1929 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Tuesday, January 1
Work in general. Mrs. Emslie had a surprise for us. All the mission folks came, also Cowles family and others from Oakland. Parkers, etc. Good time in general.

Wednesday, January 2
Ironed for Mrs. Emslie. They all went to Santa Cruz to stay over night.

Thursday, January 3
Packed. Worked all day.

Friday, January 4
Went to Sacramento to Rescue Home. Arrived at 8:00 P.M.

Saturday, January 5
Letters and work in general. Beautiful day.

Sunday, January 6
Albert went to Meridian for a meeting. We both spoke in Sacramento Peniel in evening.

Monday, January 7
Left at 8:00 A.M. for San Francisco. Captain Kelley called on us, Miss Allen and others. Many letters and work in general.

Tuesday, January 8
Went shopping, washed and ironed.

Wednesday, January 9
Went to Cowles out at Hayward. Prayer meeting at Alliance Tabernacle.

Thursday, January 10
Milton Cowles drove us to Jones. Then we went to Sister Allen’s rooming house for supper and then to meeting at Peniel and then back to San Francisco by midnight. Got the brown sweater, cap and leggings at Wards for $1.98. Milton, Paul, Herbert, David, baby Elmer, Harvey, Grace, Helen, Katherine…

Friday, January 11
Work in general – washed, etc. Had supper and spent evening with Misses Jones, Neilson and Hanson.

Saturday, January 12
Shopping. Worked all day. Visited Parkers at night, who have come over from Oakland enroute to Seattle to live.

Sunday, January 13
Farewelled from waterfront and Natoma Street. Also meeting in Nazarene church and at Life Line Mission. Holzaffel here at Lyon Street and Pilipino brother for dinner and we had supper at Algers.

Monday, January 14
Washed, shopped, ironed, packed, visited Grahams, etc.

Tuesday, January 15
Went to Berkeley to see Mrs. Glide. Packing, etc. Mrs. Judge Green died today.

Wednesday, January 16
Very pretty day. We sailed at 12:00 noon from pier 34 on Siberia Maru for China. Taylors for North China and also Mr. and Mrs. Burnside for South China are aboard. Many down to see us off – 150 streamer letters. Very rough.

Thursday, January 17 – Enroute to China
The girls and I were sick. Waves went over ship. Wrote letters in bed.

Friday, January 18
Better weather out on deck. Wrote letters and read.

Saturday, January 19
Wrote letters – ship life in general. Had message from Swanson by wireless.

Sunday, January 20
Married 16 years today. Pretty day. Meetings, etc.

Monday, January 21
Warm. Had pictures taken, letters, etc.

Tuesday, January 22
Arrived at Honolulu. Left wharf at 8:00 A.M. and went to post office to mail letters. Mr. Oneha and his friend met us there in a car. They drove us all over mountains and valleys. Nearly 100 miles. Mr. Rogalio for Manila was with us. Then at 1:00 P.M. we had dinner at the Judd home. Then they had their pastor and other friends to call on us. Miss Agnes Judd took me to a shop and bought two silk wash dresses for me. Ship sailed at 4:00 P.M. We got there 15 minutes to 4:00. Surely a wonderful day. We bought shoes – Helen’s $1.00 and Esther’s $1.25 – tennis.

Wednesday, January 23
In bed all day. Very rough. Red, sewed, etc. Waves far over deck.

Thursday, January 24
Prayer meeting in our cabin. Taylors, Rogalio, Burnsides, Hill and others. Japanese show on deck. Beautiful day.

Friday, January 25
Rough. In bed most of day. Mrs. Taylor called. Prayer meeting. We skip Saturday – so tomorrow is Sunday. No January 26 this year – 180 meridians at night.

Saturday, January 26
NO JANUARY 26 – see January 25

Sunday, January 27
Very stormy. No meetings – only song service in second class.

Monday, January 28
Not so stormy. Wrestling matches on deck. Prayer meeting in our cabin.

Tuesday, January 29
Clear day. Sports on deck most all day.

Wednesday, January 30
Rain. Letters, prayer meeting. Taylors called.

Thursday, January 31
Had pictures taken. Captain’s dinner, etc.

Friday, February 1
Stormy – snow storm during night. Ship had to stop at midnight for a while.

Saturday, February 2
Got into Yokohama early this A.M. Many left ship. I ironed, etc. Went shopping – one kimono – $1.15, pajama suit and kimono for present – $9.

Sunday, February 3
Left at 8:45 A.M. for Tokyo. Had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock of the O.M.S. He met us Saturday when we arrived). We then went to P.M. meeting. Brother Nakada preached – about 250 present. We both spoke. Everyone removes shoes and sits on floor. My first Japanese meeting. Got home to ship at 6:00 P.M. Taylors left ship at 2:30 to go by train and other ship to Shanghai.

Monday, February 4
Beautiful day, but very cold. Sailed at 12:00 noon for Kobe. Bought cherry wood trays (one dozen for 50 cents). Wrote letters, etc.

Tuesday, February 5
Arrived at Kobe at 12:00 noon. Our little Japanese girlfriend met us and stayed with us until 3:00 P.M. Went shopping and back to ship. Esther’s scooter for 80 cents, etc. Heard Brother and Sister Kwok drowned enroute to Shanghai to Hong Kong. Miss Myers in hospital.

Wednesday, February 6
Shopping. Cold. Madison arrived and we are sending a letter to Hong Kong

Thursday, February 7
Albert’s birthday. Esther gave him a shaving mug and Helen a desk set. Miss Adachi came to the ship to see us. Sail at 12:00 noon. Sat on deck most of P.M.

Friday, February 8
Wrote letters, sewed, read, etc.

Saturday, February 9
Arrived at Shanghai, North China at 3:00 P.M. Went ashore. Very cold. Mrs. Lawler and daughter called at ship.

Sunday, February 10
Sailed at 9:30 A.M. for Hong Kong, South China. Had song service at 4:30 P.M. Clear day.

Monday, February 11
Every body vaccinated on account of small pox.

Tuesday, February 12
Arrived in Hong Kong at 2:00 P.M., but had to go to Stonecutter’s Island for doctor inspection. We went to Hong Kong on launch and to Kowloon on ferry and then to wharf where the crowd was waiting. We went home. Had Chinese meal and then our reception meeting. Up until 1:00 A.M.

Wednesday, February 13
Callers all A.M. Larson, Richey Grant and Rogalio for dinner and then we went to Grant’s for supper and Chinese meal; and then our welcome meeting and tea drinking afterward at Grant’s.

Thursday, February 14
Had countless callers. Went to Hong Kong and helped buy or select Larson’s new overcoat. Had dinner at On Lok Yuen with Richey and Larsons. Bought commode for $6.00, Esther’s chair ($1.50), stove ($30.00) and oven ($11.00). Went to Koon Chung welcome meeting and spoke – six at altar. Visited Myers, Southwick, etc. They are all living on Nathan and Hamilton Street.

Friday, February 15
Put our new linoleum rugs down. Many callers. Put Esther and Helen’s bed in back room. Busy day. Chau Si Ni began working for me. The smiley woman.

Saturday, February 16
Busy all day. Had Chinese meal at Tseng Si Ni – also Southwick and Myers. Girls class in our home. Mrs. Galloway and Jaffray called.

Sunday, February 17
Mr. Larson preached in A.M. and Chang Kam Fuk at night. Went to Grant’s in P.M. Richey and Larson for supper.

Monday, February 18
Callers. Went to Hong Kong and bought four new chairs. Albert’s suit ($24.00). Helen back in school.

Tuesday, February 19
Worked all day. Many callers.

Wednesday, February 20
Women’s meeting. Mr. Rogalio preached. Farewell meeting. Gave him $35.62 collection for the work in Manila.

Thursday, February 21
Many meetings. Esther’s first day in school – Kowloon Junior British School. Many callers.

Friday, February 22
Rogalio left for Manila to open Peniel Mission.

Saturday, February 23
Went to Hong Kong. Prayer meeting – 2:00 P.M. Class at night. Sewed.

Sunday, February 24
Four meetings, classes, etc.

Monday, February 25
Work in general. Had a feast at Kwok Yau Hoi home. All went to ship to meet Brother Swanson. Had coffee at 11:00 P.M.

Tuesday, February 26
Went to Rose Edna’s grave. Dinner at On Lok Yuen with Brother Swanson, Mrs. Grant and Albert. Night meetings. Swanson left for Manila.

Wednesday, February 27
Women’s meeting by Miss Southwick. All Peniel foreigners had picture taken at Japanese Place. Night meetings.

Thursday, February 28
Cleaned the kitchen and made new cupboard. Callers. Work in general.

Friday, March 1
The girls moved to Hing’s house on Portland Street. Bought seven pots of flowers for Miss Richey’s wedding – 40 cents pot. Many callers. Work in general.

Saturday, March 2
Went early to Kau Lung Tong to buy flowers for wedding. P.M. prayer meeting. Brother Larson came at noon from Canton. Miss Richey’s farewell meeting at night. Church beautifully decorated. Many gifts.

Sunday, March 3
Miss Richey’s birthday – 35 years. Larson is 46. They are in Kowloon today. Four good meetings here. Miss Rinker and Lee for dinner.

Monday, March 4
Arrived in China 16 years ago. Arrived eight years ago. Miss Richey and Larson married in courthouse and also here at 3:00 P.M. by Munroe. Albert and I stood up with them. Tea drinking here and supper at Grant’s. Then we all went to the ship with Brother Swanson, Larsons at Jordan road House, Munroe and Rinker stayed all night here.

Tuesday, March 5
Larsons go to Macao. Brother Munroe here. Misses Tauber, Bailey and Mr. Burkie came from Kwai Ring. Mrs. Burkie and baby ill – went into Matilda Hospital. Meetings. Called at hospital.

Wednesday, March 6
Early prayer meeting. Munroe went to Canton. Many callers. Meetings. Trying to make Helen’s gym dress. Mr. Chao from WuChow here.

Thursday, March 7
Callers all day. Meetings. Tried to sew. Grants for supper.

Friday, March 8
Good meetings. Children at grant’s. Work in general. Went to pray for Lum Si Ni. Miss Tauber and Bailey still here.

Saturday, March 9
Prayer meeting day. All present. Class at night. Helen has fever. Many callers.

Sunday, March 10
Full day. Mr. and Mrs. Kwok for dinner and Miss Pierce. Grant’s after meeting for coffee. Miss Bailey and Tauber here. Went to L. Wong’s meeting at New Church of England at 4:00 P.M. Good night. Meeting here – ten souls at altar.

Monday, March 11
Went to Grant’s. Made Esther’s gym dress. Helen has earache. Mrs. Grant gave her a pair of shoes too small for Mrs. Grant.

Tuesday, March 12
Here one month. Beautiful day. Went house hunting for Brother Lee. Night meeting.

Wednesday, March 13
Larsons came back from Macao. Albert, Miss Daniel and I met them and had dinner at On Lok Yuen. Miss Daniel bought material for blue coat. Larson and wife both spoke in meeting. Here over night. Packed, etc.

Thursday, March 14
Helped Larsons pack. Had supper with them at 272 Portland Street – the Ladies Home. Then Miss Pierce, Southwick, Chan Kwong, Kwok, Cheung, Grant, Albert and I went to Canton boat to see them off. Mrs. Grant went too.

Friday, March 15
Miss Tauber here. Mr. Evans came from country here for dinner, also Mr. Lee. We had a talk with Brother Evans about marrying a Chinese girl. Felt led of God to ask him to resign from Peniel. He confessed his wrong in prayer meeting. Mr. Lee interpreted for him – said he sinned in U.S. before he came to China, but that he had victory over flesh and devil. But after he was here a while he sinned again – in living with a Chinese girl before he was married to her. Asked all the Christians and foreigners to forgive him and to pray for him. Said God did not require us to confess our sins to man, but the Word says confess your faults and shortcomings and to forgive 7 times, 70 times.

Saturday, March 16
Helped make Ah Poh (Kwai Tau) burying clothes. Prayer meeting. Feast at Shamshuipo. Lau Si Ni home – our family and Miss Myers. Her father-in-law’s 61 birthday. Mr. Evans here; he leaves tomorrow A.M. for country.

Sunday, March 17
A.M. meetings. P.M. Ah Poh’s funeral. Night at Koon Chung. Miss Southwick for supper. Helen has fever.

Monday, March 18
Took both girls to dispensary at Kowloon. Esther has chicken pox; Helen acute rheumatism so Dr. Dovey thinks. We took her to Matilda Hospital and just back at 10:00 P.M.

Tuesday, March 19
Work in general. Night meeting and hospital meeting. Callers – Mr. Gillan here for supper and meeting enroute to U.S. again (ship friend). Helen better.

Wednesday, March 20
Called at Matilda – Helen better. Mrs. Buckwall’s daughter Esther there; operated for appendicitis. Met Miss Drew and others. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 21
Mailed picture to Emslie, Meyerkort and Rebecca of wedding group. Callers. Work in general. Bible class study – seekers.

Friday, March 22
Work in general. Koon Chung women’s meeting. Called at the girl’s home. Night meetings. Called at Grant’s after meeting.

Saturday, March 23
Went to hospital to visit Helen. Has had fever again of 104 and pulse 144. Prayer meeting in our home. Callers.

Sunday, March 24
Good meetings all day. Mrs. Braga and James here, also Grants and all four ladies. Mr. Braga feels called to do the Lord’s work. Miss Myers and Southwick called on Helen – some better again.

Monday, March 25
Work in general. Callers – wrote two letters. Helen up, but sore throat.

Tuesday, March 26
Helen in bed again. Miss Southwick had news of her sister’s death in Idaho. Grant’s children here all day. Meetings.

Wednesday, March 27
Made Mr. Lee’s net. Miss Daniels, Mrs. Grant and I visited Helen. Doctor says bother glands are affected but not her lungs – may have to stay a long time. Began a week of prayer in mission. Kam Fuk went back to country.

Thursday, March 28
Albert visited Helen. She is up today. Had prayer meeting at the girls’. Mr. Grant fixed jars for filter sticks – cost $7.00 (60 cents for faucet). Good meetings.

Friday, March 29
Good Friday. Went to Hong Kong – net $12.00. Miss Pierce and I visited Helen. Rain. Night meetings.

Saturday, March 30
Work in general. Callers. Prayer meeting. Sister Southwick had word her mother died. She stayed all night here. Practiced songs for Easter.

Sunday, March 31
Easter and Communion Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Kwok and Miss Pierce for dinner. Sent Helen Easter basket. She is better. Callers, classes, meetings, etc.

Monday, April 1
Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Worked on mosquito net. Went to Grant’s. Many callers.

Tuesday, April 2
Evans came down from Fook Wing with his belongings. Iris and I visited Helen. Early prayer meeting at the girls’. Night and prayer meeting.

Wednesday, April 3
Many callers. Mrs. Cheung and family and Evans for dinner. Women’s meeting. Burkwall and Munroe in meeting. Munroe overnight. Folded circulars.

Thursday, April 4
Miss Pierce, Daniels and Evans for dinner. Met Helen at Tram station – she had her first violet ray treatment by Dr. Arthur Woo. Rev. Nakada from Japan here for supper also. Mrs. John Galloway, Mr. MacKenzie, Mrs. Braga and son called and all Peniel after meeting. Nakada preached – full house.

Friday, April 5
Yau Tin’s baby born. Helen had her second treatment by Dr. Woo. Got Esther’s pith hat ($2.50). Mine as $4.00. All had supper at the girls’. Mr. Evans here. Fine prayer meeting both morning and night.

Saturday, April 6
Work in general. Very good prayer meeting. Miss Pierce and Evans for supper. Class meeting. Helen had another treatment.

Sunday, April 7
Albert had A.M. meeting in Kowloon City and I had night meeting – souls at altar. Spent day at Grant’s.

Monday, April 8
Had a very painful shoulder and arm all night. Miss Daniels and Evans for dinner. Albert went to meet Helen to take her to Dr. Woo. Callers.

Tuesday, April 9
Helen came home – Thank God. Good hospital meeting. Daniels for dinner. Evans and Lee for supper. Fine night meeting. Many callers.

Wednesday, April 10
Women’s meeting and night meetings. Callers.

Thursday, April 11
Sewed all day for Miss Pierce. Many callers. Night meeting. Munroe down from Canton to meet Mr. and Mrs. Kilbourne.

Friday, April 12
Work in general. Koon Chung women’s meeting. Called at Shamshuipo. Ue Ying’s two boys were kidnapped April 7. Night meetings.

Saturday, April 13
Work in general. Helen had her last of nine violet ray treatments by Dr. Woo ($1 each). Good prayer meeting. Class at night.

Sunday, April 14
Called at hospital. Four meetings. Kwok and Evans for dinner. Chan Kwong and So Tsoi for supper. Went in a teng way out into the harbor and prayed for a couple who want to sere God. They dumped their idols and both came to the Mission and were at the altar. Ah Ho’s relatives.

Monday, April 15
Work in general. Had 14 here for supper. Evans here. Many callers. Sewed and wrote until 11:00 P.M.

Tuesday, April 16
Early prayer meeting at girls’. Hospital meeting. Went to Shamshuipo to look for chapel to rent. Night meetings. Mr. and Mrs. Kilbourne, Mr. Munroe and Yau Tak came from Canton. They all spoke and Kilbournes sang in our meeting, and then came upstairs and stayed until 11:00 P.M. Kilbournes stayed with Miss Pierce and the others here.

Wednesday, April 17
Korea Maru sails for U.S.A. Mr. Evans left on her. We asked him to resign. Kailey went to U.S. Kilbournes to Shanghai. Women’s meeting, street meeting and night meeting. Callers and work in general.

Thursday, April 18
Open air meeting at 11:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. Good opportunities. Night Bible class. Rebecca Alice Crane born.

Friday, April 19
Wrote, sewed and went to hospital. Funeral – a Mr. Li – Koon Chung mission. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, April 20
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Night meeting. Callers. Miss Pierce for supper.

Sunday, April 21
Three meetings. Four girls and Lee for supper. Callers.

Monday, April 22
Esther’s first full day in school – has only been going until noon before. Relined my black coat. Work in general. Ah Shui sick.

Tuesday, April 23
Early prayer meeting at the girls’. Work in general. Hospital meeting. Called at Cheung Shing I and at Mr. Kwok’s. Night meeting, etc.

Wednesday, April 24
Women’s meeting, street and night meetings. Callers. Work in general. Grants for supper.

Thursday, April 25
Tai Tok Tsui and Shamshuipo street meetings. Letters and then night meetings.

Friday, April 26
Reopened Shamshuipo chapel – No. 54 Lai Chi Kok Road. Miss Southwick and I stayed here at Yaumati meeting – good crowd and spirit. Nine seekers at Shamshuipo. Made my white dress. Went to Koon Chung Women’s meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, April 27
Swanson came last night – was here this A.M. Prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung and Miss Pierce for supper. He preached in Shamshuipo. Pilgrim progress class here. Swanson gave me ironing board.

Sunday, April 28
Four meetings. Destroyed idols on boat and in one home. Souls at altar. Kwok and Pierce for dinner and Lee for supper.

Monday, April 29
Called on boat people. Miss Daniels, Mr. Hoh and I. Many meetings and many callers. Leung Kam Tai and Wong Kei Sum called to tell tales.

Tuesday, April 30
Lau Si Ni is sick. She called for prayer last night and a lot from Koon Chung meeting went. Today Miss Daniels and I went to visit her and she had been taken to Kwong Wa Hospital. We went there and found her very ill. We prayed and then three doctors, one a Dr. Kirk, came and she was taken to operating room at 12:00 noon. She died about 1:30 P.M. Her last words were “if I live or die, I am the Lord’s.” We had a blessed testimony meeting tonight. Four at altar at Shamshuipo. It has been a day full of _____ for Jesus and China.

Wednesday, May 1
Helped dress and saw Lau Si Ni put into coffin at hospital. Have to wait her husband’s return before burial. Women’s meeting, street meeting and night meeting. Ping Kei began work.

Thursday, May 2
Very hot. Callers. Work in general. Mr. Lau came back from country. Night meeting.

Friday, May 3
Mrs. Lau funeral. Many wreaths and flowers of all kinds. Went to cemetery. Street and night meetings. Mr. Smith and Broaddus came into our meeting from Kwai Uen. Called on Iris – she is sick.

Saturday, May 4
Worked all day. Mr. Lee and Helen made a cake. Prayer meeting. Went to Shamshuipo meeting – souls at altar. Mr. Cheung and Chan Kwong for supper.

Sunday, May 5
The girls, Lee and Kwok for supper. Four meetings. Brother Smith preached in evening. Miss Southwick spoke to teachers and officers of Sunday school. Began Sunday school _____.

Monday, May 6
Swanson back from Manila. Dinner with him at girls’ home. Prayer and songs in P.M. Supper at Grant’s. All came back here and had songs and prayer. At 9:30 P.M. He went back to ship.

Tuesday, May 7
Prayer meeting at girls’. Hospital meeting and night meeting – souls at altar. Very hot.

Wednesday, May 8
San Kei led meeting. Made dress for Sister Pierce. Open air meeting and night meeting. Callers. Work in general.

Thursday, May 9
Rain. Good meeting at 2:00 P.M. at Shamshuipo. Miss pierce led. Sun eclipse. Night meeting.

Friday, May 10
Work in general. Night meetings. Callers. Miss Pierce for supper. Called on Iris – she is sick.

Saturday, May 11
Prayer meeting. Helen and Esther went to Elizabeth Rousseau’s birthday party. Lam Si Ni relative married in Hong Kong. Miss Pierce went.

Sunday, May 12
Lee and Chan Kwong for dinner. Good meetings. Classes, etc.

Monday, May 13
Work in general. Called on boat people and Tsz Si Ni. Sewed.

Tuesday, May 14
Hospital meeting. Called in Old Kowloon. Also at Leung Ho In Si Ni. Street and night meetings. Took girl with no feet to Hong Kong hospital.

Wednesday, May 15
Miss Daniels for dinner. Callers. I had women’s meeting. Open air waterfront meeting and night meeting – seven at altar. Ten last night in Shamshuipo.

Thursday, May 16
Went to Hong Kong. Esther had her tooth treated. Shamshuipo meeting. Ah Yuk preached. Went to Grant’s with Miss M. and Pierce. Had supper there. Went to Shamshuipo night meeting – Albert spoke.

Friday, May 17
Went to Koon Chung meeting – Tseng Si Ni preached. Called. Night meetings. Callers. Sewed.

Saturday, May 18
Work in general. Finished Helen’s red and blue voile dress. Prayer meeting. Cheung, Lee and Kwok for supper.

Sunday, May 19
Four services – good crowds and souls at altar. Miss Southwick taught her first Sunday school class in Chinese.

Monday, May 20
Many callers. Made my blue crepe snick. Little hump back girl, Miss Myers, Daniels and Lee for supper. Went to Koon Chung street meeting.

Tuesday, May 21
Early prayer meeting. Work in general. Not feeling good. Miss Pierce for supper. Did not go to meetings tonight.

Wednesday, May 22
Callers. Made Esther a dress. Women’s meeting, street and night meetings.

Thursday, May 23
Kam Fuk began work for Peniel. Open air meeting. Women’s meeting at Shamshuipo – Ip Si Ni led. Mr. Paul Lum here. Night meeting.

Friday, May 24
Work in general. Miss McInnes from Japan enroute to Scotland here for dinner and supper. Grant’s family also. Many callers. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Called on Japanese family in Kowloon.

Saturday, May 25
Helen stayed over night at Grant’s. Work in general. Called. Prayer meeting and night meeting.

Sunday, May 26
Splendid meetings, Sunday school, etc. – souls at altar. Praise God.

Monday, May 27
Called among boat people with Miss Daniels and others. Callers. Work in general – letters.

Tuesday, May 28
Went to Hong Kong. Callers. Shamshuipo meetings.

Wednesday, May 29
Callers – Mong Kok. Street and night meetings and women’s meeting. Made Miss Pierce’s green Korean dress.

Thursday, May 30
Decoration Day. Went to Rose Edna’s grave – Miss Pierce, Albert and I. Miss Pierce gave me half of my striped Korean cloth dress. Peng Kei spoke at Shamshuipo women’s meeting. I went to Kowloon meeting.

Friday, May 31
Called in a number of homes and on boat. Women’s meeting and two night meetings. Testimony meeting lasted until 9:30 P.M. and then prayer meetings. Callers, etc.

Saturday, June 1
Work in general. Prayer meeting and night meetings. Kwok and Cheung for supper. Called and had callers.

Sunday, June 2
Early meeting, Sunday school, noon meeting and two night meetings. Destroyed idols in a home. Mr. Cheung preached. He and Mr. and Mrs. Kwok for dinner. Miss Daniels for supper. Child 4 years old kidnapped on ground floor under us.

Monday, June 3
Funeral of the little 4-years old Wong boy (new believers at Koon Chung). Walked to cemetery. Called, sewed and wrote.

Tuesday, June 4
Mother Reiton’s birthday. Early prayer at the girls’ and then called at Tsz Si Ni and then called among boat people until 1:00 P.M. Dinner and hospital meetings and then sewed and made my green and tan stripped Korean cloth dress. Miss Pierce and Lee for supper. Street and night meetings.

Wednesday, June 5
Work in general. Mrs. Cheung had women’s meeting. Callers. Open air and indoor meetings – six at altar.

Thursday, June 6
Formed bands and went in all directors to visit. I went with four others to the boat people. Made Esther a dress. Went to Shamshuipo Women’s meeting – Tsang Si Ni led. Night Bible class here. Callers.

Friday, June 7
Work in general. Called. Night meeting. Early prayer meeting, etc.

Saturday, June 8
Day of prayer and fasting in chapel. About 60 or 70 present – 11:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Sunday, June 9
Meetings all day long.

Monday, June 10
Spent day at Grant’s.

Tuesday, June 11
Early prayer meeting. Hospital Meeting. Callers. Baked cookies and cake. Night meeting.

Wednesday, June 12
Helen’s 13-year old birthday. Five British girls came from school and five Chinese girls from church. Mr. Lee, Kwok, Leung and all missionaries for ice cream, cake and lemonade. She got lots of presents. Meetings and work in general. Mr. Wong Tin Tat died – the father of the 4-year old boy who died on June 3.

Thursday, June 13
Very hot. Callers. Mr. Wong’s funeral. Letters, meetings, etc. Li Si Ni led Shamshuipo women’s meeting.

Friday, June 14
Work in general. Women’s meeting – Peng Kei led. Night meetings. Sewed.

Saturday, June 15
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Rain showers. Lee, Pierce and Cheung for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, June 16
Miss Daniel’s birthday. She and Miss Myers had dinner at Grant’s. Helen gave her pillow cases. Esther a wash rag and handkerchief. Albert preached in Shamshuipo. Four meetings here. Mrs. Kwok and Chan Kwong for dinner.

Monday, June 17
Made Helen crepe Kimono, cleaned house. Called among the boat people. Callers. Albert went to Tai Po with Mr. Wong. Four lady workers for supper. Candidate meeting for seekers – 31 present

Tuesday, June 18
Mary Grant’s birthday – 2 years old. Early prayer meeting at girls’. Work in general. Visited patients in Tung Wa Hospital – Hong Kong side with Miss Pierce. Night meetings. Burned idols in front of Mission.

Wednesday, June 19
Work in general. Mr. Cheung and four children here. Lum Si Ni lead meeting. Colporter (Bible House) preached in evening.

Thursday, June 20
Called all A.M. Shamshuipo women’s meeting – Miss Daniels led. Night Bible class here.

Friday, June 21
Work in general. Callers. Night and street meetings. Called at Grant’s. She and baby sick. Wrote letters.

Saturday, June 22
Grant boys here. Rain. Prayer meeting. Myers, Daniels and Pierce for supper. Candidate class.

Sunday, June 23
Meeting all day. Miss Southwick A.M. here. Albert at night. Kwok in Kowloon City at night. I went to Shamshuipo.

Monday, June 24
Called all A.M. Went to boat people in P.M. Miss Daniels for dinner. Night meeting for candidates.

Tuesday, June 25
Early prayer at girls’. Hospital meeting, night and street meetings. Work in general.

Wednesday, June 26
Bought shaam for Ah Joe, Ah Ng, Ah Shui and old bald head Ah Poh – $5.00. Women’s meeting – Miss Southwick led. Night meetings.

Thursday, June 27
House visitation. Shamshuipo. Women’s meeting – Sau Kei led. Miss Rinker and Mrs. Larson came down from Canton here in night meeting and stayed all night.

Friday, June 28
Went shopping with Mrs. Larson. Went to funeral in Hong Kong – Tung Wa Hospital friend of Tsz Si Ni. Night meeting. Mrs. Larson left on 3:20 train for Canton. Merlyn and Willard Grant went with her. Mr. Ip, Grant’s student from Shanghai, came back.

Saturday, June 29
Fasting and prayer from 12:00 to 4:00 P.M. in church. Many present. Very precious meeting. Miss pierce, Kwok, Kam Fuk and Myers spoke. Many at altar for clean heart. Night meeting for candidates. Miss Pierce for supper.

Sunday, June 30
Very full day. Many callers. Kwok family and Ah Choi for dinner. Ah Choi got back from WuChow school. Sau Kei and Ah Choi for supper. Good meetings. Called at Grant’s after meeting. Mrs. Grant’s birthday.

Monday, July 1
Many callers. Brother Swanson came from San Francisco and is here for supper. Very precious time together. The girls and Brother Lee came.

Tuesday, July 2
Went to the girls’ for early prayer. Brother Swanson too. Gave four girls and Mrs. Grant while crepe for dresses. Called at Grant’s. Night meetings and work in general.

Wednesday, July 3
Called all A.M. Women’s meeting, early prayer meeting. Grant’s left for Canton on early train. Many callers.

Thursday, July 4
Work in general – letters, callers and called. Women’s meeting in Shamshuipo – Mrs. Kwok led. Miss Daniels for supper.

Friday, July 5
Li Shui Miu for breakfast. Called all A.M. Myers and Daniels for supper. Prayed with Tsang Si Ni. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, July 6
Cleaned house. Prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung and Lee for supper. Night meeting.

Sunday, July 7
Mr. Lee preached. communion Sunday. Many present. Lee Cheung and Mr. Ip for dinner. Prayer meeting. Night meetings. Souls at altar.

Monday, July 8
Swanson back from Manila. We all went to a mountain back of Kowloon City and had a picnic. Rain storm came and we came home instead of going to beach to swim. Folded circulars. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 9
Brother Swanson sails for Seattle. Too late for prayer meeting at girls’. Hospital meeting and night meeting. Went to Hung Hom to pray for baby.

Wednesday, July 10
Lundquiests called. I called at Esther’s school. Ah Choi led meeting for women. She moved to Hamilton Street.

Thursday, July 11
Shamshuipo meeting – Li Kwan Ying led. Many callers. Work in general. Had a goose supper (given by Mr. Cheung). Four ladies and Mr. Lee for supper. Grants came back from Canton.

Friday, July 12
Rain. Work in general. Examined candidates from 2:00 to 6:30 P.M. Night meetings. Again examined candidates. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, July 13
Work in general. Afternoon prayer meeting and then examined candidates until 9:00 P.M. Myers, D. S. and pierce and others for supper.

Sunday, July 14
Hung Hom Kwok preached. 66 baptized – five from Kowloon City. Sunday school 337 present – over _____ in church. Myers and Daniels and Mr. and Mrs. Cheung for dinner. Callers all P.M. Night and street meeting. Kam Fook preached.

Monday, July 15
Work in general. Boat meeting – destroyed idols. Eleven of us went out in a teng and prayed for sick man.

Tuesday, July 16
Brother Munroe for breakfast – came back form Shanghai. Turned his work into O.M.S. We had supper at the girls’. Made Willard sleeping suits.

Wednesday, July 17
Munroe left for Canton. Work in general. Mrs. Kwok Yau Hoi led women’s meeting here. Many callers. Miss Pierce for supper. Sewed.

Thursday, July 18
Sewed for Mrs. Grant. Shamshuipo women’s meeting – Ip Si Ni led. Yau Tai came back from WuChow. Many callers. Work in general.

Friday, July 19
Many callers. Miss Rinker here to sew. Koon Chun meeting – Ah Yuk led. Went to old Kowloon. Street and might meetings. Mrs. Grant went to Matilda.

Saturday, July 20
Worked all A.M. Prayer meeting at 2:00 P.M. Called Koon Chung on Bible woman, Tseng Si Ni – we dismissed her from Peniel. Many callers.

Sunday, July 21
Mr. Cheung here. Albert at Kowloon City. Mr. Ip at night. Good meetings all day. Rain.

Monday, July 22
Called on Mrs. Grant at Matilda. Work in general. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 23
Miss Stodghill and Ng Shap came yesterday on the France. Went to hospital meeting. Many callers. Early prayer meeting.

Wednesday, July 24
Made my red dress from Mrs. Benson. Women’s meeting – Miss Pierce spoke. Many callers. Miss Stodghill called.

Thursday, July 25
Ping Kei led at Shamshuipo. Went to Hong Kong. Gave Miss Daniels dress – $1.35 yard. Called. Made Esther a dress. Work in general.

Friday, July 26
Work in general. Made Lee night shirts. Night meetings. Esther’s shoes – $1.60. Rain.

Saturday, July 27
Day of prayer and fasting. Many came. Callers in evening.

Sunday, July 28
Ng Shap preached in A.M. Mr. Wong at night. Miss Daniels and Lee for supper.

Monday, July 29
Work in general. Albert, Esther and I called on Mrs. Grant at Matilda. Mrs. Smith and Matley came down. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 30
Early prayer meeting. Cheung family for dinner. Grant family after dinner. In evening we went to girls’ home. Surprise party for Miss Daniels.

Wednesday, July 31
Work in general. Mrs. Smith led women’s meeting. Rain.

Thursday, August 1
Open air meeting. Sau Kei had Shamshuipo meeting. Smith and Matley here. Many callers. Po Lin began work for Peniel. She gave Helen a music lesson. Koon Chung meeting.

Friday, August 2
Rain. Ah Hoh’s brother’s child buried. I helped dress it at hospital. Night meeting. Mrs. Grant came home from hospital yesterday. Many callers.

Saturday, August 3
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Miss Daniels led. Her last Saturday ere sailing for U.S. Had coffee and doughnuts. Took pictures.

Sunday, August 4
Mr. Lee preached in A.M. – large crowd. Took offering for Pogalio – $39.42. Night offering at Koon Chung – $25.12. Souls at altar.

Monday, August 5
Rain. Went to hear Ruth Paxton preach at Pooi Ling Wooi, Hong Kong. Smith and Matley here. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 6
Worked all day. Miss Daniels farewell meeting at night. A lot came upstairs for ice cream and lemonade.

Wednesday, August 7
Miss Daniels sailed for U.S.A. – Maru ship. Very hot. Miss Matley and Mrs. Smith left for Kwai Uen. Miss Myers and Southwick for dinner. Miss Pierce for supper. Po Liu led women’s meeting.

Thursday, August 8
Open air and boat meetings. Shamshuipo women’s meeting – Kam Sui led. Called at Grant’s in evening.

Friday, August 9
Mrs. Marsh came. Callers all day. Koon Chung women’s meeting – Ah Choi led. Night meeting – Ng Shap led. Mrs. Woo gave Esther toys.

Saturday, August 10
Miss Stodghill called at mission. Afternoon prayer meeting. Mrs. Marsh and Pierce for supper. Ng Shap came to ask us to employ him.

Sunday, August 11
Four good meetings. Mrs. Marsh here. Many callers.

Monday, August 12
Work in general. Called at Grant’s. A number of us went to the beach. Storm came. Girls here for ice cream.

Tuesday, August 13
Early prayer at girls’. Au Muk Sz and two other preachers called. Went to beach with Grants. Work in general. Callers.

Wednesday, August 14
Women’s meeting – Mrs. Lum led. Fung Sook Hing went to work for Mrs. Grant. Many callers. Sewed, etc.

Thursday, August 15
Work in general. Shamshuipo Meeting – Kam Mooi and Shui Laan spoke. Night meeting at Koon Cheung – Na Shap led. Many callers.

Friday, August 16
Made Esther three panties and waists. Made Iris a dress. Night meeting. Work in general

Saturday, August 17
Peniel open on Portland Street seven years today. Good prayer meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, August 18
Rain. Good meetings – souls at altar. Callers.

Monday, August 19
Many callers. Sewed and worked hard all day.

Tuesday, August 20
Early prayer meeting. Miss Clark came from Cheung Chau. Miss pierce for dinner. Miss Clark, Southwick, Pierce and Myers for supper. Callers galore.

Wednesday, August 21
Went to dentist with Miss Southwick. Went to Grant’s. Called at Cheungs.

Thursday, August 22
Typhoon winds blew very hard. Main typhoon at 2:00 P.M. Wind 120 miles per hour. Much damage. No meetings at Shamshuipo.

Friday, August 23
Rose Edna in Heaven six years. Koon Chung meeting – Po Liu led. Night meeting here.

Saturday, August 24
Prayer meeting. Many callers. Work in general.

Sunday, August 25
Four meetings – good interest.

Monday, August 26
Miss Bancroft came from U.S.A. on president Empress Asia. She and Miss Myers, Southwick, Pierce, Lee and Mr. and Mrs. Larson for dinner. Larsons came from Cheung Chau.

Tuesday, August 27
Work in general. Hospital meeting. Had a gathering of workers for Miss Bancroft’s arrival from 7:00 to 9:00 – 25 present. We had ice cream, cake and coffee.

Wednesday, August 28
Went to Cheung Chau with Myers and Southwick. Called on Larson’s at Tipton House. Went swimming and Miss Bancroft led women’s meeting.

Thursday, August 29
Called all A.M. women’s meeting at Shamshuipo – Li Kwan Ying led. Went to beach at night.

Friday, August 30
Ridouts came through enroute to India. Larsons came from Cheung Chau and Munroe from Macao. Night meeting. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung – Lum Si Ni led.

Saturday, August 31
Swanson came. All day prayer and fast meeting – he spoke. Also Mr. and Mrs. Larson. Mr. Olson here from ship. Many callers.

Sunday, September 1
Good meetings. Larsons here. They went to girls’ for supper. We called at Grant’s.

Monday, September 2
9:00 A.M. had organization meeting of Peniel Bible School. God met with us. Miss Florence Southwick – Principal, Albert Reiton – President, Mr. Grant – Treasurer, Mr. Kwok Yau Hoi – Secretary, Miss Pierce, Miss Bancroft, Mir. Wilbur Lee, Mr. Cheung, Mr. Kwok and Miss Southwick and Pauline Chung teachers. Mr. Grant’s birthday. They had a goose dinner. Helen and Miss Southwick went to Canton with Larsons.

Tuesday, September 3
Many, many callers and work in general. Hospital and night meetings. Beginning of fall work and regular meetings. Early prayer at girls.

Wednesday, September 4
San Kei led meeting. Night and street meeting. Made over wedding veil.

Thursday, September 5
Typhoon signals up. Early prayer meeting at Koon Chung. Open Air meeting. Shamshuipo meeting – Kwok Sz Tai led. Bible study here.

Friday, September 6
Miss Bancroft went to visit in Koon Shaan. Helen and Miss Southwick came back from Canton. So Tsoi Yan was married here in our home at past 1:00 P.M. We went to his home for feast at 4:00 P.M. Night prayer meeting here.

Saturday, September 7
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung and Southwick for supper. Captain Miller called.

Sunday, September 8
Swanson back from Manila – cannot leave ship. We visited him in afternoon. Fine meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, September 9
Worked in mission preparing for Bible school. Went to see Swanson again. He sails at 1:00 A.M. tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 10
Hospital meeting. Went to old peoples home with Miss Myers. Street and night meetings. Mr. Cheung and Lee for supper. Mr. Ip sailed for Shanghai school.

Wednesday, September 11
Went to Hong Kong and bought cloth for blackboard – $1.80 per yard. Night meetings. Ah Choi led Women’s meeting. Curtains in Mission for Bible school – $20.00. Mr. Galloway called.

Thursday, September 12
Worked all day. Shamshuipo meeting – Ping Kei led. Bible study here in Yaumati. Went to pray for ah Kam.

Friday, September 13
Early prayer meeting. Miss pierce for breakfast. Albert and I worked all day in mission preparing for opening of Bible school. Night testimony and prayer meeting

Saturday, September 14
Worked in mission. P.M. prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung for supper.

Sunday, September 15
Good meetings all day.

Monday, September 16
Students registered in Bible school. Praise God for answering prayer. Lessons begin tomorrow. Night meeting in Koon Chung.

Tuesday, September 17
First Bible School chapel service. Mr. W. Lee, Albert and Mr. Grant spoke. Program song – Victory All the time. Prayer by Mr. Kwok Yan Hoi, song by Albert and Sister Myers – “Calvary”, scripture – Isaiah 62. Albert spoke on text Acts 1-8. Brother Grant John 18:11 and Brother Lee – Colossians 1-18, last clause. Miss Southwick made announcements and altar call. Sixteen students registered – six men. A blessed service. Hospital meeting at 1:30 and night meeting at 7:00 P.M.

Wednesday, September 18
Early prayer meeting. Chapel service, women’s meeting, wharf meeting, street meeting, night and night meeting. Callers. Made Esther blue gingham dress. Work in general.

Thursday, September 19
Early meeting. Koon Chung. Chapel meeting here. Night meeting. Lum Si Ni preached in Shamshuipo, women’s meeting. Old Ah Poh Tsz Si Ni relative died.

Friday, September 20
Early prayer meeting. Funeral. Many callers. Munroe here. Ah Yuk and Mr. Lee for supper. Night prayer meeting.

Saturday, September 21
Work in general. Workers’ prayer meeting. Many callers.

Sunday, September 22
Helen played for Sunday school and then felt bad and came upstairs – fever 104. Four meetings. Many callers. Very hot.

Monday, September 23
Helen had 104 and over fever until 6:00 A.M. today. 102.5 at 6:00 P.M. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, September 24
Helen a little better. Worked all day. Called at Grant’s. Night meeting. Miss Rinker sails tomorrow at 6:00 A.M. for Shanghai O.M.S. work.

Wednesday, September 25
Women’s meeting – Po Lim preached. Helen’s fever still holds on. Night meetings.

Thursday, September 26
Work in general. Sau Kei led women’s meeting in Shamshuipo. Bible study here. Mrs. Kwok Yau Hoi went into hospital on Hong Kong side – sore on breast. Helen is same – 100 fever.

Friday, September 27
Helen normal. I had charge of Koon Chung meeting – John 9. Many callers. Night meetings. Ah Yuk made five pair of toh hi – paid her $4. Paid Ah Kam $3 rent.

Saturday, September 28
Esther’s birthday – 6 years old. Received a chair from Albert, umbrella from Helen, wicker basket from mama and seven handkerchief from Shui Lan. A cup and saucer from Southwick, Bancroft and Myers. Toy set from Kam Mooi, toy from Kam Shui, flowers and chocolate from Hoh Hing Ho, eggs from Mr. Hoh, candy from Ah Joe, car from Iris, rice bowl and chop sticks from Po Lin, kimono from Ah Choi and fan and purse from Shau Tsing. She is very happy and well, thank God. Our day of fasting and prayer. God met every heart.

Sunday, September 29
Very hard rain. Extremely hot. good meetings. Brother Grant sick in bed. We called there after meeting. They had Dr. Dovey come. Billions malaria he said. Mrs. Grant did not let us go in his room.

Monday, September 30
Helen re-entered school after being sick. Albert called at Grant’s – did not see Brother Grant, but said he was better. Mrs. Galloway here over night. Went to the Koo Neung’s for Esther’s birthday supper – fried chicken and cake with “Esther and Mother” on it in pink candies. Miss Southwick down with fever.

Tuesday, October 1
Brother Lee has fever. Miss Southwick a little better, Brother Grant better. Called on all of them. Willard came out of hospital today. Callers and work in general. No so hot. Night meetings.

Wednesday, October 2
Had chapel service for school. Early prayer meeting. Called. Bought stockings for Mrs. Crane. Mr. Crane here overnight. Women’s meeting – Sau Kei led. Pauline and I went to Kowloon City. She led singing and I led testimony meeting – two at altar. Mr. Grant well again.

Thursday, October 3
My birthday – 43 years ago. Miss Southwick came to stay a few days until she is stronger again to walk back and forth to school. Many callers. Went to Grant’s – had birthday cake and salad, ice cream, etc. Albert in meeting at Kowloon and I was here in Yaumati. The Koo Neungs gave me a pair of scissors. Mr. MacKenzie $5.00.

Friday, October 4
Koon Chung meeting – Po Liu preached. Called in Hung Hom. Night meetings here. Pang confessed his sins at end of prayer meeting.

Saturday, October 5
Work in general. Made new sash curtains – 5 yards for $1.00. Prayer Meeting. Miss Southwick, Cheung, Mrs. Lum I and David for supper. Called.

Sunday, October 6
Communion – Miss Pierce and Mr. Cheung. Four meetings – good crowds – several at altar.

Monday, October 7
Work in general. Boat meeting – 12 or more went. Good opportunity. Esther’s gym shoes – 90 cents. Early chapel service. Night meeting in Koon Chung.

Tuesday, October 8
Work in general. Hospital meeting. Miss Pierce and Southwick for supper. Night meeting – six or more at altar.

Wednesday, October 9
Many callers. Miss Pierce, Po Liu and Ah Choi for supper. Open air and night meeting. Sever or eight at altar. (Miss Hitchcock returned Sunday from U.S.A.) Women’s meeting – Lum Si Ni led. Miss Southwick went back home today!

Thursday, October 10
China’s National Holiday. Opening day of Y.M.C.A. building next to hospital. Our first Peniel Bible school holiday. Open air meeting. Ip Si Ni preached in Shamshuipo. Had 30 here for ice cream and cake. Night meetings.

Friday, October 11
Li Kwan Ying preached in Koon Chung. Night meeting here. A lot at the altar.

Saturday, October 12
Destroyed idols in two homes. Prayer meeting here. First Peniel Bible school business meeting – 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. All officers and teachers present. Then 11 had supper here.

Sunday, October 13
Very large crowds and souls at altar.

Monday, October 14
Worked all day. Many callers. Koon Chung at night – fine meeting.

Tuesday, October 15
Work in general. Hospital meeting. Our Christian very ill – Lo Uet Ho. Night meeting. Many callers.

Wednesday, October 16
Countless callers. Cheung family for dinner. Mrs. Cheung had women’s meeting. Made Miss Pierce a crepe dress. Made burying clothes for Lo Uet Ho – she died this A.M. Night meetings. Miss bailey called from Sai Nam. Albert not well.

Thursday, October 17
Miss Southwick began having her noon meal here. Open air meeting. Our band went to Kowloon City. Ping Kei led Shamshuipo meeting. Helen and I went to Kowloon meeting.

Friday, October 18
Early prayer meeting. Miss Pierce and I went to Rose Edna’s grave and then had dinner at On Lok Uen and then went to visit a Kiu (no feet) at Tung Wa Hospital. Got home at 5:00 P.M. Night meeting and prayer meeting. Two more students registered for school.

Saturday, October 19
Work in general. Fine prayer meeting. Night meeting in Shamshuipo – seven at altar. German sisters from Koon Shan sailed for Germany.

Sunday, October 20
Very large crowds. Mr. Lee preached in A.M. Miss Hitchcock in meeting. Night meeting – souls at altar.

Monday, October 21
Work in general. Went to Lai Chi Kok – 11 of us for meetings and calling. Mrs. Grant and Mary for supper. Miss Southwick for dinner.

Tuesday, October 22
Early prayer meeting and hospital meeting. Callers. Night meetings. Mrs. J. Galloway overnight.

Wednesday, October 23
Called with Mrs. Galloway at her friend’s near dag’s home and at Mrs. Jaffray’s. Miss Bancroft and Galloway for breakfast. Southwick and Kwok for dinner and Myers for supper. Open air and night meetings. Sau Kei led women’s meeting. Miss Mooney in church.

Thursday, October 24
Chapel meeting. Many callers. Miss Pierce sick. Shamshuipo women’s meeting – Po Liu led. Miss Southwick and I at Shamshuipo night meeting. Made Esther’s brown dress.

Friday, October 25
Mr. Wong’s funeral (Ha Ka’s brother). Puerto Rican brother off Malolo Ship here for supper and meeting. Destroyed idols on a boat. Prayed for sick woman.

Saturday, October 26
Day of prayer and fasting. The Lord met with us. Mr. Cheung for supper.

Sunday, October 27
Four meetings. Albert preached in A.M. and Brother Cheung at night. A very precious day and souls at altar.

Monday, October 28
Work in general. Wrote letters and mailed circulars. Grant family for supper. Tomorrow is Willard’s 6-year birthday.

Tuesday, October 29
Many callers. Early prayer meeting. Called. Went to pray for a man who has been sick nine months. God healed him and he was in meeting tonight. Hospital meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, October 30
Ip Si Ni had women’s meeting. Mrs. Cheung and children, Mr. Grant and Miss Southwick for dinner. Mr. Grant asks us to resume all financial responsibility of Kowloon work. Good night meeting – souls at altar.

Thursday, October 31
Made Esther’s gowns. Chinese meal at girls. Meeting at Shamshuipo – Mrs. Kwok led. Night meeting here. Many callers. Work in general. Elizabeth Rousseau for supper and Miss Southwick for dinner.

Friday, November 1
Sewed. Six bands went out for open air meeting. Callers galore. Good street and night meetings – souls at altar.

Saturday, November 2
Another day spent. Work in general. Went to destroy idols for the man who was saved. P.M. prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung for supper. Bought Esther’s brown patent leather shoes – $1 mex. Myrlin Grant’s birthday.

Sunday, November 3
Good meetings all day. Boat meeting in P.M. – souls at altars.

Monday, November 4
Swanson came. Also Munroe and Brother Kilbourne here. Miss Daniels sent me Bud Robinson’s Life Story and another book. Got to bed at 2:00 A.M.

Tuesday, November 5
Funeral of the old man we kept in poor house. Early prayer meeting. Munroe spoke in school chapel. Swanson for dinner. Night meetings. Work in general.

Wednesday, November 6
Rain and our first cool weather this fall. Sau Kei led women’s meeting. Many callers. Only Christians at night meeting so turned it into a prayer meeting. Very precious time.

Thursday, November 7
Made Ah Shui a skirt. Got dinner. Shamshuipo women’s meeting – Lum Si Ni led. Miss Pierce and Ko Kwok Lau and I visited in the villages near Lai Chi Kok. I was in Koon Chung meeting. Called on Miss Shultz. Chau Kwong for supper. Work in general.

Friday, November 8
Open air meetings. Miss Southwick gave her first message in Chinese. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, November 9
Cleaned house. Prayer meeting, street and night meetings in Shamshuipo. Work in general.

Sunday, November 10
Miss Southwick preached – good meetings all day.

Monday, November 11
Armistice Day. Peniel open in U.S. 43 years ago. Bible school students went to Mrs. Chung’s garden in Kowloon for picnic – 38 present. Swanson back from Manila. MacKenzie overnight. Had special meeting in Yaumati Mission in honor or Peniel opening day. Took up collection – $95.85 for debt on building.

Tuesday, November 12
Teachers’ business meeting from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. Mr. Lee for supper and Elizabeth Rousseau. Night meetings. Swanson sailed at 6:00 A.M. for Seattle.

Wednesday, November 13
Mrs. Kwok had women’s meeting. Tore up to whitewash. Work in general. Callers.

Thursday, November 14
Whitewashers all day. Rain. Plenty of work.

Friday, November 15
Whitewashers all day. Night meetings. Very tired.

Saturday, November 16
Finished at noon – no one likes the pink whitewash. Prayer meeting in church balcony from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M.

Sunday, November 17
Albert preached in A.M. John Kwok’s birthday – 1 year old. Good meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, November 18
Miss Southwick begins her second month of noon meals (25 cents) today. Went to Grant’s. many callers.

Tuesday, November 19
Brother Smith came down and Mr. Cheung his preacher. Hospital meeting and night meeting. Supper with Ah Choi and Po Liu.

Wednesday, November 20
Sau Kei had women’s meeting. Many callers. Open air meeting. A lot here for coffee after meeting.

Thursday, November 21
Many callers. Brother Smith left for home. Ng Shap came back from Nam Lau. Miss Pierce and I visited in Hong Kong Hospital. Night meeting at Koon Chung.

Friday, November 22
Open air meetings and house calling. Night meetings in Chapel. Po Liu went to Hong Kong and does not return.

Saturday, November 23
Hunted all A.M. for Po Liu. She had gone to Macao and returned on noon boat. Precious prayer meeting this P.M. Night meeting in Shamshuipo – Ng Shap preached. Work in general.

Sunday, November 24
Very large audience – 204 in Sunday school. Miss pierce, Ah Tso and I went to the villages from 2:00 to 5:00 P.M. Very fine meetings. Ng Shap preached here at night.

Monday, November 25
Made Esther’s brown dress that Mrs. Larson gave her last spring. Prayed for a sick woman out on the water. Mr. Shultz here and many callers.

Tuesday, November 26
Many callers. Hoh Chau Tak and Ng Shap went to Nam Tau. Sent up $20 odd worth of rice and sang for the lepers. Hospital meeting and night meeting.

Wednesday, November 27
Many callers. Ng Shap back. He left – Miss Stodghill work. Women’s meeting – Po Liu led. Open air and night meetings. Fine sermon and souls at altar.

Thursday, November 28
Thanksgiving Day. A very precious, busy day. Miss Augustine, Bailey, Burnside, Galloway, Myers and many other callers. Went to Kowloon Peniel at night and then had fruit and cake at Grant’s.

Friday, November 29
Work in general. Many callers. Had special prayer meeting in chapel at 2:00 P.M. instead of open air meetings. Miss Stodghill came and stayed until 10:00 P.M. talking about Ng Shap. Mr. Munroe and his preacher came from Canton. Many callers.

Saturday, November 30
Our prayer and fast day. Drs. Williams and Goodwin came on the President Wilson (Nazarene preachers from U.S.A. touring the world in interest of their work). We met them at 7:00 A.M. Dr. Goodwin preached at 2:00 P.M. to a full house and Dr. Williams at 7:00 P.M. to a full house. Many at altar – saved, sanctified and reclaimed. Collection of $20.94 and Dr. Goodwin added $10 gold and then gave it all back to us. Many here for supper. A prayer meeting between the P.M. and night meeting. Praise god.

Sunday, December 1
Large crowds – souls at altar. Brother Munroe preached in evening. Thirteen here for dinner. Drs. Goodwin and Williams sailed for Manila.

Monday, December 2
Work in general. Miss Myers is spending a week with us. Seven of us went to Cheung Chau on 1:00 P.M. boat and back on 3:00 P.M. to destroy idols on a boat. Seven in one family have turned to the Lord. Had 17 idols and many other worshipping things. Very, very fine meetings and opportunities.

Tuesday, December 3
Prayer meeting, hospital meeting, street meting and night meeting. A busy day. Souls at altar.

Wednesday, December 4
Talked to Ng Shap about going back to work for Miss Stodghill. Says he can’t do it. Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting – Sau Kei spoke. Night meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, December 5
Went to Hong Kong and bought Helen’s light green dress – $1.80 a yard (for Christmas). Miss Myers and I a long shaam – 85 cents a yard. Grant’s for supper. Shamshuipo meeting. Mrs. Kwok preached.

Friday, December 6
Open air meetings, night and street meetings. Lum Si Ni chopped an idols head off and displayed the 17 idols from the family at Cheung Chau.

Saturday, December 7
Work in general. Prayer meeting in P.M. Myers, Southwick and our family went to Rose Edna’s grave.

Sunday, December 8
Albert preached in A.M. and Kwok at night. Practiced children for Christmas. Ah Choi Po Liu and Miss Myers for supper. Miss Myers left after spending a week with us. Today is Rose Edna’s 15 year birthday.

Monday, December 9
Made Helen’s green dress. Many callers. Miss Pierce for supper. Practiced children for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 10
Went to Hong Kong. Night meetings. Work in general.

Wednesday, December 11
Tsz Si Ni led women’s meeting – her first time. Miss Stodghill came again. Mr. Munroe, Mrs. Burtt and Miss Stodghill here until midnight talking about Ng Shap. A very full day.

Thursday, December 12
Mr. Kilbourne, Mr. and Mrs. Philippi, Mr. L. Grant and Mr. French came from Shanghai enroute to Canton. All here for supper but Mr. L. Grant who went to Matilda for appendicitis operation. Mr. French preached here – fine meeting and crowd. All left on night boat for Canton. Mrs. Burtt also went into Matilda. Many callers all day.

Friday, December 13
Wrote letters. Night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, December 14
Cleaned. Called. Prayer meeting. Practiced for Christmas.

Sunday, December 15
Received telegram that Miss Hardy would arrive tomorrow. Mr. Lee preached in A.M. – large crowd. Heard nine children repeat G.T. for one year. Eight knew all and one only part. Kwok and his wife Chung Sui Shang, Chan Kwong, Po Liu for 3:00 dinner. Night meetings. Souls at altar.

Monday, December 16
Florence Hardy arrived on Taiyo Maru from Los Angeles, California at 7:00 A.M. and is living with us. Her reception at 8:00 P.M. in Mission. Good crowd out. I gave her Ephesians 6:11-17. Very busy day. Many callers. Albert in China 20 years today.

Tuesday, December 17
Hospital meeting. Called at Grant’s. Two boxes came from U.S.A. Night meeting.

Wednesday, December 18
Sau Kei preached early prayer meeting and night meeting. Two more boxes came. Mrs. Grant, pierce, Hardy, Southwick and Cheung for dinner. Night meetings.

Thursday, December 19
Many callers. Esther’s shoes – $1.00. Night meetings. Work in general.

Friday, December 20
Open air meeting. Boats, called in homes and night meetings. Very full day.

Saturday, December 21
Barrel of fruit came from Emmanuel Prayer Circle. Prayer meeting. Cheung sent chickens. Candy boxes for Sunday school came – 11-1/2 cents each. Countless callers. Called on Tsz Si Ni.

Sunday, December 22
Gave treats to Sunday school children – practiced for Christmas. Went to Koon Chung program. Very good. Helen played for it. Very cold.

Monday, December 23
Meeting for decorations. Made paper flowers. Dozen in my home all day. Went to Grant’s for supper and to their program.

Tuesday, December 24
My house full of Chinese all day long. Shamshuipo program at night. Very good.

Wednesday, December 25
Early prayer meeting. All the missionaries and Mr. Lee had dinner with us. Program began at 7:00 P.M. Every seat taken by 6:00 and no standing room by 7:00. Chung Po Liu and Mrs. Kwok Yan Hoi had charge of program. 36 numbers – very good. Eight knew all G.T. for year – six girls and two boys. $1 cloth for prizes. Esther had part in three songs. A beautiful, clear warm day. Mr. Kwok’s brother-in-law was buried at 12:00 noon. We had 9,911 Sunday school students during 1929 in Yaumati Mission.

Thursday, December 26
Many callers. Work in general. Went to Patties Market with Southwick and Myers and bought hand bell – $1.00 and eight books – $1.10.

Friday, December 27
Wore my new Chinese shaam. About 50 workers and Christians gathered at the girls at 7:00 P.M. Each brought a gift, costing not over 20 cents and put them in a large basket and each received someone else’s gift. Fed 131 poor, blind beggars, etc. in the mission – $2.50 a table. Ng Shap and Cheung Kam Fuk each gave a short message. Then took pictures.

Saturday, December 28
Prayer and fast day – 12:00 noon to 4:0 P.M. And then all had our pictures taken.

Sunday, December 29
Edwin Lee arrived from U.S.A. he preached in Yaumati at noon. Had Sunday school business meeting at 3:30 to 4:30 P.M. The five Koo Neungs and the two Lees had supper here. Rain. Night meetings.

Monday, December 30
Wrote letters. Miss Southwick moved opposite Mission on Hamilton Street today. Work in general. Edwin Lee and Miss Hardy here.

Tuesday, December 31
Miss Myers, Southwick and Mr. W. Lee for dinner. Hospital meeting and then went to Hong Kong. Many callers. Watchnight service 9:00 to 12:00 midnight. Large crowd. Good spirit. Thus ends 1929 with joy and peach in our hearts – Thank God.