were baptized. 46 were from Yaumati. Among them were Rev. and Mrs. Charles Oden and Miss Ethel McPherson. Ten were from Shamshuipo, two from Koon Chung and four from Kowloon City. The Lord made it a blessed day. Albert did the baptizing.

Monday, October 30
Visited poor farm. Work in general. Missionary prayer meeting. A precious time. All present but Grants and Bancroft.

Tuesday, October 31
Hospital meeting and night meetings. Called. Worked in general.

Wednesday, November 1
Women’s meeting at Hoh Si Ni. Early prayer meeting and night meetings. Odens for supper. Esther has sore throat and fever. Helen and she both passed in exams and went into higher classes.

Thursday, November 2
Esther fever 103 in bed all day. The Lord touched her at 11:00 P.M. and her fever broke. Praise God. Many callers. Bible study. Made Esther pajama suit.

Friday, November 3
Early prayer meeting. Esther feels good and has eaten food. Albert goes to Cheung Chau to examine candidates. Good prayer meeting.

Saturday, November 4
Work in general. Albert, Miss Pierce, McPherson, Chau Kwong, Big Mr. Chan and others at Cheung Chau – baptized 17 there. Had a good prayer meeting here this P.M. Esther still in bed. Helen went to Bible Union picnic.

Sunday, November 5
Communion. A very large crowd. Mrs. Wallace of Shanghai present. Mrs. Oden preached. A blessed day.

Monday, November 6
Rain and cold. Esther up. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 7
Hospital meeting, night meeting and street meeting. Called and wrote for Flashlight.

Wednesday, November 8
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers. Busy day.

Thursday, November 9
Mrs. Wallace of shanghai and Miss pierce for supper. Called in hospital. Night meetings.

Friday, November 10
Work in general – meetings.

Saturday, November 11
Armistice Day. Peniel 47 years old. A beautiful day. Mr. Grant came into prayer meeting with unkindness in his heart and did a lot of talking.

Sunday, November 12
Mrs. Wallace preached. A very busy day.

Monday, November 13
Dealt with a Mr. Wong and Big Mr. Chang’s daughter until 3:15 P.M. He is living with her, but not married. All of us missionaries went to Grant’s at Kowloon and dealt with them regarding the past wrongs and misunderstandings. Got home at 11:00 P.M.

Tuesday, November 14
Chapel, hospital and night meetings. Called and wrote.

Wednesday, November 15
Meeting for women. Mrs. Wallace called and stayed for meeting.

Thursday, November 16
Mrs. Wallace had chapel service – her daughter Mrs. Raymont and husband and two children arrived from England enroute to Shanghai. They were here for dinner and then I went with them on Peak. A very busy day.

Friday, November 17
They all sailed at 12:00 noon after going around Hong Kong Island. Miss Myers and I called at Kowloon Hospital on Mak boy. Night meetings

Saturday, November 18
Beautiful day. Prayer meeting. Very precious.

Sunday, November 19
Mr. Cheung preached in A.M. and Li Kam Man at night. Bethel Band, Mr. and Mrs. Guy and Miss Lan and another boy – they telegraphed but we did not get the message. They are enroute to WuChow.

Monday, November 20
Called at Kowloon City. Letters. Practice for Christmas, etc. Mrs. Wie moved near here.

Tuesday, November 21
Wrote for circular letters. Ah Koi baby sick. I did house work.

Wednesday, November 22
Peniel open 19 years today. Wrote letters. Meeting for women at Yau Si Ni. Mr. Cheung preached. Shui Laan has been at Iris place since Monday – to be confined. Early prayer meeting, etc.

Thursday, November 23
Beautiful day. Mailed circulars. Work in general. Night meetings.

Friday, November 24
Night meetings. Wrote and worked all day.

Saturday, November 25
Prayer and fast day and then opened missionary boxes. Two from San Francisco with ham, bacon, soap, fruit, etc.

Sunday, November 26
Splendid meetings. Shui Laan baby boy born at 9:15 – lived only a moment. I was with her. Dr. Tang was called. Its head was born first and then finally its feet (after the doctor turned it).

Monday, November 27
Dressed Chan Kwong’s baby, put it in a little coffin and buried it at noon in Christian cemetery. Shui Laan still at Hoh Ng Koo’s place. Missionary prayer meeting. All present but Mrs. Grant.

Tuesday, November 28
Hospital meeting. Many callers. Shui Laan has fever. Night meeting.

Wednesday, November 29
Work in general. Rain. Shui Laan 104 fever. Night meetings.

Thursday, November 30
Thanksgiving Day. All our missionaries and children – 22 has supper here. Mr. MacKenzie came later and stayed all night. he and a Mr. Rossen(?) gave us a 7-1/2 lb. turkey – 47.20. We also had ham sent from U.S.A. Night meetings.

Friday, December 1
Visited Tsat Koo at poor farm. Work in general. Night meeting. Elizabeth Rousseau here over night. Shui Laan some better.

Saturday, December 2
Ah Koi not here – at a wedding. Sunday school business meeting, workers’ prayer meeting, and Bible school business meeting. A very long, busy day.

Sunday, December 3
Albert preached. Went to Koon Chung at night.

Monday, December 4
Funeral – a woman who was saved in hospital. Sewed and worked on mission accounts all day.

Tuesday, December 5
Letters. Shui Laan went home from Hoh Ng Koo’s after baby birth and death. Night meeting.

Wednesday, December 6
Women’s meeting and night meetings. Work in general. Rain.

Thursday, December 7
Board business meeting and night meeting. Many callers. Letters.

Friday, December 8
Rose Edna’s 19-year birthday. Made Esther gym blouse. Night meetings.

Saturday, December 9
Albert broke his false tooth plate. Worker’s prayer meeting. Dealt afterward with Lei Ling Kwong – student, because he cheated in exams.

Sunday, December 10
A beautiful day. Five meetings – Hung Hom Kwok preached.

Monday, December 11
Work in general. Two more boxes from U.S. came. All missionaries here at opening.

Tuesday, December 12
Hospital meeting. Made Esther navy gym dress. Many callers. Miss Olsen entered Kowloon Hospital.

Wednesday, December 13
Women’s meeting at Ng Saam Koo. Night meeting. MacKenzie and Captain Miller here.

Thursday, December 14
Blind girls from Canton came. Many callers. Mrs. Smith from Kwai Uen came and a Lai Lai. Bible study, etc.

Friday, December 15
Made mince meat. Very busy day. Night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, December 16
Countless callers. Opened two boxes and carton from Seattle Peniel at 7:00 P.M. Prayer meeting, etc.

Sunday, December 17
Mission full. Albert preached and many callers. Larsons and Mrs. Smith for supper. Eight girls knew all G.T. Night meetings, etc. Ah Choi and Hoh Man Sam decided to go to Smith’s for a while.

Monday, December 18
A very busy day. Miss Myers birthday. Had her cake at breakfast table. Many callers. Went to Broaddus with Mrs. Smith. Mr. MacKenzie overnight.

Tuesday, December 19
A beautiful day. Ah Choi and Hoh Hing Ho were married here in our home at 11:30 noon. Albert performed the ceremony and Mr. and Mrs. Oden stood up with them. Miss Myers and I the only foreigners. Mr. Kwok, Mr. Cheung, Tsz Si Ni, Ip and Im Si Ni and Kwok Sz Tai and Leung Sz Tai and several others present. After wedding tea party, all students and many others here. They sailed at 5:00 P.M. for Kwong Sai. Kwai Uen to help Smith’s temporarily. Night meetings and a full day. MacKenzie left for Australia.

Wednesday, December 20
Did not have a meeting for women. Night meeting, and work in general. Ip Si Ni baby boy born.

Thursday, December 21
Went to Hong Kong. Made Helen’s dress, etc. Night meetings.

Friday, December 22
Shamshuipo program. Very full house and quiet. Larsons went to Canton.

Saturday, December 23
Worked all day. Koon Chung and Cheung Chau programs.

Sunday, December 24
Large crowds all day. Kowloon City program at night.

Monday, December 25
Christmas Day. Decorated all day. Our Yaumati program at 7:00 until 10:00 P.M. A tremendous crowd. Eight knew all texts and 16 never missed a Sunday.

Tuesday, December 26
Began to rain. Two boxes came from U.S. Odens went to Canton. Shui Laan and Chan Kwong for supper. A very busy day. Mr. and Mrs. Kwok Yan Hoi went to Shek Kei to visit.

Wednesday, December 27
Women’s meeting at Koon Chung – Tsz Si Ni preached. Night meetings.

Thursday, December 28
Odens came back last night from Canton. Cleaned Ah Choi’s room, wrote letters and had callers, etc. Night meetings. Miss P had Bible study here.

Friday, December 29
A Mr. Dolley from Los Angeles here. Miss Bancroft and a Mr. Zimmerman of the Harbor Tract work from Berkeley, California spoke in our meeting and called in our home. Sunday school teachers’ class lesson study.

Saturday, December 30
Prayer and fast day. A nice meeting. Also Sunday school business meeting. Chan Kwong elected for Superintendent. Kam Chi Keung, Treasurer. Grants called here.

Sunday, December 31
Larsons had noon meeting. No meeting until 9:00 P.M. in evening – 9:00 to 12:00 midnight. A large crowd and good spirit. I went to Koon Chung meeting first – souls at altar. Thus ends 1933.