1928 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Sunday, January 1
Deep snow and cold. Went to Harry’s for a turkey dinner. Albert went to Mt. Scott Church (Nazarene) to preach.

Monday, January 2
Thawed out frozen pipes. Washed and worked all day. Helen and Albert went to hear Harry’s radio.

Tuesday, January 3
Helen started to the Arleta School. Mother and Elnora here. Had cake and coffee.

Wednesday, January 4
Work in general. Went to stamp club meeting. About 20 boys present. Albert spoke half hour.

Thursday, January 5
Worked all P.M. Miss Whitehead came in P.M. (Miss Richey’s friend). Wrote letters until midnight. Mother Reiton here.

Friday, January 6
Mended, house work, letters, etc. Esther not well this P.M. Albert went to Peniel.

Saturday, January 7
Dr. Robinson here and says Esther has scarlet fever. Here three times today – injected a serum called Antitoxin (price $9.00). Are all quarantined.

Sunday, January 8
Home all day of course. Had to cancel all our engagements for meetings. Esther much better. Thank God for answering prayers.

Monday, January 9
Esther’s temperature 98. Worked all day. A little warmer. Our first issue of the Journal.

Tuesday, January 10
Work in general. Esther’s temperature 99.2 points.

Wednesday, January 11
Esther’s temperature 99. Washed, house work, etc.

Thursday, January 12
Esther’s temperature 98. I’ve got sore shoulders and back. Raining. Work in general. Esther playing on top of bed.

Friday, January 13
Work in general. Esther dressed. Just one week ago since she took fever. Had telephone connected.

Saturday, January 14
Esther up and about. Mended, ironed, washed, cooked, scrubbed and cleaned. Albert cleaned yard.

Sunday, January 15
Home of course. Read, etc. Bud Robinson spoke here in Portland.

Monday, January 16
Work in general. Letters from China.

Tuesday, January 17
Esther up and about, but not looking good.

Wednesday, January 18
Esther very restless all night. Her right gland in neck swollen again. Miss Stodghill called over telephone. We talked to Mr. Inglehart. Esther in bed all day.

Thursday, January 19
Wrote letters, washed and work in general.

Friday, January 20
Our 15th wedding day. Home on account of being quarantined. Rain. Bad day. Esther better.

Saturday, January 21
Work in general. Wrote letters.

Sunday, January 22
Mr. Inglehart’s little Ruth born. He talked to Helen over the phone. Read, etc.

Monday, January 23
Washed and house work.

Tuesday, January 24
Harold Reiton’s birthday – two years old. Brought us a big cake.

Wednesday, January 25
Rain. Wrote letters and work in general – washed windows.

Thursday, January 26
Esther out doors most all day. Wrote many letters. Finished washing windows.

Friday, January 27
Mr. Lindblad called over the phone and then came out and talked across the fence last night – enroute to Seattle from Los Angeles, California. Work in general today. Housekeeping.

Saturday, January 28
Worked all day.

Sunday, January 29
Read most all day.

Monday, January 30
Washed and ironed the rest of the window curtains. Callers at the fence. Work in general.

Tuesday, January 31
Doctor came and released us from quarantine. Happy Day. All well Thank God. Went down to Mother Reiton’s. Albert at Peniel. Mailed 60 odd letters today.

Wednesday, February 1
Went shopping. Helen got her new green sweater. Went to Mother Reiton’s. Albert at Peniel.

Thursday, February 2
Ironed. Down at Harry’s. Stayed for supper. Harold sick. Work in general.

Friday, February 3
Got my new funny sweater – $2.40. Called on Beulah Lang and her mother (Mrs. Li sister). Went to Peniel Mission and met Mrs. and Mr. Churchill and Mrs. Condit – about a dozen in meeting. George somebody preached.

Saturday, February 4
Work in general. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson called and Elsie. All stayed for supper. Went to Harry’s in evening.

Sunday, February 5
Peniel meeting in P.M. – both spoke. $15.00 collection.

Monday, February 6
Called at Samuelson’s, Norman’s, Smith’s and Mother’s. Work in general. Mrs. Mills and Paul called in evening.

Tuesday, February 7
Albert is 46 years old. Harry, Elnora, Harold and Grandma here for supper and spent evening. Ties, money, address book, etc. We went downtown. Work in general.

Wednesday, February 8
Went downtown and out to Mr. Inglehart’s (his baby born January 22 – Ruth). His wife’s name is Gladys and daughter, Jeanette, had ice cream and cake.

Thursday, February 9
Up early. Mrs. Samuelson and her daughter took Mother Reiton and us up to Canby, Oregon on to Alban Erickson’s. Spoke in an aid society at 2:30 P.M., at a prayer meeting at Oathes at 8:00 P.M.

Friday, February 10
At Erickson’s. Mrs. Olson called and mother went home with her to stay all night. Callers, etc. Sewed.

Saturday, February 11
Spent day at Mrs. Olson’s with her and mother. Came back to Erickson’s at night. A Rev. Englund, his wife and Rev. Fosmark for supper from Seattle.

Sunday, February 12
Both spoke in a Norwegian Church in A.M. Rev. Wanvig and his wife pastor P.M. and evening meetings – $15.00 collection.

Monday, February 13
Rev. Wanvig and Helen and Albert came to Portland in car. Mother, Esther, Rev. and Mrs. Englund, Fosmark and I in another. They all had lunch with us in our cottage. Mr. and Mrs. Englund are from North China – Norwegian Alliance.

Tuesday, February 14
Went out to the Friend’s Bible Training School. Got there late. Albert spoke half hour and we had dinner there and then went to Mrs. Mill’s. Stopped at Elnora’s. Mrs. Nelson from Wisconsin called while we were there.

Wednesday, February 15
Ironed. Went to Mother’s. Sewed. Harold here for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, February 16
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson and Elnora and Harold for dinner. Albert went to Friend’s Church to speak and the girls and I went to the Nazarene Church.

Friday, February 17
Went shopping. Back combs – 5 cents, green dress – 25 cents yard, lavender for girls – 25 cents. My shoes – $1.80. Went to Pederson’s for supper (Nazarene preacher lives there).

Saturday, February 18
Made my green dress and slip. Altered Elnora’s dress. Went to Mother Reiton’s. Work in general.

Sunday, February 19
Mr. Hoff came for us – spoke at Beaverton Nazarene church in A.M. – six saved (one family). At Hoff’s for dinner. Spoke at Selwood Nazarene Church in evening – three at altar. Got home at 11:00 P.M.

Monday, February 20
Mrs. Oathes, Mother and Elnora here. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, Miss Oathes and her friend. Busy day.

Tuesday, February 21
Work in general. Callers. Went to Overbee’s for supper. Spent nice evening together.

Wednesday, February 22
Washington’s Birthday. Miss Whited came about 4:00 P.M. and stayed over night.

Thursday, February 23
Went shopping with Miss Whited. Sewed – made Esther’s lavender dress. Got my green smock – $1.49.

Friday, February 24
Mother and Elnora here. Albert went to First Nazarene Church to speak. Esther has earache. Rain and snow.

Saturday, February 25
Sewed – made aprons. Washed. Went to Elnora’s.

Sunday, February 26
Went to Mrs. Mill’s church in Vancouver, Washington. Spoke at 3:00 P.M. To her home for supper and then went to Swedish Baptist Church.

Monday, February 27
Did more packing. Mother Reiton and Elnora here. Albert helped Harry paint his kitchen.

Tuesday, February 28
Went to Carlson’s for supper and then to meeting in their church. Brother Carlson brought us home in his car.

Wednesday, February 29
Mother, Harry and family here for supper. Worked all day.

Thursday, March 1
Finished packing. Had dinner at Elnora’s. Left on 5:00 P.M. train for San Francisco.

Friday, March 2
Arrived in San Francisco at Peniel home at 9:00 P.M. Miss Foley here.

Saturday, March 3
Miss Friske called. We left at noon for Sacramento, California. Helen stayed in San Francisco. Meeting in Peniel Mission at 8:00 P.M.

Sunday, March 4
Stayed all night at Rescue Home. I spoke in Peniel at 3:00 P.M. Went to Mission home for supper and then I spoke at Young people’s meeting in Nazarene church and Albert in Evangelical church. Then Albert had evening service in Nazarene church.

Monday, March 5
At Rescue Home all day. Went to the city for a drive. Beautiful grapefruit and lemon trees, etc. Spoke to the girls in the home at 7:00 P.M.

Tuesday, March 6
Went for a sightseeing trip with Sister Richardson. I left for San Francisco at 3:00 P.M. Helen has been lonely.

Wednesday, March 7
Rain. Work in general. Sister Foley’s birthday – 50 years old.

Thursday, March 8
Sewed, washed, worker’s prayer meeting. Callers, letters, etc.

Friday, March 9
Wrote, ironed, and bought pie tins – 40 cents and shelf paper – 40 cents for China. Work in general.

Saturday, March 10
Made Esther’s lavender dress, mended and worked in general. Mrs. Parker came back form her sister’s.

Sunday, March 11
Left at 8:00 A.M. for Pacific Grove, California where Brother Holzaphel is. Had dinner where he works with Mr. and Mrs. Flaws. Spoke in a Bethel Mission at 3:00 P.M. and then went for a car drive – 17 mile road – million dollar homes – Carmel by the Sea. McPherson came back at 7:00 and stayed all night with a Miss Johnson (little old Swedish maiden). Went out on beach, etc.

Monday, March 12
Had lunch at Flaw’s again and then another drive in their beautiful car and left at 3:00 P.M. for San Francisco. Arrived at 8:00 P.M.

Tuesday, March 13
Beautiful day. Work in general. Got my light tan silk dress. Went to Waterfront Mission with Sister Parker.

Wednesday, March 14
Sister Pierce came enroute to China – had a good visit.

Thursday, March 15
Went shopping in A.M. and then left at 3:00 P.M. for Vallejo, California. Mr. and Mrs. Benson and Mabel met us at wharf.

Friday, March 16
Lovely day and visit. Spoke in Nazarene church in evening. Precious meeting.

Saturday, March 17
Left at 9:00 for San Francisco. Got up to Peniel Home and repacked and left for Oakland. Met Miss Southwick there. Sister Pierce spoke and also Miss Southwick. Albert and I stayed at Oakland at Miss Allen’s and the others went back to San Francisco.

Sunday, March 18
Mrs. Arnold and we had a nice visit. Albert and I spoke in Peniel at 3:00 and then went to Brother and Sister Cowles’ for supper and spoke in the Alliance Church at 7:30 P.M. We came back to San Francisco after meeting and got home at 12:00 midnight.

Monday, March 19
A busy day. Miss Pierce, Southwick, Arnold, Albert and I and many others here.

Tuesday, March 20
Went shopping with Sister Southwick and Pierce. In P.M. called on Mrs. Richmond in Berkeley.

Wednesday, March 21
Went over to Beulah Home (Peniel) with Miss Pearce. Very pretty place. Miss Ava Allen also out there. Sewed all P.M.

Thursday, March 22
Albert went back to San Francisco and we stayed. Sewed all day. Rain. Sister Springborn came to help Miss Pearce sew.

Friday, March 23
Called on Sister Eastin and also Mrs. Montgomery. Mrs. Montgomery sent me a bag of fresh eggs and gave the children candy. Mrs. Springborn’s 49th birthday. We all came back to San Francisco. Albert in Stockton.

Saturday, March 24
Albert came home. Mrs. Emslie back from Los Angeles. “Evans” worked all day. Went shopping and got socks and stockings and notebooks, bias tape, candles, lace, etc. for China

Sunday, March 25
Mrs. Friske, Pierce, Southwick, Albert and I spoke in Peniel at 3:00 P.M. Albert spoke in Brother Bingdale’s church at night and Miss Pierce and I in a Nazarene church and Miss Southwick at Waterfront Peniel.

Monday, March 26
Made blue dress from Mrs. Parker. All had dinner with them. Wired for Southwick permit. Work in general. Mrs. Furgeson’s birthday. All think she is 79 years.

Tuesday, March 27
Dinner at Sister Alger’s. Miss Friske and Mrs. Robinson here. Busy all day.

Wednesday, March 28
Went to visit Elmer Jones and wife. Miss Friske kept Helen and Esther. Very full day. Visited with Parker’s, Friske, Pierce, Southwick, etc. until 11:00 P.M.

Thursday, March 29
Left at 8:00 A.M. for Fresno, California. Mrs. Henderson and Miss Vondersmith met us. I spoke in Peniel at 8:00 P.M.

Friday, March 30
Work in general – in Peniel Home. Albert spoke at 8:00 P.M. and then we left at 10:30 P.M. for Los Angeles.

Saturday, March 31
Arrived at 8:00 A.M. Miss Darling met us and drove up to 801 Edgewave Road. Beautiful home. Mrs. Friske here.

Sunday, April 1
Spoke in Peniel Hall at 3:00 P.M. Brother George B. Smith took us home with him out to Long Beach. Mrs. Storey rode part way with us in the auto. Met Miss Mattie Smith in her home. Mother Furgeson in meeting.

Monday, April 2
Visited. Brother and Sister Smith took us for a long auto ride. Had supper and went to hear Oswald. Smith preached in an Alliance Tabernacle. Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay singers.

Tuesday, April 3
Smiths drove us to Storey’s at 10:00 A.M. in San Pedro, California. A lovely visit and dinner. Spoke in Peniel Hall at 8:00 P.M.

Wednesday, April 4
Called on Mrs. Storey’s mother and sister. Had lunch and left for Los Angeles again. Work in general. Met Miss Sanders – twin to the one in San Francisco. Albert went to Pasadena.

Thursday, April 5
Washed. Went downtown and got Esther’s and my hats – $1.00. Went to Mrs. McPherson’s meeting (all night prayer meeting).

Friday, April 6
Good Friday. Went to Huntington Park Bible Training School. Albert spoke. Miss Beulah drove us there in car. Miss Gladys Clark called in P.M. Work in general.

Saturday, April 7
Work in general. Left for San Diego, California at 2:00 P.M. Mrs. Orjala, Elsie and Paul met us and drove us out to Chula Vista where they live.

Sunday, April 8
Easter Sunday. Meeting at Friend’s Church, Peniel, Pilgrim and Nazarene – full day. Children had lovely Easter eggs, etc. Beautiful place.

Monday, April 9
Washed, wrote letters and visited, etc.

Tuesday, April 10
Went for long drive – took pictures under the orange trees. Spoke in Peniel in San Diego.

Wednesday, April 11
Work in general. Letters. Meeting in Nazarene church.

Thursday, April 12
Went to Mr. and Mrs. Erickson’s for dinner. Left at 2:00 P.M. for Santa Ana. Mrs. Orjala drove us to train. Mr. Scott met us in Santa Ana.

Friday, April 13
Went to dentist to have tooth filled – $1.50 and to country for oranges. Beautiful drive. Spoke in Alliance Church.

Saturday, April 14
Left Santa Ana at 6:00 A.M. for Los Angeles. Sister Foley from San Francisco has arrived. Work in general.

Sunday, April 15
Friend’s, West Gate and Peniel Hall for meetings.

Monday, April 16
Washed, ironed and left at noon for Long Beach to the Misses Smiths’. Meeting at 8:00 P.M. in the Elliot Mission. Got back to Los Angeles at 12:00 midnight.

Tuesday, April 17
Worked all A.M. Lengthening dresses for Helen and ironing, etc. Boltons for supper. Mr. and Mrs. Lee drove us around and took us to see Bancrofts and Brother Burtt.

Wednesday, April 18
Left Edgeware Road for Pasadena. Dinner with Miss Friske and supper with Mrs. Holmes, Grace and Ralph. Then spoke at Pilgrim Church. Coffee with Mrs. Friske and then off to train for Pueblo, Colorado. Mrs. Holmes and Mrs. Friske saw us off.

Thursday, April 19
In Arizona desert. Warm.

Friday, April 20
Through New Mexico into Colorado – Pueblo at 5:30 P.M. August met us at station – lovely visit. Horace, Laverne and Melvin at home.

Saturday, April 21
Dora Norris Summers called. Work in general. Visited. Snowing and very cold.

Sunday, April 22
Methodist Church – spoke twice. Went for a long car drive in P.M.

Monday, April 23
Work in general. Albert left for Texas. The girls and I here at August’s.

Tuesday, April 24
Washed. Visited Dora Summers. A Mr. Winters came here from Montana. Wrote to China.

Wednesday, April 25
Went downtown. Left here at 4:00 to visit Charley Lotton at Florence, Colorado – 40 miles from here. Stayed for supper and left at 9:30 P.M. for Pueblo again. August, Sarah, LaVerne Helen, Esther and I in a car – surely drove some. Very cold.

Thursday, April 26
Ironed and worked in general. Went to Bethel Methodist Foreign Missionary Society Meeting at Mrs. R. Dowling’s home. Good interest. Sold and took orders for one dozen book mailings for Miss Daniels.

Friday, April 27
Letter from Albert. Dora came. Letters and work in general.

Saturday, April 28
Left at noon for Holly, Colorado (Esther and I). Georgia and Howard met us at the station at 5:00 – a lovely visit in her home.

Sunday, April 29
Spoke in Hartman M.E. Church at 11:00 A.M. at Mr. and Mrs. Summer’s for dinner. Went to Mr. and Mrs. Randolph’s in P.M. Back to Georgia’s and to Holly M.E. Church where I spoke again – $2.75 collection. Will’s cows all gone when we got home. Drove 20 or 30 miles hunting for them.

Monday, April 30
Came home from Georgia’s. Went to a Sunday school meeting and got home at 11:00 P.M. (with Sarah).

Tuesday, May 1
Washed, ironed and packed. Left for Tallmadge, Kansas at 8:10 P.M. Horace and LaVerne went to station with us.

Wednesday, May 2
Up all night on train. Bridge burned out and did not get to Abilene until 3:10 P.M. Oscar met us and took us to Elmer’s. Rebecca there.

Thursday, May 3
Good night’s sleep. Rained very hard. Visited, etc. with Dorothy and Dorris (twins), Evelyn and Wilber, and Elmer’s children.

Friday, May 4
Cut out Helen’s dress from Louise. Elmer took us to John’s. Rebecca went too. Sam and Anna came in evening.

Saturday, May 5
Washed our heads. Letters, work in general. At John’s were Dwight and Marvin, John’s children.

Sunday, May 6
Spoke in number of classes in Sunday school. I had the night meeting at Tallmadge M.E. Church. Lizzie’s family, John’s family, Sam’s family, Oliver, my family and many others all at Elmer and Emily’s for dinner. We had ice cream, chicken, etc. The twins, Dorris and Dorothy, are so dear. We went from John’s to Elmer’s and from there to church and home with Emma and Fred Krausie.

Monday, May 7
At Emma and Fred’s. Wash day. Work in general. Ruth, Paul and Stanley (Emma’s children) went to the pasture for supper – candy, popcorn, balls, etc. Rebecca, Emma and Fred and the children and I.

Tuesday, May 8
Wrote letters, ironed and sewed. Sam here for dinner.

Wednesday, May 9
Left Emma’s for Sam’s. Ruth taking measles. I spoke in a home missionary meeting in Tallmadge at 3:00 P.M. Prayer meeting at 8:00 P.M.

Thursday, May 10
Work in general. In A.M. Sam, Anna, Rebecca, the girls and I went to Salina (30 miles) in P.M. – shopping.

Friday, May 11
Rebecca sewing on my green silk dress Emily gave me. Wrote letters, etc.

Saturday, May 12
Sewed, ironed and work in general. Bebemeyer boys practiced songs for funeral tomorrow.

Sunday, May 13
A.M. I stayed home and heard a radio sermon. P.M. Anna drove us to Willowdale church where I spoke at 2:30 P.M. Rev. Werner is pastor. Same as in Tallmadge. Then after meeting we drove to Philip’s grave. Home with Oscar and Laura and to meeting at night. Willowdale lady gave me $7.00 (Mrs. Keeler).

Monday, May 14
At Oscar’s. Wash day. Rain and sunshine. Made Esther’s blue dress like Helen’s.

Tuesday, May 15
Sun and rain. Wrote letters. Sent letter to Miss Richey.

Wednesday, May 16
Made Esther’s tan silk dress. Laura went to Ladies Aid. Rebecca made soap.

Thursday, May 17
Went to Abilene shopping with Anna and Mrs. Fulton (her mother). Came back to Laura’s. Rebecca made two emb. Dresses for the girls – green and blue that Emily gave them. Oscar brought us to Lizzie’s. She, Helen and others went to Tallmadge school play.

Friday, May 18
Rebecca made Helen’s pink silk dress from Mrs. Chung. Work in general. Helen went to school dinner at Tallmadge Church.

Saturday, May 19
Esther not well. I left Lizzie’s at night to go to Sam’s. Martha and Orion and wife came also.

Sunday, May 20
Anna had a big dinner with many guests. Oliver and his is-to-be-bride also here. Sam, Oscar and I left at 11:15 P.M. to go to Herrington, Kansas about 45 miles to meet Albert coming from Texas. He arrived at 2:40 A.M. We drove back to Tallmadge arriving at 5:00 A.M.

Monday, May 21
Sam’s 46-year birthday. All the Bebemeyers came as a surprise to him. Had cake and ice cream. At about 10:30 Esther took such pains in her stomach and it kept getting worse until at 12:00 midnight we called a doctor. We thought it was appendicitis.

Tuesday, May 22
Esther in bed with fever – still has pain. Took her to doctor again. Two doctors examined her and decided it was measles.

Wednesday, May 23
Esther just one mass of measles. Albert to speak in River Brethren Church.

Thursday, May 24
Martha and Helen went to Lizzie’s. Esther better. Orion and Hazel here at Sam’s for dinner. They are leaving for California for a trip.

Friday, May 25
Work in general – sewing, etc. Drove to Manchester and back.

Saturday, May 26
Callers. Work in general. Esther better. Drove to Abilene and bought my 98 cent dress.

Sunday, May 27
Spoke at Manchester A.M. Went to Hazel and Orion’s people in P.M. (Wakefields) and had supper there. Then went to Bennington where we had a meeting in M.E. Church. Sam, Anna and Martha went with us. Rebecca stayed with Esther and Helen.

Monday, May 28
Work in general. Went to Fulton’s (Anna’s people) after supper and then Oscar took us to Emma’s.

Tuesday, May 29
At Emma’s. Went to Sister Emma’s grave – cut grass and placed flowers on it.

Wednesday, May 30
Decoration Day. Went to Abilene with Emma and Fred and then to Elmer’s. At Kuntz for supper.

Thursday, May 31
Went to John and Sarah’s. Oliver, Elmer, Sam and Anna came to practice songs. Warm.

Friday, June 1
Went to Lizzie’s. Raymond, Virgie, Joyce and Orvil, her boy’s, John’s and Sam’s came at night and we had ice cream.

Saturday, June 2
Went to Oscar’s. Went to Abilene in the evening. Rain and cold.

Sunday, June 3
Rain. Could not fill appointment at Industry on account of roads. Albert spoke in Tallmadge M.E. Church. Went to Sam’s after meeting.

Monday, June 4
Mother Reiton’s 74th birthday. Washed, packed our baggage, etc. Rain all day. Anna gave me two new gowns.

Tuesday, June 5
Left Sam’s at Tallmadge Depot for Kansas City, Missouri. Stayed over night at Park Hotel. August and Sarah at Elmer’s enroute to Missouri by auto.

Wednesday, June 6
Left Kansas City at 9:00 A.M. Arrived at Buell at 4:10 P.M. Ja_____, Henry and others at station. Gladys and Virginia came up in evening.

Thursday, June 7
Washed, wrote and ironed. Gladys, Virginia and Laura and their husbands here.

Friday, June 8
Left at 11:00 A.M. for St. Louis. Went shopping for a while and stayed in Hotel just across from Union Station – $2.50.

Saturday, June 9
Left at 8:00 for Gerald, Missouri. Arrived about 1:00 at Sister Kleinsorge and her mother’s in the country three miles.

Sunday, June 10
Albert spoke at Leslie M.E. church in A.M. and at Gerald Presbyterian Church at night. Went out on the hills and river bank in P.M.

Monday, June 11
Work in general, sewed, etc. Meeting in Good Hope Schoolhouse at night.

Tuesday, June 12
Helen’s birthday – 12 years old. Grandma and Helen Kleinsorge and her mother each gave her a dollar bill. We left at 3:00 P.M. for Pacific, Missouri to Fred’s.

Wednesday, June 13
Arrived at Fred’s last night. Rain. Merrimac River very high. He is on a chicken ranch. Ella gave Helen a wash silk dress for her birthday. I made it.

Thursday, June 14
Clear, pretty day. We spoke in a hall in Pacific, Missouri. Election night of Hoover for president. Bought shoes – $2.00 and $4.00 in Pacific.

Friday, June 15
Left Fred’s at 5:00 A.M. for St. Louis and Lydia’s. Will Meyerkert and LaVerne met us at Bellflower Station.

Saturday, June 16
Work in general. Went to town. Albert got tie and I got socks from Lydia.

Sunday, June 17
Basket dinner at Two Mile Branch. Saw many old friends. I spoke in A.M. and Albert in P.M. House full. We went up on train and came back to Thelma’s at New Truxton with August and Sarah.

Monday, June 18
At Cousin Anna Femmer’s in Old Truxton. Called on Aunt Hannah and Caroline Duewell. Also Mrs. Koelling. August gave back his farm to the bank. Frankie See Cape visited us at Thelma’s. Helen and LaVerne had their birthday party half way between – LaVerne 13 on June 22 and Helen was 12 on June 12.

Tuesday, June 19
Left at 10:00 A.M. for Henry’s. Harold met us. Rain, rain. Washed, etc.

Wednesday, June 20
Expected to go to John’s. Hard rain. Virginia and Gladys and their families here. Had ice cream.

Thursday, June 21
Janie took us to Virginia’s (Mrs. Richard Clark) spent the day. Girls rode ponies. Laura came for us at 6:00 P.M.

Friday, June 22
Stayed all night at Laura’s. Mr. and Mrs. Wherman came. Went to Gladys’ to spend the day. Laura and Virginia came too. Went back to Henry’s. Rose Haight called on me. Went to Middletown to a Mr. Martin’s Holiness meeting. Home at 11:00 P.M.

Saturday, June 23
Work in general. Rose Clare Haight came for us at noon. Visited Nellie. Rose took us to Lydia’s.

Sunday, June 24
Spoke in Truxton M.E. Church in A.M. At Cousin Albert’s for dinner with Lydia and Will. Back to Lydia’s and then Will drove us to Renner’s in Buell. We spoke in Buell M.E. Church and went to Clara and Glen’s at Martinsburg, Missouri.

Monday, June 25
Cold – fire all day at Clara’s.

Tuesday, June 26
Sewed, ironed, etc. Clara and Glen drove us back to Henry’s. Gladys, Virginia and family, Russell and his girl all here. Had ice cream and cake. Received circular letter from China.

Wednesday, June 27
Helen had her last baby tooth pulled. John and Emma met us in Montgomery and took us to Big springs. Big rain Wednesday night – Loutre overflowed.

Thursday, June 28
Made Helen’s dress, mended, etc.

Friday, June 29
Virgil, Iola and baby, Buell Frederick, spent the day here. A preached from Warrenton and his family here for supper too.

Saturday, June 30
Went to mother and Father’s grave with John and Emma. Spoke in German Methodist Church where I was 30 years ago.

Sunday, July 1
John and family took us to Lydia’s where we had a surprise gathering of relatives – many present. We went to Laura and Lawrence’s from there.

Monday, July 2
Worked hard all day. Laura brought me back to Henry’s. Virginia and Gladys here. Mrs. Will McCarty and daughter called.

Tuesday, July 3
Bessie and three daughters and our family spent the day at Cora Miller’s. Henry and Jamie met us in Montgomery at 7:00 P.M. and we went to Wellsville to Martin’s meeting. Girls sang and Albert spoke – $64.83 collection.

Wednesday, July 4
July 4th at Henry’s. Gladys, Virginia, Laura and husbands, Ben Clark and wife, Mrs. Simon Wherman, Henry and others here. Ice cream.

Thursday, June 5
Left at 4:10 from Buell for Bucklin, Missouri. Clara and Thelma took us. Clara backed her car into a ditch and a truck pulled it out. Very hot.

Friday, July 6
Stayed all night in Old Monroe, Missouri. Terribly hot. Left at 9:00 A.M. for Bucklin and arrived at 2:00 P.M. Sister Emma Holmlund met us. Visited her sister in Buckland and then came four miles out to country.

Saturday, July 7
Washed, sewed, wrote, etc. Went to Buckland.

Sunday, July 8
Went to a Swedish Church I A.M. Albert spoke. Called on 83 year Mrs. Olsen in P.M. Went to Buckland Tent meeting at night – Rev. Brenerman – Evangelist.

Monday, July 9
Spent day at Mrs. Hannah Johnson’s in Buckland. Helen had her teeth filled. Went to Camp meeting. Sewed, ironed and wrote letters, etc.

Tuesday, July 10
Went to Mr. Holmlund’s for dinner and then to a Mrs. Smith’s and then back to Emma Holmlund’s. Terrible storm. Struck telephone.

Wednesday, July 11
Washed, ironed and had callers. Spoke in the Camp meeting at night.

Thursday, July 12
Left Bucklin after having dinner with Sister Hannah Johnson at about 1:00. Got to St. Louis at 8:00 P.M. and stayed in hotel.

Friday, July 13
Left at 9:00 A.M. through Indiana, Ohio and got up to God’s Bible Training School in Cincinnati at 9:30 P.M. (in Mrs. Jennie Hart’s room).

Saturday, July 14
Went downtown. Letters, washing and ironing. Bag lunch in our room. Albert went to meeting.

Sunday, July 15
Breakfast at 8:00 A.M. Helen and Albert went to A.M. meeting. We had part in P.M. meeting in the Tabernacle here on Mt. of Blessings. Clarence Keith and young bride farewelled for Africa. He was ordained by rev. J. O. Emrick and other’s presiding.

Monday, July 16
Spoke in pilgrim Holiness Summer bible Class. Rev. Emrick came for us in his car. Saw Miss Buchanan in the advocate office. She called tonight and bought lunch for us to take on train, etc.

Tuesday, July 17
Went all through the Revivalist printing office, etc. Also saw the cook pots that hold 60 gallons of soup, a potato peeler that peals a peck a minute, bread cutter – they bake 80 loaves a day. Left at 10:00 A.M. for Chicago. Attended a Bible Class Mission street and indoor meeting. Left at 10:00 P.M. for Clear Lake, Wisconsin.

Wednesday, July 18
Arrived at Ellingson’s at noon. Cool. Receiver 26 letters. Albert and Helen went to a revisal meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, July 19
Berry picking. Sewed and wrote letters. Went to the last night of a revisal meeting in M.E. Church.

Friday, July 20
Work in general – sewed. Went to Oscar Logan’s for supper. Got to bed about midnight.

Saturday, July 21
Got my navy blue dress – $7.50, Esther’s 77 cents and shoes – 39 cents. Worked all day. All the men went fishing. Received 41 bookmarks.

Sunday, July 22
Spoke in forest Wise at 9:00 A.M., Deer Park at 11:00 and had dinner at Rev. Staves. Supper at Marry _____. Got home at 11:00 P.M.

Monday, July 23
Wrote letters, sewed, washed, ironed, etc.

Tuesday, July 24
Worked all day – sewed, etc.

Wednesday, July 25
Went to Baldwin, Forest Woodville, Emery and other places – 50 mile drive. Spoke in a schoolhouse at night. Rain.

Thursday, July 26
Work in general. Prayer meeting here at Brother Ellingson’s. good time.

Friday, July 27
Went berrying. Got 8 gallons of raspberries. Ice cream supper here at night. Five gallons cream – all stayed until midnight. Very cold. Had fires and sweaters on.

Saturday, July 28
Went to Blake Lake fishing. Went out in boats. Fried fish on shore in a beautiful grove. Ellingsons and Rickters – 56-mile drive. Went to Rickter’s for supper and watermelons. Home at 12:00 midnight.

Sunday, July 29
Spoke at Forest Cradle role program in P.M. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce, Logans and many others stayed until midnight.

Monday, July 30
Work in general. Many callers. Hans and Stella and Helman all at station. Left at 2:30 P.M. for St. Paul-Minnesota. Arrived at H. Nelson’s at 7:00 P.M.

Tuesday, July 31
Went to Montgomery Ward and got my brown mohair dress – $4.94, Albert’s suit – 48.98. Work in general. Drove to Minneapolis to meet Mark Rader.

Wednesday, August 1
Work in general. Terrible storm. Albert’s Cousin Sophia here. All but Esther and I went to Alliance meeting.

Thursday, August 2
Went to Minneapolis to Sears Roebuck for print dress with blue front – 98 cents.

Friday, August 3
Made Esther’s yellow dress from Mary. Finished Helen’s from Laura. Went to Albert’s cousin Sophia in Minneapolis. I lost our way coming home.

Saturday, August 4
Work in general – wash and iron.

Sunday, August 5
Spoke to Sunday school children in alliance Tabernacle in A.M. In Swedish Baptist church at night.

Monday, August 6
Left at 9:00 A.M. for Omaha. Rev. Anderson met us and took us to his home.

Tuesday, August 7
Visited. Left at 1:00 for Falls City. Dorothea and Lizzie met us at station. Wallace and Homer came at night and their families. Very hot.

Wednesday, August 8
Washed. Orene and her family, Ida and her family (Wallace’s wife) and Verna and her family spent the day here. Oliver Bebemeyer’s wedding day.

Thursday, August 9
Went downtown. Went to Wallace and Ida for supper.

Friday, August 10
Dorothea drove us to Hiawatha, Kansas to Oscar and Clara’s club house.

Saturday, August 11
Ironed. At Homer and Verna’s for supper.

Sunday, August 12
Went to M.E. Church and Sunday school. I spoke after Sunday school. Went to Oscar’s in evening. Albert went to Omaha for a meeting.

Monday, August 13
Washed, sewed, etc. Albert came from Omaha, Nebraska.

Tuesday, August 14
Made Helen’s black dress. Came back to Will’s at Fall City. Clara and Oscar and Max brought us.

Wednesday, August 15
Albert left for Minden and Lodi, Nebraska. Very hot.

Thursday, August 16
Rain storm. Callers, letters and work in general.

Friday, August 17
Mended and work in general. Will, Lizzie and I went for a drive through Falls City.

Saturday, August 18
Work in general. Dorothea drove us to Orene Hill. Spent the afternoon. Dorothea got stubborn and drove 10 miles per hour.

Sunday, August 19
Went to M.E. Church in A.M. Many callers in P.M. Evangelical Church in evening.

Monday, August 20
Work in general. Picnic supper in the park. All of Will’s children and their children present, but Homer’s. Albert got back at 8:38 from Lodi, Nebraska.

Tuesday, August 21
We left at 12:40 midnight for Tallmadge, Kansas. Anna and Laura met us. Went for a ride t Emma’s.

Wednesday, August 22
Orion and Hazel here at Sam’s. Attended the Bebemeyer annual picnic at Abilene City Park.

Thursday, August 23
Spent day at Oscar’s with Hazel and Orion. Baked break for Laura – Mother Koelling’s birthday.

Friday, August 24
Went to Abilene and had pictures taken for permit. Mailed permit to Mrs. F. for signature. Went to Emma’s.

Saturday, August 25
At Emma’s until 5:00 P.M. Came back to Sam’s. Laura and Rebecca called.

Sunday, August 26
Albert spoke in a church near here. Also in M.E. Church here in Tallmadge. Lizzie’s here for dinner. We went to a River Brethren Camp meeting at night.

Monday, August 27
Albert left for Cherryville, Kansas to Martin’s Camp meeting. Laura, Anna and I and children with to Lizzie’s in P.M. I stayed. Anna had flat tire going home, etc. Big storm.

Tuesday, August 28
Wrote letters, etc. Sam came for me in the Dodge at 5:00 P.M. A terrible rain storm when we got to Tallmadge. We were all soaked and Anna had the door locked and we couldn’t get in the house.

Wednesday, August 29
24 of us had dinner and spent day at Sarah and John’s. Sam took us and came for us.

Thursday, August 30
Work in general. Called at Laura’s and Mrs. Mitchell’s. She gave me $25.00. Just across street from Anna’s went to watermelon farm out in country and bought melons.

Friday, August 31
Went to Abilene and then Anna and I spent day at Emily’s. Oscar’s family, the girls and I went to Brown’s Park – boat riding, etc. Then Anna and Sam came and we all went back to Abilene to band practice.

Saturday, September 1
Tallmadge, Kansas. Callers. Laura, Lizzie and Albert got back from Cherryville, Kansas. Sent permit papers to New York. Helen’s first period – age 12 years and nearly 3 months.

Sunday, September 2
Got up at 5:00 A.M. and left at 6:30 A.M. for broadcasting station. Sam, Anna, Oscar, Laura and kiddies – 30 miles away. Esther and Helen sang “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” and “Lord’s Prayer” in Chinese. Albert and I sang, “If I Come to Jesus” and then Albert spoke for one hour. All went to Tallmadge for meeting and to Emma Krause’s for dinner. Albert and Sam went to Industry where Albert spoke at 8:00 P.M.

Monday, September 3
Work in general. Laura and Oscar, John and Sarah, Oliver and Iva and Rebecca here at Sam and Anna’s. Rebecca ready for bed and Emily calls that Elmer is sick again. She went. Oscar took her.

Tuesday, September 4
We left Sam’s for Orion’s in Buhler, Kansas. Arrived at 6:00 P.M. Anna, Sam, Laura and Iva were at Tallmadge where we left.

Wednesday, September 5
I spoke in Orion’s class in school. Albert spoke in a Mennonite Church at night.

Thursday, September 6
Left at 6:00 A.M. for Hutchinson, Kansas. Orion and hazel took us to station. Arrived in Pueblo, Colorado at 5:45 P.M. Roy met us at station.

Friday, September 7
August and Sarah took me to a hospital. Two doctors sent me to a hospital in Denver, Colorado. We left at 3:00 P.M. Helen and Esther stayed with Sarah and August.

Saturday, September 8
Stayed in grand hotel near station and went to Dr. Wasson (W. Walter), 246 Metropolitan Building, Denver, Colorado for advice. He sent me to hospital and he and Dr. someone gave me a radium treatment – on operating table half hour twice.

Sunday, September 9
In a Catholic hospital. Went in taxi to train at 4:00 P.M. Arrived in Pueblo at 8:00 P.M. Not able to put foot to ground. Have had period for three weeks and two days.

Monday, September 10
Up and down – writing letters, etc. at August’s. Hospital bill for radium treatment $75. All told $100 for trip to Denver.

Tuesday, September 11
Wrote letters. Went for a ride with August and Sarah. Still quite weak. Pretty day.

Wednesday, September 12
Work in general – packing, etc. Bid “good bye” to August.

Thursday, September 13
Left Pueblo at 12:20 through Rocky Mountains, Royal Gorge, etc. Lovely trip. Only a glimpse at Florence of Mr. and Mrs. Lotton at station.

Friday, September 14
Ogden, Utah – changed trains and stayed all night in Pocatello, Idaho.

Saturday, September 15
Arrived at Turin Falls, Idaho at 1:05 P.M. Mrs. Steiner and Edith met us at station. Met Virginia Clare on train. Went to Shoshone Falls and to the longest bridge for its height in the world. Are staying at Mrs. Steiner’s.

Sunday, September 16
Met Mrs. Kelly (Miss Southwick’s friend) and had dinner and supper with her. Attended meeting in Nazarene tent – under Miss Krook’s. Albert spoke in P.M. I spoke at Young People’s. Miss Kuntz from Abilene present (enroute to California).

Monday, September 17
Sister Steiner and Ward drove us 46 miles to Bliss, Idaho where we took train for Seattle, via Portland, Oregon.

Tuesday, September 18
Arrived in Portland and spent day at Albert’s mothers. Spent night in hotel.

Wednesday, September 19
Left at noon for Seattle. Arrived at 7:15 P.M. Brother and Sister Watrous and Miss Gulett met us at station. We came out to Watrous’.

Thursday, September 20
Washed, ironed and visited, etc. Brother Lindblad called on us. Albert and Helen went to Peniel Hall.

Friday, September 21
Wrote to Dr. Wasson. Sent money ($15.00) for Ping Lei to China. Work in general at Watrous’.

Saturday, September 22
Went shopping. Mr. Novak came to see us. We called on Mr. Mayer. Wrote letters, etc.

Sunday, September 23
Spoke in Peniel in P.M. – $103.10 collection – full house.

Monday, September 24
Got Helen’s plaid coat ($12.75 at Rhodes Basement) and her watch ($9.50 – Burnett Brothers, 1316 Second Avenue, Seattle Washington – Phone – Elliott 1357). Went to Simpson Bible Training School for supper. Mr. Anderson there. Mr. Watrous met us at Union Station and drove us home. Mrs. Watrous’ sister drove us out there.

Tuesday, September 25
Letters and work in general. Mr. Pederson came and spent evening and had supper. Little Pearl Watrous was afraid the train would run over our street car and she kept saying “Oh Lawd help us”!

Wednesday, September 26
Went to Everett to Grandpa Olson. He will be 92 years old October 7. And then we went to Richmond Highlands to Mrs. Edna Thompson’s (Swanson’s daughter) and had supper with her. Got Helen’s black and white gingham dress ($1.95). Got the vegetable graters – three for $1.00. Miss Southwick sailed for China from San Francisco, California – New York Line – Tenyo Maru.

Thursday, September 27
My period stopped. Went to Cove, Washington for meeting. Mrs. Abrahamsen met us. Stayed all night in her home. Gave me rag rug. About 30 in meeting. Gave us over a $100 offering.

Friday, September 28
Esther’s birthday – 5 years old. Baby Watrous gave her a teddy bear. We came back to Seattle. Albert in a meeting at Cedar Park (at Watrous’).

Saturday, September 29
Work in general. Called on Allen’s (Ellises folks). Margaret has a baby girl names Grace Katherine. We went to White Centre to hold a meeting. Mother Wood’s birthday celebration – 90 years old next Monday, October 1.

Sunday, September 30
Spoke in three classes in Methodist Sunday school in Ballard. Had noon meeting in Swedish Evangelical Church. 3:00 P.M. meeting at Olive Branch Mission and night meeting in same Swedish Church as in morning. Had dinner at Mrs. Watrous’ sister’s home. Met Sister Richey’s brother and his family in meeting.

Monday, October 1
Spent day at Peniel Mission home. Had supper at Hackel’s. Betty Erickson stayed all night here at Watrous’ and we visited.

Tuesday, October 2
Had dinner at Mrs. Keith’s and supper at Ecklund’s. Mrs. Pederson with us at Keith’s.

Wednesday, October 3
My 42 birthday. Had a meeting in the Foreign Missionary Society of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Watrous gave me a bread board and handkerchiefs. Albert $5.00 for my birthday.

Thursday, October 4
Had lunch at Mrs. English and we both spoke in the Emmanuel Missionary Society. Mrs. Dahlstrom and many other there. We, Watrouses and Novacks called on Mr. Meyers in his home.

Friday, October 5
Went to see Ella’s brother at Frederick and Nelson’s (Mr. Cooper). Lunch at Watrous’. Mr. Hauter from Arlington came for us at 4:00 P.M. and drove us to his home. He and Albert went to meeting.

Saturday, October 6
Miss Daisy Hunter, Mr. and Mrs. Appleton and Brother Lockhard called. I made Esther’s little red dress. Rain all day.

Sunday, October 7
Went to Free Methodist church in A.M. District Elder preached. Mrs. Floberg, Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Lory here for lunch. Then we all went to Bryant Sunday school where we had a meeting. Miss Richey’s brothers and mother were there.

Monday, October 8
Spent day with Miss Richey’s mother and brothers. Then Earl took us back to Hunter’s and Mr. and Mrs. Chandler and their two sons came for supper and spent the evening.

Tuesday, October 9
Very hard rain. Gathered apples and dug potatoes. Went to Mr. and Mrs. Floberg’s for supper and then we spoke in the Lake Goodwin Schoolhouse. It was packed. Mrs. Chandler gave me the house quilt.

Wednesday, October 10
Went to Richey’s again and spent the day. Cecil came for us and Earl took us back. Cecil had a nice dark cake he baked and then he made candy. Mrs. Richey played and they all sang. We went to the Lake. Simeon Rose’s uncle came. We went to the Chandler family for supper – 8 or 10 miles away. Have a son who wants to go to China.

Thursday, October 11
Albert helped Brother Hunter pick up the last of his 30 tons of spuds and then he drove us to Everett and we got the train for Seattle. Had dinner at Everett. Richey’s, their baby John – 10 months old is very sweet. Little Fay cried when we said that Rosie would only stay one year in America. Spent the P.M. and came back to Watrous’.

Friday, October 12
Had dinner at Mrs. Dahlstrom’s. Mrs. Watrous’ sister and two other ladies there too. Then we spoke in a class meeting conducted by Mrs. Sundstrom in a Baptist church. Then we had dinner at the Sundstrom’s and Mr. Watrous met us at Union Station and drove us to his home. Mr. and Mrs. E. Swanson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lindblad and daughter, Helen and Mr. Martin, Mr. Mayer, Mrs. Pederson and Mr. Hendrickson were there. Got to bed at 1:00 A.M.

Saturday, October 13
Albert left for Toledo, Washington and on to Portland to rent a house. Mrs. Watrous and I went to Novack’s. They drove us home in his car.

Sunday, October 14
Went to Peniel. Rev. Glacier preached. Mr. Martin here for dinner. He is saved.

Monday, October 15
Went to Brother Douglas’ funeral at Bethel Pentecostal Temple. Mr. Ofler preached funeral. Met Mrs. Shimm. Mr. Watrous took my trunk and suitcase to depot. Mr. Lindblad came and gave Helen $5.00 for machine and Esther $1.00.

Tuesday, October 16
Left Seattle at 1:00 P.M. for Portland. Mrs. Pederson, Mrs. Hackle and Mrs. Watrous at station. Albert met us at Portland. Went out to house at 6416 – 72nd Street S.E.

Wednesday, October 17
Albert’s mother came to live with us. Pretty day. Work in general. Harry and Elnora here.

Thursday, October 18
Washed, mended and wrote letters, etc.

Friday, October 19
Alarm clock ($3.75) little shop bucket ($1.00). Mr. and Mrs. Hansen came out for me to go see Mother Furgeson at Hotel enroute to Seattle. Rev. Rachel Lockwood with her and Albert had his teeth pulled. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen here for dinner.

Saturday, October 20
Wrote and work in general. Harry and Elnora here.

Sunday, October 21
Home all day. Albert at Peniel. Harry and Elnora for supper.

Monday, October 22
Washed, ironed, sewed and wrote. Mrs. Mills called. Harry and Elnora here. Elnora’s birthday – 38 years old. Had cake and candles and coffee. Gave her set of tea cups. Helen started to Woodmere School today.

Tuesday, October 23
Work in general. A Mrs. Scott called regarding her daughter in Pasadena, California. Wrote letters. Albert had rest of his teeth pulled today.

Wednesday, October 24
Wrote letters most all day. Work in general.

Thursday, October 25
Altered old dresses for the children. Work in general.

Friday, October 26
Went shopping. Helen and Esther’s each rain coat ($3.95), spoons – six for 50 cents, search light ($1.75) at Myer & Franks.

Saturday, October 27
Made Helen’s tan and black dress – out of Anna’s. Harry and Elnora here.

Sunday, October 28
Home with Mother Reiton.

Monday, October 29
Washed, sewed. Tommie Allen took us all to Harry’s for supper. Mr. and Mrs. Summers there too. Circular letters – $5.00 for 200.

Tuesday, October 30
Ironed, sewed, made little purple dress out of Anna’s for Esther. Box apples and spuds – $1.00 each.

Wednesday, October 31
Elnora and Harold here for supper. Made Harold a waist and made pockets on aprons. Work in general. Briguetts came.

Thursday, November 1
Went shopping for China, union suits, pants, etc.

Friday, November 2
Mrs. Mills called. Sewed and mended.

Saturday, November 3
Bought shoes for Helen and Esther, black hat-boys for 25 cents. Wrote to Dr. Wasson.

Sunday, November 4
Went to Park with Mother Reiton, Harry and Elnora. They ere here for supper. Gave Harold his overcoat – $2.95.

Monday, November 5
Washed, altered dresses, wrote letters, etc.

Tuesday, November 6
Work in general. Election Day – Herbert Hoover elected President of U.S.A. and Curtis Vice President. Made Esther blue and red figured sateen dress. Got organ – $12.00. Sent Miss Davidson and Conway picture of Cheung Chau boats, one of Hoh Hing Ho, one of blind man’s boat and one of church – six bookmarks

Wednesday, November 7
Finished Esther’s little sateen dress – 69 cents. House work.

Thursday, November 8
Made Helen’s blue skirt.

Friday, November 9
Dena Oathes, her daughter and Brother Fred Rones were here from Canby. No it was yesterday they were here.

Saturday, November 10
Sewed, ironed and made Helen’s little coat suit. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson called.

Sunday, November 11
Mr. Cook took us to Vancouver. Had a good meeting at Mr. and Mrs. Mill’s church. Harry and Elnora here for supper.

Monday, November 12
Holiday in behalf of yesterday – Armistice Day. Miss Whited and Mrs. Sigenthaler here. Work in general. Sent 12 bookmarks to Gladys.

Tuesday, November 13
Spent day at Mr. Reck’s in Selwood.

Wednesday, November 14
Sewed. Mrs. Scott called. Albert has cold.

Thursday, November 15
Work in general – altered skirts. Rain.

Friday, November 16
Went to town. Mother not well. Harry and Nora for supper. I went to Nazarene Church – Rev. Suffield preached. Mr. and Mrs. Hansen came for us.

Saturday, November 17
Washed and ironed – work in general. Mother in bed. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson and Elsie here for supper. Mrs. Larson came.

Sunday, November 18
Mother in bed. Albert went to Milton to a meeting. Got back at 11:00 P.M.

Monday, November 19
Made tan gingham dress. Washed and ironed.

Tuesday, November 20
Wrote letters, sewed and house work.

Wednesday, November 21
Washed and made black and white dress. Harry and Elnora here. Received barrels from Mrs. Wales and friends at Kuab.

Thursday, November 22
Sewed. Went to Mrs. Larson’s. Ruth Larson’s birthday – 9 years old (our neighbors in Portland). They pounded Mrs. Larson – she’s a widow.

Friday, November 23
My tan shoes – $1.98, Esther’s red velvet – 96 cents. Work in general. Albert spoke at Peniel.

Saturday, November 24
Worked all day. Albert left for Seattle to see Swanson.

Sunday, November 25
Harry and Harold came. Curtis Hanson came after Harry. Gloomy and raining. Ruth Larson here for supper.

Monday, November 26
Washed, wrote letters, made Mother Reiton two gowns. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 27
Made my Kimono and washed. Wrote to Swanson, etc.

Wednesday, November 28
Ironed, sewed, wrote and work in general. Made candy for the girls.

Thursday, November 29
Thanksgiving Day. Albert in Seattle. The girls, grandma and I here at home. Work in general. Children here to play.

Friday, November 30
Made Helen’s white dress with bertha and Esther’s red velvet – 86 cents and $1.00 each. Washed and work in general.

Saturday, December 1
Mrs. Larson called. Sewed and work in general.

Sunday, December 2
Harry and family for supper. Albert got back from Seattle.

Monday, December 3
Went shopping. Esther’s coat – $5.88, red hat – $1.49, Helen’s bathrobe – $1.49 and Albert’s black and grey overcoat – $30.00.

Tuesday, December 4
Made mother two corset waists and two aprons. Mrs. Oathes and her daughter here. Work in general. Have a stiff neck.

Wednesday, December 5
Went shopping. My black coat and green hat – $20.00 and $2.00. Work in general. Teeth cleaned.

Thursday, December 6
Made Albert bathrobe out of coat. Nora and Harold here. Took pictures, etc. Cold.

Friday, December 7
Bought steamer trunk for $9.75 delivered and box for packing for China. Work in general.

Saturday, December 8
Rose Edna’s birthday – 14 years old. Nora, Harold and Deloris Worthington and our family went to see Christmas toys. Harry and family here for supper. Helen’s red hat – $1.95.

Sunday, December 9
Home all day with Mother Reiton. Albert at Grisham for meeting. Larson children for supper.

Monday, December 10
Washed, ironed, made lavender house dress and packed box for China.

Tuesday, December 11
Callers, sewed and house work. Went to Helen’s school to see the gym exercises.

Wednesday, December 12
Spoke in Swedish Baptist Mission Circle – Mrs. Larson took me. Supper at Carlson’s and Albert spoke in the night meeting. Auntie Summer’s here.

Thursday, December 13
Made my green wool dress. Went to Peniel meeting.

Friday, December 14
Mrs. Wales here from Kuab, Washington. Mrs. Noren here from Grisham. Mr. and Mrs. W. Hanson here for supper. Work in general.

Saturday, December 15
Washed, ironed, baked and made Helen’s dress. Rote letters. Work in general.

Sunday, December 16
Went to Peniel. Pretty day.

Monday, December 17
Packed some and did many other things. Have 17 bookmarks to send Mrs. Wales.

Tuesday, December 18
Received circulars from China. Are sending out 500 Christmas cards with them – 1 cent each. “Our last farewell to you from America. Our year has passed, we are homesick for China. We are expecting the Lord to cause you to pray for us. By faith we sail January 16, 1929. A steamer letter will be appreciated. Address to Mr. and Mrs. Reiton, 38 Lyon Street, San Francisco, California – Gen. 31-49”.

Wednesday, December 19
Sold organ for $10 to Noren’s in Grisham. Esther went to school with Helen. Callers. Pretty day. Meeting at Nazarene Church near here.

Thursday, December 20
Went to town. Miss Andrew here (Peniel). Work in general.

Friday, December 21
Made Helen’s black dress. Wrote Christmas cards.

Saturday, December 22
Finished cards, letters, etc. Washed. Carlsons here for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, December 23
Aunt Nora and Harold for supper. Harry came for her. Albert and girls gave me my light blue crepe silk dress.

Monday, December 24
Moved Mother’s bed, etc. back to Harry’s. Washed, ironed. Had callers. Went to Harry’s for tree. Hard rain. Harry gave Esther cradle and my magazine rack. Helen got her brush and comb set and traveling set from Aunt Nora and Esther and all of us got many things. Albert a sweater vest, etc.

Tuesday, December 25
Christmas Day at Elnora’s for turkey dinner. Mr. Pederson and Miss ____ (Nazarene preacher) drove us home in car.

Wednesday, December 26
Packing and many callers. Mr. Sigenthaler called. We were there for a turkey supper. She gave me lot of things for our lunch on train and a chicken.

Thursday, December 27
Very busy. We are bidding farewell to Mother and Portland. Leaving on night train for California. Mr. Carlson and Elsie took us to station. Sister Carlson sent cream puffs. We call it white Jello for Esther doesn’t like cream. Had callers all day. Sister Whited, Sigenthaler, Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Miss Andrews, Miss Adams and others at station. Left at 9:30 P.M.

Friday, December 28
Snow blizzards, rain, sunshine and all sorts of weather on train enroute to San Francisco.

Saturday, December 29
Arrived in San Francisco at 7:00 A.M. Sister Eastin received us at 38 Lyon Street. Mrs. Emslie at her daughters. Mrs. Holmes called. She is enroute to Pasadena from Oregon. Letters and work in general. Miss Dobbins and Miss Himmelberger here.

Sunday, December 30
Meetings. Mrs. Holmes preached at night. Miss Himmelberger in afternoon. Mrs. Himmelberger stayed all night here. Helen and Gertrude Rench at altar for sanctification.

Monday, December 31
In basement packing most all day. Watchlight service. Albert and I spoke. A demon possessed man at altar. He afterwards gave Sister Emslie $50.