1924 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Tuesday, January 1
Clear and cold. Callers. Company for dinner. Mr. Cheung Shing Yau from Sai Heung came. Miss Friske and I went to Victoria to see Mrs. Galloway. Meeting.

Wednesday, January 2
Women’s meeting. Took down Christmas tree. Letters. Mr. Cheung preached.

Thursday, January 3
Letters and callers. Prayer meeting. Mr. Cheung went back to Sai Heung.

Friday, January 4
Went to Storey’s. Meeting. Worked on awning for verandah, etc.

Saturday, January 5
Went to Hong Kong. Callers. Bought my curtain cloth. Got trays for communion set. Wrote to Grants.

Sunday, January 6
Communion Sunday – four services. Callers.

Monday, January 7
Mailed circular letters. Church business meeting. Put out Tiu Chau Po and several others.

Tuesday, January 8
Hospital meeting. New baby beds, etc. there. Night meeting. Letters and callers.

Wednesday, January 9
Women’s meeting. Ko Tai Koo got angry here. Nam Tau preacher came back. Night meeting.

Thursday, January 10
Gains came down. Made Mrs. Galloway flannel waist. Prayer meeting at Church of England and our church. Callers. Work in general.

Friday, January 11
Have a cold. Letters and callers.

Saturday, January 12
Made my old rose bed top and curtains. Callers.

Sunday, January 13
Gains Kwan sang. Miss Friske for dinner. Salvation Army folks at meeting.

Monday, January 14
Letters and work in general.

Tuesday, January 15
Mrs. Storey called. Albert went to visit Mrs. Galloway. Letters. New baby beds in Tung Wa hospital.

Wednesday, January 16
Wrote to Grants. Women’s meeting. Albert preached. Gains interpreted. Started music lessons again.

Thursday, January 17
Went to Hong Kong – Dr. Kew (dentist) to replace my filling. Callers.

Friday, January 18
Went to Matilda. Letters, callers. Meetings.

Saturday, January 19
Meeting. Finished Mrs. Galloway’s flannel waist. Work in general.

Sunday, January 20
Gains and Miss Friske for dinner. Four meetings.

Monday, January 21
Put putty on windows. Callers and letters, etc.

Tuesday, January 22
Hospital meeting and Bible study. First letter from Grants in U.S.A.

Wednesday, January 23
Women’s meeting – music. Miss Hollis called. Wrote to Grants, etc.

Thursday, January 24
Esther vaccinated. Prayer meeting. Mr. Lam’s brother stabbed.

Friday, January 25
Mrs. Galloway came out of the hospital – is some better. Night meeting.

Saturday, January 26
Yau Tai, Miss Bancroft and her Chinese girl came. Rain. Meeting.

Sunday, January 27
Gains, Miss Bancroft, Mrs. Galloway, Miss Friske and two Chinese girls for dinner. Salvation Army people in night meeting. Mr. Englehart for supper. Four meetings.

Monday, January 28
Esther is four months old. Callers and letters. Meetings.

Tuesday, January 29
Gains sailed on S. S. McKinley for Victoria and U.S.A. Miss Banc, Friske and Galloway for dinner. Working on a grey wood dress for Mrs. Galloway.

Wednesday, January 30
Miss Bancroft gave message in women’s meeting. Brother Swanson came from U.S.A. Street organ – $70 gold came from Seattle Peniel.

Thursday, January 31
Mrs. Galloway left for Hoi Peng. A Mrs. Turner and daughter, passengers for Manila, called. Brother Swanson and others for lunch. Hats, etc. from Seattle.

Friday, February 1
Went to doctor with Esther. Vaccination took good. Went to Storey’s with Brother Swanson. Unpacked and repacked Grant’s shipment of groceries. Night meeting. Callers, etc. etc.

Saturday, February 2
Recanned some of the sour jelly and fruit of Grants. Callers and work in general.

Sunday, February 3
Miss Friske and Bancroft for lunch. Street meeting.

Monday, February 4
Letters – wrote to Grants. Meeting.

Tuesday, February 5
Chinese New Year. Five meetings. Ko family, Miss Bancroft and others for lunch. Callers.

Wednesday, February 6
Meeting. Heavy rain storm. Callers. Four meetings.

Thursday, February 7
Albert’s birthday – 42 years. Miss Bancroft sailed on Empress of Russia for U.S.A. Five meetings. Mailed letter to Grants and Miss Pierce.

Friday, February 8
Brother Swanson came. Meetings, letters, etc.

Saturday, February 9
Callers. Sick headache. Meetings.

Sunday, February 10
Didn’t go to morning meeting. Swanson sailed for U.S.A. Night meeting. Esther cross.

Monday, February 11
Work in general – letters.

Tuesday, February 12
Hospital meeting, callers, sewed.

Wednesday, February 13
Women’s meeting. Yau Lai and Kam Fuk left for WuChow Bible school. Night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, February 14
Letters, etc. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, February 15
Rain. Callers and sewed. Man fixed organ.

Saturday, February 16
Pentecostal man died of small pox. Callers and work in general.

Sunday, February 17
Three services. Miss Friske for dinner. Callers.

Monday, February 18
Changed Esther from malted milk to Borden’s Sweet milk (she weighs 12.4 lbs). Went to Hong Kong.

Tuesday, February 19
Rain. Wrote circular letter. Callers. Meetings.

Wednesday, February 20
Women’s meeting – Miss Friske spoke. Night meeting. Music lesson. Wrote to Grants.

Thursday, February 21
Paid $1,000 more on church debt. Work in general. Prayer meeting.

Friday, February 22
Went to see dear Rose Edna’s grave and selected a stone for it – $125.00 mex. Wrote to Grants again.

Saturday, February 23
Callers, letters and work in general.

Sunday, February 24
Four services. Miss Friske for dinner. Callers galore. Received Rose Edna’s photo from Japan made in silk cloth. Price – $1.50 gold.

Monday, February 25
Cold. Work in general. Callers. Meeting.

Tuesday, February 26
Hospital meeting. Callers. Night meeting.

Wednesday, February 27
Women’s meeting, night meeting and street meeting. Callers and letters.

Thursday, February 28
Esther five months old and weighs 14 lbs. Prayer meeting.

Friday, February 29
Made Miss Friske gingham dress. Mary Ko has measles. Meeting. Letters.

Saturday, March 1
Made bibs. Letters, etc. Callers.

Sunday, March 2
Five meetings. Esther’s first boat meeting – four at altar. Miss Friske for dinner. Salvation Army man at street and chapel meeting. Meeting on Wong Kwong’s boat.

Monday, March 3
Letters. Circular letter ready to post. Three Salvation Army men at meeting.

Tuesday, March 4
Made Helen’s little black coat. Meeting. Letters. Shamshuipo ferry kidnapped on Sunday night.

Wednesday, March 5
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Music lesson. Callers and letters and sewed.

Thursday, March 6
Prayer meeting. Making Miss Friske’s dress. Callers.

Friday, March 7
Went to Sha Tseng Chau – Miss Friske, Albert, Helen and I. Street and night meetings.

Saturday, March 8
Work in general – letters and sewed. Callers.

Sunday, March 9
Very large audiences – good street meeting – eight at altar. Mr. Tuckie came (Salvation Army man). Mrs. Storey and Katherine, Miss Friske for supper.

Monday, March 10
Sewed. Went to Pat Koo’s for supper. Callers. Meetings.

Tuesday, March 11
Went to Lai Si Ni for supper. Meeting. Hospital Meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, March 12
Women’s meeting. Music. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 13
Callers all morning. Sewed and proofread Mrs. Galloway’s letter. Prayer meeting.

Friday, March 14
Letters and callers and sewed.

Saturday, March 15
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis came from Sham Shui (after baby birth). Work in general. Callers, etc.

Sunday, March 16
Lam I and family, Ellises and Miss Friske for dinner. Mr. Tuckie came again. Four meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, March 17
Callers and work in general..

Tuesday, March 18
Margaret and Frank went back to Tsing Yuen. Mr. Englehart came and brought Helen sewing box.

Wednesday, March 19
Women’s meeting and street meeting. Work in general. Esther’s eye began to get sore.

Thursday, March 20
Miss Stodghill came. Fixing end of Grant’s flat for Mr. Evans. Prayer meeting.

Friday, March 21
Vaccinated. Meeting. Miss Stodghill went back to Nam Tau.

Saturday, March 22
Took Esther to Dr. Hartson (eye doctor). Rheumatism of eye. Callers and work in general.

Sunday, March 23
Four meetings. Brother Tuckie here. Miss Friske for dinner.

Monday, March 24
Sewed and had callers. Meetings.

Tuesday, March 25
Brother Fred Evans came to help in Peniel from San Francisco, California. His first hospital meeting and meeting in church.

Wednesday, March 26
Letters. Women’s meeting. Wrote to Grants and Miss Pierce and Emslie. Night meeting. Brother Cheung from Sai Heung came.

Thursday, March 27
Made cakes for Mr. Evans reception. Had flowers and flags in mission. Testimony meeting and then invited all upstairs for tea and cake – nearly 100 came.

Friday, March 28
Esther six months old and weighs 14-1/4 lbs. Callers. Meeting.

Saturday, March 29
Callers. Mrs. Galloway came and Brother Iuon Mow.

Sunday, March 30
Brother Iuon preached. He and Mrs. Galloway, Miss Friske and Brother Evans for dinner. Many callers. Brother Swanson came. Mr. Tuckie and others.

Monday, March 31
Went shopping with Mrs. Galloway. Many callers. Mr. Lum and Swanson for supper. Work in general.

Tuesday, April 1
Brother Evan’s birthday – 50 years old. Mrs. Galloway and Miss Friske for supper. Callers.

Wednesday, April 2
Women’s meeting. Made dress for Japanese lady for Mr. Shultz. Sewed for Mrs. Galloway. Callers. Work in general. Meeting.

Thursday, April 3
Callers and sewed. Meeting. Rain. Mrs. Galloway here.

Friday, April 4
Sewed for Miss Friske and Galloway. Callers. Meeting.

Saturday, April 5
Baked, sewed, letters and had callers.

Sunday, April 6
Communion. Took picture in honor of Miss Friske leaving for U.S. She and Mrs. Galloway for dinner. Salvation Army men here. Three meetings.

Monday, April 7
Callers and work galore. Business meeting in church. Leung and Au put out. Rain.

Tuesday, April 8
Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Galloway. Mr. Swanson back from Manila. Callers. Meetings.

Wednesday, April 9
Wrote to Grants. Brother Evans took Mrs. Galloway to Matilda. Mr. Swanson, Albert, Helen and I went to Happy Valley Cemetery to dear Rose Edna’s grave. Pretty stone up at grave. We put roses on it.

Thursday, April 10
Swanson sailed for U.S. Prayer meeting and street meeting. Sewed and had callers. Work in general.

Friday, April 11
Sewed for Miss Friske. Meetings. Callers.

Saturday, April 12
Callers, letters, sewed and baked.

Sunday, April 13
Miss Friske’s last Sunday in Yaumati. Four meetings. Had picture taken with Mrs. Ko in Chinese Shaam. Miss Friske for dinner. All took a walk – three men from sip came. Big street meeting.

Monday, April 14
Weigh 143 lbs. Took pictures. Taylor for Miss Friske. Albert weighs 140 lbs. and Miss Friske 138-1/2 lbs.

Tuesday, April 15
Wrote and sewed. Mrs. Storey for lunch. Went through Grant’s boxes again. Callers. Meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, April 16
Women’s meeting. Made Miss Friske’s silk waist. Mrs. Galloway not able to come down. Meeting.

Thursday, April 17
Ship’s doctor went up to see Mrs. Galloway and will take her aboard ship. Albert and I had dinner at Matilda and then the Matron, Mrs. Galloway, Albert and I went down to Honk Kong in auto and then over to Kowloon and aboard S. S. Australia with Mr. Galloway. Miss Friske’s farewell meeting. Flags and flowers in mission. Rain. Many callers.

Friday, April 18
Good Friday. Miss Friske’s last breakfast with us. Went down to S. S. Australia to see her and Mrs. Galloway off for U.S.A. We shifted our bedroom over into her flat. Callers.

Saturday, April 19
Worked all day getting straightened out in both flats. Called with Mrs. Ko at Cheung Shing Ue’s. Mr. and Mrs. Allen called here.

Sunday, April 20
Easter Sunday. 202 in Sunday school – big crowd in church. Four services.

Monday, April 21
Callers and work in general.

Tuesday, April 22
Hospital and night meetings. Callers. Circular, etc.

Wednesday, April 23
Mr. Cowles, an elderly man passing through, spoke in chapel. Preacher for 45 years. Big crowd. Ten at altar.

Thursday, April 24
Dr. Cliff spoke in church. Storey children spent afternoon and stayed for supper. Large crowd – seekers.

Friday, April 25
Callers. Sewed, letters, etc. Meetings.

Saturday, April 26
Work in general.

Sunday, April 27
Four meetings – six Salvation Army men cam. Mrs. Ko interpreted.

Monday, April 28
Au Muk Sz called. Mr. Cheung from Sai Heung came. Night meeting. Mr. MacKenzie called.

Tuesday, April 29
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Sewed, callers and went calling.

Wednesday, April 30
Women’s meeting, night meeting and street meeting. Callers. Sold Sai Heung property for $400.

Thursday, May 1
Prayer meeting and street meeting. Sewed, letters and had callers. Mr. Cheung went back to Sai Heung.

Friday, May 2
Work in general. Meetings. Callers, etc.

Saturday, May 3
Sewed and wrote to Grants.

Sunday, May 4
Wong Kwong’s new boat dedicated. Five meetings.

Monday, May 5
Sewed and had callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, May 6
Mrs. John Galloway called. Meeting.

Wednesday, May 7
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, May 8
Visited Mrs. Storey. Night meeting.

Friday, May 9
Went to Mrs. Rousseau’s with Helen to a birthday party.

Saturday, May 10
Many callers. Work in general. Dave’s birthday. Albert sick.

Sunday, May 11
Four meetings. Changes services to 8:00 P.M. Nam Tau chapel keeper came.

Monday, May 12
Work in general. Meetings.

Tuesday, May 13
Had Esther and Helen’s pictures taken. Hospital meeting. About 35 Christians came and gave $90 odd more towards the belfry.

Wednesday, May 14
Women’s meeting. Wrote Grants and Mother Reiton. First chalk marks made for the erection of the belfry and bell on the church.

Thursday, May 15
The electric sign put up and first used a the chapel door – $13.00 mex. Prayer meeting.

Friday, May 16
Sewed and had callers. Meeting.

Saturday, May 17
Mr. Englehart gave Helen an umbrella. Work in general – callers and letters.

Sunday, May 18
Mr. Englehart called. Three meetings – one soul. Sailor boy came over. Called.

Monday, May 19
Rain. Received $100 for building from friends in Seattle. Meeting. Callers.

Tuesday, May 20
Sick. Ko’s children here.

Wednesday, May 21
Storey’s family came.

Thursday, May 22
Rain. Feeling better. Mrs. Robinson and Miss Deck came enroute to U.S.A. Prayer meeting.

Friday, May 23
Rain. Esther feverish. Meetings. Callers.

Saturday, May 24
Work in general.

Sunday, May 25
Miss Drew and Robinson here. Boat meeting. Au Muk Sz preached in evening.

Monday, May 26
Esther still feverish. Mr. Au Muk Sz preached – full house. Callers. Mr. Englehart here.

Tuesday, May 27
Helen went to President McKinley. Callers. Hospital meeting. Mr. Au’s last meeting.

Wednesday, May 28
Esther is 8 months old. Mrs. Robinson and Miss Deck sail for U.S.A. on Maru boat. Women’s meeting. Wrote to Grants. Night meeting.

Thursday, May 29
Brother Swanson came and brought us coffee, pickles, honey, etc. Mr. Shultz came to house. Mrs. Grant sent me blue voile dress and Helen blue gingham. Mrs. Cowles pins.

Friday, May 30
Swanson sails for Manila. Work in general. Mr. Jaffray, Miller, Carne, Ray kidnapped about May 27.

Saturday, May 31
Albert and Mr. Evans enroute to Sai Heung and Nam Tau. Work in general. Callers. Kam Fuk came back from WuChow school.

Sunday, June 1
Four services – six at altar. Callers.

Monday, June 2
Albert and Mr. Evans got back. Hot.

Tuesday, June 3
Went to Hong Kong. King’s birthday. Bought Helen’s watch – $4.00 mex. Meeting. Callers.

Wednesday, June 4
Wrote to Grant. Women’s meeting. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 5
Made Helen’s blue gingham dress. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, June 6
Swanson back from Manila. Carpenter brought us a big bucket of mangoes. Meeting. Boys recopying songs for mission.

Saturday, June 7
Work in general. Swanson here. Mr. Haskett came from ship. Typhoon signals up.

Sunday, June 8
Rain. Meeting.

Monday, June 9
Callers. Work in general. Meeting.

Tuesday, June 10
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Wednesday, June 11
Women’s meeting. Called on Mrs. Storey – she is sick. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 12
Helen’s 8-year birthday. Got her first wrist watch, a pair of scissors, handkerchiefs, etc. Three little girls here – ice cream, Jello and cake.

Friday, June 13
Work in general. Wrote to Miss Friske. Meetings. Callers.

Saturday, June 14
Esther has cold. Callers.

Sunday, June 15
Four meetings. Children drowned in pool near Orient building. Rain. Callers.

Monday, June 16
Made blue voile dress Mrs. Grant sent me. Meeting.

Tuesday, June 17
Callers. Sewed. Miss Stodghill’s amah came. Hospital meeting.

Wednesday, June 18
Women’s meeting. Rain. Work in general. Opened roof for church bell.

Thursday, June 19
Rain. Prayer meeting.

Friday, June 20
Esther had her first tumble off the bed. Sewed.

Saturday, June 21
Work in general.

Sunday, June 22
Four meetings. Called.

Monday, June 23
Rain. Sewed. Meeting.

Tuesday, June 24
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, June 25
Called on Mrs. Storey. Had charge of women’s meeting. Mrs. Ko sick. Wrote to Grants.

Thursday, June 26
Li Shui Miu married here in our home. Chan Sz Mo, Mr. and Mrs. Ko, Mr. Evans and Albert and I present. Cake and tea at 12:00 Noon.

Friday, June 27
In bed most all day. Callers.

Saturday, June 28
Work in general. Sent food to Storey’s.

Sunday, June 29
Four meetings. Callers.

Monday, June 30
Called at Storey’s. She is still sick. Rain. Callers.

Tuesday, July 1
Brother Smith came down enroute to U.S.A. Bank Holiday. All Storey children here for dinner. Callers.

Wednesday, July 2
Women’s meeting, night meeting and street meeting. Mr. Cheung came from Sai Heung and two children. He preached.

Thursday, July 3
Put bell on church roof. Praise the Lord. Prayer meeting.

Friday, July 4
Ice cream and cake. Letters. Meeting. Mr. Ko and Cheung went to Canton to meetings.

Saturday, July 5
Called. Miss Donaldson called enroute to Shanghai.

Sunday, July 6
Albert preached. Four meetings. Callers. Alice and Samuel Iuon called with others enroute home from WuChow Bible School.

Monday, July 7
Work in general. Callers. Meeting. Brother Smith here.

Tuesday, July 8
Hospital meeting. Night meeting. Prayer meeting.

Wednesday, July 9
Mrs. Li lead women’s meeting. Prayer meeting.

Thursday, July 10
Work in general. Prayer meeting.

Friday, July 11
Meeting. Callers, letters, etc.

Saturday, July 12
Called all morning. Leung Kam Lai smashed his foot with a bag of cement.

Sunday, July 13
Brother Smith preached for us in A.M. and Mr. Kwok evening. Four meetings. Mrs. Storey for supper. Callers.

Monday, July 14
Rain. Closed all meetings but Thursday, Sunday and Women’s meeting until August 1.

Tuesday, July 15
Callers – Mr. and Mrs. Storey. Rain. Work in general.

Wednesday, July 16
Brother Smith sails for U.S.A. on S. S. Cleveland. Esther has her first tooth. Women’s meeting. Rain.

Thursday, July 17
Callers – Mr. and Mrs. Munroe here. Took Miss Brown to Matilda. Prayer meeting. Work in general.

Friday, July 18
Received baby dresses from Louise. Went shopping and bought white silk sweater – $2.00 mex. Callers.

Saturday, July 19
Callers. Brother Burtt came from Shiu Hing, Mr. Ko and Mr. Cheung came back from Canton. Meeting. A preacher man came with them for Nam Tau.

Sunday, July 20
Callers. Four meetings. Hung Hom Kwok and our Kwok preached.

Monday, July 21
Bought tan house slippers for self – $4.95. work in general. Called. Brother Burtt still here.

Tuesday, July 22
Rain. Callers. Bible class. Ah Mui sick.

Wednesday, July 23
Women’s meeting. Callers.

Thursday, July 24
Prayer meeting. Brother Burtt went back to Shiu Hing. Callers. First time our church bell rung from roof.

Friday, July 25
Wrote to Grants. Callers. Work in general. Meeting to examine candidates for baptism.

Saturday, July 26
Callers. Letters, etc.

Sunday, July 27
Fourteen baptized – six rejected. Had three at altar. 225 in Sunday school. Full day.

Monday, July 28
Wrote circular letter. Called at Storey’s.

Tuesday, July 29
Mrs. Swanson came and brought Esther a go-cart. Grant sent me double boiler. Mrs. Mayer coffee pot. Called at Storey’s with Brother Swanson.

Wednesday, July 30
Women’s meeting. Mr. Swanson for dinner. He sails for Manila. Miss Stodghill sent for groceries. Letters.

Thursday, July 31
Spent day at Storey’s. Rain. Esther had cold. Prayer meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Burtt and Oi Liu here.

Friday, August 1
Mr. and Mrs. Burtt went to Cheung Chau. Callers.

Saturday, August 2
Work in general – letters. Callers.

Sunday, August 3
Communion Sunday. Three put out of church. Mr. Au, Leung Wing and Ng Si Ni. Four services.

Monday, August 4
Callers. Miss Stodghill came.

Tuesday, August 5
Went to Hong Kong with Miss Stodghill. Callers.

Wednesday, August 6
Storey family, Miss Stodghill, Mr. Evans and Mr. Swanson here. Mrs. Chung had women’s meeting.

Thursday, August 7
Brother Swanson left for U.S. Wrote to Grants and Miss Pierce. Prayer meeting and street meeting. Work in general. Callers.

Friday, August 8
Work in general. Callers. Miss Stodghill here.

Saturday, August 9
Rain. Callers. Ice Cream.

Sunday, August 10
Four services. Mr. Englehart and a Mr. Morrison called. Miss Stodghill here. Albert and Brother Evans left for Sai Heung after church.

Monday, August 11
Callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 12
Au Muk Sz here enroute to Shanghai. Albert and Brother Evans came back from country.

Wednesday, August 13
Women’s meeting. Divided Grant’s food stuff between Miss Stodghill, Brother Evans and ourselves. Miss Stodghill made Helen’s little brilliantine dress.

Thursday, August 14
Prayer meeting. Mrs. Storey spent the day here. Made her green voile dress.

Friday, August 15
Work in general. Callers. Miss Stodghill left for Nam Tau. Took Ah Tam and Ah Kam up (chapel keeper and servant).

Saturday, August 16
Work in general. Callers. Went to Hong Kong and got Helen’s shoes and hat.

Sunday, August 17
Four meetings. Callers.

Monday, August 18
Mailed circular letters. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 19
Mrs. Ko’s birthday – 37 years. Wrote letters. Bought things for Sai Heung station – $42.80 worth.

Wednesday, August 20
Rain. Callers. Letters. Women’s meeting.

Thursday, August 21
Made my black dress. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, August 22
Callers. Bought rug for 90 cents in front room. Mrs. Storey called. Work in general.

Saturday, August 23
One year ago our dear Rose Edna went Home. Callers.

Sunday, August 24
Four services. Special prayer for Miss Brown who is very low in Matilda.

Monday, August 25
Made Esther her first rompers.

Tuesday, August 26
Sewed. Work in general. Callers.

Wednesday, August 27
Miss Veach came from U.S.A. returning to India. Women’s meeting. Callers.

Thursday, August 28
Went to Hong Kong shopping. Went with Miss Veach to Peak to Rose Edna’s grave, etc. Prayer meeting. Esther has two upper teeth – 11 months old and four teeth.

Friday, August 29
Resumed our regular meeting every night. Made white dress for Helen from Mrs. Reuch.

Saturday, August 30
Work in general. Callers. Meeting.

Sunday, August 31
Miss Veach spoke and Mrs. Ko interpreted. Took up collection of $7.00 for Peniel in India. Mr. and Mrs. Bateman and Lillie called and stayed for tea. Went for walk and had four meetings – one soul at altar.

Monday, September 1
Work in general. Callers. Mrs. Evans left on night boat for Sai Heung. Mr. Hoh went with him.

Tuesday, September 2
Brother Iuan Siu Shang and Alice came. A Mr. Anderson came (a workman on the Madison) and brought letter from Grants. Night meeting. Helped Miss Veach make her dress.

Wednesday, September 3
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers. Au Muk Sz here.

Thursday, September 4
Miss Veach sailed for India. Made Helen’s dress from Aunt Louise. Prayer meeting.

Friday, September 5
Sewed. Went to Hong Kong. Meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, September 6
Covered Helen’s pith hat. She went up to Mt. Parker to visit Batemans until Monday. Meeting.

Sunday, September 7
Four services. Callers. Extremely hot.

Monday, September 8
Wrote letters. Helen came home. Mr. Ma, preacher from Nam Tau, came. Wrote to Grants.

Tuesday, September 9
Work in general. Went to Hong Kong and bought white canvas slippers. Callers. Mr. and Mrs. Burtt came enroute to Shiu Hing from Cheung Chau. Stayed all night.

Wednesday, September 10
Work in general. Went out to beach at Lai Chi Kok with Storeys. Albert hurt his knee. Mr. Anderson back from Manila – stayed all night here. Meeting.

Thursday, September 11
Mrs. James was buried at Happy Valley Cemetery. Died of typhoid fever in Canton. Prayer meeting.

Friday, September 12
Madison sails. Mr. Anderson stayed here over night. Called at shoemakers. Work in general. Meeting.

Saturday, September 13
Callers and meetings.

Sunday, September 14
Callers and five meetings.

Monday, September 15
Helen started to school again. Callers.

Tuesday, September 16
Went to hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers and sewed.

Wednesday, September 17
Women’s meeting. Made brown viola dress Mrs. Furgeson sent me. Night meeting. Letter from Grants yesterday – expect to sail from U.S. for China October 10. Mr. Ma returned enroute to Nam Tau.

Thursday, September 18
Sewed. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Friday, September 19
Chan Kwai Kwong enroute to Sai Heung to work for Brother Evans. Meeting. Callers. Work in general. Yeung Si Ni came out of hospital.

Saturday, September 20
Work in general. Callers. Meetings.

Sunday, September 21
Lums here for supper. Four meetings. Callers.

Monday, September 22
Mrs. Storey spent the day here. Other callers.

Tuesday, September 23
Work in general. Pain in my back. Night meeting.

Wednesday, September 24
Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, September 25
Confucius birthday. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, September 26
Mr. Cheung came from Sai Heung. Night meeting. Many callers.

Saturday, September 27
Work in general. Letters, callers and meeting.

Sunday, September 28
Esther is one year old, weighs 22 lbs and has four teeth. Walks around chairs, etc. Crawls everywhere and is bald-headed and happy as can be.
Mr. Wong from Hong Kong preached in the A.M. and Lo Sam Tak at night. Big crowds. Hot.

Monday, September 29
Callers. Wrote to Grants at Yokohama.

Tuesday, September 30
Mr. and Mrs. Rose and Rhoda came from Koon Shan and stayed until afternoon. She and Rhoda went into Matilda. Mr. Rose here over night. Meeting. Ko family and Lai Si Ni for supper.

Wednesday, October 1
Women’s meeting. Callers galore.

Thursday, October 2
Callers all day. Prayer meeting. Mr. Rose went back up country.

Friday, October 3
My birthday. Mr. MacKenzie called and gave me a jar of melon preserves. Mr. Larson got back from U.S.A. for Munroe’s work. Called. Meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, October 4
Typhoon wind. Work in general. Callers. Meeting.

Sunday, October 5
Still windy and heavy rain. Four meetings.

Monday, October 6
Sewed. Went to Ko’s. Callers. $2.00 from Grandma for Esther’s birthday.

Tuesday, October 7
Went to Matilda Hospital and called on Miss Brown and Mrs. Rose. Mrs. Rose had a 7 lb. baby girl born Friday, October 3. Albert met us at tram and we had supper at On Lok Uen. Meeting.

Wednesday, October 8
Made Esther’s grey outing dresses and bloomers. Women’s meeting. Callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, October 9
Worked all day in Grant’s flat – whitewash, etc. meeting.

Friday, October 10
Grants supposed to sail from U.S. for China today. Callers. Meeting. Mr. Rose here.

Saturday, October 11
Work in general. Meeting. Callers.

Sunday, October 12
Meetings. Esther has boils. Callers.

Monday, October 13
Storey family for supper.

Tuesday, October 14
Letters. Hospital meeting. Bible study. Callers.

Wednesday, October 15
Women’s meeting. Mr. MacKenzie for lunch. Night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, October 16
Ko children here. Prayer meeting. Callers. Letters.

Friday, October 17
Callers. Sewed. Meeting.

Saturday, October 18
Work in general. Meeting.

Sunday, October 19
Four meetings. Mr. Wong from Hong Kong preached – big crowds with seekers.

Monday, October 20
Made Esther shoes. Callers, letters, etc.

Tuesday, October 21
Hospital meeting. Mr. Ma, preached from Nam Tau, came. Fired him from Nam Tau. Meetings.

Wednesday, October 22
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Albert left for Nam Tau and Sai Heung.

Thursday, October 23
Sewed and had callers. Prayer meeting. Work in general.

Friday, October 24
Miss Hitchcock came down.

Saturday, October 25
Miss Fluker came to work with Miss Hitchcock. Callers. Meetings.

Sunday, October 26
Mr. Rose came. Four meetings. Miss Hitchcock and Fluker left for Koon Shaam.

Monday, October 27
Wrote to Miss Pierce. Callers.

Tuesday, October 28
Worked at Grant’s flat. Callers. Night meeting.

Wednesday, October 29
Mr. Murphy called form President Grant. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, October 30
Miss Brown came down from Matilda Hospital to stay until she sails for U.S.A. Callers. Prayer meeting. Work in general.

Friday, October 31
Worked all day. Meeting. Callers.

Saturday, November 1
Mrs. J. Galloway and Miss Brown for lunch. Mrs. Storey called and many others. Meeting. Kwai Kwong came back from Sai Heung.

Sunday, November 2
Mr. rose preached at night. four meetings. Callers. Albert sick.

Monday, November 3
Miss Brown went to Macao for a trip. Callers.

Tuesday, November 4
Meeting. Many callers. Hospital meeting. Miss Brown came back.

Wednesday, November 5
Mr. rose came back from Canton. Mrs. Rose and children came from hospital. Miss Stodghill here from Nam Tau, and Miss Brown.

Thursday, November 6
Munroes came from Canton. Miss Brown packing. Many callers. Roses and Miss Brown went aboard ship. All went to Hong Kong in evening.

Friday, November 7
Empress of Canada sailed. Munroes went to Macao. Miss Stodghill back from Nam Tau. Went to Old Kowloon to see Ah Po. Went to Hong Kong and ordered Albert’s grey suit – $25.00. Meeting.

Saturday, November 8
Had chill and fever. In bed all day.

Sunday, November 9
Feel better. In bed all day. Mrs. Storey called.

Monday, November 10
Up and worked. Callers.

Tuesday, November 11
Work in general. Letters.

Wednesday, November 12
Au Muk Sz for breakfast. Women’s meeting. Miss Meadows back from U.S. Had prayers together. Many callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, November 13
Work in general. Mr. Anderson called off ship. Prayer meeting.

Friday, November 14
Worked in Grant’s flat. Callers. Meeting.

Saturday, November 15
Grants arrived in China again at 9:00 A.M. Callers. Meeting, etc.

Sunday, November 16
Four services. Albert has cold. Callers.

Monday, November 17
Reception for Grants – about 75 came. Callers and work in general.

Tuesday, November 18
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers and called.

Wednesday, November 19
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Margaret and Mr. and Mrs. Winters for supper.

Thursday, November 20
Began using electric iron. Mrs. Ellis went back up country. Miss Meadows here. Prayer meeting.

Friday, November 21
Callers. Went to visit boat people – Cheung Sz Koo. Meetings, etc. Mr. Anderson here.

Saturday, November 22
Mr. Anderson and we had supper at Grant’s. Work in general. Many callers. Peniel open 10 years in China.

Sunday, November 23
Grants for dinner. Four meetings. Called at hospital.

Monday, November 24
Called at Storey’s, Cole’s etc. Had callers. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 25
Brother Swanson came back from U.S. Many callers. Called at Storey’s and blind man’s boat with Brother Swanson. Meeting.

Wednesday, November 26
Brother Evans came down from Sai Heung. Siu Saam Koo’s husband died. Women’s meeting. Street and night meetings. Swanson left for Manila.

Thursday, November 27
Thanksgiving Day. Grants sailed a year ago for U.S. and they and Brother Evans are with us for Thanksgiving dinner. We had supper with them. Prayer meeting. Talked over shifting Sai Heung to Shamshuipo.

Friday, November 28
Work in general. Meeting. Mr. Evans went back to Sai Heung.

Saturday, November 29
Saam Koo went to hospital – baby boy. Work in general. Meeting.

Sunday, November 30
Four meetings. Callers.

Monday, December 1
Helen went up to higher school. Callers.

Tuesday, December 2
Mrs. Storey spent day. Three boxes came from California. Grants for dinner. Many callers.

Wednesday, December 3
Women’s meeting. Brother Swanson came and brought Helen shoes from Manila. Many callers.

Thursday, December 4
Callers. Called. Grants and Brother Swanson and Mrs. Storey and Mr. Cheung had supper with us. Brother Swanson spoke in prayer meeting and also Mr. Young.

Friday, December 5
Swanson sailed for U.S. Sorted and gave out clothes from missionary box. Meetings. Work in general.

Saturday, December 6
Made Helen dress. Supper at Grant’s. Callers.

Sunday, December 7
Mr. O’Neil and Luckey came back. Brother Grant spoke in evening. Callers.

Monday, December 8
Went to Hong Kong with Mrs. Grant. Callers. Rose Edna’s second birthday in Heaven.

Tuesday, December 9
Called at Mrs. MacKay’s. Mrs. Dr. Wright and Miss Meadows there. Prayer meeting. Au Muk Sz called.

Wednesday, December 10
Women’s meeting, night meeting and prayer meeting. Callers.

Thursday, December 11
Callers. Meeting. Made Helen’s brown dress.

Friday, December 12
Worked getting ready for whitewashing.

Saturday, December 13
Practices children for Christmas. Callers. Meeting, etc. supper at Grant’s.

Sunday, December 14
Four meetings. Callers.

Monday, December 15
Whitewashed. Meals at Grant’s.

Tuesday, December 16
Miss Stodghill came down. Meeting. Cleaned and worked all day.

Wednesday, December 17
Women’s meeting. Miss Stodghill here. Practices children. Night meeting.

Thursday, December 18
Letters, sewed. Miss Stodghill went back to Nam Tau. Meeting.

Friday, December 19
Went to Hong Kong. Blind man’s mother died. I dressed her. Called at Storey’s. Meeting.

Saturday, December 20
Funeral from church. Box from Portland came. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Sunday, December 21
Baptism – four men and two women (Brother Grant’s first baptism). Eleven raised their hand desiring to believe in the night meeting. Had Sunday school children to repeat Golden Text in P.M. Leung Shi Kau’s girl first and wash amah boy first. Ko family and Grants for supper.

Monday, December 22
Callers. Wrapped prizes for Sunday school and also testaments for each Sunday school teacher. Practiced children.

Tuesday, December 23
Filled bags (apple and two oranges and candy cane) for Sunday school children. Cheung Sin Shang and family and Mr. Evans moved in from Sai Heung. Many callers.

Wednesday, December 24
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, December 25
Christmas Day. Mr. Evans and Grant’s had a waffle breakfast with us. We had prayers and then Christmas tree at Grant’s. Receive many nice gifts. Dinner at Grant’s. Many callers. Program at 6:00 P.M. in church – about 1,400 came.

Friday, December 26
Kwok Chik Kei school. Called and had callers, wrote letters. Meetings.

Saturday, December 27
Meetings and callers.

Sunday, December 28
Sunday school. Brother Evans and Grants for dinner. Callers. Meeting. Esther 15 months old – walking.

Monday, December 29
Had a duck supper gift from Mr. Cheung. All Storey family, Grants, and Mr. Luckey from gun boat for supper. Mr. Evans came also. Many other callers. Took Merlyn Grant to hospital on account of his tonsils.

Tuesday, December 30
Opening Day of Peniel in Shamshuipo – No. 31 Lai chi Kok, to a full house. Women drank tea and cake in chapel and men went to tea house. Ko Wai Chi Sin Shang and Ko Si Ni, preacher and Bible woman. Mr. Evan is the foreign worker.

Wednesday, December 31
I had women’s meeting. Callers. Helped Grants pack for moving to new flat. Church business meeting and Watchnight Service. Beautiful evening. Splendid crowd and spirit. Had cake and fruit and cocoa together and got to bed at 2:00 A.M.