1927 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Saturday, January 1
Work in general. Opening day of Peniel chapel in Koon Chung. Miss Myers and Daniels in charge. Full house. Mr. Cheung, Mr. Ko and Mr. Kwok spoke. Mr. Evans sang solo and also Mr. Lee. Miss Myers and Albert sang. Miss Daniels played. Testimonies. Gave out 90 gospels to heathens. Christians gave a bit over $10 for the opening day. Night meetings here.

Sunday, January 2
Communion Day. Over 100 present. Miss Myers and Daniels for dinner and supper. Two meetings at Koon Chung. Mr. Lee preached – souls at altar here.

Monday, January 3
Work in general. Boxes from San Francisco came – old clothes, bacon, etc. Many callers.

Tuesday, January 4
Many callers. Giving out clothes. Grants for supper. Hospital meeting and prayer meeting.

Wednesday, January 5
Women’s meeting. Many callers. Went to Koon Chung street meeting. Night meetings here.

Thursday, January 6
Divided things that came in Portland Mission boxes. Miss Daniels, Myers, Lee, Evans and Grant here. No meeting here in Yaumati on Thursday night. I went to Koon Chung.

Friday, January 7
Mr. Scott came from U.S.A. He and Albert went to Macao. First women’s meeting in Koon Chung Mission. Mrs. Ko preached. Two meetings here. Many callers. Work in general.

Saturday, January 8
Work in general. Miss Myers and Daniels at prayer meeting. Stayed for supper. Night meetings.

Sunday, January 9
Mr. Scott preached – good meetings. Street meetings, etc. Many callers.

Monday, January 10
Went to Rose Edna’s grave with Albert and Mr. Scott. Night meetings – six at altar at Koon Chung.

Tuesday, January 11
Ah Laam came from Nam Tau. Sent up Miss Stodghill box of groceries, etc. Night meeting. Miss Suggs and Mooney at meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, January 12
Callers. Miss Daniels for supper. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Letters, etc.

Thursday, January 13
Miss Stodghill came down from Nam Tau. I went to Shamshuipo meeting. Boat meeting for children. Gave out 800 tracts. Many callers, etc.

Friday, January 14
Callers. Women’s meeting at Koon Chung. Carpenters here fixing windows and doors. Miss Myers for supper. Mr. Lam and many callers. Meetings.

Saturday, January 15
All of Grants spent the day here. Prayer meeting P.M. All here but Evans and Lee. Meetings. Work in general. Many callers.

Sunday, January 16
First Sunday school in Koon Chung Mission. Pang Siu Shang helped. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Miss Myers, Daniels and Mr. Lee for supper. Five meetings. Tang Si Ni came back.

Monday, January 17
Callers. Wrote letters. Carpenters worked in the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 18
Hospital meetings. Two night meetings. Callers. Sha Tseng Li Si Ni has son born yesterday.

Wednesday, January 19
Letters. Women’s meeting. Callers. Two night meetings. Covered Helen’s books, etc.

Thursday, January 20
Went to Hong Kong. Received package from Cowles church. Went to Koon Chung meeting.

Friday, January 21
Made my blue and tan checked dress. Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Many callers. Work in general. Two meetings.

Saturday, January 22
Mr. Cheung at prayer meeting – all here but Grants. Night meetings. Lee, Evans, Myers, Daniels, Cheung, and Richey for supper. Cold.

Sunday, January 23
Meetings. Miss Meadows called. Mr. Kwok and Lee for dinner. Daniels, Myers and Lee for supper.

Monday, January 24
7:30 to 8:00 prayer meetings began in Mission. Tang Si Ni went to hospital in Hong Kong for X-ray. Many callers.

Tuesday, January 25
Callers. Hospital meeting. Night meetings.

Wednesday, January 26
Swanson and Lindblad came. Women’s meeting. Night meetings. Lee, Swanson, Lindblad and Daniels for supper.

Thursday, January 27
Went to Hong Kong with Swanson and Lindblad. Koon Chung meeting. Callers. Work in general. Miss Daniels for supper.

Friday, January 28
Letters. Callers. Women’s meeting. Called in three homes. Night meetings.

Saturday, January 29
Many callers. Mrs. Marsh and Miss Matley from Shui Hing. Mrs. Benson and Mrs. Wright from Cheung Chau. All here at prayer meeting but Mrs. Grant and Mr. Lee. Night meetings. Six for supper. Mailed circulars.

Sunday, January 30
Went to Koon Chung, Shamshuipo and here to meetings. Mrs. Grant for supper. Miss Daniels and Myers for dinner. Mr. Lum for breakfast. Gave out tracts.

Monday, January 31
Many callers. Gave out 1,000 tracts. All of Cheung family for supper.

Tuesday, February 1
Hospital meeting. Early A.M. prayer meeting. Grant family for dinner. Gave out 2,000 tracts. Two night meetings.

Wednesday, February 2
Chinese New Year Day. Early prayers. Women’s meeting – 30 came up and eat cake and tea after meeting. Mr. Wong from WuChow’s first meeting.

Thursday, February 3
Swanson and Lindblad back here for supper. Mr. Evans for dinner and supper. Mr. Wong spoke – big crowd. Mr. Lindblad here over night and up until nearly 1:00 A.M. Many callers.

Friday, February 4
Many callers. Swanson sailed for U.S. Night meeting – balcony full. Blessed meeting.

Saturday, February 5
Early prayer meeting. P.M. prayer meeting – all present but Mr. Evans. Mrs. Grant and Miss Daniels for supper. Blessed night meeting.

Sunday, February 6
House full. Mr. Wong used of God. Night meeting – many at altar. Thirteen women and 14 men consecrated their lived to God. $42.73 given by the members to Mr. Wong.

Monday, February 7
Albert’s 45 years old. Helen and Miss Richey had a program for him. Music, stories, prayer, songs, etc. Myers, Daniels and Lee here. California boxes came. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, February 8
Many people here. Hospital meeting and night meetings. Smiths and Tauber came down – ordered out by consulate.

Wednesday, February 9
Women’s meeting. Marsh and Matley, Smiths and many others here. Smiths rented flat near oriental tobacco factory. Very cold.

Thursday, February 10
Went to Hong Kong and bought rug for platform ($15.50). Miss Daniels gave $10.00. No night meeting. Sewed. Miss Daniels for supper.

Friday, February 11
Many callers. Good night meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, February 12
Sewed. Prayer meeting – all present but Mrs. Grand and Miss Stodghill. Good night meeting. All workers for supper.

Sunday, February 13
Big meetings inside and out.

Monday, February 14
Prayer meeting at Sha Tseng, Li Si Ni’s. Her baby boy one month old. Night meeting at Koon Chung – souls at altar. Callers, etc. Mr. Lee for supper.

Tuesday, February 15
Miss Stodghill and Ng Shap came down from Nam Tau. Mr. Larson from Canton. Fine testimony and prayer meeting.

Wednesday, February 16
Women’s meeting. Called Mr. Kwok. Miss Richey, Albert, the children and I had supper at Sha Tseng – Chan Si Ni. Night meetings – Ng Shap spoke.

Thursday, February 17
Made Esther’s brown dress. Miss Daniels and Lee for supper. Work in general. Koon Chung meeting. So Saam Koo began teaching characters to the women from 7:30 to 8:00. Miss Richey at Grant’s.

Friday, February 18
Grant’s moved to another house in Kowloon. Rained all day. Miss Daniels and Myers for supper. Prayer meeting and street meeting – souls at altar.

Saturday, February 19
Work in general. All at prayer meeting but Mr. Grant, lee and Stodghill. Mr. Larson and many callers. Night meetings. Called at Smiths. Dolly and Polly went into hospital.

Sunday, February 20
Brother Smith preached A.M. – big crowd. Mr. Lee and Kwok for dinner. Mrs. Smith and Tauber for supper. Mrs. Smith and I went to Shamshuipo meeting – she spoke. Helen played for church here in Yaumati.

Monday, February 21
Many callers. Miss Fluker and Hitchcock came and stayed all night here. Work in general.

Tuesday, February 22
Hospital meeting. Miss Hitchcock sailed for U.S.A. Night meetings. Mr. Lee went to Koon Shan with Miss Fluker. Souls at altar.

Wednesday, February 23
Women’s meeting, street and indoor meetings. Miss Stodghill and Daniels for supper. Souls at altar. Letters, callers, etc.

Thursday, February 24
Work in general. Went to Hong Kong meeting. Callers, etc.

Friday, February 25
Made two gowns for children. Called in five homes. Koon Chung women’s meeting. Night meetings here. A Mr. Baker called from Chicago..

Saturday, February 26
Many callers. Grants and the girls at prayer meeting. Chinese supper at Smith’s. Meetings – Au Kok Wan here.

Sunday, February 27
Good meetings. Callers. Koon Chung meeting, etc.

Monday, February 28
Callers. Miss Daniels and Myers for supper. Miss Richey at Grant’s. Made Esther gown and dress. Work in general.

Tuesday, March 1
Callers. Hospital meeting. Miss Stodghill for supper. Night meetings. Called.

Wednesday, March 2
Women’s meeting and night meetings. Wong Si Ni here. Miss Weeks called. Sewed and work in general.

Thursday, March 3
Many callers. Sewed and called.

Friday, March 4
Many callers. Mrs. Grant and Li Kai Koo for supper. Meetings.

Saturday, March 5
Work in general. All at prayer meeting but Mrs. Grant and Stodghill. Went to Hong Kong and bought brown shoes for girls. Meetings at night.

Sunday, March 6
Five meetings. Mrs. Marsh and Mr. Kwok for dinner. Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Callers, etc. Called on Mrs. Benson. Gave out tracts. Mr. Lee came back from Koon Sham. Albert left for Nam Tau.

Monday, March 7
Made Helen three dresses out of old ones. Mr. Lee for dinner. Callers, etc.

Tuesday, March 8
Went to meet Albert back from Nam Tau. Sewed. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, March 9
Called. Mrs. Ko and Mr. Lum for lunch. Miss Daniels and Mr. Lee for supper. Women’s meeting and night meetings, etc.

Thursday, March 10
We dismissed Mr. and Mrs. Ko from Peniel. He was not preaching the gospel. Sewed and called in several homes. Miss Daniels for supper. Miss Tauber here.

Friday, March 11
Work in general. Miss Richey at Grant’s. Callers. Prayer and street meetings.

Saturday, March 12
Callers. All at prayer meeting but Mr. Lee and Miss Stodghill. Night meeting. Mrs. Burtt and baby and amah came from Shiu Hing.

Sunday, March 13
Meetings all day. Callers.

Monday, March 14
Called on sick. Callers. Mr. Kwok for supper. Koon Chung meeting. Mrs. Burtt still here.

Tuesday, March 15
Many callers. Hospital meeting. Night meeting. Miss Clark, an around the world passenger on the California, in meeting.

Wednesday, March 16
Day of prayer and fasting. Early A.M. prayer meeting. Many callers. Women’s meeting and night meetings. Miss Erickson here from Canton.

Thursday, March 17
Mrs. Burtt left for Shiu Hing. Koon Chung meeting. Callers and work in general.

Friday, March 18
Prayer meeting. Mr. Evans, Ng Shap and Miss Stodghill after meeting.

Saturday, March 19
Called at Miss Meadows. Her new worker, Miss _____, arrived last week. Night meetings. Shan Kei, Saam Koo, Mr. Kwok and Chan Kwong here after meeting. All of Peniel foreigners at prayer meeting here.

Sunday, March 20
Five meetings. Miss Stodghill here for dinner. Mrs. Allen and son-in-law and four sons for supper. Koon Chung meeting. Called. Miss Daniels for supper.

Monday, March 21
Called in many homes. Sewed. Callers and work in general.

Tuesday, March 22
Crazy Li Si Ni here. Wants to enter hospital. Called. Went to Hong Kong. Night meetings.

Wednesday, March 23
Women’s meeting. Callers. Night meetings. Mr. MacKenzie here over night. Miss Richey at Grant’s.

Thursday, March 24
Mrs. Marsh for dinner. Went to a village near Lai Chi Kok giving out tracts. Koon Chung and Shamshuipo meetings. Made my black coat.

Friday, March 25
Work in general. Rain. Callers. Myers and Daniels for supper. Called in many homes.

Saturday, March 26
Mr. Cheung for dinner. All at prayer meeting but Miss Stodghill and Evans. Night meetings.

Sunday, March 27
Full house for meetings. Called on Miss Stodghill with Miss Richey. Callers.

Monday, March 28
Work in general. Many callers. All Peniel foreigners here for supper in honor of Miss Stodghill leaving.

Tuesday, March 29
Old beggar, Chan Ah Po, buried. Funeral in chapel. Miss Stodghill’s farewell. Meeting at night.

Wednesday, March 30
Mrs. Marsh spoke at women’s meeting. Many callers. Went shopping with Miss Stodghill. She sailed at 5:00 P.M. on Empress Canada for U.S.A.

Thursday, March 31
Miss Bancroft and workers from Koon Shan came down to coast. Went calling. Callers. Mr. Cheung gave all foreigners a supper.

Friday, April 1
Burtts came down from Shiu Hing. Myers and Daniels moved to Koon Chung. Sold stove for $25.00. Many, many callers.

Saturday, April 2
Vaccinated Esther, papa, Miss Richey and I. All at prayer meeting but Mrs. Grant and Evans. Called and Callers. Night meetings.

Sunday, April 3
Communion Service – big crowd. Many callers during P.M. Mr. Wong from Hong Kong preached at night.

Monday, April 4
Called on Miss Myers and Daniels. Burtts and Marsh at Koon Chung. Prayed with Li Si Ni in our home. Brother Smith preached at Koon Chung. Souls at altar. After meeting, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Miss Tauber, Richey, Matley, Myers and Daniels and I called on Mr. and Mrs. Burtt. Mr. Burtt’s 69th birthday.

Tuesday, April 5
Hospital meeting.

Wednesday, April 6
Swanson came. Women’s meeting and night meetings. Many callers.

Thursday, April 7
Took Koon Mooi to hospital. Miss Richey went into Government Hospital (breaking out after vaccination). Meeting of men here regarding Mr. Ko and Lee. Night meeting.

Friday, April 8
Called in many places. Miss Wilson for lunch. Called on Miss Richey at hospital. Night meetings.

Saturday, April 9
Early prayer meeting. Kwok for breakfast. All at prayer meeting but Miss Daniels and Richey. Night meetings. Cranes came back from coast.

Sunday, April 10
Good meetings – souls at altar. Many callers.

Monday, April 11
Grants, Miss Myers and Mr. Lee for dinner. Miss Richey came back from hospital. Went to Benson’s for supper.

Tuesday, April 12
Called at Smith’s. Many callers here. Night meetings.

Wednesday, April 13
Swanson here from Manila. Miss Daniels and I went to Hong Kong. Mrs. Smith had women’s meeting. Miss Daniels for dinner. Evans and Miss Tauber for supper. Night meetings.

Thursday, April 14
Munroe here from Canton for dinner, also Mr. Lee. Mr. Swanson, Smith, Daniels, Myers, Matley and other here. Meeting.

Friday, April 15
Many callers. Called at Crane’s and Winter’s and Mrs. Tseng. Meetings and cleaned house.

Saturday, April 16
Miss Bancroft came to stay over Sunday. All at prayer meeting but Mr. Grant. Many callers. Song practice for Easter. Night meeting.

Sunday, April 17
Easter. Miss Fluker, two German sisters and Miss Bancroft here. Also Mr. and Mrs. Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Burtt, Brother Smith, Mrs. Frasier and daughter and two friends from India enroute to U.S.A. and many other callers. Blessed meetings. Mr. Hoh came out of hospital. New well yet.

Monday, April 18
Cold. Letters. Koon Chung meeting. Callers, etc.

Tuesday, April 19
Went to hospital. Miss Daniels and Helen vaccinated. Mrs. Crane took little Grace up. Meetings, at hospital and visited in homes. Miss Bancroft here over night. Prayer meeting. Mr. Hoh went into Nethersole Hospital.

Wednesday, April 20
Went to hospital again with Mrs. Crane and Gracie. They were all here for dinner. Women’s meeting. Mrs. Cheung here and other callers. Night meetings.

Thursday, April 21
Called. We all called at Mrs. Kailey’s. Went to Yan Tai’s, Mr. Evan’s and Shamshuipo meetings. Joy smith played.

Friday, April 22
Helen and Miss Myers went to Cheung Chau. Miss Richey and I went to Hong Kong and got our new pink and blue kimonos ($2.00 yard). Miss Daniels for supper. Mr. Evans here. Night meetings. Miss Richey went to Grant’s.

Saturday, April 23
Work in general. Callers. Miss Richey has measles. Went into Kowloon government Hospital. Prayer meeting at 6:30 A.M. and from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Mr. Evans and Mr. Cheung present. Helen and Miss Myers got back from Island. Called. Night meetings.

Sunday, April 24
Brother Smith preached – full house. Called. Night meetings.

Monday, April 25
Went to hospital with Mrs. Crane. Miss Richey better. Made Esther two gowns and Helen and I a skirt. Called at Kwong Wa Hospital. Callers, etc.

Tuesday, April 26
Sewed. Hospital. Night meetings and callers.

Wednesday, April 27
Called. Women’s meeting – Lam Si Ni spoke. Night meetings – souls at altar.

Thursday, April 28
Went to hospital again with Mrs. Crane and Gracie. Smiths moved to Old Kowloon. Going to live together with Grants. Made Esther old rose kimono.

Friday, April 29
Made Ester’s and my pink kimono. Callers. Esther fever all P.M. Night meetings. Miss Richey home from hospital, but must stay alone two weeks.

Saturday, April 30
Mr. Cheung and Mr. Lum I, Myers and Daniels, Albert and I at prayer meeting. Callers. Work in general. Night meeting. God touched Esther.

Sunday, May 1
Myers and Daniels for dinner. Very hard rain. Big crowd at meetings – souls at altar. Miss Meadows called.

Monday, May 2
Made Kimono out of old one. Many callers. Mr. Li from Norfolk, Virginia, was married at Church of England. Miss Daniels played. Went to his home about 4:00 P.M. for big feast. Mr. Grant had $74 stolen out of his coat on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 3
Hospital meeting. Called. Night meetings and work in general.

Wednesday, May 4
Callers. Women’s meeting. Night meetings – four at altar.

Thursday, May 5
Albert sick. Many callers. Made myself a dress. So Saam Koo had her class again.

Friday, May 6
Called at Grant’s. her servants all gone. Mr. Lau is in jail. Spoke at Koon Chung. Women’s meeting. Went home with the girls for supper. Night meeting here. Many callers. Lum I and family had supper here. Good meeting.

Saturday, May 7
6:00 A.M. Prayer meeting. 2:00 P.M. Prayer meeting – Myers, Evans and Cheung here. Night meetings. Callers and work in general.

Sunday, May 8
Albert still sick. Many callers. Four meetings.

Monday, May 9
Called with Chan Si Ni. Koon Chung meeting. Sewed, callers, etc. Mr. Hoh back out of Nethersole hospital – there 21 days.

Tuesday, May 10
Work in general. Hospital meeting and two night meetings.

Wednesday, May 11
Early prayer meeting, women’s meeting and two night meetings – four at altar. Many callers. Sewed.

Thursday, May 12
Sewed. Grant family here all day.

Friday, May 13
Called in nine homes. Koon Chung women’s meeting. Dinner with Miss Myers and Daniels. Street and night meetings here.

Saturday, May 14
Worked all day. Three ladies from Cheung Chau for dinner. Ko family and Miss Daniels for supper. Night meeting. Early A.M. prayer meeting and 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. prayer meeting here. Myers, Daniels and Mr. Grant here.

Sunday, May 15
Mr. Hinkey preached. Many missionaries. Full house. Miss Ross, Cranes and Mr. Hinkey for dinner. Esther broke out with measles at night.

Monday, May 16
Sewed. Work in general. Stayed in dark corner with Esther. Callers, etc. Mrs. Storey’s baby “James Wesley” born March 26 – 8-1/2 lbs. Mary Margaret Femmer (Alaska) born September 22, 1926.

Tuesday, May 17
Mrs. Winters for supper and hospital meeting. Also Yan Tin for supper. Street and night meetings.

Wednesday, May 18
Mr. Ko here, also Mr. Cheung. Many callers. Women’s meeting. Mrs. Benson and baby called. Lined quilt. Night meetings, etc.

Thursday, May 19
Helen stopped school on account of Esther’s measles. Miss Richey made Albert’s pajama suit. Many callers. Very heavy rain.

Friday, May 20
Callers. Went to Kowloon Hospital. Dr. Dovey examined my side. Night meetings.

Saturday, May 21
Called. Mr. Cheung, Grants, Myers and Daniels at prayer meeting. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Sunday, May 22
Very hard rain. Good meetings. Mr. Kwok for dinner. Esther still in bed with measles – very happy. Callers.

Monday, May 23
Mrs. Crane for dinner. Called. Miss Bancroft here enroute to Koon Shan. Work in general. Letter from Swanson.

Tuesday, May 24
Took Suet Si Ni to Nethersole Hospital. Went to Kwong Wa Hospital meeting. Ah Ho sick – went to pray for her. Miss Matley for supper. Ironed. Night meetings. Callers, etc. Miss Richey at Grant’s.

Wednesday, May 25
Finished ironing. Ah Ho better. Mrs. Cheung spoke at women’s meeting. Bought Helen’s pith hat ($3.50). Night meetings.

Thursday, May 26
Helen and Albert went with the Smith picnic crowd out to Castle Peak. Miss Richey at Grant’s. Callers and work in general – finished Albert’s pajama suits, etc.

Friday, May 27
Went to hospital with Mrs. Crane and Grace. Went to Koon Chung women’s meeting. Street and night meetings here. Callers, helped wash and clean house. Esther’s first day up.

Saturday, May 28
Early prayer meeting. Work in general. Cheung and Myers, Daniels and Richey at prayer meeting. Brother Smith preached in the Mission in English from 3:00 to 4:00 P.M. – subject – Love. Callers. We went to Rose Edna’s grave with flowers and cleaned the stone, etc. Night Bible study.

Sunday, May 29
Mr. Kwok for dinner. He preached on Jesus Second coming. Big crowd. Callers, etc.

Monday, May 30
Having two pots of flowers placed on Rose Edna’s grave ($1.00 per month). Smiths spent the day here. During their stay here friends gathered with cake, sandwiches and ice cream at their home in Kowloon – 27 altogether and we took them home and joined the “surprise” – songs, prayer, talks, etc.

Tuesday, May 31
Hospital meeting. Miss Daniels, Larson, Lee and Miss Rinker for supper. Mr. Burtt sailed for America. Meetings. Made the white dress Swanson gave me. Work in general. Mrs. Hinkey invited us to the island for two weeks – can’t go.

Wednesday, June 1
Women’s meeting. Dr. Dovey advises me to have an X-ray on my side. Night meetings.

Thursday, June 2
Callers, sewed, letters and work in general.

Friday, June 3
King’s birthday. Helen, Albert and Smiths went to Hong Kong to see the soldiers march and airplanes perform. We whitewashed kitchen and Miss Richey’s room ($2.70).

Saturday, June 4
Went to Government Civil Hospital for X-ray ($7.50 – half price). Rant family here. Prayer meeting – Mr. Kwok, Cheung, Grants, girls here.

Sunday, June 5
Lo Tak Sans meeting in his home. Good meetings in church. Callers, etc.

Monday, June 6
Smith’s left for U.S.A. via Egypt. Many at wharf to see them off.

Tuesday, June 7
Brother Swanson came from California. Many nice things from friends. Night meetings. Many callers.

Wednesday, June 8
Mrs. Crane had charge of women’s meeting. Mr. Crane preached at night. Callers. Made Helen’s pink dress, etc.

Thursday, June 9
X-ray did not reveal anything. Callers. Miss Richey at Grant’s. Went to Koon Chung meeting. My side quite bad.

Friday, June 10
Made Esther’s pink dress and wrote letters, etc. Night meeting. Prayer meeting. Ah Hung got angry because he could not testify twice. Gove gave victory.

Saturday, June 11
Early prayer meeting. Callers and work in general. P.M. prayer meeting – Mr. Kwok, Pane and his friend Li, Mr. Cheung, Myers, Daniels and Lum I here. Night meetings.

Sunday, June 12
Helen’s birthday. She received dress, ribbons, fan, perfume, socks, etc., etc. Party is tomorrow D.V. Big crowds in services. Mr. Winters preached. They sail for U.S.A. tomorrow. Callers and called.

Monday, June 13
Helen celebrated her birthday. Joy, Dolly and Polly Smith, Katherine Burtt, four Crane girls and 30 odd here during the day. Also Brother Swanson. Miss Richey went to Grant’s to stay a while.

Tuesday, June 14
Many callers. The stewardess off the Ship Jackson had breakfast here. Ng Snap lead prayer meeting – good crowd. Swanson sailed for Seattle.

Wednesday, June 15
Work in general. Many callers. Miss Tauber led women’s meeting. Mr. Wong night meeting. Sewed.

Thursday, June 16
Pauline Crane is 7 years old. Also Miss Daniel’s birthday. We were all at Crane’s for cake and ice cream, etc. Many callers here. Class at night.

Friday, June 17
Went to Koon Chung meeting. Called at Missionary Home. Night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, June 18
Mrs. Grant’s baby girl born at 2:00 P.M. Miss Daniels, Myers and three preachers at prayer meeting.

Sunday, June 19
Good meetings. Myers, Daniels, Tauber, Kwok for dinner.

Monday, June 20
Made baby Grant a dress. Called there. Many callers here. Work in general.

Tuesday, June 21
Hospital meeting. Called. Night meeting. Callers. Sewed. Albert sick.

Wednesday, June 22
Women’s meeting. Miss Matley and Daniels called. Night meetings. Ng Shap preached. Mr. Cheung went to Canton. Kwok preached at Kowloon City.

Thursday, June 23
Callers. Sewed. Work in general. Class.

Friday, June 24
Koon Chung women’s meeting. Hong Kong. Grants, Mrs. Crane for dinner. Daniel’s for supper. Two night meetings. Sewed.

Saturday, June 25
Mr. Evans, Richey, Pang, Cheung, Myers and Daniels at prayer meeting. Mr. Kwok’s mother came down from Canton. Night meeting. Evans and girls here for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, June 26
Big crowds at all meetings – souls at altar. Mr. Li Shui Min, Mr. Kwok, his mother and grandmother here for supper. Mr. Grant called.

Monday, June 27
Wrote Mrs. Richmond and Miss Pearce. Albert up after being in bed one week. The blind evangelist to come, Mr. Galloway. Miss Erickson, Burtt, Tauber, Matley, Richey, Myers, Evans, Crane and many Chinese here. Meeting. Three preachers for dinner.

Tuesday, June 28
Hospital meeting and two night meetings. Mr. Luk preached and Mr. Wong interpreted. Three preachers for meals.

Wednesday, June 29
Blind man, Mr. Luk spoke at women’s meeting. Mrs. Cheung and children and Miss Daniels for dinner. Miss Richey for supper. Miss Daniels had an automobile run over her – only bruised her. Night meetings, etc.

Thursday, June 30
Mr. Grant’s birthday. Called there and the girl’s. Work in general. Examined 17 and accepted 15 candidates for baptism.

Friday, July 1
Cleaned house. Heavy rain. Callers. Meetings, sewed, etc.

Saturday, July 2
Ah Choi got back from her vacation from WuChow. Mr. Evans, Myers, Mr. Grant and a number of Chinese at prayer meeting. Night meetings. Work in general- many callers.

Sunday, July 3
Very large crowds. Baptism and Communion. Ten from Shamshuipo, three from Kowloon city, one from Koon Chung and 13 from Yaumati. Mr. Lang did the baptism. Blind man preached – his collection was $34.77.

Monday, July 4
Called on Miss Daniels and Myers, Grant and Mrs. Benson. Chinese meal. Went to Lai Chi Kok swimming.

Tuesday, July 5
Hospital meeting and night meetings. Larson for dinner. Mrs. Crane and others here.

Wednesday, July 6
Albert went to Cheung Chau to stay overnight. Women’s meeting. Au Muk Sz here. Washed and work in general.

Thursday, July 7
Callers. Meetings. Sewed and did circular letter, etc.

Friday, July 8
Called and made my blue lawn dress. Called on Miss Daniels and at Hospital. Went to Koon Chung women’s meetings. Two night meetings here. Callers. Work in general.

Saturday, July 9
Made my blue bed tops – 8 yards for $1.00. Evans, Richey, Myers and a number of Chinese at prayer meeting. Early A.M. meeting and work in general.

Sunday, July 10
Hung Hom Mr. Kwok preached and Ng Shap at night. Many callers. Daniels and Myers for dinner. Three at altar.

Monday, July 11
Suet Si Ni buried. Funeral in our church. Myers and Daniels for Chinese meal. Work in general. Very hot.

Tuesday, July 12
Made board awning for verandah. Callers. Meeting – three at altar. Letters, etc.

Wednesday, July 13
Women’s meeting. Early prayer meeting. Called on Evan’s and wrote letters.

Thursday, July 14
Made roof for back alley. Kwok for breakfast and supper. Many callers.

Friday, July 15
Called at Burtt’s, Marsh, Grant’s, Chan’s. Lum’s women’s meeting. Myers and Daniels for supper. Night meetings.

Saturday, July 16
Hong Kong. Sewed. Myers, Daniels, Grant and Chinese at prayer meeting. Crane girls stayed all night here. Many callers.

Sunday, July 17
Mr. Wong from WuChow preached in A.M. and Mr. Tse from Shui Hing at night. Kwok and Rev. Wong for dinner. Very hard rain.

Monday, July 18
Albert working at Sugar Refinery. Callers. Miss Myers for supper. Mong Kok street meeting. Work in general.

Tuesday, July 19
Miss Richey came back from Grant’s. Hospital meeting. Night meetings.

Wednesday, July 20
San Kei began teaching Saam Tsz King. Women’s meeting. Callers.

Thursday, July 21
Went to Hong Kong with Miss Richey to look at organs. Work in general.

Friday, July 22
Work in general, street and night meetings. Callers.

Saturday, July 23
Dolly Smith’s birthday. Myers, Daniels and Richey at prayer meeting and five Chinese. Work in general.

Sunday, July 24
Mr. Crane preached in the A.M. Mr. Wong at night. Callers, etc. Typhoon on.

Monday, July 25
Rain. Miss Richey, Helen, Esther, Chan Kwong and I went to Cheung Chau. Arrived at 7:00 P.M. at 28 Hinkey House.

Tuesday, July 26
Had a good rest and swim at the beach. Miss Fluker from Koon Shaan is also in Hinkey House.

Wednesday, July 27
Wrote letter, went to beach, etc.

Thursday, July 28
Albert and Miss Daniels came over and stayed all night.

Friday, July 29
Miss Richey and Helen and Chan Kwong stayed and we came home. Good prayer meeting – one soul at altar. Grant family and new baby, Mary, at meeting for first time in Yaumati.

Saturday, July 30
Myers and Daniels and Mr. Grant and four Chinese at prayer meeting. Many callers. The girls for supper and Mr. Kwok.

Sunday, July 31
Mr. Kwok preached A.M. and Leung Kam Tai and Mr. Lum I at night. Mr. Kwok for dinner.

Monday, August 1
Many callers. Pang Sin Shang and Leung Shi Kans daughter engaged. Miss Matley, Mr. Larson, Pang Sz Tai, Leung Kam Tai Si Ni and Leung Shi Kan Si Ni here to witness it. Miss Richey and Helen came back from Cheung Chau. Called, etc.

Tuesday, August 2
Called on Lum Si Ni and Lau Si Ni. Very hard rain. Hospital meeting. Night meeting.

Wednesday, August 3
Miss Tauber led women’s meeting. Grant boys here. Took them home. Callers. Work in general.

Thursday, August 4
Many callers. Mrs. Grant and baby Mary here all day. Went to Hung Hom beach and also to Mrs. Crane and girls.

Friday, August 5
Called on Mr. Lee. Grace Poon Si Ni, Mrs. Benson, Cheuk Si Ni. Koon Chung women’s meeting. Made Helen’s gym dress. Callers and work in general. Two night meetings.

Saturday, August 6
Went around Hong Kong Island with Helen, Esther and Miss Myers and Daniels. They and Miss Richey and Chinese at prayer meeting. Miss Richey, Helen and I went to Poon Siu Shang’s for a Chinese meal.

Sunday, August 7
Mr. Kwok preached. Four meetings – five at altar. Very hard rain. Callers.

Monday, August 8
Mr. Swanson came from Seattle. Many callers all day.

Tuesday, August 9
Brother Swanson here. Sailed at 2:00 P.M. Hospital meeting and night meetings.

Wednesday, August 10
Lum Si Ni had women’s meeting. Hard rain. Called in the A.M. Sewed, wrote letters, etc.

Thursday, August 11
Went to Cheung Chau to the meetings. Mr. Hinkey and Mr. Rob in A.M. and had breakfast and dinner at Miss Fluker’s and German sisters. Nice day and trip.

Friday, August 12
Called in Shamshuipo. Went to visit Katherine Grant in hospital. Night meetings. Callers. Rain.

Saturday, August 13
Miss Myers and Daniels, Miss Richey, Albert and I and Chinese at prayer meeting. Went to Hung Hom swimming.

Sunday, August 14
Swanson came from Manila – here for dinner. We went with him to Grant’s a while. Mr. Kwok preached a fine sermon. Souls at altar for sanctification.

Monday, August 15
Brother Swanson sails at 10:00 P.M. for California. Many callers. Esther has fever all night and today. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 16
Went to hospital with Miss Richey – her heart troubles her. Went to hospital meeting. Called on Miss Myers and Daniels. Night meetings.

Wednesday, August 17
Called at Miss Meadow’s. Cottage meeting at Chan Si Ni. Women’s meeting. Took pictures by Miss Daniels. Mrs. Cheung and two children for supper.

Thursday, August 18
Ah Shap began work ($11.00). Ah Ho cannot work again on account of her new son.

Friday, August 19
Sewed. Very hot. Typhoon signals up. Street and prayer meeting. Callers. Work in general.

Saturday, August 20
Typhoon. Eight for prayer meeting. Very hard wind and rain.

Sunday, August 21
Made Helen’s yellow and black dress. Miss Clark for dinner. Many callers. Work in general.

Monday, August 22
Good meetings. Ten or more at altar. Clearer and no wind.

Tuesday, August 23
Four years today since Rose Edna left us. Victory. Good meetings. Hospital and church meetings. Many callers.

Wednesday, August 24
Early prayer meeting, noon cottage meeting and 2:00 P.M. women’s meeting – Mrs. Cheung led. Work in general. Callers, etc.

Thursday, August 25
Made Helen’s dress. Callers. Shamshuipo meeting. Work in general.

Friday, August 26
Called. Shamshuipo twice, Hong Kong, Koon Chung meeting, street and night meeting here. Ah Choi heard her husband is dead.

Saturday, August 27
Early prayer meeting. Many callers. P.M. Meeting. Myers, Daniels, Richey and lot of Chinese present.

Sunday, August 28
Four meetings. Kwok for dinner. Grant boys here all day.

Monday, August 29
Called, sewed, callers. Miss Daniels for dinner. Very hot. Miss Richey went to Grant’s to stay while they go to Macao.

Tuesday, August 30
Went to dentist. Mrs. Crane for dinner. Callers in off steam ship – friends of Clintons. Typhoon signals up. Went to Shamshuipo to Mrs. Raetz. Her baby is very sick. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, August 31
Sewed. Women’s meeting. Myers and Daniels for supper. Evans here. Called at Raetz. Baby very sick. Work in general.

Thursday, September 1
Went to Hong Kong. Tooth crowned ($12.00). Miss Tauber and Joy, Dolly and Polly spent day here. Mr. Kwok back from Canton for supper. Work in general.

Friday, September 2
Sewed. Called. Callers. Meetings, letters, work in general.

Saturday, September 3
Many callers. Miss Matley for supper. Prayer meetings.

Sunday, September 4
Good meetings. Kwok for dinner. Callers, etc.

Monday, September 5
Work in general. Callers. Went to buy socks with Ah Choi.

Tuesday, September 6
Not feeling good. Night meetings. Helen at altar. Kowloon City chapel open one year today.

Wednesday, September 7
Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting and night meetings. Many callers.

Thursday, September 8
Tsoi Suet Chan (Ah Choi), Kwok Wai Chan (Ah So) and Tsang Kam Fuk left for WuChow Bible school. Night meetings. Many callers.

Friday, September 9
Miss Bancroft and Fluker called. Night meetings. Many callers all day. Moved big writing desk down on to the church balcony.

Saturday, September 10
Fourteen at prayer meeting. Wong Kwong died at 1:00 A.M. Moon festival. Myers, Daniels and Kwok for supper. Mr. Lee called to have shirts mended. Many callers. Work in general.

Sunday, September 11
Wong Kwong Sui Shang buried – about 50 went to the cemetery. Went to Grant’s for dinner. Night meetings.

Monday, September 12
Work in general. Took the girls to the beach at Hung Hom.

Tuesday, September 13
Called, sewed, callers and meetings.

Wednesday, September 14
Early prayer meeting. Women’s meeting and night meetings – Lo Tak San preached.

Thursday, September 15
Work in general. Ng Shap preached. Called and callers. Made Helen’s dress.

Friday, September 16
Had women’s meeting at Koon Chung. Miss Myers and Daniels came for Chinese meal. Night meetings. Many callers.

Saturday, September 17
Early prayer meeting. Called with Lai Si Ni. P.M. prayer meeting – Myers, Daniels, Richey and Mrs. Grant present a little while as well as many Chinese. Went to Shamshuipo meeting. Miss Myers for supper.

Sunday, September 18
Mr. Kwok and his mother for dinner. Four meetings. Yau tin weeping and confessing her sins.

Monday, September 19
Many, many callers. Typhoon signals up. Wrote letters. Helen started back to school. Mr. Evans for supper. Merlyn Grant’s first day in school.

Tuesday, September 20
Hospital meeting. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Wednesday, September 21
Miss Richey spoke at women’s meeting. Called at Raetz and Crane’s. Night meetings. Souls at altar.

Thursday, September 22
Ng Shap left for WuChow bible school. Ah Tam preached. Sewed, Callers and work in general. Mr. Lee got back from his visit home.

Friday, September 23
Called at Benson’s, Matley, Tauber, Cheung’s (Miss Tauber moved from Grant’s) today). Called at Myers and Daniels. Went to Koon Chung women’s meeting. Was called to pray for a sick woman, Ah Ho’s sister-in-law, out on a boat and then she went to the hospital and we again gathered there and prayed. Mr. Evans and other callers. Street and night meetings.

Saturday, September 24
Called on Yeung Si Ni and others. Again went to Hospital. Brother Ouon Mow Sin Shang for dinner. Myers, Daniels and Mr. Grant and many Chinese at P.M. prayer meeting. God met our souls. At 1:00 P.M. a number of us went out to Ah Ho’s brother’s boat and destroyed all their idols and had a meeting. His wife very low in hospital.

Sunday, September 25
Brother Ouon preached in A.M. – big crowd. Ah Ho’s sister-in-law died during the night. I went to dress her after meeting and funeral at 1:00 P.M. She believed in Jesus. Praise God. Was buried from the church and over 100 went to the heathen cemetery where she was laid to await the Resurrection. Then at 5:30 P.M. Mr. Kwok, Mr. Hon, San Kei, Miss Richey and others went to another boat and destroyed all their idols. Came back to the church to street and indoor meetings and 11 of this family gave their hearts to God. Afterward each gave a clear testimony that God saved them. Amen. The entrance of His Word gave Light.

Monday, September 26
Took several women to see Miss Donaldson about entering school. Called. All Peniel foreigners and Mr. Lee here for Chinese meal.

Tuesday, September 27
Hospital meeting. Miss Richey again entered the Kowloon Hospital for treatment. Mr. and Mrs. Oldfield in our meeting.

Wednesday, September 28
Esther Mary Reiton is 4 years old. Had cake and ice cream. Mr. Hoh Chau Tak came and ate with her. Women’s meeting. Many callers. Went to pray with 9 Koo baby. Night meetings, etc. Miss Myers and Daniels gave Esther pink dress and Katherine Grant gave her a pair of shoes.

Thursday, September 29
Prayed with several sick folks. Took Koon Mui to Government Civil Hospital – Hong Kong. Called on Miss Richey. Mr. and Mrs. Munroe here over night. Mrs. Munroe so thin. Mr. Braga, Mrs. Crane and many callers.

Friday, September 30
Munroes here all day. She has fever. Many callers. Crane children here to stay until Sunday. Work in general.

Saturday, October 1
There were 15 at prayer meeting. Good early A.M. prayer meeting in church. Many callers. Ah Ho’s baby here – very sick. Daniels, Myers, Evans for supper.

Sunday, October 2
Communion – full house. Mr. Kwok for dinner. Night meetings. Blessed day.

Monday, October 3
My 41st birthday. Helen and Esther gave me $10, Mrs. Crane flowers and here for dinner. Two Mr. Hoh’s gave me chickens, fruit, etc. Lai Si Ni chicken and fruit. Chau Kwong set of drinking glasses. Ah Kam sung. Many callers. Went to Koon Chung meeting. Called on Miss Richey and others.

Tuesday, October 4
Callers. Hospital meeting and night meetings, etc. Two Mr. Hoh’s and Lai Si Ni for dinner.

Wednesday, October 5
Women’s meeting. Miss Richey came back from hospital. Many callers. Called at Grant’s and Evan’s. Night meetings. Souls at altar. Mr. Crane’s birthday.

Thursday, October 6
Myers and Daniels here. Evans for dinner. Grants for supper. Meetings. Letters, etc.

Friday, October 7
Koon Chung women’s meeting. Called. Supper at the girls’. Many callers. Night meetings here.

Saturday, October 8
Pang Siu Shang, Shamshuipo’s preacher, sinned. Married over in Macao. Prayer meeting. Mr. Grant, Myers, Daniels and many Chinese. Mr. Watts and Mr. Meuller off of ship here for supper, also Mr. Grant, Miss Myers and Daniels. Many callers.

Sunday, October 9
Mr. Kwok for dinner. He and Albert went to Mr. Wong’s meeting this P.M. in Hong Kong. Many callers. Men from submarine here. Night meetings.

Monday, October 10
Many here regarding Pang Siu Shang’s being put out of the church and breaking his engagement, etc. He was married to a girl by Mr. Galloway at Macao. Swanson came also. Callers until very late.

Tuesday, October 11
Many callers. Men from the Ship came. Hospital meeting. Swanson sailed for Manila. Good prayer meeting in church.

Wednesday, October 12
Work in general. Women’s meeting – Lum Si Ni spoke. Night meetings. Rain. Turned cold in evening.

Thursday, October 13
Went to Hong Kong, Nethersole Hospital and government Hospital to visit patients. Bought my new fountain pen on Patties Market for $1.75, my brown hat ($7.00) and umbrella (2.75). Called in two homes. Night meetings. Many callers.

Friday, October 14
Sewed, called and went to Koon Chung meeting. Callers and night meetings.

Saturday, October 15
Made Helen gingham dress and bathrobe. Prayer meeting – 15 here. Miss Myers and Daniels willing to live in our flat if we go to U.S.A. Mr. Lee for supper.

Sunday, October 16
Mr. Kwok for dinner. Mr. Lee supper. Good meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, October 17
Letters, sewed, many callers. Swanson here – prayers and cocoa together. Called with Brother Hoh.

Tuesday, October 18
Miss Daniels and Swanson for dinner. Many callers all day. Night meetings. Swanson sails for U.S.A. at midnight.

Wednesday, October 19
Callers. Lau 3 Koo preached. Went to home for blind after women’s meeting with Myers and Daniels. Bought my tan sweater ($11.50 mex). Night meetings.

Thursday, October 20
Sewed. Went to Hong Kong and bought cloth for my tan wool dress ($1.0 yard), and Albert’s shirts ($60 cents yard). Night meetings – souls at altar.

Friday, October 21
Made my black dress out of an old suit. Many callers. Night meetings. Called.

Saturday, October 22
Work in general. Prayer meetings. Many callers. Called at Miss Meadows and Cranes. Crane girls here over night.

Sunday, October 23
Good meetings. Kwok for dinner. Uen Sim Shang’s baby dedicated.

Monday, October 24
Made my grey stripped dress. Callers, letters, etc.

Tuesday, October 25
Miss Daniels for dinner. Night meetings. Callers. Sewed and worked hard all day. Three souls at altar.

Wednesday, October 26
Worked all day. Night meetings. Called in several homes.

Thursday, October 27
Sewed – did some packing. Meetings, callers. Pang Sz Tai went to Shanghai with Pane Siu Shang and his wife.

Friday, October 28
Went to Hong Kong and to Rose Edna’s grave. Bought big leather suitcase ($15.00 mex.) and lunch basket ($3.00). Night meetings. Callers.

Saturday, October 29
Went to Hong Kong – Esther’s shoes ($2.50), Helen’s tan ($6.00) and Esther’s hat ($3.00). big prayer meeting – all foreigners present but Mrs. Grant. Went to carpenter Wong’s for supper. Callers. Sewed, etc.

Sunday, October 30
Four meetings. Crane children and Mr. Kwok for dinner.

Monday, October 31
Many callers. Chung Si Ni gave Helen pink silk dress. Went to Koon Chung meeting. Lai Si Ni bought us a Chinese feast. Mr. Evans ate with us.

Tuesday, November 1
Singed my name to the deed for church building here in Yaumati. Rich Mrs. Li gave me black silk dress. Night meetings. Many callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, November 2
Work in general. I spoke in Kowloon women’s meeting. Called on Miss Tauber, Mrs. Benson and one of their new workers. Night meetings. Took Grant’s pictures. Merlyn’s birthday – 6 years old. Bought our tickets for America – cost $1,054.75 Hong Kong currency – Korean Maru.

Thursday, November 3
Sewed, wrote, had callers and meetings, etc. Examined 24 candidates.

Friday, November 4
Supper at Myer’s and Daniel’s – all our family. Miss Richey at Grant’s. Night meetings. Mr. Evans and German sister for dinner.

Saturday, November 5
Many callers. Good prayer meeting – all present but Mr. Grant. Took pictures. Cheung family, Mrs. Grant and Li Saam Koo and Mr. Lee for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, November 6
What a day! And crowd. Many standing – fine sermon by Mr. Kwok Yau hoi. 29 baptized. Farewell picture taken of all present for our home going. Busy, but precious day for the Lord.

Monday, November 7
Packing away household things, etc. Very full day. Many callers.

Tuesday, November 8
Supper at Crane’s, testimony and prayer meeting. Many callers. Church yearly business meeting.

Wednesday, November 9
Went to Hong Kong twice to attend the deed for church property. Supper at Grant’s and then spoke in their meeting. Sunday school children sang “God be With You Until We Meet Again” and six repeated numbers – 24-25-26 mizpea. Women’s meeting here, but could not go. God bless them.

Thursday, November 10
Many callers. Went to Hong Kong. Sincere’s roof garden with 22 grown ups and five children to a feast given us by the Christians. God bless them! Went to Koon Chung meeting. Had ice cream with Brother Lee, Miss Richey and Helen at the “Blue Bird”.

Friday, November 11
Peniel 41 years old today. Our farewell meeting. Many present. Meeting from 7:00 to 10:00 P.M. Many gifts. A beautiful silk dress by the members to Albert’s mother. Many callers.

Saturday, November 12
Callers all forenoon. Prayer meeting from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. Mr. Lee wept and prayed so earnestly. Our last prayer meeting together as we sail tomorrow. Saam Ko, Tsang Si Ni, Mr. Lee, Mr. Cheung, Grants and many others for supper. Many callers. We all went to Shamshuipo meeting at night.

Sunday, November 13
Warm most beautiful day. Had breakfast at 6:30 and already many present to see us off. All gathered at the church and sang a song composed for our leaving. We marched down to the Yaumati ferry landing and all went out on the “Kwok Junk boat” towed by a steam launch. Nearly 200 all told. We sang songs and had a precious time. Took many pictures, etc. at the boat and the parting time came at 9:30. Ship sailed at 10:00. They stayed by the side of the ship and waved handkerchiefs and sang songs until distance separated us. God’s best for them is our prayer. The water is calm, the weather delightful, the food delicious, our cabin comfortable and yet we are lonely for the dear ones we have left behind.

Monday, November 14
God kept us to see another day. Very warm. Arrived at Keelung (Formosa island) at 4:00 P.M. Went ashore and posted letters to Hong Kong. Very pretty place.

Tuesday, November 15
Another warm clear day. Sailed for Shanghai at 10:00 A.M. Wrote some letters – not feeling good.

Wednesday, November 16
Had diarrhea all night, vomited, etc. Have been in bed all A.M. Expect to reach Shanghai at 4:00 P.M.

Thursday, November 17
Mr. Young met us and took us out to his father-in-laws, Mr. Turner, for supper. A lovely car ride back to ship at 10:00 P.M. Pang Siu Shang, his wife and Pang Sz Tai arrived at 4:00 yesterday and sailed at 6:30 for Kobe. Much more rough, but beautiful weather.

Friday, November 18
Good weather, but high swells. Wrote letters, read, etc.

Saturday, November 19
Pretty day. Arrived at Kobe at 2:00 P.M. Went ashore and saw many pretty things, scrolls 10 cents each.

Sunday, November 20
Albert and Helen went to church. We all took a walk in afternoon for foreign cemetery. Pretty day.

Monday, November 21
Sent one dozen rice bowls (15 cents each) to China, three tea strainers and toys for Grant’s children. Sailed for Yokohoma at 12:00 noon. Misting rain. All well.

Tuesday, November 22
Very windy, rough night. Heavy rain. Arrived at Yokohoma at 11:00 A.M. Had dinner and then went ashore. City still shows the effects of the earthquake.

Wednesday, November 23
On ship in harbor all day. Wrote letters, read, washed, etc. Bought sets of cuff buttons for 50 cents mex. Little beauty pins – 25 cents mex for two. Very pretty. Japanese Harvest Festival Day.

Thursday, November 24
Thanksgiving Day. Many, many people on board all day. Thousands of people on wharf when we sailed for Honolulu at 3:00 P.M. bought two grey crepe de chine scarves for $5.50 mex. A wonderful, clear, sunshiny, perfect day. Praise God for countless blessings. Praise His Name! the ship was literally tied to the wharf with the colored paper streamers. Turkey and many nice things for supper.

Friday, November 25
Very rocky all night. In bed all day. Helen sick for breakfast, but up and out later on.

Saturday, November 26
Still rocking – in bed all day.

Sunday, November 27
Meeting in social hall. Mr. Surtees preached. In bed all day. Very rocky.

Monday, November 28
Still in bed half day. Up for about 20 minutes.

Tuesday, November 29
In bed half day – not quite so rough.

Wednesday, November 30
Up all day – very warm, clear and sunshiny.

Thursday, December 1
970 miles from Honolulu
2,425 from Yokohoma
Beautiful warm day out on deck, but don’t feel 10 parts good.

Friday, December 2
Clear, hot and rocky. Wrote letters to China.

Saturday, December 3
Arrived in Honolulu at 6:00 A.M. – quarantine inspection, etc. Left ship about 9:00 A.M. Just ready to start off wharf and received letter from Mrs. Judd. She had her car waiting for us and a guide to take us all over the city – most beautiful day – scenery and sights. Had dinner in her home and then from 3:00 to 4:00 out for another drive to a wealthy Scotch lady, Mrs. Dayman, who was once in China (born there). Then to the ship to sail at 5:00. Gave us flowers, jelly, papers, etc. Mother Judd herself, 83 years old, took us to the ship. God’s tokens of love to us.

Sunday, December 4
Rev. Surtee’s preached in second class smoke room at 10:00 A.M. Rev. Mr. Kee in first class at 8:15. Warm, pleasant day. Up most all day. Turkey dinner and Honolulu pineapple and ice cream.

Monday, December 5
Washed for the children. Cloudy. A wee bit cooler. All second class had their pictures taken.

Tuesday, December 6
In bed all day. Read and wrote.

Wednesday, December 7
In bed all day. Fed the fish this P.M. cold enough for winter clothes again. Cloudy, bit calm. Pictures good. Distance from:
Hong Kong to Keelung – 475 miles
Keelung to Shanghai – 420 miles
Shanghai to Kobe – 827 miles
Kobe to Yokohama – 349 miles
Yokohama to Honolulu – 3,395 miles
Honolulu to San Francisco – 2,095 miles
San Francisco to Los Angeles – 370 miles

Thursday, December 8
Dear Rose Edna’s 13th birthday. Happy with Jesus. Colder, but splendid calm sailing. Captain’s dinner in honor of passengers. Gave each one a set of vases, a cracker and many paper caps, balloons, etc. Turkey and everything you could think of.

Friday, December 9
Arrived in America. Mrs. Emslie, Mr. and Mrs. Cowles, Miss Dobbins and several others met us at the wharf. Came to 38 Lyon Street. Bible school class in evening by Mr. _____.

Saturday, December 10
Cold. At Sister Emslie’s and Parker’s all day. Repacked, etc. Letters. Albert went to visit Clinton and to the Mission. Mrs. Parker – $5 for Christmas.

Sunday, December 11
Spoke in Peniel at 3:00 P.M. I spoke first and then Albert – collection $43.68. A Scotch girl preached at 8:00 P.M. (sub and the door was shut). A Mr. Hedger gave 50 cents for Miss Richey.

Monday, December 12
Went to the city with the children. Dinner at Park’s. Evening with Sister Emslie and friends.

Tuesday, December 13
Albert made hot cakes for breakfast. We left for Portland, Oregon. Went to Oakland. Mr. Cowles met us. Went there for supper. He took us to the station at 7:00 P.M. and we left at 9:00 P.M.

Wednesday, December 14
Train behind time on account of land slide. All day on train. Mt. Shasta very pretty. Girls delighted to see snow.

Thursday, December 15
Got to Portland. Albert had said we were on a boat instead of train, so no one met us at the train. Harry sick in bed. Harold Martin will be two years old January 24, 1928 (Harry’s boy). Mother quite well. They have a house rented at 5810 52nd Avenue S.E. – $10 per month. We went downtown and bought $11 worth of bedding, etc. Very full day.

Friday, December 16
Worked all day. Bought groceries, etc. Mr. and Mrs. Summers came and Harry, Elnora and Mother.

Saturday, December 17
Did a big washing. Worked hard all day. Mother Reiton, Harry and Elnora here. Albert bought new electric iron – $4.75 and a frying pay – $1.75.

Sunday, December 18
Did not go to any meetings at all. Albert went to Baptist in A.M. and to Peniel in afternoon. Went to Mother Reiton’s. She is in bed sick. Stayed for supper. Wrote letter to China.

Monday, December 19
Washed and ironed. Work in general. Auntie Summers, Curtis and his wife and Lydia came.

Tuesday, December 20
Mother here. Albert and I went downtown and bought Harold a pair of boots.

Wednesday, December 21
Harry’s 49th birthday. Gave him a pair of overalls. Wrote letters, etc. Went down and had cake and coffee with them.

Thursday, December 22
Worked all day. Company. Letters, etc. Made cake, etc.

Friday, December 23
Letters, ironing and work in general. Helen has new fountain pen – $3.00.

Saturday, December 24
Christmas Eve day. Work in general. Went to Harry’s at 6:00 P.M. – had Christmas tree; coffee, mince pie and cake. Mother and Elnora each gave me a pair of pillow cases. Albert six bowls and a stew kettle. Helen got fountain pen, umbrella, perfume and Esther dishes, doll and wheelbarrow.

Sunday, December 25
Christmas Day. Home all day. Albert and Helen went to Nazarene church in A.M. and Albert went to Peniel in P.M. Esther not well. Mother Reiton for dinner.

Monday, December 26
Home all day. Work in general. Albert and Helen went to Nazarene church for their Christmas Program. Esther a bit better.

Tuesday, December 27
Work in general. Nazarene preacher (Rev. Magda-Randklev) (Miss) called. Raining.

Wednesday, December 28
Went downtown and bought hat – $1.00, coat – $16.00, shoes – $1.39 and stockings – 15 cents. Mother stayed with girls.

Thursday, December 29
Bought four pair ladies shoes and sent them to China. Wrote letters and work in general.

Friday, December 30
Very cold. Albert and Helen went downtown. Albert bought pair of shoes and got me a pair for 10 cents. Went to Grandma’s.

Saturday, December 31
Bitter cold – snowing and high wind. No electric lights and water pipes all frozen. Wood gone! All is well within. Thus ends 1927 in Portland.