1930 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Wednesday, January 1
Early prayer meeting. Many callers. Women’s meeting, open air meeting and night meeting. Mrs. Kwok Yan Hoi preached – souls at attar. Looked at flats for the girls.

Thursday, January 2
Canned at Grant’s. Shamshuipo meeting and night meeting here – souls at altar. Many callers. Work in general. Larsons came down.

Friday, January 3
Open air meetings. Letters and night meeting for Edwin Lee. Mr. Munroe came down.

Saturday, January 4
Brother Swanson came. Larsons, Mrs. Grant, Southwick, Hardy, Lee and our family and Swanson for dinner. Prayer meeting in P.M. Street and night meetings at Shamshuipo. Many callers

Sunday, January 5
Communion Day. Wilbur Lee preached. Kwoks, Hardy and Lee for dinner at 2:00 P.M. good evening meeting – souls at altar.

Monday, January 6
Many callers. Called at hospital on Chapel Keeper and several others. Larsons for supper. Work in general. Ng Shap went to Canton for a few days. San Kei to Namtau. Miss Hardy bought dresser for $5.00.

Tuesday, January 7
Early prayer meeting. Callers, letters, hospital and night meetings. Galloway here.

Wednesday, January 8
Met Mrs. Burtt on Peak and went shopping with her. Women’s meeting at 2:00 P.M. Night and street meetings.

Thursday, January 9
Ah Yuk went with Mrs. Burtt shopping. We destroyed idols. Miss Myers, Burtt and Hardy for supper. Koon Chung meeting. Work in general.

Friday, January 10
Open Air meeting. Called in many homes and had first meeting. Night meeting and prayer meeting.

Saturday, January 11
Prayer meeting here in home. Then business meeting of school board. Grant, hardy, Cheung, Southwick and Mrs. Burtt for supper. Very cold. Worked all day.

Sunday, January 12
Swanson back from Manila. Hung Hom Kwok preached. Went to Rose Edna’s grave. Kowloon night meeting. Many callers.

Monday, January 13
Shopping until 6:00 P.M. with Mrs. Burtt. She left on night boat for Shui Hing. Swanson here and all foreigners too – had coffee and sang.

Tuesday, January 14
Bought wardrobe – $22 delivered. Iron beds for $10. Miss Myers and I went to Fwong Wa Hospital and also French Hospital to call. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 15
Early prayer meeting and Women’s meeting. Countless callers. Work in general – made bed top.

Thursday, January 16
Sewed – made covers for old comforts. Koon Chung meeting. Miss Myers for supper.

Friday, January 17
Called at Grant’s. Made comfort top. Many callers. Munroe and French here over night. Telegram from Odens. They are to arrive tomorrow. Prayer and street meetings.

Saturday, January 18
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Oden arrived at 7:00 A.M. Came to our place to live – 90 Portland Street, Yaumati (Siberia Maru). Mrs. French and babies and the Kilbornes came from Shanghai. Prayer meeting here this P.M. Shamshuipo meeting at night. Mr. and Mrs. French and children here over night.

Sunday, January 19
Mrs. French spoke to Sunday school teachers. Mr. French preached at noon. Hodgins wife came at 2:00 P.M. Kilbornes, Frenches, Hodgins, Munroe, Odens and Pierce for supper. Hodgins preached at night.

Monday, January 20
Munroe and his crowd left at 7:00 A.M. for Canton. Our wedding day. Grants, Odens, all the ladies (five) and the two Lees and Elizabeth Rousseau for supper. Oden’s reception in chapel from 8:00 to 9:30.

Tuesday, January 21
Hospital meeting and night meetings. Many callers.

Wednesday, January 22
Went to Hong Kong and got my lavender rayon dress – 60 cents and made it. Women’s meeting at 2:00 P.M. Odens at girls for supper. Wilbur Lee’s birthday. Street and night meetings. Many callers.

Thursday, January 23
Work in general. Meetings in Kowloon in evening. Went to Canton on night boat to Munroe’s meeting with Hodgins and wife.

Friday, January 24
Arrived in Canton for breakfast. Went to four meetings and met many friends.

Saturday, January 25
2:00 A.M. meetings. Left at 2:00 for the train. Brother and Sister Larson went to station with us. Rain. Arrived home at 8:00 P.M. Girlies well – Thank God. Miss Pierce and Odens here.

Sunday, January 26
Went to Kowloon City meeting. Odens and I called at Grant’s in P.M. Meeting here and street meeting. Several at altar.

Monday, January 27
Tsang Kam Fuk and Leung Kam Shui were married here at 1:30 P.M. – a full house. Tea and cakes afterwards. Supper at 4:30 P.M. at his home. Kam Shui is 18 years old and looked so pretty. Rainy, bad day.

Tuesday, January 28
Work in general. Streets full of things for Chinese New Year. Li Shui Min and wife here. Many callers all day. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 29
Early prayer meeting, Women’s meeting, street and night meetings. Miss Pierce here. Many callers.

Thursday, January 30
Chinese New Year Day. All servants gone. I worked all day. Many callers. Open air meetings and night meetings.

Friday, January 31
Hodgins and Munroe came from Canton. Pretty day. Open air meetings and night meetings. Mrs. Galloway overnight.

Saturday, February 1
Workers’ prayer meeting. Very blessed time. Many callers. Hodgins, Munroe and Galloway went to Macao on early boat.

Sunday, February 2
Very blessed meeting – 20 or more at altar. Good Sunday school. Odens in Kowloon City. Fine night meeting. Ng Shap’s wedding announcement.

Monday, February 3
Went to Hong Kong – table cloth – $1.50 year, oil stove – $12.00. Many callers. Kam Kuk’s farewell meeting. Jaffray and a number of others present – very fine meeting. Christians gave him $22.10 collection.

Tuesday, February 4
Very busy day. Kam Fuk and wife, Leung Kam Shui, sailed in A.M. Ng Shap and Li Kwan Ying married by Albert at noon. Chan Kwong and Hui Shui Laan stood up with them. Hodgins came back from Macao. Our Revival meetings with them begin tonight. Very fine crowd – many at altar. Brother Hodgins preached and Lee interpreted.

Wednesday, February 5
Five meetings today. Many present. Munroe, Hodgins, Odens and Miss Southwick here for meals.

Thursday, February 6
Five meetings. Sister Hodgins spoke at 1:30 meeting. Large altar service all day. God in our midst.

Friday, February 7
Albert 48 years old. Meetings all day. Rain. Many at altar. Helen had a cake for her dad and candles and all the workers for cocoa and coffee after the night meeting. Called at Grant’s. Mrs. Hodgins in bed with a cold. Munroe left for Canton.

Saturday, February 8
Meetings all day. Odens, Hodgins and Albert went on the Peak between meetings. The Lord is blessing in all services.

Sunday, February 9
Mrs. Hodgins spoke to the children at 10:30 A.M. Many at the altar. MacKenzie here from Island. Miss Olson from Canton. Two girls from Bethel in Shanghai enroute to Anom. A Mr. Smith from Kowloon Tong (English) came seeking Holiness. Very full day.

Monday, February 10
Early prayer meeting and then meetings at 10:30, 1:30, 6:00 and 7:00 P.M. God is with us who can be against us? Praise His Name.

Tuesday, February 11
Last day of meetings. Sister Hodgins went just after the 1:30 P.M. meeting out to the ship. Brother Hodgins and Brother Lee went after the night meeting. Mr. Wilbur Lee leaves for U.S.A. and Hodgins for Shanghai. S.S. Siberia sails 4:00 A.M. tomorrow. Our eight days of revival meetings are over and eternity will reveal results. Bless God. Many at altar every night.

Wednesday, February 12
Wilbur Lee is enroute to U.S. We cleaned the balcony in mission. One year ago tonight was our reception back to China. It is Katherine Grant’s birthday. Has been a busy day. Souls at altar. Amen.

Thursday, February 13
Rain. Work in general. Began class for candidates for baptism. Have moved the Shamshuipo Mission to number 54 Nam Cheung Kai. Miss Bancroft is going to work among the boat people in Cheung Chau for a while.

Friday, February 14
Sent circular letter to press. Miss Myers moved in with Miss Southwick – has her noon meal here. Called on Lum I Si Ni. They have a new boy. Called at Cheung’s and Grant’s. Merlyn and Katherine here overnight. They expect a new arrival in their home. Good prayer and testimony meetings.

Saturday, February 15
Called. P.M. prayer meeting. Three of Grant’s children here. A baby girl arrived there at 4:00 A.M. Doing nicely. First meeting in new chapel on Nam Cheung Kai at Shamshuipo. Edwin Lee is helping there.

Sunday, February 16
Mr. Cheung preached here. The boat boy is doing chapel work at Kowloon. Souls at altar – good meeting. Merlyn and Katherine here. Mary Elizabeth goes home at night and returns in morning.

Monday, February 17
Miss Pierce and Miss Hardy moved right back of Red Church of England. Many callers. Grant children here. Work in General. Made Albert pajama suit – 20 cents yard.

Tuesday, February 18
Many callers. Good prayer and testimony meeting and street meeting.

Wednesday, February 19
Kwok So was buried. No meeting for women. Early prayer meeting, street and night meetings – souls at altar.

Thursday, February 20
Wrote letters, called. All of Grant children here. Went to Kowloon meeting.

Friday, February 21
Heard that Mrs. M. G. Knapp of Cincinnati, Ohio went to glory. Open air meeting and testimony. The devil got mad over trying to elect church officers.

Saturday, February 22
Fast and prayer day. A very good spirit. Grant children here. Went to Shamshuipo meeting – six at altar.

Sunday, February 23
Good meetings all day – souls at altar.

Monday, February 24
Sewed. Destroyed idols on boat. Very Hot.

Tuesday, February 25
Went to Hong Kong in A.M. Esther’s shoes – $3.00 – white ones 80 cents. Went to Government and Kwong Wa Hospitals on Hong Kong side this P.M. Li Saam Koo very low. Good prayer and testimony meetings. Ah Choi sick.

Wednesday, February 26
Mr. Oden is 26 years old. Got him a basket of flowers, cake and ice tea. Women’s meeting. Good night meetings – souls at altar. Called in many homes.

Thursday, February 27
Munroe went to Shanghai and Korea yesterday. Very warm. Folded circular letters all P.M. Went to Kowloon meeting – souls at altar.

Friday, February 28
Worked all day. Open air meetings. Destroyed idols at Shamshuipo. Night meetings. Chose Mr. Hoh Chau Tak, Mr. Cheung, Mr. Kwok Yan Hoi and Ng Shap to manage church affairs.

Saturday, March 1
Very busy day. Splendid prayer meeting here. Shamshuipo night meeting.

Sunday, March 2
Attended five meetings. Li Saam Koo, who was Bible woman at Kowloon a while, was buried at 2:00 P.M. Government Hospital, Hong Kong,

Monday, March 3
Sewed, called on Grant’s and had tea with Miss Pierce. Koon Chung meeting and street meeting. Very warm.

Tuesday, March 4
Mrs. Larson married one year today. Hospital meeting. Rain. Night meetings. Sewed and had callers, etc.

Wednesday, March 5
Women’s meeting. Early street meeting. Callers and work in general. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 6
Made Miss Pierce’s blue dress. Had Callers. Went to Kowloon meeting. Called at Grant’s. Altered a dress.

Friday, March 7
Work in general. Open Air and night meetings.

Saturday, March 8
Bible school teachers’ business meeting – 1:00 to 2:00 P.M. Prayer meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, March 9
Splendid meetings all day – souls at altars. Called at Grant’s. Miss Hardy better.

Monday, March 10
Mrs. Oden is 28 years old. Brother Swanson came from U.S.A. Mrs. Storey sent me my $1.00 rug. Went to Hong Kong and also to the Jackson.

Tuesday, March 11
Hospital meeting. Little girl there said if Heaven was higher than Sincere’s stone, she could not go for she got dizzy. Went to Kowloon City meeting. Swanson, Myers and Southwick for meals.

Wednesday, March 12
Work in general. Meeting for women. Open air and night meetings.

Thursday, March 13
Sewed. Called at Grant’s. Night meetings.

Friday, March 14
Work in general. Open air meetings. Splendid opportunities. Street and night meeting in chapel. The devil very busy trying to snatch souls. The Lord is our refuge, our strength and our help. Praise his Name.

Saturday, March 15
Many callers over many problems. 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Prayer meeting. Night meetings in Shamshuipo.

Sunday, March 16
Miss Southwick preached. Large crowd. I went to Kowloon meeting at night.

Monday, March 17
Swanson back from Manila. Many callers all day. Ko Kwok Lau leaves on Jackson for U.S.A. We went to ship to bid him goodbye.

Tuesday, March 18
Rain. Hospital meeting. Called in Koon Chung night meetings.

Wednesday, March 19
Women’s meeting. Took Odens for their first trip through old Kowloon. Called at Grant’s. night meeting here. Very large street meeting. A bunch of men and women are out of sorts because we would not let Wong Kei Sun talk about Brother Kwok in the mission last week Tuesday. They don’t come to meeting now.

Thursday, March 20
Many callers. Night meeting in Kowloon.

Friday, March 21
Sewed at Grant’s. Street and night meeting here. Very large crowd and good spirit. Willard Grant here over night.

Saturday, March 22
Work in general. Mr. and Mrs. Grand and Lenora Grace were at our workers’ prayer meeting and here for supper. Many callers.

Sunday, March 23
Brother Oden preached – 1 Corinthians 12 in A.M. – large crowd, 240 in Sunday school. Called in Villages. Went to Shamshuipo Sunday school. Night meeting here.

Monday, March 24
Work in general. Street and night meeting at Koon Chung.

Tuesday, March 25
Hospital and night meeting. Did shopping for Mrs. Burtt.

Wednesday, March 26
Early prayer meeting, Women’s meeting and open air and night meetings.

Thursday, March 27
Called and sewed. Went to Kowloon meeting.

Friday, March 28
Grant’s youngsters here. Open air and night meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, March 29
Prayer and fast day. A large crowd out. Shamshuipo night meeting. Miss Bancroft came.

Sunday, March 30
Miss Southwick had the children’s meeting. Used different keys to unlock Heaven’s Door, but only the Red (blood) key would fit the lock. Mr. Grant had the A.M. meeting. Mr. Kwok at night.

Monday, March 31
Went calling. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 1
Went to Kowloon Hospital with Miss Hardy. Went to Hong Kong Hospital to visit Ah Kiu. Night meetings here in Yaumati.

Wednesday, April 2
Early prayer meeting, women’s meeting and street meeting. Miss Pierce had night meeting for candidates.

Thursday, April 3
Called, sewed and examined candidates for baptism until 11:30 P.M.

Friday, April 4
Early prayer meeting, open air meeting and then examined candidates until 5:30 P.M. Night meetings. Larsons came down from Canton and stayed here overnight.

Saturday, April 5
Went to Matilda with Mrs. Larson. She expects to be confined in September. 2:00 P.M. prayer meeting and then examined candidates again – 50 accepted and 10 rejected. Many did not come.

Sunday, April 6
Early prayer meeting. Sunday school lesson and prayer meeting (Mr. Oden), Sunday school and noon meeting. Baptism by Mr. Grant – 50 were baptized. Communion. Mr. Oden prayed for sick woman. Open air, night meeting and indoor meeting. Larsons at Grant’s.

Monday, April 7
Larsons and Miss Pierce went to Canton. I had filling put back in my front tooth – $2.00 by Dr. Kew. The Professor Dyson from Manila University called. We called on him and his daughter on board Empress Russia.

Tuesday, April 8
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Many callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, April 9
Took Miss Hardy to the Matilda Hospital for tonsils. Women’s meeting, open air and night meeting and indoor meeting. Took Odens into knitting factory and bought stockings.

Thursday, April 10
Edwin Lee went to his country home yesterday. I had Women’s meeting at Shamshuipo. Work in general.

Friday, April 11
Grants spent the day here. I sewed for her. Night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, April 12
Very sultry. Workers’ prayer meeting. Mrs. Grant gave me grey and blue figured rayon dress. Went to call on Mrs. Harris at Lai Chi Kok. Many callers here.

Sunday, April 13
Full day of meetings.

Monday, April 14
Called at Kowloon City with Mr. Cheung and San Kei. Miss Bancroft here for supper and dinner. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 15
Work in general. Went to Matilda to see Miss Hardy. Night meetings.

Wednesday, April 16
Sewed for Mrs. Grant. Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Lei Sz Kei preached here.

Thursday, April 17
Miss Pierce had meeting for women in Shamshuipo. Mr. Munroe here from Korea and Shanghai. Went to Hong Kong and got Esther’s blue hat – $4 mex. or $1.65 gold. Night meetings.

Friday, April 18
Good Friday. Work in general. Went to the cemetery with Odens to see the bones in jars. Au Muk Sz here for supper. Preached in the Mission – The Suffering of Chris on Cross for Sinners. Large crowd. Helen called at Matilda Hospital.

Saturday, April 19
Shue Si Ni was buried. Walked to cemetery and then called at Grant’s. Decorated railing around platform with Easter lilies. Work in general

Sunday, April 20
Easter Sunday. Mrs. Oden explained Sunday school lesson and Mr. Cheung preached. Odens at Grant’s for dinner and night meeting. Philippi and Munroe and Mrs. French came down. Men stayed here and ladies with Miss Pierce. All missions had no morning service and came here to Yaumati. Lenora Grace Grant was dedicated to the Lord.

Monday, April 21
Mr. Munroe and Philippis for breakfast. Mrs. French, Pierce, Southwick, Myers and Odens for dinner. Southwick, Myers, Mr. Cheung and Odens for supper. Had our first business meeting for church after a body of four Chinese and four missionaries were chosen to manage the business of church, i.e. Cheung Shiug Yan, Kwok Yan Hoi, Ng Cho Liu, Hoh Chan Tak, Myers, Southwick, Mrs. Reiton, Mr. Reiton and Mr. Grant. Albert Chairman.

Tuesday, April 22
Work in general. Miss Bancroft came from Island and Helen went back with her. Began a week of prayer in Yaumati Mission.

Wednesday, April 23
Work in general. Women’s meeting, early prayer meeting and night meeting – prayer only. Ng Shap’s wife is in Kwong Wa Hospital (miscarriage); went in about midnight last night.

Thursday, April 24
Sewed all day at Grant’s. Very hot. Helen came back from Cheung Chau. Night meeting of prayer.

Friday, April 25
Work in general. Open air meeting. Went to boats. Night meeting – good spirit.

Saturday, April 26
Prayer and fast day. Went to Shamshuipo meeting. Much cooler. Mrs. Grant here for supper.

Sunday, April 27
Very precious day – souls at altar. Miss Hardy came back from Matilda Hospital yesterday. We anointed and prayed for Hoh Si Ni and for Ah Koi. Called at hospital.

Monday, April 28
Ng Shap Si Ni came here out of hospital today to stay until she is stronger. Ah Koi is still sick. Have had many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 29
Work in general. Hospital meeting. Another week of prayer in all four stations. We all sat on the floor here.

Wednesday, April 30
Sum Si Ni had women’s meeting. Very hot. Early prayer meeting. Night meeting – a wonderful meeting. God met with us.

Thursday, May 1
Made Helen a new dress out of an old one. Took Miss Hardy into Kowloon Hospital to have her tonsils out. Night meeting of prayer. Ah Koi is back after being sick.

Friday, May 2
Open air meetings. Very hot. Splendid prayer meeting. Prayed for Ah Mun – he is full of the devil.

Saturday, May 3
Bible school business meeting and Workers’ prayer meeting. Miss Myers and I called at hospital and Mrs. Lum I and Miss Hardy had just gone home. Her tonsils were taken out Friday A.M.

Sunday, May 4
Albert preached – large crowd. A Mr. Dayton called from the ship. Visited Ping Kei – she is sick. Helen is at Grant’s. Very hot.

Monday, May 5
Wrote for circular letter. Busy all day.

Tuesday, May 6
Sewed at Grant’s in A.M. Went to hospital meeting. Lenora Grace Grant was vaccinated. Ng Shap and wife moved next door to us. Good prayer and testimony meeting. Miss Bancroft for dinner.

Wednesday, May 7
Women’s meeting. Sewed at Grant’s. Open air meeting and night meeting – souls at altar.

Thursday, May 8
Took circular to printers. Hard rain. Good meeting – souls at altar.

Friday, May 9
Open air meeting and night meeting. Swanson came. Grants here. Work in general.

Saturday, May 10
Swanson for breakfast. Very good workers’ prayer meeting. Swanson left for Manila. Shamshuipo meeting. Rain.

Sunday, May 11
Met Miss Brown, lady missionary, enroute to Japan from England. Spent day here and then we took her to ship at 9:30 in pouring rain.

Monday, May 12
Miss Bancroft came here for dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Callers all day.

Tuesday, May 13
Hospital meeting. Very good night meeting. Station money from Mrs. Glide came yesterday.

Wednesday, May 14
Women’s meeting, early prayer meeting and business meeting regarding Cheung Chau having a mission. Early street meeting and night meeting. Work in general – sewed.

Thursday, May 15
Albert and Mr. Cheung Shing Yau went to Cheung Chau and rented a place for a mission – $20 rent per month. Night meeting. Women’s meeting in Shamshuipo. Called, sewed and proofread circular letter.

Friday, May 16
Grants spent day here. Miss Pierce for supper. Myers, Southwick and Odens for lunch. Good meeting.

Saturday, May 17
Went to Hong Kong. Opened bank account with Mr. Cheung for Mission funds. Mrs. Marsh came from Shiu Hing. Mr. Kwok and Ng Shap at Cheung Chau about the mission there. Prayer meeting here. Had galvanized sheds put up in back alley of church.

Sunday, May 18
Ng Shap preached on giving. Got $36 toward meeting expenses. Fifteen for supper. Good meeting and many callers.

Monday, May 19
Work in general. Many callers. Swanson here. We all went to Grant’s after supper and had songs and prayer.

Tuesday, May 20
Went shopping on Shanghai Street with Mrs. Marsh. Miss Bancroft here. Hospital and night meetings. Work in general. Many callers.

Wednesday, May 21
Women’s meeting. Boat meeting and night meeting. Brother Oden preached. Many callers.

Thursday, May 22
Very hot. Miss Myers sick. Sewed. Getting circular into envelopes. Grants bought organ – $56. Baby Lenora Grant in Kowloon Hospital. Called.

Friday, May 23
Worked in general. Open air meeting. Night meetings. Mrs. Marsh went back to country.

Saturday, May 24
Workers’ prayer meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, May 25
Good meetings all day.

Monday, May 26
Work in general. Many callers.

Tuesday, May 27
Miss Hitchcock came down. Miss Bancroft here. Many, many callers. Hospital meeting. Went to Kowloon meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, May 28
Worked all day. Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Oden. Women’s meeting, early street meeting and night meeting. Many callers.

Thursday, May 29
Ache all over. Could not go to meetings. Mr. French here from Canton.

Friday, May 30
J. Byron Crouse, Virgil Kirkpatrick, Eugene Erny, E. A. Kilborne and Mr. Briggs here from shanghai. Ah Ho went to hospital – baby girl born at midnight. Very fine night meeting. Brother Briggs preached about Joseph.

Saturday, May 31
Prayer and fast day. Brother Briggs and Asbury trio spoke – 12:00 noon until 4:00 P.M. Very large night meeting. Brother Ernie spoke.

Sunday, June 1
Brother Ernie had the Sunday school lesson explanation. Brother Briggs noon meeting and Brother Kirkpatrick night. Very large crowds. Gave the night offering – nearly $50 to these men. Had 17 for supper.

Monday, June 2
The men left for Canton by way of Macao. Bible school business meeting at 10:00 A.M. Many callers. Miss Bancroft overnight. Mrs. Broaddus came from Kwai Uen. I have a cold and fever.

Tuesday, June 3
Many callers. In bed most of the time. Kwok and Po Lin went to Canton for meetings.

Wednesday, June 4
Sick headache all day. Many callers. Crane and Esther came from Hoi Peng. I got up and went to night meeting.

Thursday, June 5
Very hard rain. Miss Myers went to Hoi Peng with Mr. Crane and Esther on 7:00 P.M. boat.

Friday, June 6
Very hard rains again. Chan Wai Yan came to go out to Cheung Chau from Canton. Many callers. Made Helen a dress. Feel a wee bit better.

Saturday, June 7
Opening day of Peniel in Cheung Chau. Large crowd went on 2:00 P.M. boat and many had gone on the early morning boat. Opening at 3:00 P.M. Foreigners present, Mr. and Mrs. Oden, Mr. and Mrs. Reiton and girls, Mr. Grant, Miss Southwick, Miss Bancroft and Miss Pierce. Miss Bancroft is the foreign worker. A rainy day. We came back on the 6:45 ferry. A happy day. Tea and cake in a tea house for all.

Sunday, June 8
Rain. Hung Hom Kwok preached A.M. and E. Lee at night. Many callers.

Monday, June 9
Typhoon signals up. Mrs. John Galloway and Brother Briggs came from Canton. Here all night.

Tuesday, June 10
Brother Briggs had chapel service. Rainy day. Brother Briggs preached at 7:00 P.M. night meeting – large crowd.

Wednesday, June 11
Mrs. Galloway left for Macao. Mr. and Mrs. French and two children and amah, Miss Helsby, Mr. Kilborne, three Asbury men and Mr. Munroe came from Canton. All here for dinner. Also for supper. A fine night meeting. They went on board ship at night.

Thursday, June 12
Helen’s 14-year old birthday. The students all went to ship to see the folks off for Shanghai at 10:00 P.M. Helen had an ice cream party for her Chinese friends who gave her gifts after church. Mr. Munroe still here.

Friday, June 13
Bible school closed for summer holidays. Albert gave message – 30 odd joined hands and sang “We’ll work Until Jesus Comes”. Then Brother Munroe prayed and then Mr. Kwok and then all girl students went to Hui Shui Laan for a testimony meeting and had ice cream and cake. Miss Pierce, Southwick, Oden and I went with them. Open air and night meetings.

Saturday, June 14
Work in general. Workers’ prayer meeting and testimony meeting. Grants last Saturday here. Edwin Lee’s brother came from Los Angeles, his family too.

Sunday, June 15
Grant’s farewell meeting at Kowloon City. We had dinner with them. Night meetings.

Monday, June 16
Li, a boat boy, was married here at 12:00 noon. Large crowd to drink tea. Brother Oden married them. Albert helping to get a woman off to U.S.A. Miss Bancroft for dinner. Miss Hardy moving back to Hing’s house.

Tuesday, June 17
Rain. Took worm medicine. Street and night meetings. Took up an $8.50 collection to get a boat to take Grants to their ship.

Wednesday, June 18
Grant family came. Mr. and Mrs. Oden moved to their own home down on Portland Street (Huig’s home). Grants went to Philippi’s for supper. Mary ?Grant is 3 years old.

Thursday, June 19
Very busy all day. All the missionaries here for supper. Grant’s farewell meeting here in Yaumati. Miss Myers got back from Hoi Peng.

Friday, June 20
Grants left on Mishuma Maru at 10:00 A.M. for Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Went out on a launch to big boat. Street and night meeting. Very tired. Souls at altar.

Saturday, June 21
Made jelly. Work in general. Good prayer meeting.

Sunday, June 22
Albert in Kowloon meetings. Mr. and Mrs. Smith came from country. June Tauber got back from U.S.A. Snake bit Miss Bancroft.

Monday, June 23
Made move plum jelly. Many callers. Odens here in evening.

Tuesday, June 24
Very hot. Man here sewing canvas for verandahs – 90 cents yard. Miss Bancroft’s snake bite better. She is still in Government hospital. Made the dress Mrs. Grant gave me.

Wednesday, June 25
Women’s meeting – Po Lin preached. Will discontinue meeting for women until September. Night meeting. Bensons sailed for U.S.A. Miss Matley for supper.

Thursday, June 26
Work in general. Many callers. Chan Kwong preached here. Made toilet on bedroom verandah over. Miss pierce for supper.

Friday, June 27
Miss Southwick’s birthday. Had ice cream and cake and tough chicken. She and Miss Myers went to Castle peak. Good night meetings.

Saturday, June 28
Day of prayer and fasting. Nearly 50 present. A blessed day. Shamshuipo meeting at night. San Kei came back from Sai Heung – her uncle too. She has not got victory over persecution.

Sunday, June 29
Mr. Oden had the quarter meeting for Sunday school children. Sunday school meeting in P.M. for teachers. Mrs. Oden and I went to Kowloon night meeting. Miss Myers noon meeting. Odens and girls for dinner. Mr. Cheung supper.

Monday, June 30
Many callers. Miss Pierce moving from back of Red church. Here overnight.

Tuesday, July 1
Miss Pierce’s birthday. She left for a two months stay at Cheung Chau. Went to hospital meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Larson and Miss Clark for supper. Hard rain. Albert at Shamshuipo meeting.

Wednesday, July 2
Many callers. Both went to Koon Chung meeting. Worked all day.

Thursday, June 3
Countless callers. Albert at Kowloon meeting. Up until midnight last night to find out where Kam Mooi and Chui Sin Shang were. He wants to marry her.

Friday, July 4
Wrote letters, cleaned. Very hard rain. Called. Night meeting and early prayer meeting.

Saturday, July 5
Very good workers’ prayer meeting. Mrs. Smith here. Men fixed our bedroom window. Odens and our family went to beach and had supper there.

Sunday, July 6
Ng Shap preached. Communion Day. Ip Siu Shang and others came from shanghai enroute to Canton. Mr. Cheung preached here. Larson in Kowloon City. Miss Southwick had meeting for Sunday school children in Shamshuipo.

Monday, July 7
Rain. Had a wireless that Wilbur Lee gets here at 3:00 P.M. on Tazio Maru. We went to meet him. All workers had tea and cake here and then he had supper with Iris’ mother and father. Albert went too. Southwick, Myers, Hardy and our family went to Oden’s. Rained hard. Wilbur brought two drums back. San Francisco Mission gave them.

Tuesday, July 8
Made red and white dress. Hospital meeting. Any callers. Albert preached at Jordan Road Union Church. More rain.

Wednesday, July 9
Early prayer meeting. Went to pray for woman who destroyed idols. Went to Larson’s and they came here. They spent the day here and then we all went to the Lo Kwa Wan beach and had our supper. Albert stopped at Koon Chung meeting.

Thursday, July 10
Work in general. Had supper at Larson’s and then meeting in Kowloon. Miss Stodghill’s preacher’s wife here when I came home.

Friday, July 11
Many callers. Work in general. Miss Pierce here from Cheung Chau. Prayer meeting. Mr. Wilbur Lee’s reception meeting. First night we used the new drums here. Very large crowd.

Saturday, July 12
Many callers. Workers’ prayer meeting.

Sunday, July 13
Mrs. Dyson came from Manila on President Pierce enroute to U.S.A. Here with us until Tayo Maru sails. Also some Pilipino folks enroute to U.S.A. Many callers all day. Good meetings. Albert in Kowloon City.

Monday, July 14
Very hard rain. Brother Swanson came. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 15
Hospital meeting. Swanson for breakfast. Went shopping with Mrs. Dyson. Shamshuipo meeting. Mr. Oden has fever. Many callers here.

Wednesday, July 16
Rain all day. Went shopping with Mrs. Dyson and to knitting factory. Had callers, Odens. Albert went to Island.

Thursday, July 17
Albert did not get back until today – very rough sea. Rained all day. Took Esther to see Mr. Smalley – she has fever. Went to Kowloon City meeting. Many callers all day.

Friday, July 18
Very hard rain. A very busy day. Larsons for supper. Night meeting. Many callers. Esther has fever.

Saturday, July 19
Took Esther to Kowloon Hospital – has fever. Helen called on her this P.M. Had taken her blood for a test. Workers’ prayer meeting. Callers until 9:00 P.M. Made Esther a Kimono after supper. Hard rain all day.

Sunday, July 20
Mrs. Dyson (lady enroute from Manila to U.S.) left. Hard rain. Called on Esther. Odens, Hardy, Myers and Southwick for dinner. Albert at Kowloon noon meeting. I at Shamshuipo at night. Many callers.

Monday, July 21
Church business meeting. Called on Esther – she is better. Brother Swanson, Albert, Helen and I had supper with Miss Hardy and then Miss Myers and Southwick came and we went in to Oden’s and had songs on gramophone. Swanson left here at 10:00 for ship. Sails tomorrow A.M.

Tuesday, July 22
Countless callers. Visited Esther. Had supper at Larson’s. Helen went to beach with her dad. Work in general.

Wednesday, July 23
Work in general. Miss Pierce came from Island.

Thursday, July 24
Typhoon near. Very stormy. Made dress for Miss Pierce.

Friday, July 25
John Kwok has a baby brother. Mrs. Kwok in hospital. Called on Esther and brought her home. Better but very thin.

Saturday, July 26
San Kei wants to go to country on account of persecution. All day prayer and fast meeting. Called on Edwin Lee’s brother and wife.

Sunday, July 27
Mr. Oden preached. Khan Kwong in Shamshuipo. Edwin Lee’s brother and wife here in church. Left because could not sit together. Souls at altar. Odens in Kowloon City.

Monday, July 28
Helen went to Cheung Chau. Odens, Hardy and Albert, Esther and I went to Lai Wan beach. Threatening typhoon again. Took Ah Shui and Esther to Kowloon Hospital for medicine. Went with Miss Hardy to German home. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 29
Bible school business meeting. I was elected treasurer. Esther and I started to Hong Kong and got to ferry and it was so rough we came back.

Wednesday, July 30
Early prayer meeting. Went out on boat to pray for sick. Esther has fever again – up to 104. Miss Southwick here with her all afternoon and over night.

Thursday, July 31
Still has 100 fever. Edwin Lee’s brother and wife sail for U.S.A. again. Many callers. Bought “ditto” printing press.

Friday, August 1
Esther’s fever lower. Miss Southwick nursing her. Many callers. Larsons here. Early prayer meeting. Night meeting.

Saturday, August 2
Workers’ prayer meeting. Esther still in bed, but better. Miss Southwick with her. Many callers.

Sunday, August 3
Mrs. Burnside in meeting. Mr. Wong from Victoria Café spoke at night. Many callers. Po Liu preached in Kowloon City. Alice Kwan in Shamshuipo and Hoh Hing Ho in Koon Chung.

Monday, August 4
Esther up. Miss Southwick went back home. She took care of Esther while she was sick. Albert, Mr. Cheung, Mr. Ng and Chi I Kwa left on 7:00 P.M. boat for Kong Moon and Yeung Kong, Hoi Peng, etc. – preaching trip. Many callers. Whitewashers working on mission. Po Liu says she is leaving to go to South Sea islands to work.

Tuesday, August 5
Wrote letters most all day. Ah Tsoi for supper. Called at Kwok’s and gave John $2.00 and baby $2.00

Wednesday, August 6
Early prayer meeting. Went to boat to pray for man, to hospital for Quinine, to Wong Si Ni to pray, to Oden’s and to dairy. Many callers. Wrote letters and work in general.

Thursday, August 7
Worked all day. Called at Larson’s, Smith’s, Tauber and then to Kowloon meeting.

Friday, August 8
Worked in store room – whitewashing. Many callers. Night meeting here – good crowd.

Saturday, August 9
Many callers. Mrs. Burtt and Esther came from Cheung Chau. Workers’ prayer meeting. Miss Pierce called here. Helen and Odens swimming. Munroe called.

Sunday, August 10
Good Meeting – Kwok here. Larson in Kowloon City. Mrs. Burtt went to call on Smiths and Larsons.

Monday, August 11
Many callers. Mrs. Burtt and Esther Burtt went to Rousseau’s to spend the rest of August. Had letter from Albert. Wrote letters, etc.

Tuesday, August 12
Went to Hong Kong with Brother Oden. Went to beach with the children. Police station with Ah Kam, wrote letters and work in general. Hardy, Oden and the girls for dinner.

Wednesday, August 13
In court with Ah Kam. Early prayer meeting. Very hot. Larsons here and Odens, Mr. Burtt and many others.

Thursday, August 14
Went to Hong Kong. Went to Kowloon meeting. Wrote letters and worked in general. Many callers.

Friday, August 15
Cleaned back alley of church. Ah Joe’s sister-in-law died. Worked hard all A.M. Wrote letters in P.M. Night meeting. Many callers.

Saturday, August 16
Went to hospital to funeral of Ah Joe’s sister-in-law. Prayer meeting. Took children to beach. Callers. Wrote letters.

Sunday, August 17
Wilbur Lee preached in A.M. Ah Ho baby dies at 4:00 A.M. I dressed it in hospital. I called at Larson’s and went to Kowloon meeting. Edwin Lee preached.

Monday, August 18
Ah Ho baby’s funeral at 10:30 A.M. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 19
Albert got back at 1:30 A.M. Esther had boils on her face. Made Helen white blouse. Esther Crane came down to go to school and stay with Smiths. Matley, Smiths, Munroe and Marsh and others called.

Wednesday, August 20
Oden’s spent day. Miss Pierce came yesterday. Helen went back to Island with her. Fixed Mrs. Larson’s “little” wicker bed. Many callers.

Thursday, August 21
Very hard rain. Many callers. Thief stole Miss Hardy’s watch. Miss Bailey and Tauber called. Made Esther’s dress the Mrs. Cowles sent her. Albert in Kowloon Meeting.

Friday, August 22
Larsons and Miss hardy, Southwick and Myers for dinner. Street and night meetings. Busy day.

Saturday, August 23
Made cake. Callers. Prayer meeting. Made Helen panties and petticoat.

Sunday, August 24
Dinner at Oden’s. They had supper here. Good meetings.

Monday, August 25
Miss Clark called and many others. Work in general. Went to Canton on night steamer with Misses Southwick and Myers. Slept on deck on chairs.

Tuesday, August 26
Went to Bible Depot. Had dinner at New Asia Hotel. Got 3:00 train for Hong Kong. Albert and girls met us at station. A friend in China gave us $5.00 mex. And $1,500 to pay back Mr. MacKenzie. Amen.

Wednesday, August 27
Prayed for sick. Many callers. MacKenzie overnight. Worked all day. Ah Koi moved.

Thursday, August 28
Wrote. Helen and Esther went to Hong Kong Park with Smiths and Esther Crane. Many callers here. Albert paid Mr. MacKenzie the $2,000 we had borrowed from him. Praise God!

Friday, August 29
The Kwok brother was buried at 2:00 P.M. Po Lin’s farewell meeting at night. Going to South Sea Islands. She and Ah Choi and I had supper at Miss Hardy’s. Miss Pierce came. Meeting until 10:10 P.M.

Saturday, August 30
Prayer and fast day. Miss Bancroft came. All our family, Odens and Miss Southwick went to beach.

Sunday, August 31
Miss Southwick preached in A.M. Mr. Cheung at night. Many callers. Albert at Kowloon.

Monday, September 1
Mr. and Mrs. Larson came to stay a while. Philippi spent day here – left on night boat for Canton. Miss pierce moved back from Cheung Chau to Kowloon City. Odens, Larsons, Philippi, Myers and Southwick for meals. Chui Sin Shang and a man are rewiring our house.

Tuesday, September 2
Mrs. Smith got our big writing desk. Many callers. Good night service. Plenty of work.

Wednesday, September 3
Early prayer meeting. Miss Pierce moved her things to Kowloon City from the mission. Finished painting and cleaning flat for dormitory. Night meetings.

Thursday, September 4
Bible school teachers’ meeting from 10:00 to 12:00 noon. Mrs. Lei moved into dormitory. Miss Pierce for dinner. Went to hospital to call. Night Bible class. Work in general.

Friday, September 5
Many callers. Went to Hong Kong. Made Esther’s pongee dress. Night meetings.

Saturday, September 6
Got Ah Kiu out of Hong Kong Hospital, girl with no feet. She is in Kwong Wa hospital trying to get a way for her to walk. Prayer meeting. Esther Crane here over night. Miss Bancroft here.

Sunday, September 7
Mr. Kwok in A.M. and Ng Shap at night. Good meetings all day.

Monday, September 8
Work in general. Albert bought a lot of crab apples – 10 cents catty. Made jelly. Callers

Tuesday, September 9
Made jelly and butter. Had Bible school board meeting from 3:00 to 5:30 P.M. Night meeting – seven at altar. Larsons still here.

Wednesday, September 10
Got up at 2:30 A.M. to get Mrs. Larson off to Matilda Hospital – went in rickshaws to ferry, crossed in a motor launch, and then a taxi to the hospital door. Got there at 6:00 A.M. her son was born at 8:00 P.M. and weighs 8 lbs. Name is Herbert James.

Thursday, September 11
Worked all day. Made 60 pints crab apple jelly and 26 pints butter. Apples were 10 cents catty. Average of 13 cents per pint. Many callers. Meeting, etc.

Friday, September 12
Swanson came at 9:00 A.M. Many callers and work all day. Night meeting. Mrs. Grant sent socks for Esther and handkerchiefs for me and other things.

Saturday, September 13
Swanson here. Prayer meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, September 14
Very hard rain. Good meetings. Esther Crane here since Friday. Albert has his new Alpaca suit on.

Monday, September 15
Reopening of Bible training school – 21 registered. Tak Ching, Ah Choi and Shui Laan are in dormitory. I called at Matilda Hospital – my first “look see” at Herbert James Larson. The Gospel Boat has asked us to hold meetings on the boat for two months.

Tuesday, September 16
Very hard rain. Miss Pierce, Mrs. Smith, Larson, Southwick and Myers for dinner. Night meeting and hospital meeting.

Wednesday, September 17
Rain. Made Esther birthday doll and a kimono. Night meetings. Work in general. Esther cannot go to school for a few days on account of boils.

Thursday, September 18
Miss Myers and I bought chairs (stools), table, etc. for dormitory. Many callers. Rain. Esther’s new shoes – $1.50. Meeting on Gospel Boat – good crowd. Night meetings here.

Friday, September 19
Miss Pierce and I went to Patties Market. I went to Kowloon meeting. Many callers and work in general.

Saturday, September 20
Very full day. Prayer meeting. Destroyed 30 odd idols on a boat. Night meeting on Gospel Boat.

Sunday, September 21
Swanson back from Manila. Very full day of meetings. Fine meeting on Boat from 5:30 to 7:00 P.M. Oden preached in mission.

Monday, September 22
Swanson here. Very busy day. All Peniel foreigners and Mrs. Smith and their new workers, Mr. and Mrs. Parks and Brother Swanson went to Miss Pierce’s in Kowloon and had popcorn, fruit and prayer and songs.

Tuesday, September 23
Hospital, boat and night meetings. Good crowds and souls at altar.

Wednesday, September 24
Made Esther’s dress Larson’s gave her. Went to boat woman’s funeral. Night meetings. Many callers.

Thursday, September 25
Mrs. Larson and baby Herbert James came down from Matilda Hospital. Mr. Larson and I went for them. I taught English in the Bible school. Night meetings. Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Galloway, Mrs. Parks, Mrs. Oden and many other callers.

Friday, September 26
Made doll blankets for Esther’s birthday doll. Work in general. Many callers. Larsons packing – they go to Canton on night boat. Albert and I took them over. Night meetings and boat meeting.

Saturday, September 27
Took circular to printers. Prayer and fast day. Work in general.

Sunday, September 28
Esther’s birthday – 7 years old. She got a flashlight, a doll, perfume, hair clip, six handkerchiefs, $1.00, cards, socks, etc., etc. All the missionaries for dinner. Li Sz Tai, Shui Laan and Ah Choi for supper. Good meetings all day. Very hard rain.

Monday, September 29
Went to Hong Kong with Miss Hardy. Taught English, mailed circulars. Boat meeting, Cheung and Pierce for supper and Evelyn and Elizabeth.

Tuesday, September 30
Hospital meeting. Bought hot water bottle and cloth for shaam for Ah Kiu. Night meetings. Many callers. Taught.

Wednesday, October 1
Called all P.M. Early prayer meeting. Iris here at night. Night meetings.

Thursday, October 2
Taught. Callers. Called at Smith’s. meetings.

Friday, October 3
My 44th birthday. Albert gave me fountain pen, Mrs. Oden paper flowers, Mrs. Grant handkerchiefs, Mr. MacKenzie book and the children flowers. Went to sock factory with Mrs. Smith.

Saturday, October 4
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Good meetings on Gospel Boat – large crowds.

Sunday, October 5
Wilbur Lee preached A.M. Miss Pierce at night. Communion Sunday. Miss Southwick spoke. Mr. Lee and Iris for supper. I went to Koon Chung meeting.

Monday, October 6
Taught. Went to hospital with Miss Hardy and Mrs. Ip. Mr. Burtt called. Work in general. All of Cheung’s family here.

Tuesday, October 7
Went to hospital meeting and Koon Chung meeting.

Wednesday, October 8
Miss Myers has fever. I went to dentist and had right lower jaw tooth built up and crown mended – $20 (Dr. Asker). Miss Hardy had Hong Kong foot on her fingers. Boat meeting and examined candidates until 10:00 P.M.

Thursday, October 9
Went to Hong Kong. Boat meeting. Called and taught. Examined candidates – accepted 25 and rejected 11. Miss Bancroft and Pierce for dinner.

Friday, October 10
Chinese Independence Day. Early prayer meeting. Went to Rose Edna’s grave. Odens went too. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, October 11
Miss Myers has dengue fever. Dr. Wong called on her. Prayer meeting and Boat meeting. Examined more candidates.

Sunday, October 12
Very pretty day. Brother Oden did the baptizing – 31 all told. Sixteen not accepted. Very large crowd. Mr. Ng spoke at night.

Monday, October 13
Taught, wrote, called and had callers, sewed and worked in general.

Tuesday, October 14
Ah Kiu was operated on again. Boat and night meetings. Lining a coat for Miss Southwick. Prayer Meeting. Miss Pierce lost her watch, bus ticket and pocket book.

Wednesday, October 15
Callers. Early prayer meeting. Called. Night meeting and Boat meeting.

Thursday, October 16
Taught, sewed, and called with Ah Choi. Night meetings.

Friday, October 17
Went out to Miss Pierce’s – she was gone. Got old linens from Peninsula Hotel. Street and indoor meeting.

Saturday, October 18
Bible school teachers’ meeting at Oden’s. Prayer meeting here. Miss Bancroft came. Boat meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, October 19
Meetings. Called at Smith’s. Very hot. Mr. Ng preached at night. Esther Crane here.

Monday, October 20
Work in general.

Tuesday, October 21
Business meeting of church.

Wednesday, October 22
Good meetings. Callers and called. Destroyed idols, prayed for sick, etc.

Thursday, October 23
Work in general. Boat and night meetings. Callers, wrote letters, etc.

Friday, October 24
Work in general. Left on 2:00 P.M. launch for Cheung Chau with Albert, children. Miss Pierce, Esther Crane, Miss Myers and others came on 5:30 launch. Examined 18 candidates and accepted 16 for baptism. Slept in Miss Hitchcock’s house.

Saturday, October 25
A lot more came from Yaumati. Had a lot of meetings and baptism at 11:00 A.M. and then Communion. Came home on 4:00 P.M. launch.

Sunday, October 26
Full day of meetings. The S.S. Malola (tourist ship) arrived. Brother Santos was aboard and brought us six lovely jars of jam. He was in our meeting Sunday night.

Monday, October 27
School board meeting. Work in general. Odens and Santos for supper. Taught and called.

Tuesday, October 28
Hospital meeting. School prayer meeting. Miss Pierce moved to 34 Po Kong Road, Kowloon City. Prayed for sick child. Called and destroyed idols on a boat. Went to Kowloon meeting.

Wednesday, October 29
Work in general. Lum Si Ni preached. Miss Bancroft called. Boat meeting. Sewed for Miss Hardy.

Thursday, October 30
Taught. Ah Ho’s baby sick. Mr. Kwok Yan Hoi is here printing announcements of the opening of a “New Mission” that our preachers are opening.

Friday, October 31
Many callers. Mr. Cheung here. He does not know of the “New Mission” scheme. Two street meetings – very large crowds and a large indoor meeting. Victory – amen.

Saturday, November 1
The devil is very busy. Sent some of his delegates to prayer meeting – The Chinese Holiness Church (our four preachers, two Lees, Ng, Kwok and Lum Si Ni and Mrs. Mak). They wanted to give out their announcements and we forbid them too. Oden, Myers, Southwick here for supper.

Sunday, November 2
Mr. Oden preached in A.M. Mr. Cheung at night – good crowds.

Monday, November 3
Called Wilbur Lee up to ask if he had said we were withholding money from him to open work, and other things he has said about the Peniel work. We discharged him because he is untrue to Peniel.

Tuesday, November 4
Mrs. Smith came to say she released all her obligations towards the girl she had here in school. She is now in dormitory. Albert and I went to Cheung Chau. We discharged Edwin Lee. He is a traitor to Peniel. Went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Wednesday, November 5
Work in general. Taught. Many callers. Boat and night meetings.

Thursday, November 6
Had a meeting of all the workers regarding Mr. Ng and Mr. Kwok – whether to discharge them. Mr. Ng would not change his opinion and we paid him off. Mr. Kwok is willing and glad and anxious to stay if we will only let him. We are waiting his confession and walk to know what to do.

Friday, November 7
Munroe came down. Many callers. Work in general. Night meeting.

Saturday, November 8
Prayer meeting – very good spirit. Munroe here and left on 3:20 train. Boat meeting. We resigned from the meeting because we have no time. The Lee bunch announced their meeting at the close of ours. Lum Si Ni came here and I talked to her. She is in with them.

Sunday, November 9
Hung Hom Kwok preached. Albert preached at night. Mr. Cheung at Shamshuipo. Dealt with a crazy woman bound with chains. She wants to believe the Lord and seems much better.

Monday, November 10
Took Ah Kam to poor house to see if they would let her enter and work for her food. Taught. Meeting on junk boat.

Tuesday, November 11
Armistice Day. Had no Bible school. Called in Kowloon City. Dinner with Miss Pierce. Went to hospital meeting. Went to boat again. Street and night meetings.

Wednesday, November 12
Mr. Kwok came before the students and foreign workers regarding his having part in opening their work. Took Ip Si___ to Kowloon Hospital. Made jam out of some fruit Mrs. Chung Mow Fung sent over. Tak Ching and Shui Laan preached here. Had a cottage meeting at Lim Si Ni. Miss Bancroft stayed over night here.

Thursday, November 13
The oil stove ran up and got soot all over the house. Miss Clause and others called. Taught and had work in general. Night meeting.

Friday, November 14
Early prayer meeting. Went to boat to pray. Went to village and had two meetings. Had street and indoor meeting here. Miss Hillman here enroute to India from Los Angeles, California. Mr. Crane came. Many callers.

Saturday, November 15
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Many callers. Practicing for Christmas.

Sunday, November 16
Mr. Cheung preached. Mr. Crane, Esther and Pauline here for dinner. Called at Smith’s in P.M. Night meetings.

Monday, November 17
Swanson came from San Francisco. Many callers. Taught.

Tuesday, November 18
Many callers. Swanson here. Heard that William Max Bebermeyer was born October 15, 1930 (Orion and Hazel). Night meetings. Taught, etc.

Wednesday, November 19
Chan baby died. It fell on the junk boat. Night meetings.

Thursday, November 20
Miss Bancroft stayed here last night. Taught. Many callers. Chui I Kwan left for Japan to go to school. Night meeting.

Friday, November 21
Boat baby’s funeral. Work in general. Night meetings. Munroe came.

Saturday, November 22
Work in general. Good prayer meeting. Many callers. Whipped Helen and Esther because they did not get home when told too.

Sunday, November 23
Miss Southwick preached. Odens, a Mr. Lo, Miss Hardy and many more for dinner and supper. Night meetings.

Monday, November 24
Swanson back from Manila. Munroe left for Canton. All missionaries here to visit with Swanson. Callers all day.

Tuesday, November 25
Taught. Hospital meeting. Had supper at Li Sz Tai with all the missionaries, Mr. Cheung and Mr. Kwok. Her 60th birthday. Night meetings.

Wednesday, November 26
Work in general. Many callers. Night and open air meetings.

Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving Day. Had all the missionaries for dinner at 4:00 P.M. Mr. Smith gave us a lovely chicken. Swanson brought cheese and olives. Had pumpkin pie and cake. Night meetings. Made Ah Shui a skirt. Work in general.

Friday, November 28
Work in general. Meetings.

Saturday, November 29
Prayer and fast day. Very nice meeting. Two boxes arrived from California. Opened them after meeting.

Sunday, November 30
Good meetings all day.

Monday, December 1
Worked all day. Many callers. Taught and sewed.

Tuesday, December 2
Two more boxes and fruit from Philips in Los Angeles. Hospital meeting and night meeting.

Wednesday, December 3
Canned figs from Jones. Many callers. Night meetings. Made Albert pajama suit. He is going to the Matilda – sore mouth. First meeting tonight in the new mission location in Kowloon City – 23 Po Kong To.

Thursday, December 4
Albert went into Matilda this morning. Taught and sewed. Work in general. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Friday, December 5
Made Albert another pajama suit. Many callers. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, December 6
Prayer meeting. Letters. Practicing for Christmas and countless duties.

Sunday, December 7
Told Kam Mooi, Ah Fung and Lum Si Ni they could choose either Peniel or Cheung Sha Wan, that they could not teach Sunday school here if they taught there. Called on Albert in hospital. Esther Crane here.

Monday, December 8
Wrote letters, taught and had many callers.

Tuesday, December 9
Went to Hong Kong. Mr. Munroe and Mr. French came last night. Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries came from Shanghai here this P.M. Went to Canton on night boat. Called. Night meetings. Work in general.

Wednesday, December 10
Albert came down from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 P.M. and then went back. I made Esther a dress. Meetings and work in general.

Thursday, December 11
Taught, called and had callers. Meetings.

Friday, December 12
Went to Hong Kong – bought steamer rug – $9.90. Street and prayer meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, December 13
Prayer meeting. Practices for Christmas. Work in general.

Sunday, December 14
Albert came down for meeting. Eight children knew all G.T. for the year. Night meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, December 15
Went to Hong Kong with Mr. Hoh. Got two boxes from California. Taught. Mrs. Broaddus very ill in Matilda. Miss Bancroft, Matley, Odens, hardy, Myers and Southwick here.

Tuesday, December 16
Taught. Albert came down for a few hours. Gave away old clothes. Night meetings.

Wednesday, December 17
Work in general. Meetings. Callers. Old clothes from hotel came.

Thursday, December 18
Taught. Meetings. Albert got out of hospital – gone two weeks.

Friday, December 19
Made miss Myers blue serge dress – $6.25 for five yards. Meetings. Many callers. Work in general.

Saturday, December 20
24 workers filled 500 bags for Christmas. Prayer meeting from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. fine spirit and the Lord’s presence felt. Many callers. Mr. Crane here. Mrs. Li Yan Shue gave us two chickens. Hoh Hing Ho and Lap Cheung etc.

Sunday, December 21
Ip Si Ni dedicated her baby – one month old. Philippi and Crane in meeting. Good crowds all day – many at altar.

Monday, December 22
Colder. Koon Chung program. Very nice. Many callers.

Tuesday, December 23
Rain. Albert, Esther and Helen gave me a beautiful tea set. Many in the mission decorating for our Christmas program. Work in general.

Wednesday, December 24
Worked all day. Shamshuipo program at night.

Thursday, December 25
Christmas Day. All the missionaries had dinner at Oden’s. Mr. and Mrs. Philippi there too. A beautiful day. After our noon meal, we unwrapped our presents from America. The Yaumati program at night.

Friday, December 26
Went to Cheung Chau program on 2:00 P.M. boat. Back to Kowloon City program at night. both very good.

Saturday, December 27
Prayer and fast day. Work in general. Ah Shui has fever. Miss Myers and Southwick went to Canton Friday A.M. on day boat and came back on P.M. train. We opened the box sent to missionaries from Mrs. Noble in California. Philippi, Odens, hardy and all here.

Sunday, December 28
Good meetings all day. Mr. Philippi had children’s meeting here in Yaumati. I had it in Shamshuipo (spoke on the tongue). The girls, Miss Pierce and Tak Ching for dinner.

Monday, December 29
Taught. Many callers. Took Mrs. Philippi to Matilda, wrote eleven letters, sewed, etc.

Tuesday, December 30
Work in general. Hospital meeting, street meeting and indoor meeting. Many callers. Wrote letters.

Wednesday, December 31
Mrs. Broaddus died. Mrs. Philippi baby boy born. Mrs. Smith called and many others. Meetings. Taught. A very precious Watchnight meeting – about 150 stayed until after 12:00 midnight.