1932 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Friday, January 1
Fed 203 of the poor beggars. Had a great time and the Lord was with us. Went to Mr. Cheung’s for a goose dinner at 4:00. At 7:15 we were in Koon Chung Mission. Just five years ago today it was opened. Albert preached. Full house. Miss Clark and Miss pound stayed all night here.

Saturday, January 2
Buried the old grandma, Lo Chut. Got the circular ready for press. Prayer meeting. Many callers. Work in general. Miss McPherson and Hardy went to Island.

Sunday, January 3
Communion. Mr. Grant preached and Mr. Oden had charge of Communion. Large crowd. Good services all day. Chung Wa Kui was elected to take Kam Chi Keung’s place as Superintendent of Sunday school.

Monday, January 4
Two last boxes from U.S.A. arrived. All workers here to open them. Esther and I went to Hong Kong. Many callers. Au Kiu entered hospital again with swollen knees.

Tuesday, January 5
Work in general. Hospital meeting. Mrs. Burtt and many others called. Night meeting.

Wednesday, January 6
Worked on books and accounts all day. Night meetings.

Thursday, January 7
Called and had many callers. Night meetings.

Friday, January 8
Work in general. Taught English. Very fine night meeting.

Saturday, January 9
Prayer meeting and Bible school business meeting. Callers and work in general.

Sunday, January 10
Went to poor farm to visit Ah Kam. Sunday school, noon and night meetings. Called at hospital. Full busy day.

Monday, January 11
S.S. Jackson arrived, but Swanson did not come. We all miss him. Katherine Grant began school. I called at Braga’s. many callers here.

Tuesday, January 12
Taught, wrote, called, meetings, sewed, cooked and etc. etc.

Wednesday, January 13
Early prayer meeting and cottage meeting at Tsz Si Ni. Ah Choi had her blanket stolen. Night meetings.

Thursday, January 14
Went to Matilda with Mrs. Oden to see Dr. Montgomery and then we went shopping. Had dinner at On Lok Uen. Night meetings. Wrote letters, etc.

Friday, January 15
Beautiful day. Early prayer meeting. Taught. Night meetings. Many callers. Up until midnight. Working on circulars.

Saturday, January 16
Busy all day. A very blessed prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung went to Cheung Chau to preach.

Sunday, January 17
Ah Shui sick. Took Shiu Laan to Dr. Wong to lance finger. Good meetings all day.

Monday, January 18
Odens arrived two years ago today. Many callers, letters, etc.

Tuesday, January 19
School board business meeting. Ah Ho is sick and did not come to work. Night meetings. Mailed circulars on Jackson. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 20
Married 19 years today. Mr. and Mrs. Grant and Mr. and Mrs. Oden for supper. 3 Koo Neumgs for dinner. Many callers. Meetings. Women’s meeting at Yau Si Ni (one arm) called.

Thursday, January 21
Called on Pang Sz Tai. Had meeting out at Laichikok on Ah Ho’s brother’s new boat. Will launch it tonight – high tide. Had meeting at noon for students. Then all men students came here and we had a business meeting regarding their entering men’s dormitory and Mr. Cheung, Mr. Kwok and Odens for supper. Mrs. Braga and her son came. Night meetings.

Friday, January 22
Work in general. Night meetings.

Saturday, January 23
Miss Pierce went into Matilda for face treatment. Workers’ prayer meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, January 24
Good meeting in A.M. Callers. Called at poor farm and Kowloon City.

Monday, January 25
The boys had their first meal in men’s dormitory this A.M. on Hamilton Street. The girls have moved to 110 Portland Street. Some of the boys moved in Saturday and the others today.

Tuesday, January 26
Began week of prayer in mission. Many confessed having sinned. Hospital meeting. Taught. Made my black dress. Callers and called.

Wednesday, January 27
Cottage meetings t Lai Si Ni – Kwok Si Ni preached. Night meeting. Callers, etc.

Thursday, January 28
Called at Park – Cheung’s. Work in general. Night meeting.

Friday, January 29
Taught. Chan girl and Keung boy married here at 12:00 noon. We were at wedding feast at 4:00 P.M. Night meeting.

Saturday, January 30
Prayer and fast day. Work in general. Callers.

Sunday, January 31
Hung Hom Kwok preached here in A.M. Odens and Grants for supper. Girls for dinner.

Monday, February 1
Work in general. Altered two dresses. Went out with Mrs. Oden. Many callers.

Tuesday, February 2
Called, taught, wrote, had hospital meeting and night meeting, etc.

Wednesday, February 3
Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting at Liu Si Ni at Koon Chung. Night meeting (prayer) here. Callers, letters, etc.

Thursday, February 4
Sewed, work in general. Night meeting.

Friday, February 5
Taught. Esther got her goldfish. Night meeting. Went up and down the streets to see the Chinese New Year flowers, etc.

Saturday, February 6
Separated at 12:00 noon into four bands and went to have open air meetings. It is Chinese New Year day. Had no workers’ prayer meeting from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Had supper at Grant’s. They had a cake for Albert’s birthday and gave him $10 for shoes. After supper all the missionaries came here and we sang and popped corn and had cake and coffee and prayers. Miss Southwick brought a cake and Mrs. Oden.

Sunday, February 7
Albert is 50 years old today. Ah Choi gave him “lap cheung” and picture of cats. Mr. Grant preached here in Yaumati. He and Albert left at 4:00 for Cheung Chau for Po-to meetings. No boat. They had to come back. Night meetings.

Monday, February 8
Albert and Grant left on early boat for Island. We had meeting from 12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M. in mission. Rained. We could not go in bands on street corners. About 1:00 P.M. Luk Sham was washing clothes at a Mrs. Mullen’s (soldier’s wife whose husband died two weeks ago) and she fainted and never gained consciousness again. Got her into hospital and she died about 2:30 P.M. She was in all our meetings yesterday and visited hospital patients in P.M. and was back in night meetings. Went to work at 7:00 A.M. feeling good. She is in Heaven now. Albert and Brother Grant came back on night boat. Mr. MacKenzie gave Albert $50 for his 50th birthday. Praise God.

Tuesday, February 9
Luk Sham was buried today. Meeting at noon in mission. Many beautiful flowers. It began raining and was very cold ‘ere we got her buried.

Wednesday, February 10
Work in general – sewed. Called, had meetings, etc. Women’s meeting at Ue Si Ni – Miss McPherson spoke on women of the Bible.

Thursday, February 11
Visited Ah Kam at poor farm. Night meeting. Sewed and had callers, etc.

Friday, February 12
Katherine Grant’s 7-year birthday. We were there for supper. She had invited her school mates and her mother knew nothing about it. Went to Kowloon meeting at night. Taught, etc.

Saturday, February 13
Merlyn and Willard entered Matilda for their adenoids. Miss Hardy has measles. Ah Koi is sick. Had a break up in Bible school classes. Chapel service lasted until 1:00 P.M. One arm woman is sick. We went to pray for her. Workers’ meeting here. Also teachers’ meeting went to Old Kowloon to a feast at Im Sin Shang and Si Ni invitation. She is sing So

Sunday, February 14
Hung Hom Kwok preached. Went to pray for Yau Si Ni. She is better. Went to Koon Chung Sunday school night meetings. A couple of Pentecostal people enroute to Java from Seattle were in meeting.

Monday, February 15
Li Saam Koo sister was buried. Many callers. Grants had a party for Po Wing.

Tuesday, February 16
Taught. Callers. Prayer meeting with students until 11:00 A.M. Night meetings.

Wednesday, February 17
Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung. I spoke using 139 Psalm. Large crowd. Night meetings. Called at Yau Si Ni. Work in general. Prayer meetings in school continues. Po Wing left at 5:00 P.M. for Smith’s.

Thursday, February 18
Work in general, called and looked at buildings for chapel in Shamshuipo. Night Bible study, etc.

Friday, February 19
The girls went to Evelyn and Sybil Rousseau’s birthday party. Cloth for lavender dress – 40 cents yard. Work and meetings all day. Took a chill in meeting. I came home.

Saturday, February 20
In bed all day. Had a spell with my nerves – hand cramped, etc. Prayer meeting here.

Sunday, February 21
Miss Southwick preached. A Mr. Lynd, man from San Pedro on an oil boat, came here for dinner. Callers all day long.

Monday, February 22
Many callers. Still in bed with cold. Had Sunday school business meeting here. Chung Wa Kui had Lei Kam Man take his superintendent job.

Tuesday, February 23
Many callers. Chinese heard they won a victory in Shanghai and oh the noise of fire crackers. We had no school in P.M.

Wednesday, February 24
Rain. Many callers. Wilbur Lee called. Still in bed. Helen is taking her violin lesson. Miss Myers decided to sail in June for U.S.A.

Thursday, February 25
Many callers. Still in bed. Wrote letters.

Friday, February 26
Got up. Mr. Oden 28 years old. They were here for Chinese meal. Sunday school teachers all here to study their lesson from 6:00 to 6:30 P.M.

Saturday, February 27
Prayer and fast day. Mr. Nightingale sails for England. Mrs. Grant got help in the meeting. Mr. Boaddus here for supper. Had fire in fire place.

Sunday, February 28
My first day in meeting again. Callers.

Monday, February 29
Made pink bed top in girls’ room. Miss Bancroft and others here. Miss Bancroft is teaching in a school in Shamshuipo.

Tuesday, March 1
O Kwok for breakfast. He is looking for a flat for the people from Shanghai who are coming down. Mrs. Grant spoke in chapel. Many callers. Taught and called.

Wednesday, March 2
Ah Koi at her grandfather’s funeral. Ah Ho sick. Many callers. Night meetings.

Thursday, March 3
Work in general.

Friday, March 4
Here in China 19 years today. Taught. Miss C. Mitchell here for supper. Many callers. Wong from Hong Kong preached. Very noisy. Helped fix flat across street for Bethel band.

Saturday, March 5
Beautiful day. Made Miss Arema rain hat. Prayer meeting. The boat is in from Shanghai with Bethel folk, but is quarantined off stonecutters.

Sunday, March 6
Mr. Oden preached. Miss Clark, Miss Pound and Munroe down from Canton. Bethel band arrived at dock about 1:30 P.M. Have been off stonecutters since yesterday under quarantine. There are 19 of them – have two flats on corner of Hamilton and Nathan Road. Mr. Guy preached Sunday night – big crowd.

Monday, March 7
Dr. Sung had 9:00 A.M. meeting. Mr. Guy had 1:00 P.M. and Mr. Sung night. Mr. MacKenzie stayed all night.

Tuesday, March 8
Dr. Sung had 9:00 A.M. meeting, 1:00 and 7:00 P.M. meeting.

Wednesday, March 9
Meetings all day. Several of the band are sick. I called on Mrs. Marsh at Matilda between meetings.

Thursday, March 10
Mrs. Grant interpreted for Dr. Sung. Philip Lee sick. Four here for supper. Miss Pound came from Canton.

Friday, March 11
Three meetings – collection over $200 for the band.

Saturday, March 12
Three meetings. Dr. Sung had healing meeting here in our flat after the afternoon meeting. Many came. They went in a launch to Canton boat at 9:00 P.M. Philip Lee, Ip Lam, Rev. Guy, Dr. Sung and also Rev. Guy’s wife. Miss Pound has been down a few days and went back also. They begin meeting at O.M.S. tomorrow.

Sunday, March 13
Miss Ngok, lady of Bethel preached. The nurse preached at night. Esther Crane very sick. Dr. Cliff arranged for her and she entered Kowloon Hospital. Albert helped take her.

Monday, March 14
Prayer for So Sin Shang. Went to visit Esther Crane – she is very sick and then about 5:30 P.M. called Dr. Wong and they sent Lois and Grace into Kowloon Hospital too. All have pneumonia and pleurisy.

Tuesday, March 15
Work in general. Many callers. Very cold – coldest March for 11 years. Made Esther dress. Night meetings.

Wednesday, March 16
Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting at Leung Yung Si Ni . Night meetings. Work in general.

Thursday, March 17
Called at hospital on Crane’s children and Iris Wooley. Meetings – last lesson in Daniel by Brother Oden.

Friday, March 18
Made Esther a grey coat out of scraps of my grey dress. Many callers. Night meetings. Went to hospital. Called at Mrs. Harrison’s.

Saturday, March 19
Workers’ prayer meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, March 20
Large crowds. First meeting (Sunday school) in our old stand in Shamshuipo since cement steps and balcony are in. Ah Choi preached at night here in Yaumati.

Monday, March 21
Had my eyes tested. Glasses for reading. Many callers.

Tuesday, March 22
Went to Hong Kong. Cloth hat – $4.50. Went to Kowloon Hospital. Women’s meeting. Landlady got mad and we left. Night meeting. John Braga for supper.

Wednesday, March 23
Hospital, taught and had meetings, etc.

Thursday, March 24
Albert’s white suite $8.25 – $11.00 for brown coat. Got pith hat – $8.50, Helen’s – $5.50 and Esther’s $1.75.

Friday, March 25
Taught, called at hospital, meetings – work in general.

Saturday, March 26
Prayer and fast. Chinese Decoration Day. Called at Matilda (Mrs. Marsh). I was vaccinated.

Sunday, March 27
Easter. Mr. Cheung preached here. Mr. Oden in Kowloon City. Albert gone to Cheung Chau.

Monday, March 28
Bought socks and stockings. Many callers. Esther and Odens vaccinated at Dr. Wong’s. Many callers.

Tuesday, March 29
Sewed, taught and had meetings.

Wednesday, March 30
Women’s meeting at Tsz Si Ni’s sister’s. Called. Began classes for candidates for baptism.

Thursday, March 31
Many callers. Night meeting. Mrs. Rousseau called.

Friday, April 1
Went to Rose Edna’s grave. Cemetery is beautiful with flowers. Taught, callers, meetings.

Saturday, April 2
Washed bed tops, prayer meeting, business. Cheung, Kwok, Lei Sz Tai for supper.

Sunday, April 3
Albert in Kowloon City for meeting. Chui I Kwan preached here at night.

Monday, April 4
Whitewashed our house. Had noon meal with Myers, Southwick and McPherson had supper with Odens. A Brother McGill, Pilipino man from Huntington Park, Los Angeles, California, came in on Hoover enroute to Manila. He stayed all night. A very busy day.

Tuesday, April 5
Mr. McGill had chapel service and then sailed at 6:00 P.M.

Wednesday, April 6
Went to Matilda with Mrs. Oden. Men here painting doors and windows. Meeting for candidates. Made my blue rayon kimono. Mr. Oden has fever from vaccination.

Thursday, April 7
Painters here painting woodwork. Night meeting. Callers.

Friday, April 8
Wrote and taught. Ah Ho baby in hospital with pneumonia. Night meetings.

Saturday, April 9
Sewed and then went to Dr. Clift’s to bible Union meeting. Prayer meeting here. Poor fund meeting. Many callers. Work in general.

Sunday, April 10
Ah Hoh (my amah) baby died at 2:00 A.M. We dressed it, boat dedication, funeral. Meetings, etc. Mrs. Clift sent cake.

Monday, April 11
Another funeral – a Chan girl, six years old. Made my lavender dress, made calls, had callers and work in general.

Tuesday, April 12
Tang Si Ni sick. I washed, ironed, taught and went to meetings. Many callers.

Wednesday, April 13
Ah Ho back. Women’s meeting. Sewed, etc. night meetings.

Thursday, April 14
Hui Si Ni came to work. Miss Whiteman of Japan Rescue work here enroute to Scotland. Called on Miss Meadows. Night meetings, etc.

Friday, April 15
Miss McPherson had her pocket book snatched from her last night as she was coming home from Shamshuipo meeting. Miss Whiteman sailed at 3:00 P.M. Esther knows all the names of new and old testament books – 8 years 7 months old.

Saturday, April 16
Prayer meeting. McPherson and Hardy at Island. Rain.

Sunday, April 17
Very large audience here in A.M. Miss Ngok preached at night.

Monday, April 18
Made my green dress. Mrs. Oden and Mr. Oden for dinner. She sewed. I went with Mrs. Crane to On Lok Uen, Yaumati and had cocoa. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 19
Miss Southwick gave out her wedding announcement yesterday. I gave her two emb. (embroidered? Do you think Vikki) gowns and two princess slips. Night meetings, etc.

Wednesday, April 20
Rain. Meeting fro women at Saam Koo’s. Night meetings.

Thursday, April 21
Went to two funerals. Went to Hong Kong. Night meetings. Got table cloth and napkins for Miss Southwick – $23.00.

Friday, April 22
Taught. Night meetings. Many callers, etc.

Saturday, April 23
Farewell prayer meeting here for Misses Hardy, Southwick and Myers. Miss Southwick gets married, Miss Hardy goes to Miss Drew and Miss Myers to U.S.A. Forty-one workers here. Had picture taken, tea and cake, testimonies, song and prayer.

Sunday, April 24
Albert preached – large crowd. Miss Southwick farewell from Shamshuipo Sunday school. They gave her a Bible. Mrs. Marsh for supper.

Monday, April 25
Work in general.

Tuesday, April 26
Hospital, taught and sewed. Night meetings.

Wednesday, April 27
Women’s meeting. Made Helen’s gym dress. Night meeting. Many callers. Examined candidates until nearly 11:00 P.M. Dr. Dung and Mr. Lum returned.

Thursday, April 28
Dr. Sung had the 11:00 A.M. meeting and also the night meeting – very large crowds. All our foreign workers and Mr. Munroe here for supper in honor of Miss Southwick and Hardy.

Friday, April 29
Noon and night meeting. Miss Hardy for dinner. She left for Canton on night boat for Miss Drew’s work. Dr. Sung and Lum for supper.

Saturday, April 30
Morning meeting and night meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, May 1
Very large audience in church. Baptism. Albert baptized Dr. Sung first and then he in turn baptized our candidates – 21 women and 12 men – 33 altogether. Took collection for prayer tower and got $263.10. Had healing service at 2:00 P.M. in our home – 60 or 70 came. Dr. Sung and bank went to Hong Kong to begin eight-day meetings in Hop Yat Tong. We went – very large crowd. Preached on the Cross.

Monday, May 2
Sewed and had callers. Went to Dr. Sung meeting. Much larger crowd. Preached on Prayer test – I Samuel, Chapter 1.

Tuesday, May 3
Very busy day. Many callers. Went to Dr. Sung’s meeting at night.

Wednesday, May 4
Meeting for women. Munroe down. Miss Myers sick. Put away winter clothes. Made Esther’s dress, etc.

Thursday, May 5
Took Miss Myers into Victoria Hospital – suspected diphtheria (will know tomorrow). A very busy day.

Friday, May 6
Miss Southwick farewell from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M. and then students and missionaries all went to train to see her and Munroe off for Canton at 4:00 P.M. We went to De. Sung’s meeting at Hop Yat Tong.

Saturday, May 7
Prayer meeting and Bible school meeting. Work in general. Miss Myers better.

Sunday, May 8
Dr. Sung’s last meeting in Peniel. House full. Lei Lo Wing interpreted for him. They preached in Hop Yat Tong at night and left for Canton on night steamer.

Monday, May 9
Miss Southwick married to Eldridge Richard Munroe at 12:30 noon at Canton O.M.S. compound by Rev. Woods. Odens, Grants, Reitons, McPherson, Bancroft, Pierce, U.S. Consulate, Rev. J. Galloway were guests besides the O.M.S. foreign workers stationed at Canton. Had dinner after the wedding and then pictures. Left at 4:00 for Hong Kong. The bride and groom left at same time for Macao where they stay until Thursday. Miss Southwick had on white silk dress and white kid shoes. He wore black and a white vest.

Tuesday, May 10
Four ladies for lunch from England enroute to Japan Rescue work. They sail at 5:00 P.M. Ah Shui sick and Ah Koi sick. Night meetings. Very hot.

Wednesday, May 11
Child who was scalded died. Women’s meeting at hung Hom. Night meetings. Water faucets closed from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. and also from 8:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M.

Thursday, May 12
Mr. and Mrs. Munroe came back from their honeymoon in Macao and were here for dinner. Then took her belongings to Canton steamer. They gave supper to 49 of our workers at the On Lok Yuen at 5:00 P.M. Afterward we separated for meetings. Only Albert and I and Mr. and Mrs. Grant went to the boat to see them off. How we miss Miss Southwick.

Friday, May 13
A busy day. Called on Miss Myers. She is better. A very precious night meeting. Work in general. Papers say Lindberg baby dead.

Saturday, May 14
Went to Victoria hospital. Miss Myers came home. She is here with us. Albert, Oden, Grant and Kwok went to Canton. A blessed prayer meeting here this P.M. I stayed all night with Mrs. Grant.

Sunday, May 15
Mr. Cheung preached in Yaumati in A.M. Chan Kwong at night. I went to six meetings. Mrs. Oden, McPherson and Myers for dinner. Callers and called at hospital.

Monday, May 16
Albert back from Canton. They had part in ordaining some preachers at the O.M.S. Oden’s for Chinese meal. Miss Myers and I called at Crane’s and hospital. Ah Poh is very weak. Made Esther pajama suit. Went shopping with Mrs. Oden. Work in general.

Tuesday, May 17
Got cloth for Miss Myers coat. Rain. Meetings, callers and called.

Wednesday, May 18
Meeting for women at Yau Si Ni. Night meeting. Made Helen’s blue dress – 5 yards for $1.00.

Thursday, May 19
Took coat to tailor – $6 for making. Sewed and meetings, etc.

Friday, May 20
Koon Chung Ah Poh died in hospital. She had helped a long time as chapel keeper. A fine night meeting here.

Saturday, May 21
Ah Poh’s funeral. Rain. Clift’s gave a Sunday school picnic – 30 odd went to Cheung Chau. Esther, Helen and Albert went.

Sunday, May 22
Rain. Very large crowd – souls at altar.

Monday, May 23
Brought desk Miss Myers was using into our front room. She had Chinese meal with Ah Saam.

Tuesday, May 24
Got Esther and Helen’s white shoes – $3 and 5-1/2. Night meetings. Ah Kiu sprinkled in hospital.

Wednesday, May 25
Made Miss Myers dress. Went to Women’s meeting – 16 present. Night meeting. The first three loads of rock were brought from Kowloon for the prayer loft.

Thursday, May 26
Board school meeting. Sewed and helped Mrs. Oden make net and bed top for her expected baby. Night meetings.

Friday, May 27
Work in general.

Saturday, May 28
Prayer and fast day.

Sunday, May 29
Good meetings all day. Miss Myers went to Grant’s.

Monday, May 30
Made dress for Mrs. Oden. Many callers. Made lining for the bamboo curtains – $3 each.

Tuesday, May 31
Hospital meeting. Many callers. Miss McPherson has fever. Night meetings.

Wednesday, June 1
Early prayer meeting and Women’s meeting. Made Esther pajama suit. Chan Kwong saw case – figured up accounts. Miss Hitchcock and Mrs. Crane and many other callers. Night meetings. Miss Myers and Mrs. Grant went to Canton last night.

Thursday, June 2
Worked all day cleaning, scrubbing, meetings, etc.

Friday, June 3
Last chapel meeting for this term of Bible school. About 50 came here for tea, cake and fruit at 11:00 A.M. Callers all P.M. Then all the teachers and four graduates had a Chinese meal here at 4:30 P.M. at the students expense. Leung Chan Kwong, Hui Shui Laan, Hoh Man Sam and Au Pooi Hang had graduation exercises at 7:00 P.M. until 10:00 P.M. in church. Rev. Woods of O.M.S. of Canton was the main speaker. A very blessed meeting.

Saturday, June 4
Rain. Miss Myers farewell meeting at Koon Chung. Pictures taken. Albert and Brother Grant went to Cheung Chau at 5:30 – examined candidates until midnight. We had very hard rain here.

Sunday, June 5
Large crowd at meeting. Many callers. Went to Shamshuipo meeting. Baptism at Cheung Chau – 21 were baptized. Miss Myers preached in Kowloon City.

Monday, June 6
Many callers all day. Made Esther’s white dress. Odens and McPherson for supper. Very warm. Students left for country.

Tuesday, June 7
Sewed. Went to Hong Kong. Proofread circular. Night meetings – no lights.

Wednesday, June 8
Very hard rains. Women’s meeting. Night meetings. Work in general. Mrs. Furgerson died in U.S.A. – 82 years old.

Thursday, June 9
A very busy full day. Li Sz Tai left for Canton. Night meetings. Rain.

Friday, June 10
Miss Myers here packing. Many callers. Bought chop sticks back scratches, etc. Her farewell meeting at 78:00 – large crowd – 46 went to boat. Rain. Boat sails at 1:00 A.M. We stayed until 12:00 midnight on President Cleveland – $200.gold fare. Miss Hardy here. We got to bed at 1:00 A.M.

Saturday, June 11
Up at 5:30 A.M. Got breakfast for Miss Hardy. She and Ah Yuk left at 7:00 for train to go to Canton. Grants left for vacation in Cheung Chau. Took three of their servants and Miss Bancroft is to stay with the children here, yet in school. Rain. Mrs. Oden sick. Miss McPherson here – has flu. Had a most precious prayer meeting.

Sunday, June 12
Helen is 16 years old today. She is well and happy and saved. Praise God. She went to Sunday school here and church and played. Then to Koon Chung and then to Dr. Clift Sunday school and then again to night meeting in Koon Chung. We gave her a new umbrella and a dress. Then she spelt gravy all over it and had to wash it. Mrs. Oden has dysentery.

Monday, June 13
Mrs. Oden went to Matilda. Helen had Mabel Hensley, Lillian Kehr, Kathleen Lewer, Ruth Mitchell, Elizabeth Rousseau, Esther and Ruth Crane here for her birthday party. She got a lot of nice presents. It has been a busy day. Many callers, sewed, washed and work in general. Mr. Oden began eating his noon meals here.

Tuesday, June 14
Work in general. Very hard rain – street filled with water. Callers. Night meeting. Called on Ip Si Ni.

Wednesday, June 15
Very hard rain. Changed the girl’s room. Women’s meeting at 9 Koo. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Thursday, June 16
Ruth Crane is 12 years old. Esther and Helen went to her party. I made Esther a gym dress. Night Bible study. A very busy day.

Friday, June 17
Beautiful clear day. Early prayer meeting. Many callers. Letters. Night meeting.

Saturday, June 18
Mrs. Oden came back from Matilda. Mrs. Rogers of St. Andrews called. Brother Swanson came in on President Taft last night. Here for dinner. Had a nice prayer meeting. Brother Swanson here. He sailed at 6:00 P.M.

Sunday, June 19
Rain. Good meetings. Mrs. Grant came over from the Island. Oden’s for dinner.

Monday, June 20
Philippi and wife called and many others. Wrote to Miss Myers. A very busy day.

Tuesday, June 21
Made Esther’s gym dress. Hospital meeting. Jaffray spoke at Dr. Clift’s. Prayer meeting here.

Wednesday, June 22
Women’s meeting at Leung Si Ni. A big crowd. Heathens tried to drown us out gambling. Twelve women came home with me and we organized a women’s Auxiliary. Ah Choi President, Shui Laam Secretary – the rest of us members – Amen. Street and night meetings. Another day so full of joy and work.

Thursday, June 23
Nine of us went to Happy Valley and had a meeting at Im Si Ni and then we went to Rose Edna’s grave. The women thought they would all like to die if they could be buried in such a nice place. Night meetings.

Friday, June 24
Albert busy from early to late at the mission prayer loft. Had a shaam made for Brother Linn – 5-1/2 years cloth at 58 cents yard. Cost 80 cents to have it tailor made. Am sending it back by Brother Swanson. Brother Brant and three children, Miss Bancroft, Susan, Miss McPherson, Odens, Mrs. Weldon, Smith, Lau Po Wing and Brother Swanson for supper. Mrs. Smith just came from Kwai Uen. A busy day. Brother Swanson sailed at 1:00 A.M.

Saturday, June 25
Prayer and fast day here in our home for they are building at the mission. A 2:00 P.M. I left and went with the children to Mrs. Clift’s Sunday school picnic on Castle Peak Road – 11 mile beach. Miss Pierce went into Matilda yesterday A.M. for face treatment.

Sunday, June 26
A Mr. Kwok Muk Sz of the Alliance preached – a big crowd. Mr. and Mrs. Philippi in meeting. Mr. Kwok and Lei Sz Tai for supper. Po Wing, Chan Kwong, Mrs. Smith, McPherson and others for dinner. Good meetings at night. Many callers.

Monday, June 27
Wrote letters. Took Ah Choi to the hospital and had her boil lanced. Called at Lam I. Rain. Wrote to Alta. A very busy, full day.

Tuesday, June 28
Cut out a dress, wrote and helped Mrs. Smith with her circular letter. Went to hospital meeting. Made my dress. Night meeting – Mr. Jaffray spoke on the work in South Sea Islands. Big crowd.

Wednesday, June 29
Rain. Meeting for women at Saam Koo’s. Went to Kowloon meeting at night. Another busy day. Many callers.

Thursday, June 30
Helped Mrs. Smith write. Mrs. Grant’s birthday – 30 years old. They returned from their vacation at Cheung Chau. Odens, McPherson, Pierce, Smith, Bancroft and our family were there for ice cream from 6:00 to 7:00 P.M. Ip Si Ni has another baby girl born 2:00 P.M. today.

Friday, July 1
Mrs. Smith and Po Wing left for Shanghai. Early prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung and several others left for country trip. Canning pineapple. Night meeting.

Saturday, July 2
Miss Clark came from Canton. P.M. prayer meeting. Many callers. Grants looking for house to move into. Work in general.

Sunday, July 3
Oden preached. Communion Sunday. Philippi, Clark and Crane in meeting. Miss Clark preached in Shamshuipo. I went to Koon Chung at night. Good crowds and souls at altar.

Monday, July 4
Nothing unusual. Worked all day. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 5
Hospital meeting. Altered dress Mrs. Storey sent Helen – blue voile. Went house hunting with Miss Clark.

Wednesday, July 6
Destroyed idols on a ten. Made Esther pajama suit. Women’s meeting – Mak Si No. Miss Pierce preached. Li Sz Tai spoke afterward. She is going to Canton.

Thursday, July 7
Many callers. Looked at house for Grants in Ha Mun Tin. Called at Matley’s with Miss Clark. She has decided to rent Broaddus flat for her vacation. Went to knitting factory, etc. with Miss Clark. Work in general.

Friday, July 8
Figured accounts. Broaddus wedding at Brown’s house on Prince Edward Road. Many missionaries there. He married Miss Lye – a Pentecostal girl. They sail for U.S. tonight. He has three children, Sarah, David and Victor. Helen sang in a quartet at the wedding. We all four went. Good meeting here in Yaumati – souls at altar.

Saturday, July 9
Albert has cold and fever. Good prayer meeting in P.M. Grants for supper and then we had ice cream at their place. Miss Clark left for her flat in Kowloon City after being here one week.

Sunday, July 10
Hung Hom Kwok preached. We destroyed idols. Called at Oden’s. Night meeting – large crowd. Moses sister, Little Esther, was dedicated to the Lord at night meeting. Souls at altar.

Monday, July 11
Wrote to Alta and the girls in Egypt. Many callers. Went to Hong Kong with McPherson.

Tuesday, July 12
Sewed. Hospital meeting – Li Kwan Ying there with fever. Her baby was born during night and died.

Wednesday, July 13
Women’s meeting at Lau Si Ni, Shamshuipo. Miss McPherson preached. Rain. Many callers.

Thursday, July 14
Baby funeral. Killed idols. Koon Chung meeting – full house. Thief stole Chan Kwong’s hat, etc. at Shamshuipo. Mrs. Kwok Yan Hoi went into hospital at 7:00 P.M. Her baby born at 8:00 P.M. A boy – she has three sons now.

Friday, July 15
Early prayer meeting. The children’s school closes for the summer. Mrs. Crane is moving form Kai Tak Bund to closer to Hung Hom. Night meetings – fine crowd and spirit.

Saturday, July 16
Work in general. Very fine Workers’ prayer meeting.

Sunday, July 17
1:30 P.M. Ralph Lawrence Oden born in Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong Peak, China. Albert preached in A.M. – fine crowds all day. Mrs. Oden entered Matilda about 9:30 or 10:00 A.M.

Monday, July 18
Called at Crane’s. They live near Lo Kwa Wan now. Made my bedspread – 6 yards unbleached muslin – $1.00. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, July 19
Hospital meeting. Sewed and had callers. A very busy day. Helen went to the Island.

Wednesday, July 20
Went to hospital. Had my first peek at Ralph Oden. A fine 6 lbs boy. All well. Esther went too. A beautiful day. Mrs. Oden got her watch.

Thursday, July 21
Typhoon signals up – high wind. Went to Ng Si Ni “Bird home” dedication. Several thousand birds in a shop. About 30 Christians went and then we had tea and cake.

Friday, July 22
Mrs. Smith and Po Wing back from Shanghai. Very stormy again. Helen got back from Cheung Chau. Many callers all day. Got Mrs. Smith’s circulars mailed on Madison. Night meetings. Hard rain.

Saturday, July 23
Prayer meeting. Many callers. Plenty of work.

Sunday, July 24
Mrs. Smith here. Miss Clark called. Albert and Brother Oden went to call on Ralph Oden in Matilda. He is one week old today. Good meetings and full house.

Monday, July 25
Worked all day. Called and had callers. Sewed for Mrs. Smith. Ah Ho baby sick – did not come.

Tuesday, July 26
Hospital meeting. Callers galore. Such a noisy night.

Wednesday, July 27
Women’s meeting. Mrs. Smith went to Canton. Had dinner at Munroe’s. Got back on evening train.

Thursday, July 28
Worked all day long.

Friday, July 29
Went shopping with Mrs. Smith to Hong Kong. In Ho was sick last night. I went over to Oden’s at 3:00 A.M. to see her. Mr. Cheung got back from country trip. Fine night meeting.

Saturday, July 30
Rain. Mrs. Smith and I went shopping on Shanghai Street. Prayer and fast day here in our home. Very hard rain. Called at Crane’s. Many callers here.

Sunday, July 31
Rain. Good meetings. A band of girl students and Bible women going for a country trip. So Tsoi Yan preached at night.

Monday, August 1
Esther entered Kowloon Hospital – has fever and swollen gland – in bed next to Esther Crane. I called on Mrs. Oden and Ralph in Matilda. Made Esther pajama suit. Many callers and work in general.

Tuesday, August 2
Called on Esther. She had 103 fever during night, but was better this P.M. Helped fix Ralph Oden’s baby bed as he expects to arrive in his new home from Matilda tomorrow. Wrote to Alta tonight.

Wednesday, August 3
Very hard rain. Went in taxi to peak. Mr. and Mrs. Oden and Ralph had dinner here and then they went home. Women’s meeting. A busy full day. Esther better.

Thursday, August 4
Miss McPherson went to Canton on early train to visit Miss Hardy. Called on Esther. Went to Hong Kong. Very, very hard rain. Whole street flooded up to our door.

Friday, August 5
Esther Crane is going into Victoria. Kowloon Hospital needs beds for operation patients. Helen went with her. My Esther came home this P.M. Praise the Lord. Many callers. Fine night meeting.

Saturday, August 6
Many callers. Cheung Hon Kuen and wife here at Workers’ meeting. Grant family for dinner. Helen went to Cheung Chau Sunday school picnic – Dr. Clift’s. Albert went to Pooi Ling meeting. A Mr. Olie Olsen came here from President Hayes. A busy day.

Sunday, August 7
Mr. and Mrs. Munroe in meeting. Mrs. Oden had Ralph in meeting for the first time. Chan Kwong preached in A.M. and Kam Chi Keung at night.

Monday, August 8
Called at Miss Bancroft’s. Work in general, wrote, etc.

Tuesday, August 9
Sewed and went to Hong Kong. Called on Mrs. Munroe and at Oden’s. Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield called. Ah Choi went into Nethersole Hospital. Has boil on her neck, fever, etc.

Wednesday, August 10
Made my gingham dress Mrs. Cowles sent me – she sent two – very pretty. Odens here for Chinese meal. Women’s meeting at Chan Si Ni. Funeral of the little widow Kwok’s 6-year old boy – died of cholera. Tak Ching for supper. Many callers. Early prayer meeting. Made Ah Choi some foos.

Thursday, August 11
Work in general. Wrote letters, etc.

Friday, August 12
Hoh Man Sam had things stolen from mission. Cleaned house all day. Night meetings. Got thread and toothpaste from Miss Myers, and Clorox from Swanson’s. Ah Choi boil lanced.

Saturday, August 13
Scotty for dinner. Miss McPherson back from Canton. Prayer meeting. Cheung Hon Kuen gave us two rice bowls with scripture versus.

Sunday, August 14
Mr. Grant preached in A.M. and Cheung Hon Kuen at night.

Monday, August 15
Went to beach with children, also Odens and McPherson. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 16
Went to visit Ah Choi in hospital – better. Went to hospital on this side to visit patients. Callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, August 17
Women’s meeting at Wit Si Ni, Shamshuipo. Cleaned up store room this A.M. Helen went to Repulse Bay.

Thursday, August 18
Went to dentist – Japanese. Work in general.

Friday, August 19
Went to dentist – very, very painful. Odens, McPherson, Pierce and our family had tea at Munroe’s – at Ho Mun Tin. Night meeting.

Saturday, August 20
Workers’ meeting. Made Esther dress. Pierce here – has slept here several nights.

Sunday, August 21
Mr. Cheung preached here. Had dinner with us. Very large crowd. Munroe dedicated some more babies. Chui I Kwan preached at night.

Monday, August 22
Went to dentist and Nethersole Hospital. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 23
Mr. and Mrs. Munroe and Ella for dinner and then we went shopping and to knitting factory. Mrs. Cheung and two children called.

Wednesday, August 24
Wrote to Alta, went to dentist and women’s meetings.

Thursday, August 25
Work in general. Called on Ah Kiu and Ah Kam. Went to Koon Chung meeting. Ah Choi came home from hospital.

Friday, August 26
Went to Hong Kong. Esther and Chan Kwong watch – $19.00, two Chan Kwong’s bed – $30.00. Night meetings. Callers.

Saturday, August 27
Prayer and fast meeting. Oden and Grant spoke. Got coffee and fruit, one jar, from U.S. per Swanson.

Sunday, August 28
Colporteur Chiu preached in A.M. Hard rain. Lum I at night. More rain. Good meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, August 29
Went to dentist. Callers, sewed and work in general.

Tuesday, August 30
Hospital meeting. Many callers. Mrs. Marsh and Motley came. Mrs. Marsh stayed.

Wednesday, August 31
Dentist. Cottage meeting – about 30 present. Sewed for Shui Laan. Work in general. Talked price for machine bottom for Miss McPherson – got one for $20.00 mex.

Thursday, September 1
Dentist, sewed, tea at Grant’s. Called with Mrs. Marsh. Many callers.

Friday, September 2
Finished with Japanese dentist – three fillings – $15.00 – two top jaw left and one right. Mrs. Marsh left for Shiu Hing. Went with her to Mong Kok ferry. Only had street meeting on account of whitewashing the mission.

Saturday, September 3
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Sewed and had many callers. Went to mission with McPherson, Mrs. Oden and a lot of others and cleaned seats after whitewashing.

Sunday, September 4
First sermon preached from new platform under prayer loft – by Kwok Yan Hoi from Matthew 7:24. A large crowd. Plan to have the dedication soon. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe came to meet Larsons. Our family, Brother Grant and Munroes went out to ship. They did not come. We had supper at On Lok Yuen. Munroes stayed all night here. Good meeting at night.

Monday, September 5
Munroes left for Canton. Philippi called. My first lesson with language teacher, Mr. Wong. Many callers all day and evening. Made Helen dress.

Tuesday, September 6
Hospital meeting. Study, called and had callers – Galloways.

Wednesday, September 7
Cleaned and worked in general for the wedding. Had big feast at Shui Laan’s (dormitory). Many tables and people present.

Thursday, September 8
Leung Chan Kwong and Hui Shui Laan were married here at 1:00 P.M. Cheung Oi Kwong and Mr. Ko (from dairy farm) stood up with them. Katherine Grant and Esther Reiton were flower girls and two Chinese girls carried her veil. A beautiful wedding. They will live on Waterloo Road with his father and mother. She is bible woman and he is preached in Shamshuipo Peniel. Albert married them. Chan Kwong’s feast was at 4:00 P.M. opposite Y.M.C.A. in a vacant flat.

Friday, September 9
A busy day. Chung Wa Kui left for WuChow school. He and Mr. Ko called. Wrote to Miss Myers. Worked on books. Night meeting in balcony.

Saturday, September 10
Liu Si Ni down at Koon Chung was buried. Prayer meeting. We worked late to get mission clean for Sunday.

Sunday, September 11
Hung Hom Kwok preached – full house. Had letter from Wilbur Lee. He wants to come back. Albert and I called on Smith’s in Kowloon tong. No night meeting in Yaumati because no lights. We heard Saturday Miss Schendel has consumption and has to return home from Egypt.

Monday, September 12
Sent picture of Chan Kwong, Shui Laan and I to Mrs. Jennings, one to Miss Myers and one to Mrs. Emslie. Also wrote again to Miss Myers. Chan Kwong and Wilbur Lee were here. Wilbur wants the Lord to help him. He asked up to forgive him for all he said, did and wrote about us. Had prayers together and he cried. Bought cloth 4-1/2 yards for $1.00 for curtain cloth in front of platform for Bible class. Had many callers all day. Children back in school.

Tuesday, September 13
Philippi spent day here. They left for Canton after summer vacation in Cheung Chau. Odens spent day too. Mrs. Burtt came and stayed all night. Bible school reopened.

Wednesday, September 14
Students others to enter next week. Mr. Philippi preached at 1:00 P.M. Studied. A blessed day. Many callers and plenty of work. Helen had violin lesson.

Thursday, September 15
Work in general. Studied. Night meetings. Extremely noisy – moon worship.

Friday, September 16
No. 7 typhoon signal up. Children had to come home from school. Early prayer meeting. Studied. Night meeting. Rain and very hard wind. Dorm boys had money and a lot of clothing, etc. stolen. They had a victorious testimony meeting over it. Got in through transing while they were away to supper. Chan Kwong, Shui Laan and Hoh Man Saam for dinner. Miss Hardy came – has been in Matilda.

Saturday, September 17
Very high wind. Workers’ meeting. Ping Kei husband is back. Came Thursday. Typhoon passed south of Hong Kong, thank the Lord.

Sunday, September 18
Large crowd. Miss Matley for supper. Parks have a baby girl about two weeks old – Dorothy May.

Monday, September 19
Studies. Met Coolidge and a girl, Lei Sui Mooi from Miss Cameron’s work in San Francisco, had to stay on the dock from 12:0 noon until 5:00 P.M. to get her baggage. Many callers. Ah Ho left..

Tuesday, September 20
The above girl is here with us and is in Bible school today. Went to hospital meeting. Callers – night meetings. Hui Si Ni worked here today. Ah Ho came back and begged to go to work again. Wednesday early meeting. Mrs. Hui here again.

Wednesday, September 21
Many callers. The girl who came from U.S. went to her people on Hong Kong side. Night meetings.

Thursday, September 22
Munroe down yesterday to meet a new couple from England.

Friday, September 23
Mrs. Burtt came and went to knitting factory. Ah Ho and her brother are having trouble over Kam Mooi. She arrested them. Night meeting for candidates.

Saturday, September 24
Work in general. Li Shi Kei is to manage Kam Mooi. Prayer and fast meeting until 3:00 P.M. and then students and workers all cleaned and worked in mission in preparatory for Sunday meeting. Song practice in evening. A very full day.

Sunday, September 25
Opening of our new Prayer Loft and Mr. and Mrs. Furgerson’s memorial service combined – a very full house. Had all of Koon Chung seats and one load of Shamshuipo. John Braga played “Abide with Me” and “In the Cross of Christ I Glory”. Miss Bancroft and Miss McPherson spoke. Also Mr. Grant and Brother Oden played. Albert and Brother Kwok Yan Hoi opened the Prayer Loft at about 1:00 P.M. Odens for dinner. Called on Mrs. Crane – she is sick with her heart. Might meetings. Au Kok Wan at altar – prayed until 10:00 P.M. He will not yield.

Monday, September 26
Had twelve for dinner including the workmen from Prayer Loft. Studied. Wrote to Miss Myers and visited Mrs. Braga in hospital in Hong Kong. Visited Mrs. Crane in To Kwa Wan – she is better.

Tuesday, September 27
Callers all day. Miss Florence Penny and Miss Bagley from England enroute to Japan here. They met our workers in Egypt. Studied. Night meeting and work in general.

Wednesday, September 28
Esther’s 9th birthday. How happy she is – her first real wrist watch. New Bible, umbrella and dress and many other gifts. Fifteen girls and David Crane here from 4:00 to 6:30 P.M. Night meetings. Studied, etc. Mr. MacKenzie stayed all night here.

Thursday, September 29
Worked all day. Night meeting. Many callers.

Friday, September 30
Called, studied and had supper at Grant’s. Meetings and many other duties.

Saturday, October 1
A boat member, Mr. Ma, was buried. Workers’ prayer meeting and Bible school business meeting. Worked al day. Many callers.

Sunday, October 2
Went to Alm’s House and got Ah Kam and brought her into the Kwong Wa hospital. Communion service here. Night meetings – souls at altar. Called.

Monday, October 3
My 46th birthday. Many surprises. Received about $30 in money, dress, shoes and fruit from Shui Laan, Chan Kwong and Ah Choi. Cake from Mrs. Grant. Dish from McPherson; table cover from Ralph Oden; candy, card and money from Albert and girls; money, book and motto from MacKenzie; money from Miss Myers. Than all the missionaries surprised be by coming at night. Honey from Miss Bancroft. Albert, the girls and I had supper on On Lok Uen in Hong Kong. Work in general, studied, etc.

Tuesday, October 4
Munroe here and many other callers. Hospital visiting and studied. Worked on bed top for Shui Laan. Night meeting, etc.

Wednesday, October 5
Studied. Had women’s meeting and night meetings. Very busy day.

Thursday, October 6
Ah Koi sick – have had extra work. Many callers. Have been in Prayer Loft every day. Praise God someone is there day and night praying.

Friday, October 7
Old linens from hotel came. Have been taking food daily to Ah Kam – she is better. Night meeting – good crowd. Work in general.

Saturday, October 8
Pierce and McPherson went to Island. Worker’s prayer meeting. Worked until 10:00 P.M.

Sunday, October 9
Large crowds. Very fine sermon. MacKenzie for dinner.

Monday, October 10
Chung Wa Kui here from WuChow. Worked all day. Pierce and McPherson got back. Wrote to Miss Myers. MacKenzie over night.

Tuesday, October 11
Hospital meeting and night meetings. Many callers. Ah Shui gone all night – At Chung Wa Kui home.

Wednesday, October 12
Ah Shui has deceived me and told lies. Chung Wa Kui left this A.M. for WuChow. Women’s meeting at Tsz Si Ni. Night meetings.

Thursday, October 13
Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Oden. Called on Mrs. Crane. Studied and had meetings. Work in general.

Friday, October 14
Went to Matilda with Mrs. Oden. Had Ralph circumcised. Had organ (Esty) repaired – $15.00. Night meetings.

Saturday, October 15
Grants at island. Workers’ meeting. A very busy day. Many callers.

Sunday, October 16
I went to Kowloon City meeting. Albert preached here. Good meetings all day. Tin Chan Po and Lum I for dinner.

Monday, October 17
Studied. Tin Chan Po back from Borneo. He took our family and Mrs. and Mrs. Lum I for 2-1/2 hour car ride on Hong Kong Island and then to On Lok Uen. Called and callers.

Tuesday, October 18
Work in general. Called at Leung Shi Kan’s. Wai Laan was not allowed in school because she disobeyed rules. Night meetings.

Wednesday, October 19
Studied. Altered a dress. Mrs. Oden, Mrs. Grant and I had supper at Miss Bancroft’s – No. 34 Wa Fuk Kai. Night meetings, etc.

Thursday, October 20
Called on Ah Kam. Work in general. Meetings.

Friday, October 21
Studied. Meetings. Callers. Sewed and wrote.

Saturday, October 22
A splendid Workers’ meeting.

Sunday, October 23
Ah Koi foot swollen. A large audience in meeting and good sermon.

Monday, October 24
Hoh Si Ni is taking Ah Koi place until she is better. Had a school board business meeting from 11:00 A.m. until 4:00 P.M.

Tuesday, October 25
Buried a little Chan baby. I dress it in the dead house. Night meeting. Made me a hat. Studied, had callers, etc.

Wednesday, October 26
Women’s meeting. Studied. Examined candidates until 11:00 P.M.

Thursday, October 27
Very warm. Work in general. Studied. Examined candidates again.

Friday, October 28
Took Willard and Merlyn, Mary, Katherine, Esther and Helen to Yaumati On Lok Uen for ice cream. Willard 9 years old tomorrow. Very hot. Got my new wooden bed today. Wrote a few lines to Alta.

Saturday, October 29
Prayer and fast day. Mr. Cheung seems very anxious to run Peniel differently. Sinceres have opened a 10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 department here in Yaumati this week. Mr. MacKenzie here. Typhoon signals up. Many callers.

Sunday, October 30
Mission full of people. 41 were baptized by Albert – 20 women and 21 men. Elizabeth Rousseau and Mabel Hensley for dinner. MacKenzie went back on 2 ferry. Had supper at Grant’s.

Monday, October 31
Odens for supper. Many callers and studied.

Tuesday, November 1
Called at Cranes. Studies. Night meetings.

Wednesday, November 2
Women’s meeting at Koon Chung – 12:00 noon. Night meetings here. Changed students into four groups – 2 of boys and 2 of girls to be in each station one week. Studied, sewed, etc.

Thursday, November 3
Work in general.

Friday, November 4
Made my velvet dress – 60 cents yard – 1 yard wide. Meetings.

Saturday, November 5
Workers’ prayer meeting and school business meeting. Funeral. Work in general.

Sunday, November 6
Albert home all day with sore nose. Good meetings. Called in hospital.

Monday, November 7
Mailed letter to Miss Myers. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 8
Studied, sewed, had callers and called, etc.

Wednesday, November 9
Wrote and had meetings.

Thursday, November 10
Business meeting (school board) and night meetings.

Friday, November 11
Armistice Day. No school. Oden’s moved next door to us on Nathan Road, second floor. Also Miss McPherson – not so many steps high and cheaper rents. They had their meals here. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe called. Miss Pound sails for Shanghai from Canton O.M.S. I wrote a note to Miss Myers. U.S. Peniel 46-year birthday.

Saturday, November 12
Beautiful warm day. Prayer meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, November 13
Kwok Chuk Leung preached. Miss McPherson began having her night meals here yesterday. Good meetings all day.

Monday, November 14
Went to Hong Kong and had my glasses changed. Studied, wrote, etc. Esther Crane had her birthday party. She is 15 tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15
Studies and wrote. Went to Koon Chung meeting.

Wednesday, November 16
Women’s meeting at Li Si Ni at Shamshuipo. Walked both ways. Night meetings here. Tsz Si Ni took very sick – we went early to prayer meeting to pray for her. She is better now.

Thursday, November 17
Got out our winter clothes. Night meetings. Work in general. Wrote to Miss Myers.

Friday, November 18
Very busy day. Sunday school meeting, night meetings, etc.

Saturday, November 19
Went to Cheung Chau with Esther and Miss Bancroft. Stayed in Jaffray house.

Sunday, November 20
Meetings today. Destroyed idols, etc.

Monday, November 21
Studied. Wrote for circular, etc. Called.

Tuesday, November 22
Studied. Cheung Kam Chi (students) and Leung Wai Laan have been out walking together again. Cheung Kam Chi lied to us. Said he was at Shamshuipo visiting Mr. Collier and wife. We find they are in Yeung Kong and not here at all. He is now expelled from school and we are still dealing with Wai Laan.

Wednesday, November 23
Mrs. Leung Shi Kam and Mr. Leung – both have been here. It has been another long day. Night meetings, etc.

Thursday, November 24
Had all the missionaries for Chinese meal at 4:000. Mrs. Weldon Smith arrived about 6:00 P.M. Leung Wai Laan was expelled from school this A.M. for telling lies. Night meetings. Studied. A very busy day.

Friday, November 25
Three missionary boxes from U.S. arrived. We opened them after meeting.

Saturday, November 26
Prayer and fast from 12:00 noon to 2:00 P.M. had no speaking or singing. Opened two more boxes that came.

Sunday, November 27
Good meetings all day. Mrs. Smith went to Kowloon City meeting. Called in hospital in P.M. Prayed for Tsz Si Ni’s brother-in-law after meeting.

Monday, November 28
Studied and dished out old clothes. All the missionaries came after supper. We sang songs and then Mrs. Smith treated us to Klim and cookies from U.S.A. A nice time together. Mr. Cheung left for Yeung Kong with Cheung Kam Chi.

Tuesday, November 29
Studied. Mrs. Smith shopping. Called, wrote, meetings, etc. etc.

Wednesday, November 30
Mrs. Smith sick. Mrs. Crane for dinner and her bible woman and Rebecca here also. Wrote, had meetings, countless callers. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung, Au Si Ni.

Thursday, December 1
Mrs. Smith left for Kwong Sai. Joy went too. A very busy day. Night meetings.

Friday, December 2
Studied. Wrote to Miss Myers. Night meetings.

Saturday, December 3
Prayer meeting and business of Bible school teachers. Mr. Wong came. He teaches a character class. Lenora Grant for supper.

Sunday, December 4
Good meetings all day.

Monday, December 5
Worked all day. Studied. Callers. Cheung back.

Tuesday, December 6
Meetings. Sewed, wrote and studied.

Wednesday, December 7
Meeting at Wai Si Ni at Koon Chung. She has her first baby boy. Night meetings here. Studied, etc.

Thursday, December 8
Rose Edna’s birthday. Studied. School board meeting at 3:00 P.M. Received telegram that Larsons will be here tomorrow. Night meetings.

Friday, December 9
Met Mr. and Mrs. Larson, Herbert and Eugene at 9:00 A.M. All the workers had dinner here. Larsons are here until they find a place to live. Their reception meeting in hall from 7:30 to 9:00 P.M. A very busy, happy day.

Saturday, December 10
Work in general. Workers’ prayer meeting.

Sunday, December 11
Kwok at Cheung Chau. Good meetings all day. Larsons had dinner and supper at Grant’s. Called at hospital.

Monday, December 12
Mr. Leung died of consumption in hospital this A.M. Studied. Larsons are house hunting. Made Esther a blouse, etc.

Tuesday, December 13
Studied. Mr. Leung’s funeral – large crowd. Went house hunting with Larsons. Night meetings.

Wednesday, December 14
Many callers, studied, sewed. Night meetings.

Thursday, December 15
Studied and work in general. Many callers. Sewed.

Friday, December 16
Bought socks. Night meetings. Callers and called.

Saturday, December 17
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Filled candy boxes. A busy day.

Sunday, December 18
Mr. Larson preached. Kwok for dinner. Eight girls knew all the Golden Texts for the year. Night meetings, etc.

Monday, December 19
Rain. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe came. Miss Bancroft for supper. Oden’s baby 104 and over fever. Many, many callers.

Tuesday, December 20
Hospital meeting. Many callers. Ralph better. Wrote to Miss Myers. Night meeting.

Wednesday, December 21
Sat up all night with Ralph Oden last night – fever. Many callers. Night meetings, etc

Thursday, December 22
Studied. Shamshuipo program. Made mince meat and worked all day.

Friday, December 23
My last day with Mr. Wong, the language teacher. Mrs. Larson is to have him after Christmas. A very busy day. Worked in the mission decorating.

Saturday, December 24
Worked in behalf of the Sunday school. The program began at 7:00 to 9:30 P.M. A very full house. Mr. MacKenzie here. Eight girls had all the G.T. One 20 years old said them in public.

Sunday, December 25
Miss McPherson spoke to the Sunday school Children. Mr. Kwok had the noon meeting. A very full house. Many standing. Larsons here with us. Oden had meeting for Sunday school children in Shamshuipo. Full house in night meeting. Very warm.

Monday, December 26
The people from Cameron Home U.S.A. arrived – 13 of them. We were on dock from 12:00 noon to 5:00 P.M. and got baggage until 10:00 P.M. Seven slept on my floor and six in Larson’s flat. They plan to move into _____. A very, very busy day. Albert in Cheung Chau for program. Koon Chung program at night. Such a crowd. We went with Miss Woo and 6 or 8 others to a restaurant at about 11:30 for supper. A long busy day.

Tuesday, December 27
Work in general. Meetings, callers and letters. Esther and Helen vaccinated.

Wednesday, December 28
Feed the poor from 12:00 noon until 3:00 P.M. About 350 had all they could eat and at the close many took fragments home to others. Albert went to Island on 5:00 P.M. boat to examine candidates. Larsons in Canton after his household goods. Kwok is taking a boy to Canton tonight – for Miss Woo. A happy day.

Thursday, December 29
Larson go back from Canton last night and we had a great time getting coolies, etc. I got to bed at 1:30 A.M. It has been a busy day. Many callers and plenty of work. Night meetings. Ralph Oden, Mrs. Oden and Miss McPherson were vaccinated. Nine were baptized at the Island. 105 new Peniel members this year.

Friday, December 30
Early prayer meeting. Dr. Stone and Miss Hughes came from Shanghai. Ah Choi sick. Meetings. Oh! Such a busy day.

Saturday, December 31
Prayer and fast day. Larsons moved into 550 Nathan Road today. Out Watchnight service. A very precious meeting – Luke 12:35-48.