1925 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Thursday, January 1
Grants moving day. They had their meals with us. Miss Hitchcock’s two German ladies arrived unexpected. Many callers. Night meeting. Mr. Cheung Shing Yau had charge here in the meeting.

Friday, January 2
Callers. Prayer meeting. Called at Mrs. Grant’s.

Saturday, January 3
Two German sisters and Miss Hitchcock for breakfast. Many callers. Made Esther’s little black coat. Meeting. Supper at Grant’s. Mr. Evans there.

Sunday, January 4
Miss Newton (Salvation Army woman) spoke in night meeting. Four services. Grants here for dinner. She and I called on Mrs. Storey. Merlyn still in hospital. First Sunday meeting in Shamshuipo Peniel.

Monday, January 5
Many callers all day long.

Tuesday, January 6
In bed. Callers.

Wednesday, January 7
Went to Dr. Wong’s. Callers and letters, etc.

Thursday, January 8
Miss Bancroft and her Chinese girl came back from U.S. on Empress boat. Called. Mr. and Mrs. Grant here. Many callers. Miss Stodghill and her woman came here for supper. Went back on night steamer.

Friday, January 9
Called at Grant’s and Storey’s. Many callers. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, January 10
Work in general. Called at hospital. Had street and two other meetings (well first for two months).

Sunday, January 11
Four meetings. Went to Grant’s for dinner. Salvation Army woman preached at night.

Monday, January 12
Grace’s mother (Yeung Sz Tai) died. Merlyn came home from hospital. Brother Evans for supper. Had Miss Friske’s class for tea and cake.

Tuesday, January 13
Dressed Yeung Si Ni for burial – funeral in church. Letters and meetings, etc.

Wednesday, January 14
Women’s meeting. Called at Storey’s. Callers, letters. Mr. Storey came for me at 10:30. Mrs. Storey expecting a new arrival.

Thursday, January 15
All day at Storey’s and all night.

Friday, January 16
At home. Mr. Evans here. Meeting. Callers and called.

Saturday, January 17
Grants for dinner and supper. Work in general.

Sunday, January 18
Four services. At Grant’s for dinner.

Monday, January 19
Wrote circular letter. Made Helen a dress. Callers. Mr. Evans for supper.

Tuesday, January 20
Married 12 years. Grants here for supper. Called. Went to hospital. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, January 21
Sewed – made brown dress out of coat and skirt. Lunch at Grant’s. Women’s meeting. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Thursday, January 22
Piano in mission – $100 mex. and $5.00 for coolies. Brought big organ upstairs. Got four new pictures – two for $1.00 and two for $1.50. Prayer meeting. Called at Storey’s and at Grant’s for supper. Callers.

Friday, January 23
Callers. Went to Hong Kong with Grants. Streets packed with people. Two red vases – $2.00 and two ornaments – 50 cents. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, January 24
Chinese New Year Day. Worked all day. Callers. Brother Evans for lunch. Street and night meetings. Callers.

Sunday, January 25
Brothers Swanson and Lindblad and Young in church. Four meetings and an afternoon street meeting. Received my new low brown shoes from Swanson.

Monday, January 26
Shamshuipo meeting. Went to ship to see Mr. Englehart. Au Muk Sz preached.

Tuesday, January 27
Went to Mrs. Storey’s at 7:00 A.M. There all day and night.

Wednesday, January 28
Came home at 7:00 A.M. to get Helen to school. Women’s meeting. Esther 16 months old and has ten teeth. She is well and happy.

Thursday, January 29
Stayed at Storey’s again. Wrote letters. Work in general. Meeting. Callers.

Friday, January 30
Stayed at Storey’s. She had a severe hemorrhage at 3:00 A.M. I ran for Dr. Ip. Finally got ambulance and took her to Matilda Hospital. Mr. Storey and I went with her. Miss Cole came out of hospital. Callers. Work in general. Meeting.

Saturday, January 31
Grant’s for supper. Meeting. Callers. Work in general.

Sunday, February 1
Four meetings. At Grant’s for lunch. Swanson, Young, Evans, Grants, Lindblad for supper. Souls at altar.

Monday, February 2
Work in general. Swanson sailed. Sent ten tea cups (rice pattern to Mrs. Lindblad). Called at Storey’s. Went to Shamshuipo. Mrs. Storey has baby girl (Grace).

Tuesday, February 3
Made curtains. Callers. Prayer meeting and hospital meeting.

Wednesday, February 4
Women’s meeting. Callers. Night meeting. Leung Kam Lai’s mother died in hospital.

Thursday, February 5
Leung Kam Lai’s mother’s funeral. Callers. I dressed her for burial and service in church.

Friday, February 6
Marion and Betty Storey, Mr. and Mrs. Grant and Mr. Evans for supper. Work in general. Many callers. Meeting.

Saturday, February 7
Albert’s birthday – 43 years old. Christians gave him clock, chickens, ducks, meat dishes, fruit, etc., etc. About 70 called and drank tea. Went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Sunday, February 8
Brother Kwok preached boat meeting. Called at Grant’s. Street and church meeting.

Monday, February 9
Sewed. Callers. Ah Mui left to get married.

Tuesday, February 10
Went to Matilda to visit Mrs. Storey and her new baby. Took Elmer and Marion along. Meeting. Miss Drew called and two of her workers. Grants here.

Wednesday, February 11
Mrs. Grant came to women’s meeting. We all went to Ah Mui for supper. She is now “Mrs. Chan”. Salvation Army lady from Peking called. Also stayed for meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, February 12
Called to be with Mrs. Grant at 2:00 A.M. her baby girl, Katherine Irene, came at 5:30 A.M. – 8-1/4 lbs. Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Chung (Chinese midwife) and self present. Received new oil stoves from U.S.

Friday, February 13
Bathes Mrs. Grant and baby. Work in general. Prayer meeting. Callers and called.

Saturday, February 14
Work in general. At Grant’s most all morning. Callers, etc.

Sunday, February 15
Callers. Four meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, February 16
Ah Mui and her husband called. Bathed baby Katherine. Callers. Letters, etc.

Tuesday, February 17
Callers and called. Meeting.

Wednesday, February 18
Splendid women’s meeting. Night meeting – eight at altar.

Thursday, February 19
Max fixed my machine. Washed baby Grant. Meeting.

Friday, February 20
Made Helen’s rain coat and two dresses. At Grant’s. Brother Evans here. Callers, etc.

Saturday, February 21
Work in general. Callers. At Grant’s.

Sunday, February 22
My Father’s birthday. Four services. Callers and called.

Monday, February 23
Work in general. Callers.

Tuesday, February 24
Many callers. At Grant’s, etc. Mr. Crane called from Hoi Peng. Fine prayer meeting in church.

Wednesday, February 25
Women’s meeting. Many callers. Mrs. Brown and son called also. At Grant’s. Mrs. Ko for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, February 26
Storey family for supper. Callers, etc.

Friday, February 27
Made my table cloth and 11 napkins. At Grant’s. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, February 28
Esther 17 months old – 12 teeth. Bought four blue plates and two blue vases – $1.00 mex. Meeting. Callers. At Grant’s.

Sunday, March 1
Ah Mui sick. Callers. Mr. Wong from Hong Kong and Mr. Evans for supper. Four meetings.

Monday, March 2
Chan Kwong began work here. Callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, March 3
Miss Stodghill came. Callers. Prayer meeting. Went to Hong Kong.

Wednesday, March 4
Went to hospital with Mr. Storey to get Mrs. Storey and baby Grace home. Women’s meeting. Callers and called.

Thursday, March 5
Had one tooth filled – $5.00. Shopped with Miss Stodghill. Went to Grant’s. Went to Shamshuipo prayer meeting. Mr. Evans for supper.

Friday, March 6
Preparing to go home with Miss Stodghill to Nam Tau. Callers. Meeting, etc.

Saturday, March 7
Arrived at Nam Tau at 10:00 A.M. Callers, etc.

Sunday, March 8
Meeting in home at 2:00 P.M. with Ah Lam, Wong Lai Koo, Miss Stodghill and I.

Monday, March 9
Made my tan gingham dress.

Tuesday, March 10
Went calling in Nan Lau. Took pictures, etc.

Wednesday, March 11
Came back to Yaumati and called at Grant’s. Meeting – one soul saved.

Thursday, March 12
Baby Grant (Katherine) is one month old. Grants and Brother Evans all spent the day here. Meeting, etc.

Friday, March 13
Went shopping for Miss Stodghill. Met a Mr. and Mrs. Taylor and their cousin (tourists on the S. S. California going around the world) in a swatow drawn work shop. They desired to call. Meeting.

Saturday, March 14
Taylors called. Went to hospital, boats, Shamshuipo, etc. Then took them back to ship. Meeting.

Sunday, March 15
Four meetings – souls at altar. Baby Katherine Grant’s first Sunday in church. Very hot.

Monday, March 16
Made Esther two gingham dresses. Callers all day. Brother Evans for supper. Albert left for Nam Tau to oversee whitewashers.

Tuesday, March 17
Went to hospital meeting. Called. Made Esther two white dresses. Night meeting.

Wednesday, March 18
Women’s meeting. Went to Hong Kong. Albert came back from Nam Tau. $18.90 for whitewashing, etc. Callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 19
Made Esther petticoats. Callers. Meeting.

Friday, March 20
Sewed and had callers. Meeting.

Saturday, March 21
Went to Grant’s. Called at Tsz Si Ni, Pat Koo and Storey’s.

Sunday, March 22
Three meetings. Many callers.

Monday, March 23
Made Esther panties. Has a bit of fever. Callers.

Tuesday, March 24
Hospital and prayer meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, March 25
Called. Work in general. Women’s meeting. Esther feverish again. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 26
Sewed. Callers. Night service.

Friday, March 27
Covered by pith hat. Meeting and callers. Esther better. Brother Evans here.

Saturday, March 28
Esther 18 months old. Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Work in general. Meetings.

Sunday, March 29
Mr. Grant spoke in A.M. and Albert at night. Mrs. Ko here. Mr. Cheung had a slight hemorrhage. Souls at altar. Shoemakers twins born Saturday night.

Monday, March 30
Sewed at Grant’s – altered her dresses. Callers, etc. Prayer meeting in behalf of Sister Smith. Fighting there.

Tuesday, March 31
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Wrote letters, called and had callers.

Wednesday, April 1
Brother Evans is 51 years old. He and Grants here for supper. Very hard rain storm. Meeting.

Thursday, April 2
Meeting. Callers, letters and work in general.

Friday, April 3
Washed, ironed, scrubbed and worked hard all day. Ah Mui still sick. Meeting. Callers.

Saturday, April 4
Went to Shamshuipo with Grants house hunting. Worked all P.M.

Sunday, April 5
Grants for dinner. Three services. Callers.

Monday, April 6
Callers. Made Helen red gingham dress. Mr. Swanson came. Many callers.

Tuesday, April 7
Dinner at Grant’s. Called at Storey’s. Mr. Young here. The Pentecostal Colporteur, Saam Pak, died. Work in general.

Wednesday, April 8
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers and called.

Thursday, April 9
Sewed and wrote letters. Meeting. Ko’s family here.

Friday, April 10
Work in general. Supper at Grant’s. Mrs. Storey called. Meeting.

Saturday, April 11
Made Esther’s pink hat. Went t Shamshuipo meeting. Callers. Work in general.

Sunday, April 12
Easter Sunday. Grant and Evans for dinner. Men say “Christ Arose” in church. Shamshuipo folks worshipped in Yaumati church. Lord’s supper. Many callers. Helen sang an Easter song in English. Night meetings.

Monday, April 13
Ko family here all afternoon and for supper. Many callers.

Tuesday, April 14
Swanson back from Manila. He and Mr. Young, Albert, Brother Evans, Helen, Esther and I went to end of tram car line on Hong Kong side. Many callers. Prayer meeting. Went to Storey’s after meeting.

Wednesday, April 15
Women’s meeting. Swanson sails for U.S.A. Night meeting. Called. Work in general. Albert bought dresser ($15.00), chairs, etc. and an electric lamp – $1.50.

Thursday, April 16
Rain. Worked in flat downstairs. Meeting. Callers.

Friday, April 17
Lunch at Storey’s. Called. Made Helen new panties. Street and night meeting. Mr. James left for U.S.A.

Saturday, April 18
Sewed. Callers. Supper at Grant’s. meeting. Called at Koon Chung and Chan Hoi.

Sunday, April 19
Meetings. Callers. Kam Fuk back from WuChow preached.

Monday, April 20
Went to auction on Hong Kong side. Bought eight forks – 75 cents, stool – 50 cents and curtains – $2.50.

Tuesday, April 21
Cheung Siu Shang moved out of flat downstairs. We and Grants worked all day preparing for new workers. Meeting.

Wednesday, April 22
Miss rose Richey, Miss Alta Myers and Miss Lucy Daniels arrived at 12:00 noon. They, Grants and Evans had dinner with us. Living in second floor at 64 Portland Street. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Thursday, April 23
Went shopping in Hong Kong – pith hats, nets, etc. Meeting. All had supper at Grant’s.

Friday, April 24
Preparing for reception for the three ladies. Callers, etc. Meeting begin in church – 6:30 P.M. Tea and cake in our flat. Potted plants, etc. Many came.

Saturday, April 25
Work in general. All went to Shamshuipo meeting – full house – seekers.

Sunday, April 26
Four meetings – big crowds – seven seekers. Peniel family for supper. Boat meeting.

Monday, April 27
Preparing to go to Nam Lau with three ladies. All had supper with them – first meal in China.

Tuesday, April 28
Helped Grants pack to move to Shamshuipo. They were here for supper. Did not go to Man Tau. Esther is 19 months old.

Wednesday, April 29
We four ladies left for Nam Tau at 4:00 P.M. Got to Miss Stodghill’s at about 9;30 P.M. Had dinner and walk in P.M.

Thursday, April 30
Chinese meal. All took a walk. Went to the top of a pawn shop, etc.

Friday, May 1
Came back from Nam Tau. Many callers. Brother Evans for supper. Meeting, etc.

Saturday, May 2
Work in general. Called with Miss Richey and others – boat meeting.

Sunday, May 3
Boat meeting and three meetings in church – souls at altar. Callers, etc. Funeral.

Monday, May 4
Called at Grant’s. circular letter. Ladies and Brother Evans for supper. Kam Fuk Siu Shang went to Nam Tau to preach.

Tuesday, May 5
Hospital meeting. Work in general. Night meeting.

Wednesday, May 6
Miss Daniels spoke in women’s meeting. Night meeting. Bought black leather couch – $7.00.

Thursday, May 7
Albert sick. Callers. Miss Daniels and I went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Friday, May 8
Went to Hong Kong with ladies. Got Helen’s gym goods. Prayer meeting. Mr. Lee and Mr. Anderson here, on S.S. Jefferson. Sailed at 11:00 P.M.

Saturday, May 9
Work in. Peniel family supper at Brother Evan’s house.

Sunday, May 10
Four meetings. Albert sick. Callers, etc.

Monday, May 11
Callers. Made Helen’s gym dress. Peniel family came after supper. Addressed circular letter envelopes. Put iron bars in windows.

Tuesday, May 12
Hospital meeting. Letters. Painted iron bars. Meeting, callers, etc.

Wednesday, May 13
Women’s meeting. Miss Richey called. Night meeting.

Thursday, May 14
Took Li Shui Miu Si Ni to Government Hospital. Called. Miss Stodghill came down. Meetings, etc.

Friday, May 15
Miss Stodghill and ladies for supper. Mr. Evans and Grants came. Accepted all three ladies and Brother Evans into the mission. Meeting, etc. Miss Stodghill went back.

Saturday, May 16
Work in general. Supper at Grant’s. Up until 1:00 A.M. with Miss Stodghill. Went to Hong Kong side with her.

Sunday, May 17
First children’s meeting at 2:30 P.M. Miss Richey spoke. Five meetings. Callers, etc.

Monday, May 18
Mrs. Grant and ladies for lunch. Brother Evans for supper. Work in general. Not feeling good – chill.

Tuesday, May 19
Hospital meeting. Mrs. Grant here. I’m in bed.

Wednesday, May 20
Women’s meeting. Still in bed. Callers.

Thursday, May 21
Many callers.

Friday, May 22
Miss Hitchcock and German sisters came. In bed.

Saturday, May 23
Many callers.

Sunday, May 24
Albert brought me to Matilda Hospital at noon. Weighed 125 lbs. (Ginger, ice cream, cream of wheat, pudding).

Monday, May 25
In bed all day. Very foggy.

Tuesday, May 26
Visiting day. Brother Evans and Albert came. Clear and warm.

Wednesday, May 27
In bed all day. Read the book, “In the Twinkling of An Eye” by Watson.

Thursday, May 28
Up on a steamer chair. Rain and wind. Cold.

Friday, May 29
Mrs. Grant, Miss Myers, Miss Daniels and Miss Richey called. Dressed and up.

Saturday, May 30
Decoration Day. They all went to Rose Edna’s grave.

Sunday, May 31
Albert, Helen, Brother and Sister Grant and baby Katherine visited me.

Monday, June 1
In Matilda Hospital. Made Helen’s little pink dress from Miss Stodghill for her birthday. Went down into the garden with a Miss Atkinson – teacher in St. Stevens School.

Tuesday, June 2
Albert and Esther called. Gained 1-1/2 lbs. since last Tuesday.

Wednesday, June 3
Rain all day. Letters, etc.

Thursday, June 4
Reading the Life of Hudson Taylor again. Letter from Albert

Friday, June 5
The Lord give grace to keep sweet when I found I could not go home! Albert and Brother Swanson and Mrs. Storey called.

Saturday, June 6
Quite warm. Read a book on Missions by Mrs. Butler.

Sunday, June 7
Dr. Saunders read john 1:1-15 for his lesson. Albert and Helen called.

Monday, June 8
Wrote letters all day.

Tuesday, June 9
Beautiful day.

Wednesday, June 10
Came home from Matilda Hospital – was there 16 days. Albert met me at bottom of tram. Women’s meeting. Many callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 11
Finished Helen’s dress Miss Stodghill gave her. Callers. Cleaned house. Night meeting.

Friday, June 12
Helen is 9 years old. Miss Stodghill came a little while. Meeting. Mrs. Grant for supper. MacKenzie for dinner. Work in general.

Saturday, June 13
Had a beach picnic in honor of Helen’s birthday. Went to Lai Chi Kok beach. Grants and children, Evans, three ladies, Swanson and Young – 19 in all. Helen had box candy, book, flowers, motto cards, fan, rickshaw, dress, ribbon, etc. given to her.

Sunday, June 14
Jackson sails for U.S.A. In bed all day. Swanson and many others here.

Monday, June 15
Grants for supper. Many callers.

Tuesday, June 16
Feeling a bit stronger. Mrs. Grant for supper. Many callers.

Wednesday, June 17
Women’s meeting. I spoke from Hebrews 11. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 18
Went to Hong Kong (met Mrs. Dr. Cliff). Meeting, etc.

Friday, June 19
Spent day at Grant’s. Prayer meeting – four at altar.

Saturday, June 20
Very warm. Strike predicted. Bought extra milk for Esther. Callers. Supper downstairs.

Sunday, June 21
Good meeting. Special prayer meeting instead of night meeting in behalf of conditions in China.

Monday, June 22
Miss Hitchcock here enroute to Koon Shan from Shanghai. Many callers.

Tuesday, June 23
Went to hospital meeting. Many callers. Rain. Deep anti-foreign feeling. Many foreigners coming out of interior. The Chinese tried to take the Shameen in Canton.

Wednesday, June 24
Women’s meeting. Storey’s family spent the day here – dinner and supper. Mrs. Grant for supper.

Thursday, June 25
Sending for Miss Stodghill to come. Ellises came down. Much trouble everywhere.

Friday, June 26
Made Esther’s gingham dress. Brother Evans for supper. Prayer and street meeting. Souls at altar. Typhoon signals up.

Saturday, June 27
Called at Grant’s. Oi Lin, Mrs. Burtt and Miss Matley came here.

Sunday, June 28
Four meetings. Miss Stodghill came down from Nam Tau.

Monday, June 29
Ah Mui sick. A girl came at noon to take her place. We went to Grant’s. Had ice cream, cake and music. Mrs. Winter’s birthday.

Tuesday, June 30
Mrs. Grant’s birthday. Miss Matley, Mrs. Burtt and Oi Lin moved to Shamshuipo into Miss Meadows flat. Changed meeting for summer – Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and women’s and hospital meetings.

Wednesday, July 1
Women’s meeting. Sewed. Callers. Miss Stodghill here.

Thursday, June 2
Made Helen’s gingham dress. Many callers.

Friday, July 3
Prayer meeting. Mr. Evans and Miss Stodghill for supper. Callers.

Saturday, July 4
Many callers. Miss Donaldson for lunch. Mr. Ellis and Winters and Stodghill for supper.

Sunday, July 5
Five meetings. Lord’s supper. Many callers.

Monday, July 6
Buses strike. Not feeling well. Many callers.

Tuesday, July 7
Very hot. Prayer meeting. Many callers.

Wednesday, July 8
Women’s meeting. Mrs. Marsh came down. Many callers.

Thursday, July 9
Betty and Marion Storey here. Katherine, Elmer, Robert, Baby Grace – they leave on Empress of Canada for U.S.A. Ah Mui left for country. Many callers. Storeys got on board ship.

Friday, July 10
Storey’s sailed for U.S.A. Worked all day. Ah Choi left too on account of anti-foreign strike feeling. Callers. Miss Stodghill left – has a room in Miss Meadows flat.

Saturday, July 11
Mr. Evans for supper. Many callers.

Sunday, July 12
Four meetings. Went home with Mrs. Grant and called at Ellises. Mr. Grant preached at night. Meeting from 7:00 to 8:00 P.M. so they can get back on 8:15 P.M. bus.

Monday, July 13
Chan Kwong stopped work here. Threatened to kill himself too. All servants gone. Callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, July 14
Tseng Si Ni died at hospital (living with Shu Tseng Chan Si Ni). Many callers. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, July 15
Funeral in church at 1:00 P.M. No women’s meeting on this account. Supper downstairs.

Thursday, July 16
Worked all day. Grants for dinner. Very hard electric storms past few days.

Friday, July 17
Housework in general. Callers. Repacked some trunks, etc. Very, very hard rain and lightening. Dark most all day. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, July 18
Made Esther sweater. Miss Richey made cap. Grants and Miss Stodghill here. Work in general.

Sunday, July 19
Four meetings. We went to Grant’s for dinner.

Monday, July 20
Callers. Mr. Evans for supper. Miss Richey ironed for me.

Tuesday, July 21
Ah Choi and Ah Mui came back to work. Went to Cliffs. Mrs. Smith and Miss Tauber came down. Staying at Grant’s. Prayer meeting. Grants and Smiths for supper.

Wednesday, July 22
Women’s meeting. Miss Richey spoke. Many callers. Sewed.

Thursday, July 23
Miss Stodghill here. Sewed. Tseng Kam Mooi came from Nam Tau. Many callers.

Friday, July 24
Work in general. Mrs. Grant here. Prayer meeting. Helen at Ellis’.

Saturday, July 25
Miss Stodghill here. Many callers. Examined candidates for baptism.

Sunday, July 26
Mr. Ko preached – full house. Baptized 17 – six women, two men and four rejected. Callers. Four meetings.

Monday, July 27
Called in four homes. Many callers here.

Tuesday, July 28
Esther took sick at 2:00 A.M. – fever 105. Better again at evening. Prayer meeting. Kam Fuk here for Nam Tau.

Wednesday, July 29
Esther’s fever down, but very weak. Women’s meeting. Miss Myers preached. Ellis family here for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, July 30
Callers. Work in general.

Friday, July 31
Prayer meeting. Miss Grant for supper. Mr. Evans and many other callers. Very hot.

Saturday, August 1
Bible study at night. Callers. Esther much better. Work in general.

Sunday, August 2
Five meetings. Callers. Prayed for Lo Ew and wife down on boat

Monday, August 3
Miss Stodghill called. Grants here. Mr. and Mrs. Crane and four children, Esther, Lois, Ruth and Grace here.

Tuesday, August 4
Cranes moved to Shamshuipo. Hospital meting and night meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, August 5
Called at Grant’s. Women’s meeting. Miss Daniels sick. Dr. Wong called on her – flu. Shamshuipo meeting.

Thursday, August 6
Called and wrote letters. Work in general. Callers.

Friday, August 7
Ellises sailed for U.S.A. on Empress Australia. Went to ship to see them off. Grants here for supper. Prayer meeting. Munroes came down.

Saturday, August 8
Work in general. Foreign prayer meeting in our house. All but Miss Stodghill and Grant present. Night meeting.

Sunday, August 9
Rev. Jaffray preached. Mrs. Smith and Tauber for dinner. Richey and Myer for supper. Called on sick woman. Callers. Night meeting – two saved.

Monday, August 10
Called and wrote, had callers and worked in general.

Tuesday, August 11
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Winters spoke on street, etc.

Wednesday, August 12
I had women’s meeting. Brother Swanson came from Manila and brought milk, beans, lard, sugar, etc. Went to Grant’s in evening. Many callers. Mr. Young and another man and Swanson for supper.

Thursday, August 13
Brother Swanson sails for U.S. Many, many callers. Mr. Perkins enroute to Africa here for dinner.

Friday, August 14
Went to Hong Kong. Called at university – Mrs. Marsh, Matley, Burtt, Donaldson, etc. Dr. Cliff, Mr. Perkins for supper. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Saturday, August 15
Peniel prayer meeting at Miss Richey’s. Mr. Evans for supper. All but Miss Stodghill present.

Sunday, August 16
Mr. Munroe preached – lot of foreigners present. Mr. Perkins enroute to Africa testified. Sailor boys came and testified through Mrs. Ko. Miss Richey, Helen and I went to Shamshuipo meeting.

Monday, August 17
Chan Kwong came back to work. Callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 18
Mr. and Mrs. Munroe and Miss Clark, Mrs. Smith, miss Tauber, Mr. Perkins, among many others here all day. Sewed for Mrs. Munroe. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, August 19
Crane family and Miss Matley for dinner. Women’s meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, August 20
Wrote circular letter. Munroes and Miss Clark sailed for U.S.A. – Empress Asia.

Friday, August 21
Callers. Called in many homes. Prayer meeting. Miss Stodghill and Mr. Evans here.

Saturday, August 22
Callers. Work in general. Prayer meeting at Brother Evans. All present but Mrs. Grant.

Sunday, August 23
Just two years since we saw Rose Edna. Ladies for supper. Went to Shamshuipo meeting. Four meetings here – one soul at altar.

Monday, August 24
Cottage meeting at Chan Sz Mo – 12 present. Grants for dinner. Mrs. Marsh, Miss Matley and Mrs. Burtt and Oi Lin sailed for U.S.A.

Tuesday, August 25
Hospital meeting. Callers. Prayer meeting. Mrs. Grant for supper. One soul at altar.

Wednesday, August 26
Women’s meeting. Callers. Sewed. Went to visit Mrs. Smith and Tauber.

Thursday, August 27
Work in general. Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Winters and Mr. Turner were baptized by Albert out at Lai chi Kok beach.

Friday, August 28
Sewed, callers and work in general. Prayer and street meeting. Very hot.

Saturday, August 29
Foreign prayer meeting at Miss Stodghill’s. All present. Work in general. Night meeting.

Sunday, August 30
Mr. Evans, Mrs. Smith and Tauber for dinner. Large crowds at meetings. Shamshuipo at night.

Monday, August 31
Began teaching Mrs. Kailey English two hours a day. Went to lai Chi Kok swimming. Rain. No cottage meeting.

Tuesday, September 1
Rain. Typhoon signals up. Ladies began studying Chinese with _____. Began fall work. Meetings every night, but Monday. Mrs. Kailey paid me. Meeting – four men at altar.

Wednesday, September 2
Women’s meeting. Went to Hong Kong. Called on Mrs. Snuggs. Dr. Cliff moved to Kowloon. Night meeting – two at altar. Callers.

Thursday, September 3
Taught English. Sewed. Meeting. Miss Ray and Putney called.

Friday, September 4
Called and had callers. Sewed. Meeting – one at altar.

Saturday, September 5
Mr. Mak and son (Chinese) from Oakland, called. Prayer meeting at Grant’s. All present but Miss Daniels. Night meeting.

Sunday, September 6
Ladies for supper. Callers. Fur meetings. Went to Shamshuipo.

Monday, September 7
Callers. Went to call on Mrs. Kailey. Went to Lai Chi Kok swimming. Cottage meeting at Li Shui Min Si Ni. Sailor boys called. Work in general. Mailed circulars.

Tuesday, September 8
Hospital, street and night meeting. Mrs. Grant for supper. Mrs. Winters was operated on in Victoria Hospital. Taught two hours.

Wednesday, September 9
Women’s meeting. Went to several knitting factories and to the noodle factory with the ladies. Night meeting and street meeting.

Thursday, September 10
Worked all day. Taught two hours. Two meetings. Callers.

Friday, September 11
Mrs. Smith and Tauber spent day here. Other callers – three ladies downstairs. Mrs. Smith, Tauber, Helen and I went to the Home for Blind in Kowloon. Mrs. Smith gave Helen blue wool suit ($10.00). Two meetings.

Saturday, September 12
Foreign prayer meeting. All here but Mrs. Grant. Mr. Evans for supper. Meeting. Made crab apple Jello. Have been in 16 meetings this week.

Sunday, September 13
Five meetings. Called at Miss Stodghill’s. Crane children for dinner.

Monday, September 14
Cottage meeting at 7 Koo’s. Went to Lai chi Kok. Began studying with Kuk Sin Shang. Miss Daniels with blind girl. German sister came and had dinner here. Callers, etc.

Tuesday, September 15
Called at Grant’s. Katherine had her tongue cut loose by Dr. Cliff. Mrs. Grant here for supper. Mr. and Mrs. Snuggs called. Prayer meeting. Taught and studied.

Wednesday, September 16
Women’s meeting. Helen went home with Mrs. Kailey. Called on Wong Kwong and his mother. Street and indoor meetings. Miss Richey for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, September 17
Work in general. Studied and taught. Meetings, etc. Callers.

Friday, September 18
Grant family here – dinner and supper. Meetings.

Saturday, September 19
Miss Richey, Mrs. Grant, Albert, Helen and I went to dear Rose Edna’s grave. Ordered Albert’s new grey suit. Prayer meeting downstairs. All present but Miss Stodghill and Brother Grant. Three ladies for supper. Mrs. Grant for dinner. Work in general. Helen staying all night at Grant’s. Merlyn taken to Victoria Hospital to be operated on (tonsils). Meeting.

Sunday, September 20
Six meetings. Callers. Merlyn operated on at 3:00 P.M.

Monday, September 21
Studied and taught. Went to Lai Chi Kok swimming. Kam Fuk came in from Nam Tau. Cottage meeting at Li Uen Shi Si Ni – ten present.

Tuesday, September 22
Studied and taught. Hospital meeting. Night and street meeting. Mrs. Grant here.

Wednesday, September 23
Women’s meeting. Studied and taught ad called. Mrs. Smith, Miss Tauber, Miss Mengersen, and Mr. Evans for lunch. Mrs. Smith moved near tobacco factory. Night meeting.

Thursday, September 24
Mr. Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Benson came from America. They and Mrs. Smith and Tauber for supper. Night meeting.

Friday, September 25
Made blue hat. Work in general. Callers. Taught and studied. Night meeting.

Saturday, September 26
Work in general. At Grant’s for dinner. Prayer meeting at Brother Evans. Night meeting.

Sunday, September 27
Five meetings. Bensons, Smiths and Miss Tauber for dinner.

Monday, September 28
Funeral of boat man, Mr. Chan. Taught and studied and called. Made crab jelly. Esther two years old and is well and happy – Praise God.

Tuesday, September 29
Made Jelly. Mrs. Grant for supper. Meeting. Callers, etc.

Wednesday, September 30
Miss Richey moved to Grant’s. Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Whitewashed kitchen. Taught and studied.

Thursday, October 1
Miss Stodghill, Miss Daniels and Miss Myers for dinner. Miss Daniels and Myers moved to Shamshuipo – next to Miss Stodghill’s. Rain. Night meeting and street meeting.

Friday, October 2
Worked all day. Meeting. Called, etc.

Saturday, October 3
My birthday – 39 years. Prayer meeting at Miss Stodghill’s. Work in general. Callers. Mrs. Grant for supper. Christians gave me many nice things as gifts – chickens, duck, cakes, fruit, sausages, $12.00 in money, etc. God rewards.

Sunday, October 4
Communion Sunday. Mr. Smith had charge. Brother Hinkey preached – on prayer. Shultz, Young, Swanson, Misses Myers, Daniels, Stodghill and many other here. Six meetings.

Monday, October 5
Brother Swanson here. Mrs. Kailey gave $10 for the work. Cottage meeting at Chan Sz Mo. Many callers.

Tuesday, October 6
Mrs. Grant for supper. Hospital, street and night meetings. Began using iron with new wiring. Changes door in steps. Callers. Work in general. Taught two hours.

Wednesday, October 7
Women’s meeting, night and street meetings. Callers. Taught.

Thursday, October 8
Went to Hong Kong and bought Bible for church with birthday money. Night and street meeting. Brother Smith preached. Callers. Taught, etc.

Friday, October 9
Taught. Meetings. Callers.

Saturday, October 10
Prayer meeting here – all here but Mrs. Grant. Night meeting.

Sunday, October 11
Cranes for dinner. Brother Swanson and Young here. Five meetings. Called on Miss Stodghill and the two girls. Mr. Shultz here. Mr. Smith not well.

Monday, October 12
Swanson sailed for Seattle. Taught. Callers. Letters, etc. Albert went to Cheung Chau. Brother Smith sick.

Tuesday, October 13
Hospital meeting. Mrs. Grant here. Taught. Night meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, October 14
Women’s meeting. Made jelly, butter and sweet pickle crabs. Taught. Night meetings. Callers, etc.

Thursday, October 15
Made grey wool dress out of coat suit. Work in general. Mr. Benson preached through Sister Smith. Fine crowd and attention. Brother Smith sick and could not take the 10-day meetings as planned.

Friday, October 16
Work in general. Called and taught. Night meeting. Brother Benson again spoke – eight at altar.

Saturday, October 17
Went to dentist to have crown filled. At Smiths. Miss Richey for dinner. Prayer meeting at Grant’s. Night meeting – Brother Grant spoke through Mr. Stone. Sever at altar.

Sunday, October 18
Brother Benson spoke again. A splendid crowd and wonderful message. Five meetings. Ladies for supper and also Mrs. Grant. Called at Smith’s.

Monday, October 19
Taught. Callers. Finished at Dr. Asger (dentist) – $15.00. Brother Benson preached through Sister Smith on “What must I do to be saved?”

Tuesday, October 20
Hospital meeting. Hong Kong. Night meetings continue.

Wednesday, October 21
Women’s meeting. Night meeting – fine crowd, good interest – souls at altar. Taught. Callers, etc. Sold my old machine – $25 mex.

Thursday, October 22
Made Esther’s blue flannel dress. Taught. Night meetings. Prayed for Mrs. Grant.

Friday, October 23
Taught, wrote and work in general. Mrs. Grant and Miss Richey for dinner. Night meetings.

Saturday, October 24
Prayer meeting at Miss Daniel’s. Bessie MacKay, 13 years old, was killed in bus accident. Night meetings. Work in general.

Sunday, October 25
Five meetings. Helen testified in Chinese in children’s meeting. Bev Benson preached on tithing. Special meetings closed at night. Many callers, etc.

Monday, October 26
Work in general. Callers. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, October 27
Hospital meeting. Taught. Night meetings. Mr. Crane spoke.

Wednesday, October 28
Women’s meeting. Night meetings. Taught, etc. Brother Hinkey preached and stayed over night here.

Thursday, October 29
Made my white alpaca dress. Taught. Callers. Night meetings. Willard Grant two years old.

Friday, October 30
Prayer meeting. Work in general. Taught.

Saturday, October 31
Went to Grants – took a birthday cake to Willard and Merlyn. Prayer meeting at Brother Evans. All present but Miss Stodghill. Called at Smith’s. Night meeting.

Sunday, November 1
Brother Benson preached. Mrs. Smith interpreted. Miss Richey and Merlyn for dinner. Five meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, November 2
Taught. Callers. Merlyn Grant four years old.

Tuesday, November 3
Hospital meeting. Callers. Mrs. Grant here. Taught. Night meeting – souls at altar. Mollie’s birthday.

Wednesday, November 4
Women’s meeting – Miss Daniels led. Night meeting – Brother Grant spoke. Taught. Work in general.

Thursday, November 5
Meetings. Callers. Sewed, taught, etc.

Friday, November 6
Prayer meeting. Callers. Street meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, November 7
Prayer meeting at Grants – all present but Miss Daniels. Night meeting.

Sunday, November 8
Mr. and Mrs. Ma taught Sunday school class. Mr. Kwok preached at Shamshuipo meeting – souls at altar. Cranes for dinner. Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Mr. Crane had children’s meeting.

Monday, November 9
Taught and had callers. Whitewashed dining room. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 10
Callers. Miss Richey spent day. Hospital meeting, street and night meetings.

Wednesday, November 11
Peniel 39th anniversary in U.S.A. Mrs. Grant spoke at women’s meeting. Miss Richey and Grant for supper. Night meeting. Taught and work in general.

Thursday, November 12
Went to Hong Kong. Taught. Meetings and callers.

Friday, November 13
Worked all day. Taught. Prayer meeting and street meeting. Callers, etc.

Saturday, November 14
Esther Crane’s 8th birthday. Our family and Miss Stodghill had dinner with them. Prayer meeting with Miss Stodghill. Night meeting.

Sunday, November 15
The Seth C. Reese family on world tour spent day in Hong Kong. Rev. Paul Reese came to our meeting. Albert, Brother Grant and I went to the ship and visited them until 4:00 P.M. when they sailed for Shanghai. Five good meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, November 16
Miss Fluker spent day here – has been five weeks in Matilda. Many callers. Made my brown mixed voile waist. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, November 17
Hospital meeting and night meetings – souls at altar. Taught. Callers. Work in general.

Wednesday, November 18
Miss Richey had women’s meeting. Called. Mrs. Kok Mrs. Grant and Miss Richey for supper. Miss Stodghill for breakfast. Many callers. Work in general. Albert preached at night.

Thursday, November 19
Miss Meadows and Miss Wilson called. Many others. Meetings. Called, etc. Grants moved their big organ into the Mission.

Friday, November 20
Mrs. Kailey took sick here. Had a great time getting her home. Mr. Evans, Miss Daniels and Myers for suppers. Meetings, etc.

Saturday, November 21
Worked all day. Prayer meeting here. All present but Miss Stodghill. Girls and Evans for supper. Meeting. Callers, etc.

Sunday, November 22
Peniel’s 11th anniversary in China. Special meeting at 2:00 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. the Christians pledged and gave $512.00 toward church debt. Mrs. Grant, Richey and Crane children for lunch and Miss Stodghill, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Daniels, Myers, Mr. Cheung and Mr. Leung Kam Tai for supper. I went to Shamshuipo meeting. Hall decorated with flags and potted plants.

Monday, November 23
Called and had many callers. Helped Smiths in getting ready for country. They and Miss Tauber, Uen Sam and Benson stayed over night here.

Tuesday, November 24
Smiths left for Kwai Uen at 8:00 A.M. work in general. Hospital meeting, street and church meeting. Mrs. Grant (on Nathan Road) called. Work in general.

Wednesday, November 25
Made pumpkin pies. Callers. Called with a Mrs. Grant on a Mrs. Nichols in happy Valley, Hong Kong, whose 14-1/2 year old daughter died 1-1/2 years ago – Catholics. May God water the seed sown. Night meetings. We went to Rose Edna’s grave.

Thursday, November 26
Thanksgiving Day. All of Peniel Missionaries for supper. Prayer meeting and songs. Then meeting in chapel. God bless our souls.

Friday, November 27
Called in many homes. Work in general. Callers and night meetings.

Saturday, November 28
Called with Mrs. Ko in Shamshuipo. Prayer meeting at Miss Myers and Daniels – all present. We had supper at Grant’s. night meeting.

Sunday, November 29
Five meetings. Brother Grant preached. Offering for Bible Society – $25.90 odd. Many callers. Brother Evans for dinner. Miss Daniels for supper.

Monday, November 30
Taught Mrs. Kailey. Wrote, callers. Kam Fuk here from Nam Tau. Work in general.

Tuesday, December 1
Callers. Hospital meeting. Chinese meal at Mr. and Mrs. Ma. Night meetings. Gave Esther santonin for worms.

Wednesday, December 2
Women’s meeting. Mrs. Grant and Miss Richey and lot of us went to visit Mrs. Cheung Shing Yan’s new baby girl born at 6:00 A.M. Miss Richey, Miss Daniels, Evans, Lum I Sin Shan for supper. Night meeting. Work in general.

Thursday, December 3
Swanson and Young and many others here. Up until very late. Meetings, etc.

Friday, December 4
Swanson for breakfast. Evans for lunch. Taught, etc. Meetings.

Saturday, December 5
Prayer meeting at Brother Evans – all present but Miss Stodghill. Grants and we went to Hong Kong. Took Esther and Helen to see Christmas toy. Night meeting.

Sunday, December 6
I talked in children’s meeting. Five meetings. Many callers all day. Sailor boys came.

Monday, December 7
Taught, letters and wrote all day. Callers. $8.00 support for Bible woman – U.S. money.

Tuesday, December 8
Wrote many letters. Hospital meeting. Taught. Meeting. Callers, etc. Rose Edna’s third birthday in Heaven.

Wednesday, December 9
Women’s meeting. Went to knitting factory to buy stockings. Missionary boxes cam from Mrs. Emslie. Mrs. Grant Mr. Evans, Miss Richey, Mrs. Ko and Mary for supper. Meetings. Work in general. Taught.

Thursday, December 10
Brother Swanson back from Manila. Miss Stodghill and Mr. Swanson for dinner. Many callers. Supper at Grant’s. Meetings, taught, etc.

Friday, December 11
Brother Swanson for Breakfast. Went to ship and saw Mr. Swanson and Young off. Miss Richey for supper. Work all day.

Saturday, December 12
Prayer meeting at Miss Stodghill’s – all present but Mrs. Grant. Supper at Miss Daniel’s and Myer’s. Meetings, etc.

Sunday, December 13
Five meetings. Miss Myers and Daniels for supper. Many callers.

Monday, December 14
Mrs. Ma and Francis came – made a coat for her. Taught, etc.

Tuesday, December 15
Taught. Went to Hong Kong. Meetings. Boxes came from Portland and Seattle. Spuds, apples, groceries, etc. Helen at Iris Wooley’s party.

Wednesday, December 16
Divided things in boxes. Taught. Women’s meeting. Practices Sunday school children. Mrs. Grant for supper. Many callers. Night meetings.

Thursday, December 17
Taught. Miss Richey came to help me. Sewed. Night meeting. Miss Richey stayed all night. Dressed dolls, etc. for Christmas.

Friday, December 18
Received package from Lessie – pencil box. Esther apron. Albert tie and myself a tea cloth and napkins. Worked all day. We all prayed for Mrs. Grant. Miss Richey went home.

Saturday, December 19
Funeral from chapel – old, old man from German mission. Prayer meeting at Grant’s – al present but Miss Stodghill.

Sunday, December 20
Many callers. Five meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, December 21
Miss Richey taught Mrs. Kailey. I went to Hong Kong. Boxes came from Mr. Philips and old clothes from San Francisco. Many callers.

Tuesday, December 22
Taught. Practiced children for Christmas. Prayer meeting, etc.

Wednesday, December 23
Mrs. Kailey gave me a new blue hat, a goose, flowers, vegetables, girls each a doll, bracelet, etc. women’s meeting. Bought Helen’s Chinese slippers – $1.60 (from Miss Richey). Callers. Work in general.

Thursday, December 24
Taught. All Peniel foreigners had dinner at Grant’s – ham, cranberries, fruit, cake, etc. Program for Sunday school children in Shamshuipo. Meeting here too. Callers, etc. Children received many gifts.

Friday, December 25
Christmas Day. Beautiful warm day. Six English sailors came. Served cake and coffee. Sunday School program began at 6:30. Very full house – all did well.

Saturday, December 26
Many callers. Prayer meeting in P.M. – all here but Grants. Misses Richey, Myers and Daniels, and Brother Evans for supper. Examined candidates for baptism. Accepted 14.
Grants here for coffee after meeting.

Sunday, December 27
Five meetings. Man from Hoi Peng preached at night. Callers all day. Miss Daniels and Myers for supper and dinner.

Monday, December 28
Taught. Many callers. Made pumpkin pies. Work in general.

Tuesday, December 29
Miss Richey taught for me. Work in general. Had goose dinner. Mr. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Miss Stodghill, Misses Richey, Daniels and Myers for supper. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, December 30
Women’s meeting – Chung Si Ni talked. Many callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, December 31
Taught. Work in general. Callers. Watchnight Service and church business meeting. Very cold. Testimonies, songs, etc. Prayer meeting. Rang bell at midnight.
Thus enters the New year 1926.