1926 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Friday, January 1
Made Esther’s coat out of old one, work in general. Callers. Prayer meeting and street meeting.

Saturday, January 2
Prayer meeting at Miss Daniels and M. Night meetings.

Sunday, January 3
Five meetings. Many Callers. Miss Daniels and Richey for lunch.

Monday, January 4
Callers. Taught and work in general.

Tuesday, January 5
Hospital meeting, street meeting and prayer meeting. Taught, etc.

Wednesday, January 6
Women’s meeting, street and night meeting. Callers. Prayed with a woman and taught.

Thursday, January 7
Work in general. Street and indoor meetings.

Friday, January 8
Hoh Fuk’s wedding day (Ah Fuk). House crowded and full. All went to a flat on Shanghai Street to drink tea and eat cake. Than all ten of we foreigners had a Chinese meal served to us here in our home. Night and street meeting.

Saturday, January 9
Much work. Prayer meeting at Brother Evan’s. All present but Mrs. G. We took sandwiches and all had supper in Brother Evan’s new flat on Lai Chi Kok Road. Night meeting.

Sunday, January 10
Mr. Kwok preached. Communion Sunday – five meetings. Then we foreigners all had supper with Mr. Hoh, still in honor of Ah Fuk’s wedding.

Monday, January 11
Taught. Wedding here – a Mr. Chan (boat people). House full. Many callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, January 12
Taught. Hospital, street and night meetings.

Wednesday, January 13
Women’s meeting, night and street meetings. Taught, had callers and work in general.

Thursday, January 14
Worked all day – two meetings.

Friday, January 15
Many callers. Kau Koo and Mr. Tsz married here at 2:00 P.M. Mr. and Mrs. Miller, Helen, Albert and I feasted with them at 5:00 P.M. (at Ko Tai Koo’s home), where they are to live. Street and night meetings.

Saturday, January 16
Work in general. Prayer meeting at Miss Stodghill’s – all present but Grants. Night meeting.

Sunday, January 17
Five meetings. Mrs. Grant and Miss R. for dinner. Mrs. Grant for supper. She had children’s meeting.

Monday, January 18
Miss Daniels made a bed cover for me. I made Helen’s green dress. Taught. Many callers.

Tuesday, January 19
Hospital, street and night meetings.

Wednesday, January 20
Married 13 years. Ah Chi and Leung Hung married here in our home. We all went to a feast to Ko Tai Koo’s. Street and night meeting. Ah Mui’s baby girl born – Sha Tseng. Li Si Ni baby died. Many callers.

Thursday, January 21
Taught. Mrs. Grant for supper. Two meetings. MacKenzie called. Work in general.

Friday, January 22
Made Helen’s brown dress. Taught. Many callers. Street and prayer meeting.

Saturday, January 23
Prayer meeting and supper at Grant’s. All present at meeting. Work in general. Night meeting.

Sunday, January 24
Five meetings. Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Grant called. Catholics.

Monday, January 25
Grant’s 5th Wedding day. Gave her a board to cut bread on. Had cake, salad and sandwiches there. Work in general.

Tuesday, January 26
Taught. Made cookies. Many callers. Nam Tau preached here. Night meeting.

Wednesday, January 27
Women’s meeting. Callers. Letters and taught. Night meetings. Miss Stodghill left for a “look see” at Nam Tau. Mr. Hasket here on Madison.

Thursday, January 28
Taught. Meeting. Callers and work in general.

Friday, January 29
Washed rugs, taught, had two meetings and callers.

Saturday, January 30
Prayer meeting here – all present but Mrs. Grant and Miss Stodghill. Night meeting. Prayed with Chan Saam Koo until 1:00 A.M. – devil possession. Mrs. Grant gave me my wool scarf.

Sunday, January 31
Four meetings. Called at hospital and in two homes. Sailor boys in meeting. Miss Daniels and Myers for supper.

Monday, February 1
Swanson came – here only about an hour. Sailed at 10:00 P.M. for Manila. (Mrs. Grant business meeting for young people in church). Hoh Si Ni (Ah Fuk’s wife) began work here. Work in general.

Tuesday, February 2
Hospital, night and street meetings. Callers. Taught, etc.

Wednesday, February 3
Women’s meeting, street and night service. Callers, etc.

Thursday, February 4
Called, sewed and taught. Two meetings.

Friday, February 5
Made Helen’s gym waist. Mrs. Kailey paid me. Meetings.

Saturday, February 6
Prayer meeting at Miss Daniel’s. All present but Mr. Grant and Miss Stodghill. Night meeting and work in general.

Sunday, February 7
Albert 44 years old. Made him a cake. Five meetings. Miss Richey for dinner and Miss Richey and Daniels for supper.

Monday, February 8
Mr. Swanson back from Manila – called here. Taught and work in general.

Tuesday, February 9
Swanson for breakfast. Hospital meeting. Taught. Two night meetings. Callers.

Wednesday, February 10
Women’s meeting and two night meetings. Sewed and taught.

Thursday, February 11
Work in general. Crane family here for supper. Night meetings.

Friday, February 12
Taught, many callers and went to Hong Kong. Two meetings.

Saturday, February 13
Chinese New Year day. Up until 1:00 A.M. praying with Lo Tak San last night. Special street meeting at Shamshuipo from 12:30 to 3:00 P.M. Prayer meeting at Brother Evans. All present but Mrs. Grant and Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, February 14
Five meetings. Special street meeting near Police station. Brother Grant and Miss Daniels for dinner.

Monday, February 15
Taught. Went to Old Kowloon street meeting. Called on Old Ah Po. Work in general.

Tuesday, February 16
Hospital meeting, street and night meeting. Meeting at Hung Hom. Worked on songs for church. Taught. Callers.

Wednesday, February 17
Women’s meeting. Miss Stodghill came back from Nam Tau. Night and street meeting. Posting circular letters.

Thursday, February 18
Taught. All foreigners went to Miss Stodghill’s to hear what she knew about Nam Tau. Had supper at Miss Daniel’s and Myers. Then went to Penile in Shamshuipo. First meeting in the hall at No. 61 Lai Chi Kok Road. It’s larger than the first flat. Full house.

Friday, February 19
Taught. Sewed and had callers. Met a Mrs. Richmond from California who knows Mrs. Glide and Esmlie. She and Grants here for supper. She was in meeting. We took her back to the Astor House Hotel. Mr. MacKenzie stayed all night here.

Saturday, February 20
Work in general. Prayer meeting at Miss Stodghill’s – all present. Went to Grant’s for supper. Meeting at night.

Sunday, February 21
First street meeting in Old Kowloon. Mrs. Crane had children’s meeting. Miss Daniels for supper. Many callers. I went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Monday, February 22
Called on sick woman on boat. Taught and sewed. Called at Tsz Si Ni. Work in general.

Tuesday, February 23
Hospital meeting. Taught. Street and night meetings.

Wednesday, February 24
Women’s meeting – Mrs. Cheung preached. Night meeting. Callers, taught, etc.

Thursday, February 25
Taught. Made Esther’s dress. Mr. Evans for supper. Meetings.

Friday, February 26
Relined two quilts. Callers. Two meetings.

Saturday, February 27
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Supper at Grant’s. All present. Night meeting.

Sunday, February 28
Five meetings. Went to Kowloon City and street meeting. Miss Richey for dinner and supper.

Monday, March 1
Work in general. Callers. Went to Miller House with Misses Stodghill, Myers and Daniels. Bought green Korean cloth for dress.

Tuesday, March 2
Hospital meeting, street and night meetings. Mrs. Grant for supper. Taught and work in general.

Wednesday, March 3
Women’s meeting. Miss Richey’s birthday. Two night meetings. Callers, taught, etc.

Thursday, March 4
Went to Hong Kong. Many callers. Two meetings.

Friday, March 5
Taught. Mr. Wilbur Joseph Lee arrived from U.S. (Chinese). Two meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, March 6
Prayer meeting – all present, but Miss Stodghill, Miss Daniels and Mrs. Grant. Helen had fever all last night. Night meeting.

Sunday, March 7
Sick all Saturday night until about 5:00 A.M. Felt better – in bed all day. Many callers.

Monday, March 8
In bed all day. Many callers. Tseng Si Ni, Bible woman from Koon Shaan school, got back yesterday. Did not teach.

Tuesday, March 9
In bed. Taught. Many callers. Mrs. Grant for supper.

Wednesday, March 10
Miss Richey taught. Mrs. Kailey for me. Callers.

Thursday, March 11
Taught – still in bed.

Friday, March 12
Taught – still in bed

Saturday, March 13
Up some. Miss Myers and Mr. Lee for supper. Many callers. Prayer meeting at Miss Myers and Daniels.

Sunday, March 14
Went to two meetings. Mr. Lee, Miss Myers and Daniels here. Other callers.

Monday, March 15
Grants and Miss Richey moving back to flat back of tobacco factory. Miss Daniels, Myers and Stodghill moving into flat near where Grants did live. Up all day. Tseng Si Ni (Bible woman) began work today. Mr. Lee is going to live at Grant’s. Very warm.

Tuesday, March 16
Many callers. Business meeting – discharged Tseng Kam Fook from Nam Tau. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, March 17
Women’s meeting – San Kai first message as Bible woman here. Night meetings.

Thursday, March 18
Taught, wrote, sewed, etc. Night meetings.

Friday, March 19
Callers and meetings.

Saturday, March 20
Prayer meeting here – all present but Miss Stodghill. Night meeting. Mr. Lee moved to Grant’s.

Sunday, March 21
Five meetings and many callers. Prayer meeting in P.M.

Monday, March 22
Rain. Callers, taught and prayer meeting at Grant’s.

Tuesday, March 23
Hospital meeting. Called at Crane’s, Myer’s, Daniel’s and Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Wednesday, March 24
Mrs. Cheung gave message at women’s meeting. Callers and meetings.

Thursday, March 25
Taught, wrote, had meetings, etc.

Friday, March 26
Work in general. Taught and had callers. Prayer meeting. Called. Mrs. Kailey brought me some mulberries.

Saturday, March 27
Prayer meeting here. All present but Miss Stodghill. All here for supper. Night meeting.

Sunday, March 28
Five meetings. Supper at grants.

Monday, March 29
Made Helen’s Korean cloth yellow dress. Taught, callers and work in general. Prayed for Li Si Ni at Sha Tseng Si Ni house.

Tuesday, March 30
Taught. Hospital meeting, prayer meeting and street meeting.

Wednesday, March 31
Women’s meeting. Brother Evans here for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, April 1
Brother Evan’s birthday. Callers, taught. Meetings. Brother Swanson came from U.S.

Friday, April 2
Good Friday. All of Peniel family, Mr. Lee and Mr. Swanson for dinner. Ham from Miss Blashfield. Prayer meeting and night meetings.

Saturday, April 3
Work in general. Prayer meeting here – all present but Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, April 4
Easter Sunday and Communion Sunday. Many present. Ko’s family, Miss Daniels, Mr. Crane and Esther for lunch.

Monday, April 5
Work in general. Business meeting of Young People Society – decided to discontinue it.

Tuesday, April 6
Meetings. Callers. Taught and had prayer meeting.

Wednesday, April 7
Women’s meeting (Tseng Si Ni). Night meetings. Taught. Callers. Went to Grant’s after meeting.

Thursday, April 8
Dyed dresses brown. Work in general. Miss Myers for dinner meeting. Mrs. Kailey 45 years old.

Friday, April 9
Swanson back. Here for lunch – also Brother Young. He is to be married in Shanghai April 28. Night meetings.

Saturday, April 10
Mr. Cheung birthday. All present for prayer meeting – also Brother Swanson here. We all went to Cheung for Chinese supper. Meetings. Rain. Had ice cream and cake at Grant’s with Mr. Cheung after church.

Sunday, April 11
Rain. Callers. Meetings.

Monday, April 12
Mrs. Kailey came and took a chill and had fever. Didn’t study. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 13
Sewed. Hospital meeting and prayer meeting. Callers, etc.

Wednesday, April 14
Mrs. Grant spoke at women’s meeting. Went to Hong Kong. Work in general. Mrs. Grant for supper. Meetings.

Thursday, April 15
Called, sewed, callers and meeting. Miss Stodghill for supper.

Friday, April 16
Sewed and had callers. Meetings.

Saturday, April 17
Work in general. Prayer meeting – all present but Mrs. Grant. Night meetings.

Sunday, April 18
Good meetings all day. Callers. Misses Myers and Daniels for supper.

Monday, April 19
Mrs. Kailey back from a week’s illness. Work in general. Supper at Grant’s callers, etc.

Tuesday, April 20
Hospital meeting. Taught, sewed, callers. Mrs. Grant for supper. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, April 21
Women’s meeting – Brother Cheung preached. Rain. Called at Leung Sui Kam’s. Night meetings.

Thursday, April 22
Misses Myers, Daniels and Richey in China one year today. We, Albert and I, had Chinese meal with Myers, Daniels and Stodghill at Shamshuipo. Mr. Swanson’s cousin off submarine call here. Meetings, etc

Friday, April 23
Called, taught and prayer meeting. Miss Daniels for supper.

Saturday, April 24
Worked in general. Prayer meeting – all present but Mrs. Grand and Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, April 25
Five meetings – big crowds.

Monday, April 26
Taught, sewed, callers, etc.

Tuesday, April 27
Hospital meeting. Sewed. Street and prayer meetings.

Wednesday, April 28
Women’s meeting – Mr. Ko preached. Callers. Night meetings.

Thursday, April 29
Meetings. Work in general.

Friday, April 30
Prayer meeting and street meeting. Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Taught, etc.

Saturday, May 1
Work in general. Prayer meeting here – all present. Night meeting.

Sunday, May 2
Six meetings – good crowds. Mr. Lee for supper.

Monday, May 3
Taught. Hoh Si Ni quit work here. Callers.

Tuesday, May 4
Hospital, night and street meetings.

Wednesday, May 5
Women’s meeting – San Kei preached. Night meetings.

Thursday, May 6
Taught, sewed and had callers. Meetings.

Friday, May 7
Taught and had prayer meeting. After meeting, had a church business meeting regarding our members leaving and going to Ko Tai Koo’s meetings just a few doors from Peniel. Had those who belongs to Peniel sign their names on a blackboard

Saturday, May 8
Work in general. Prayer meeting here – all present but Miss Stodghill. Night meeting.

Sunday, May 9
Six meetings – one at Wong Kwong Sin Shang’s new home on San Liu Tei Kai – No. 30. Night meetings, etc. Miss Richey and Mr. Lee for supper. Had pie at Grant’s after church.

Monday, May 10
Sewed. Callers – Grants here. David’s birthday. Chan Kwong began English study.

Tuesday, May 11
Hospital meeting. Callers and sewed. Night meeting.

Wednesday, May 12
Women’s meeting – Mrs. Cheung spoke. Two night meetings. Callers and work in general. Taught.

Thursday, May 13
Work in general. Cottage meeting at Leung Shi Kan’s. Fine time. Two night meetings.

Friday, May 14
Made Helen’s Kimono, taught, called in eight homes. Miss Richey for supper. Two night meetings. Callers, etc. Announced that some of our members were put out of church for one year after confessing.

Saturday, May 15
Work in general. Prayer meeting here – all present but Miss Stodghill. Night meeting.

Sunday, May 16
Six meetings – good crowds – good sermons. Grants here after meeting. Mr. Lee preached at Shamshuipo. Suet Siu Shang died.

Monday, May 17
Funeral – walked to Old Kowloon and back. Callers. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, May 18
Taught. Went to Hong Kong – got _____ – $6.75. Bensons, Miss Tauber and Brother Smith came down from Kwai Uen. Two night meetings.

Wednesday, May 19
Taught. Women’s meeting. A testimony meeting. Callers. Two night meetings.

Thursday, May 20
Work in general. Smith and Bensons at Cheung Chau. Meetings.

Friday, May 21
Work in general. Smith’s moved to Cheung Chau. Callers. Meeting. Rain.

Saturday, May 22
Prayer meeting – all present but Mrs. Grand and Miss Stodghill. Mr. Evans, miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Meeting.

Sunday, May 23
Six meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, May 24
Crane family here all day. Called at hospital. Taught and work in general.

Tuesday, May 25
Taught. Mr. Smith here from the Island. Miss Richey for supper. Hospital meeting. Callers, etc. Two meetings.

Wednesday, May 26
Mr. Smith left for Canton. Rain. Women’s meeting. Night meetings. Grants for supper – informed us of Mr. Cheung leaving us and going to Kowloon City with them.

Thursday, May 27
Taught, etc. Callers. Went to dear Rose Edna’s grave. Night meetings.

Friday, May 28
Esther has fever. Taught. Work in general. Went calling with Miss Myers. She here for supper.

Saturday, May 29
Work in general. Prayer meeting – all present but Miss Stodghill. Night meetings, etc.

Sunday, May 30
Six meetings. Went to Shamshuipo and Old Kowloon. Miss Stodghill for dinner and supper.

Monday, May 31
Taught, sewed and had callers. Mr. Swanson came at 8:00 P.M.

Tuesday, June 1
Swanson and many others here. Work in general. Meetings.

Wednesday, June 2
Women’s and night meetings. Real cold. Mrs. Grant for supper. Callers, etc.

Thursday, June 3
Made Helen’s blue crepe dress, etc. Lee for dinner. Evans for supper. Meetings.

Friday, June 4
Taught, callers, meetings, etc.

Saturday, June 5
All present at prayer meeting. Decided to get the seats, etc. out from Nam Tau Station and close the work there until conditions are better in China. Willing that Grants open work in Old Kowloon this fall. Brother Smith over from the Island. Meeting.

Sunday, June 6
Meetings all day. Brother Smith preached twice – five at altar.

Monday, June 7
Made Helen’s dress from Brother and Sister Smith. Taught. Wrote letters, callers, etc.

Tuesday, June 8
Taught. Hospital meeting. Miss Daniels for supper. Esther took fever.

Wednesday, June 9
Esther still sick. Taught. Women’s meeting – Miss Daniels spoke. Night meetings.

Thursday, June 10
Leung Shi Kau’s son born. Callers. Night meetings. Esther a bit better.

Friday, June 11
Taught. Went calling all afternoon, hospital, etc. Night meeting. Esther took fever again at midnight.

Saturday, June 12
Helen’s 10th birthday. She and dad spent day at Cheung Chau. She got a watch from Mr. Lum. Also a pen bag, shoes, three dresses, ribbons, candy, work basket, money, shoes, pictures, etc. Esther very sick all day. Night meeting.

Sunday, June 13
God touched Esther. Prayed for Leung Shi Kan’s baby. Meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, June 14
Many callers. Called at hospital and at Miss Myers and Daniels. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, June 15
Made Esther undervests. Taught. Went to hospital meeting and two night meetings. Callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, June 16
Women’s meeting – I spoke. Night meetings, taught, etc.

Thursday, June 17
Meetings, callers and work in general.

Friday, June 18
Taught. Miss Myers and I went calling. She and Miss Richey for supper. I took sick and could not go to meeting.

Saturday, June 19
Prayer meeting here – all present but Daniels, Stodghill and Evans. Night meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, June 20
Six meetings. Miss Daniels and Grant for supper. Mrs. Reitz of Boat Mission called and stayed for meeting. Mr. Lee’s first sermon in Peniel – John 17:17. Several at altar.

Monday, June 21
Whitewashed kitchen and dining room. Taught.

Tuesday, June 22
Many callers. Meetings and taught.

Wednesday, June 23
Whitewashed front room and stairway ($4.30). Women’s meeting and taught.

Thursday, June 24
Work in general. Taught. Meetings. Grants and Miss Richey for supper.

Friday, June 25
Mailed circular letters. Miss Myers and Brother Evans for supper. Meetings. Many callers – up until midnight.

Saturday, June 26
Prayer meeting – all here but Sister Stodghill. We had dinner at Grant’s. Brother Smith came from the Island and will be here until Monday. Meetings, etc.

Sunday, June 27
Brother Smith preached two fine sermons. Callers, etc.

Monday, June 28
Taught. Work in general. Many callers. Ice Cream at Grants.

Tuesday, June 29
Many callers. Meetings. Taught, etc.

Wednesday, June 30
Women’s and night meetings. Callers galore. Mr. Lee bought furniture for his home.

Thursday, July 1
Taught. Miss Richey moved into the dining room. Closed meetings on Wednesday and Thursday nights until September. Callers.

Friday, July 2
Taught. Called at several homes. Night meetings, etc. Callers.

Saturday, July 3
Work in general. Prayer meeting – all present but Grants and Miss Stodghill who called at Crane’s to see their new son David. Night meeting. Brother Evans, Myers, Daniel and Richey for supper.

Sunday, July 4
Communion Sunday. Grants family, Mr. Lee and Miss Daniels for dinner. Five meetings.

Monday, July 5
Grants and Mr. Lee for breakfast. Taught. Grant’s children here until 4:00 P.M. We took them to their new home in Old Kowloon. Mrs. Marsh came from U.S. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 6
Taught. Callers. Hospital and night meetings. Mrs. Marsh, Mr. Lee, Miss Richey and Miss Daniels for supper. Mr. Lee moved in next to Brother Evans.

Wednesday, July 7
Women’s meeting. Taught. Went to Lai Chi Kok swimming. Wong Tai Koo here from Nam Tau. Miss Stodghill, Evans and many other callers. Kok Chik Kei back form Canton. Work in general.

Thursday, July 8
Got Helen and Esther’s shoes in Hong Kong – $7.00. Miss Richey went to Grant’s to stay a month. I went to Shamshuipo with Mrs. Marsh to Crane’s, girls and Miss Meadows. Many callers.

Friday, July 9
Miss Tauber spent day. Miss Daniels, Myers and Marsh here for supper. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, July 10
Work in general. Prayer meeting – all here but Miss Richey and Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, July 11
Cheung family for dinner and supper. Mrs. Marsh and Miss Stodghill. Many callers. Five meetings. Called on Wong Tai Koo with Miss Stodghill.

Monday, July 12
Callers from morning until 10:00 P.M. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, July 13
Hospital meeting. Miss Richey and Marsh for supper. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, July 14
Mrs. Marsh left for Shiu Hing. Women’s meeting. Many callers.

Thursday, July 15
Taught. Work in General. Ko family for super. Many callers.

Friday, July 16
Taught. Called with Miss Myers. Night meetings.

Saturday, July 17
Callers. Prayer meeting – all present but Mr. Lee, Evans, Grant and Stodghill. Examined candidates for baptism – ten accepted. First typhoon signals of season.

Sunday, July 18
Wind and rain all day. Nineteen baptized – very large crowd out. Miss Richey and Lee for supper. Chung Si Ni here sick. Came early for us to pray and stayed until 10:00 P.M. Night meetings.

Monday, July 19
Very, very hard rain all night. Streets flooded several feet deep in water. Much damage everywhere. Electrical storm result of typhoon. Callers and work in general.

Tuesday, July 20
Old Ah Po at poor house died and was buried this P.M. Had Chinese supper at Grant’s. Cheung’s family there. Night meetings. Taught.

Wednesday, July 21
Women’s meeting. Called. Mr. MacKenzie overnight from island. Callers. Miss Daniels for lunch. Work in general. Got Helen and Esther’s pictures.

Thursday, July 22
Typhoon signals up again – hard rain and wind, but did not strike here. Mr. MacKenzie for breakfast and dinner. Chan Kwong sick.

Friday, July 23
Called. Miss Stodghill and Miss Myers for supper. Meeting, taught and work in general.

Saturday, July 24
Many callers. Prayer meeting – all present but Miss Stodghill, Mr. Evans and Mr. and Mrs. Grant. Night meeting. Called on Mrs. Crane, Ah Chue and hospital.

Sunday, July 25
Brother Smith came from Island and preached A.M. and night. Good meetings.

Monday, July 26
Brother Smith for breakfast. Miss Hitchcock called. Taught, etc. All told 25 callers.

Tuesday, July 27
Benson and Miss Tauber from Cheung Chau and many others called. Work in general. Night meetings.

Wednesday, July 28
Women’s meeting, taught, etc.

Thursday, July 29
Taught, canned pineapples and called on Brother Lee and Evans.

Friday, July 30
Canned more pineapples. Miss Myers and Evans for supper. Called, taught and night meetings, etc.

Saturday, July 31
Brother Swanson came from U.S. Prayer meeting – all present but Grants, Evans and Stodghill. Brother Smith, Miss Daniels and Albert and I went to Happy Valley. Much damage from flood. Rose Edna’s grave unhurt. Mr. Cheung Shing Yau’s last meeting in Yaumati. Gone to work for Grant’s.

Sunday, August 1
Mr. Lee preached A.M. and Mr. Leung Kam Tai at night. Good crowds. Miss Daniels and Stodghill for supper. Many callers.

Monday, August 2
Miss Myers, Daniels, Chan Kwong, Helen, Esther, Albert and I came over to Cheung Chau Island for this month. Had supper at Benson’s. Rained. Are in house No. 16.

Tuesday, August 3
Work in general. Washed. All went to the beach.

Wednesday, August 4
Rain. Rest in general. Wrote letters.

Thursday, August 5
Mrs. Dr. Wright called. Ironed.

Friday, August 6
Albert went to Hong Kong. Work in general. All went to beach but Miss Daniels and I. Miss Tauber came.

Saturday, August 7
Brother Swanson came back with Albert on 2:00 P.M. boat. They all went swimming. Benson’s and Miss Tauber came.

Sunday, August 8
Brother Swanson left on 8:00 A.M. boat for Hong Kong. Sails for U.S.A. at 5:00 P.M. Went to English Church here at 5:00 P.M. Mr. Mitchell preached on “Greatest Sin” – Unbelief. Rained.

Monday, August 9
Washed. Went down to beach. Prayer meeting, etc.

Tuesday, August 10
Albert went to Hong Kong and stayed for prayer meeting.

Wednesday, August 11
All went to beach. Prayer meeting. Benson here.

Thursday, August 12
Kwok Yau Hoi came out here to the Island and spent the day with us. Went to beach.

Friday, August 13
I went to Hong Kong and Yaumati to prayer meeting – souls at altar.

Saturday, August 14
Came back to Island. Ah Choi came with me. Went to beach.

Sunday, August 15
Albert, Ah Choi and Chan Kwong went to Hong Kong. We went to Sunday school Dr. Clift led. Started to go to 5:00 P.M. church and Esther took sick and could not go. Typhoon signals up.

Monday, August 16
Esther well again. Albert and Chan Kwong came back. Report 30 odd at altar for deeper work.

Tuesday, August 17
Ironed, read, etc.

Wednesday, August 18
Albert went to Hong Kong and came back at 2:00 P.M. Went to beach. Prayer meeting – Mrs. De. Clift lead.

Thursday, August 19
Expected Miss Richey and Stodghill, but too stormy. Called on Mrs. Benson.

Friday, August 20
Mr. Benson left for Manila. Two German sisters, Miss Fluker, Mrs. Benson, Mr. MacKenzie and others called.

Saturday, August 21
Beach, letters, etc.

Sunday, August 22
Albert went to Yaumati. Went to A.M. meeting – Dr. Clift lead and Dr. Cadburg led P.M. meeting. Miss Tauber left enroute to Kwai Uen. Gave me $5.00.

Monday, August 23
Three years since dear Rose Edna left us. Resigned. Got stuff for Helen’s Hong Kong foot from Dr. Clift. Swimming, etc.

Tuesday, August 24
Gave Esther worm medicine – passed seven. Went to meeting led by Mr. Robb. Power.

Wednesday, August 25
Morning and night meeting. Brought little bookrack – 75 cents. Letters, etc.

Thursday, August 26
Very hard rain. Meeting. Ask – Elijah asked larger and received.

Friday, August 27
Sick – could not go to Bible class. Rain.

Saturday, August 28
Myers and Daniels went to Hong Kong. Rain. Races at beach. Helen got skipping rope and ball. Esther bucket and spade.

Sunday, August 29
Au Muk Sz preached in Yaumati. Our last Sunday at Island. Mrs. Benson for dinner. All went to meetings but me.

Monday, August 30
Wrote letters. They all went to Shell Beach.

Tuesday, August 31
Albert went to Hong Kong. Mrs. Benson for supper. All went to beach. Have had a typhoonless month and a good rest at the Island. God answers prayer.

Wednesday, September 1
Leaving Cheung Chau for Hong Kong. Miss Myers and Daniels had supper here. Meeting.

Thursday, September 2
Taught. Mrs. Kailey and many callers. Making crab apple jelly. Brother Evans for supper.

Friday, September 3
Miss Daniels for dinner. Au Muk Sz for supper. Prayer meeting. Grants and Mr. Cheung came up after meeting – very tired.

Saturday, September 4
Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Worked all day. R. Au preached – good crowd. Prayer meeting – only Miss Myers, Daniels, Richey and Mr. Lee came.

Sunday, September 5
Rev. Au preached in A.M. Kwok at night – good crowds. Callers.

Monday, September 6
Opening day of Peniel in Kowloon City. Hall full of Christians. All went to tea house after service at 12:00 noon. Then went to Grant’s for supper and home. Mr. Cheung Shing Yau is preacher there and Mr. and Mrs. Grant foreign workers. Rev. Au preached here in Peniel at 7:30. Here for supper.

Tuesday, September 7
Taught, made jelly, sewed, callers, and meeting. Mr. Kwok for breakfast, Mr. Au for supper. Miss Daniels for dinner.

Wednesday, September 8
Mrs. Kailey’s last day of language study. Her daughter coming from U.S.A. Three meetings.

Thursday, September 9
Mr. Lee preached. Work in general. Callers, meetings, etc.

Friday, September 10
Mrs. Grant and Miss Daniels for supper. Mr. and Mrs. Benson called. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, September 11
Called. Prayer meeting – all present but Grants and Evans. Bible study and Sunday school lesson study. Work in general. Miss Daniels for supper.

Sunday, September 12
Miss Richey and Daniels took their first Sunday school classes in China. Miss Daniels for supper. Good meetings all day.

Monday, September 13
Big tall woman, Ah Chan, began working here. Rain.

Tuesday, September 14
Hospital meeting, night meetings and callers.

Wednesday, September 15
Leung Shi Kan’s mother, Sz Lai, died. Miss Richey and I dressed her at hospital. Miss Daniels for dinner. She had women’s meeting. Night meetings. Evans here and others.

Thursday, September 16
Sewed. Rained. Funeral – went to cemetery and then to Home for Old People and then to Hong Kong. Night meetings.

Friday, September 17
Mr. Lee for dinner. Made Helen a dress. Went to Ko’s and to Shamshuipo women’s meeting. Helen and Albert went to Cheung Chau. Night meetings.

Saturday, September 18
Miss Daniels for dinner. Miss Myers for supper. All present at prayer meeting but Miss Stodghill and Mrs. Grant. Called in Shamshuipo. Night meeting. New Bibles.

Sunday, September 19
Meetings. Miss Daniels for supper. Albert and Esther and I went out to Grant’s after Helen. Stayed for supper. Mrs. Grant gave me dress for my birthday.

Monday, September 20
Sewed. Work in general. Callers. Miss Fluker here. Went to Lai Chi Kok swimming. Got caught in rain.

Tuesday, September 21
Very hard rain. Moon worship, night meetings, callers, sewed, etc.

Wednesday, September 22
Made my green dress – Korean cloth from Mrs. Grant. Women’s meeting, two night meetings and callers.

Thursday, September 23
Called. Made Esther gingham dress and panties. Miss Matley called. Night meetings.

Friday, September 24
Miss Fluker and German sister called. Many callers. Meetings.

Saturday, September 25
Miss Richey at Grant’s. Prayer meeting. Miss Myers and Mr. lee here. Night meeting.

Sunday, September 26
Five meetings. Callers. Very hot.

Monday, September 27
Typhoon wind – very narrow escape of real typhoon. Several thousand killed in Macao.

Tuesday, September 28
Esther’s three year old birthday. Gifts from dad, Mr. Lee, Helen, Miss Richey and Mrs. Grant and Miss Myers. Callers. Ah Chan didn’t come back to work. Ah Choi pacing to go to WuChow school. Hospital and night meetings.

Wednesday, September 29
Swanson came from U.S.A. Sailed again at evening. Meetings. Miss Daniels, Mr. Evans and Mr. Lee for supper.

Thursday, September 30
Ah Choi left on the fast train enroute to Wu Chow to enter Bible school. Has worked over five years for me. Went to Shamshuipo. Night meetings. Chung Si Ni stayed all night here. Many callers.

Friday, October 1
Washed and work in general. Grants for supper. Callers. Prayed for sick baby. Night meetings.

Saturday, October 2
Work in general. Callers. Mr. Lee, Miss Myers, Richey, Albert and I at prayer meeting. Night meetings.

Sunday, October 3
My 40th birthday. MacKenzie gave me a tin of peaches, Albert soap, Helen a book, Mrs. Grant a dress and Miss Richey and Daniels flowers. Lord’s supper. Four meetings. Miss Stodghill, Miss Daniels and Miss Myers for dinner.

Monday, October 4
Washed, ironed and work in general. Callers. Miss Daniels for supper.

Tuesday, October 5
Callers. Kai Tsz worked half day. I went to Kowloon Peniel meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Puffer here in meeting enroute to India (Miss Richey’s friends).

Wednesday, October 6
Women’s meeting. Swanson here. Mr. Puffer preached. Many callers. Grants here to meeting.

Thursday, October 7
Swanson sailed for U.S. Called in Shamshuipo. Meetings – Mr. Lee preached. Many callers.

Friday, October 8
Miss Richey, Mr. and Mrs. Puffer, Grants, Albert and I went around Hong Kong Island in a car. Puffers here for dinner. Work in general. A Dr. Lau preached for us. He and his wife are touring the world.

Saturday, October 9
Prayer meeting. Mr. Lee and Miss Myers present. Night meeting. Callers. Work in general.

Sunday, October 10
Dr. Lau preached in A.M. Good meetings.

Monday, October 11
Went calling. Grants came and stayed for supper. Many callers. Made Esther a blue wool dress. Miss Daniels went to Cheung Chau.

Tuesday, October 12
Got the organ from Nam Tau. Hospital meeting. Gave out hundreds of tracts. Boat meeting, night meetings, callers. Made Esther’s hat. Mr. Lang for dinner.

Wednesday, October 13
Women’s meeting. Went to Hong Kong. Many callers. Work in general. Night meetings. Ah Ho began work here.

Thursday, October 14
Mr. Kwok for supper. Meetings, sewed, etc.

Friday, October 15
Many callers. Cleaned house. Prayer meeting and street meeting. Mrs. Ko here.

Saturday, October 16
Miss Myers and Stodghill here, also Brother Grant. Lee and Miss Richey for prayer meeting. Night meetings.

Sunday, October 17
Four meetings. Called. Prayed for sick, woman gave out tracts – six at altar.

Monday, October 18
Went to Hong Kong. Also went to Grant’s to take Merlyn into Kowloon Hospital for a swelling in his leg. Miss Richey at Grant’s.

Tuesday, October 19
Hospital meeting. Lai Si Ni and Mr. Kwok for dinner. Night meeting. Canned apples. Made Esther a grey bathrobe – 55 cents yard.

Wednesday, October 20
Mrs. Cheung and Mrs. Ko here. Women’s meeting. Night meetings. Sewed. Mr. Kwok for dinner.

Thursday, October 21
Made our $1.75 cent dresses (Miss Richey and I). Callers. Meeting – Mr. Lee preached (no room for Jesus subject).

Friday, October 22
Mrs. Grant here. Miss Richey and I visited Merlyn. Night meeting, etc.

Saturday, October 23
Operated on Merlyn’s leg at noon – getting on nicely. All at prayer meeting but Grants and Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, October 24
Five meetings. Very large crowds at street meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, October 25
Mrs. Burtt and Oi Liu and 8-mongh old baby, Esther, that she adopted in U.S. returned from America. Left at 7:00 P.M. for Shui Hing.

Tuesday, October 26
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Kwok Yau Hoi Siu Shang sick. Tracts came from North China.

Wednesday, October 27
Esther to see doctor – she has mumps. Mr. Grant for dinner. Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Mr. Lee stayed all night here.

Thursday, October 28
Work in general. Callers. Made Helen’s dress out of Miss Richey’s coat. Meetings.

Friday, October 29
Willard Grant is 3 years old. Helped Mrs. Grant make a dress for her mother. Prayer and street meetings.

Saturday, October 30
All present at prayer meeting but Grants. Sewed and work in general. Night meeting.

Sunday, October 31
Five meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, November 1
Whitewashed two back rooms. Took Esther into Government hospital at 2:00 P.M. – swelling on her neck. Callers.

Tuesday, November 2
Called on Esther – just the same. Merlyn Grant’s 5-year birthday. He is in hospital too. Good meeting in Chinese Government Hospital. Prayer meeting and street meeting. I have a chill.

Wednesday, November 3
Women’s meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Grant spent day here. Helen came home not well. I still have fever.

Thursday, November 4
Helen’s fever kept up to 105. Took her into Government Hospital at 2:00 P.M. – same room with Esther. I still have fever. Went to both night meetings. God is my strength. Grants, Evans and Miss Myers and Lee here.

Friday, November 5
Cheung’s here. All of Peniel but Grants. Children some better. Work in general. Night meetings.

Saturday, November 6
Mr. Evans, Miss Richey, Albert and I for prayer meeting. Miss Matley called. Miss Richey and I went to see the children. Esther cried to come home. Helen better. Night meetings.

Sunday, November 7
Five meetings. Felt God’s strength and grace.

Monday, November 8
Broke out with German measles. In bed all day.

Tuesday, November 9
Better again and up. Helen is better. Esther about the same. Many callers here.

Wednesday, November 10
Helen came out of hospital. Esther must stay longer. Women’s meeting and night meetings.

Thursday, November 11
Made Esther a shirt, mended, etc. Callers. Meetings.

Friday, November 12
Went to Hong Kong. Also women’s meeting at Shamshuipo. Night meetings here. Esther some better.

Saturday, November 13
Work in general. All at prayer meeting but Grants and Miss Stodghill. Night meetings.

Sunday, November 14
Rain. Three meetings. Miss Stodghill for supper. I visited Esther at hospital. Looks much better.

Monday, November 15
Headache all day. Children practice for Christmas. Mrs. Smith came from Kwai Uen.

Tuesday, November 16
Went shopping all day with Mrs. Smith. Called on Esther. Callers, etc.

Wednesday, November 17
Went to Cheung Chau with Mrs. Smith. Spent day at Benson’s. Meetings.

Thursday, November 18
Many callers. Sewed. Mrs. Smith gave us a Chinese feast. Mr. Evans and ladies here. Night meeting.

Friday, November 19
Callers. Helen went back to school after her illness. Lai Si Ni brought Chinese meal here for Mrs. Smith and us. Went to see Esther. Night meetings.

Saturday, November 20
Went to flower garden with Mrs. Smith. Myers, Lee, Kwok, Richey and Smith at prayer meeting. Night meeting. Esther came home. Gone since November 1.

Sunday, November 21
Five meetings. A Mr. Stanton from New Zealand spoke at night. Mrs. Smith interpreted (O.M.S. man).

Monday, November 22
Peniel opened in China 12 years. Grandma Chan buried. Mrs. Smith left for Kwai Uen. Mrs. Cheung and children for supper. Anniversary meeting – many spoke and testified. $51.22 given and 19 promised towards cleaning the chapel. Miss Stodghill, Myers and Mr. Ng left for Man Lau for a few days. All up here, also Mr. Lee, Kwok and Stanton until 11:00 P.M.

Tuesday, November 23
Miss Daniels for dinner. Wrote letters. Meetings, etc.

Wednesday, November 24
Worked all day. Children practice. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers. Chan Kwong sick.

Thursday, November 25
Thanksgiving Day. Grant’s family, Miss Daniels, Richey, Lee, Kwok and Evans here for dinner. Wong Kei San gave us two chickens. Night meetings.

Friday, November 26
Made Esther’s dress. Miss Daniels for supper. Prayer and street meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, November 27
Work in general. Brother Swanson, Lindblad and his son, Stephen, came on President Jackson. They and Miss Daniels and Lee here for supper. Daniels, Lee, Richey at prayer meeting. Night meetings.

Sunday, November 28
Five good meetings. Many to pray for. Brother Lindblad for dinner and Miss Daniels. Many callers. Ship sailed at 5:00 P.M.

Monday, November 29
Work in general. Finished Helen and Esther’s wool dresses. Wrote letters. Tore up to whitewash bedroom. Callers.

Tuesday, November 30
Whitewashed kitchen and bedroom. Plenty of work. Callers. Meetings. Rain.

Wednesday, December 1
Wrote letters, women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, December 2
Went out to Grant’s and stayed for dinner. They got very angry over our thought of opening work in Hung Hom.

Friday, December 3
Callers. Meetings and went to Hong Kong.

Saturday, December 4
Lee, Evans, Daniels and Richey at prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung, Daniels and Evans for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, December 5
Swanson back from Manila. Here for dinner. Five meetings. Schultz here.

Monday, December 6
Many, many callers. Brother Swanson sailed at 5:00 for U.S. Sunday school practice for Christmas, etc. Miss Stodghill, Myers and Ng Shap back from Nam Tau.

Tuesday, December 7
Mr. John Galloway here. Went to look for place to open mission. Meetings. Called. Work in general.

Wednesday, December 8
Women’s meeting. Miss Stodghill here. She gave Esther scrap of her dress and I made it up. Miss Bancroft came. Work in general.

Thursday, December 9
Went to Shamshuipo and Hong Kong with Miss Bancroft. Night meeting. Callers, etc.

Friday, December 10
Work in general. Mr. and Mrs. Hinkey and Miss Bancroft here. Brother Hinkey preached. Miss Stodghill and Mr. Ng Shap left for Nam Tau. Also San Kei went to visit in Sai Heung.

Saturday, December 11
Prayer meeting. Night meeting. Paid $10.00 down on new hall in Koon Chung. All went to see it after prayer meeting.

Sunday, December 12
Had five meetings. Drunk sailors disturbed street meeting in Koon Chung. Hinkeys left for WuChow. Miss Richey went to Grant’s.

Monday, December 13
Miss Bancroft and Matley and Mr. Lum for supper. Ladies went back to Koon Shan. Children practice. Work in general.

Tuesday, December 14
Hospital and night meetings. Callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, December 15
Women’s meeting and night meetings. Callers, etc., etc. Iris birthday.

Thursday, December 16
Went to Hong Kong. Meetings and callers.

Friday, December 17
Mr. Lum’s baby one month old. Went there to a feast. Night meetings.

Saturday, December 18
Work in general. Prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung, Mr. Evans, Lee, Myers and Daniel for supper. Night meetings. Miss Richey got her new wardrobe.

Sunday, December 19
Gave tickets for Christmas to Sunday school tots – 377 present. Street meeting at Koon Chung. Miss Myers and Daniels for dinner. Prayed with Mr. Lee. Ue Chan No. 1 in Golden Texts. Fourteen and So Sin Shang’s boy 52. Five meetings.

Monday, December 20
Miss Beesmeyer came enroute to India (Miss Bancroft and _____ friend). Many callers. Practice children for Christmas, etc.

Tuesday, December 21
Hospital meeting. Callers and night meetings, etc.

Wednesday, December 22
Women’s meeting. Many callers. Mr. Crane here and Mr. Haskett here. Chinese supper. Mr. Hoh, Kwok, Lee, Evans here. Night meeting. Mr. Larson here from Canton.

Thursday, December 23
Went to Hong Kong. Many, many callers. Meetings, etc.

Friday, December 24
Many callers. Decorating church and preparing program, etc. for Christmas. Prayer meeting. Munroes came back from U.S.A.

Saturday, December 25
Christmas Day. Had a pretty potted tree for the children. Miss Richey and Evans had dinner at Grant’s. Poh Tak San and Yan Tin were married here at 12:30 P.M. House full of people. Gave treats to Sunday school children at 10:00 A.M. Each had a box of candy and whistle – oh! the noise. Had dinner at 2:00 P.M. and then prayer meeting. Miss Myers, Daniels and Mr. Lee here. Our Christmas program was at 6:00 P.M. Many present. Miss Richey had charge of it – a busy day.

Sunday, December 26
Five meetings. Mr. Lee and Kwok here and Mr. and Mrs. Grant. Good meetings and baptism at 12:00 noon. Very cold.

Monday, December 27
Warmer. Fed the poor, blind, lame, etc. in the Mission at 1:00 P.M. Ten tables of eight. Then had a meeting after. Mr. Lee had his bedding stolen.

Tuesday, December 28
Out on the water to pray for sick man. Hospital meeting and night meetings. Wrote letters, etc.

Wednesday, December 29
Women’s meeting and song practice. Put up curtains for girl’s class with babies in church. Miss Daniels for supper. Night meetings.

Thursday, December 30
Wrote letters. Went to Koon Chung Mission. Put up pictures, etc. Went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Friday, December 31
Letters, etc. Put up songs, curtains, etc. In Koon Chung. Brought chairs, organ stool, matting for platform. All Peniel foreigners but Reitons at Grant’s for supper. Our church business meeting and Watchnight service. Over 50 stayed until after 12:00 midnight. Precious meeting and harmony.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8.