1922 Diary

G = Grandma Rose Etta Reiton
D.V. = God willing

Sunday, January 1
Sunday school and church. Night meeting. Callers.

Monday, January 2
Ah Choi left. Meeting.

Tuesday, January 3
Blind man’s wife came. Cottage meeting. Mr. Au’s girl born January 2, 1922. night meeting. Mr. Grant and Albert went to country. Dolls from Grandma.

Wednesday, January 4
Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, January 5
Rented place in Sai Heung for mission. Prayer meeting. Cottage meeting at Tsz Si Ni.

Friday, January 6
Work in general. Meeting. Meeting at No. 60 next to market.

Saturday, January 7
Work in general. Did not go to Miss Morgan’s prayer meeting.

Sunday, January 8
Cowles family for dinner. Three meetings.

Monday, January 9
Mr. Doublede here for supper. Made Mrs. Cowles silk dress. Prayer meeting downstairs. Albert going to Sai Heung. Rose Edna and Helen passed into higher classes. Rose Edna goes full day and Helen half day.

Tuesday, January 10
Miss Stodghill came down. Albert at Sai Heung. Mr. MacKenzie here.

Wednesday, January 11
Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Letters.

Thursday, January 12
Vaccinated. Prayer meeting. Albert came home from Sai Heung.

Friday, January 13
Callers. Business meeting. Went with Miss Stodghill to boat. Grants for supper.

Saturday, January 14
Canned fruit. Gave Li Si Ni wash pan and towels for wedding present.

Sunday, January 15
Knitting Factory Wong farewell service. Three meetings. Dinner at Grants.

Monday, January 16
.Li wedding at Church of England at 12:00 noon. Meeting at night. Received Christmas package from Dave and Louise – fountain pen from Mrs. Giovanetti.

Tuesday, January 17
Wrote circular letter.

Wednesday, January 18
Women’s meeting at noon. Letters. Rain. Night meeting.

Thursday, January 19
Callers. Letters. Prayer meeting.

Friday, January 20
Married 9 years today. Albert bought Corona typewriter. Rose Edna went out in country with Edna Price.

Saturday, January 21
Work in general.

Sunday, January 22
Three meetings. Miss Friske and Pierce for dinner.

Monday, January 23
Brother Burtt returned from U.S.A. Mrs. Ellis has a son born January 20, 1922.

Tuesday, January 24
Called on Mrs. Bolton. Wrote letters. Meeting.

Wednesday, January 25
Mrs. Grant’s wedding day – goose dinner. Women’s meeting. Rose Edna has fever. Strike on (seamen). Sent circular letters home.

Thursday, January 26
Callers. Meeting.

Friday, January 27
Had Chinese meal with Wai Liu. Early prayer service and meeting at chapel.

Saturday, January 28
Chinese New Year day. Girls went to Gladys MacNider’s. Mr. Lum here. We all had Chinese dinner. Meeting.

Sunday, January 29
Three meetings. Callers.

Monday, January 30
Callers – letters – work in general.

Tuesday, January 31
Meeting at Leung Shi Kou’s. Six men and 20 odd women. Albert going to Nam Tau.

Wednesday, February 1
Women’s meeting, meeting, callers and letters.

Thursday, February 2
Meeting at Leung Kam Tai’s and at Chau Si Ni and at chapel.

Friday, February 3
First meeting on the boat – about 30 Christians.

Saturday, February 4
Work in general. Callers.

Sunday, February 5
Sunday school and noon meeting. Boat meeting and night meeting. Called at Mann’s. supper at Grant’s. Mr. Lum for dinner.

Monday, February 6
Had the brothers of the mission come for tea and cake from 7:00 to 7:00 P.M. in honor of Albert’s birthday on the morrow.

Tuesday, February 7
Albert’s 40 years old. Meeting. Prepared to go to Sai Heung. Mr. and Mrs. Grant and baby and Albert and I slept on boat. Girls with Misses Friske and Pierce.

Wednesday, February 8
Arrived at Nam Tau at 10:30 and had our dinner and on to Sai Heung. Miss Stodghill, Mr. Grant and I each riding a pony and Mrs. Grant in a chair. Mr. Reiton going on before. The opening service was at 2:00 P.M. Splendid audience. Three raised there hand desiring to become Christians. Two came forward for prayer. Mr. Wong there as preacher. We returned to Nam Tau and had a good meeting from 7:30 to 9:00.

Thursday, February 9
Left Nam Tau for Hong Kong at 6:30 A.M. Arrived home safe at 1:30 P.M. Meeting – full house.

Friday, February 10
Went to Hong Kong and sent Mrs. Tupper’s doily. Went to Miss Meadow’s, meeting and had callers.

Saturday, February 11
Work in general. Callers.

Sunday, February 12
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson at meeting. Full house. Mr. Anderson preached in evening. Mr. and Mrs. Lum, Grants and Misses Pierce and Friske for dinner. Five women came for prayers.

Monday, February 13
Music lesson. Rain. Meeting.

Tuesday, February 14
First lesson with Grant’s teacher. Rain. Callers.

Wednesday, February 15
Women’s meeting. Went calling. Night meeting. Studied and wrote, etc.

Thursday, February 16
Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, February 17
Work in general. Studied. Meeting. Rain.

Saturday, February 18
Studied and work in general. Callers. Music, etc.

Sunday, February 19
Three good meetings. Holy spirit felt – souls convicted sin confessed. Mr. Au preached – packed house.

Monday, February 20
Mung came from Nam Tau. Seven Chinese girls at prayers. Mr. Wong Tong’s mother and Mr. Kok called.

Tuesday, February 21
Went shopping with Miss Friske. Bible study. New amah came. Studied, etc.

Wednesday, February 22
New amah – Ah Chaai went to work – $11. Women’s meeting. Went to Hong Kong with Misses Friske and Pierce. Meeting – souls at altar. Bought geranium – 10 cents. Father’s birthday.

Thursday, February 23
Supper at Grant’s. Prayer meeting. Miss Donaldson left for U.S. Also Mr. Jaffrays. Callers. Studied.

Friday, February 24
Went to Hong Kong to call. Meeting, studied and had souls at altar.

Saturday, February 25
Callers. Work in general.

Sunday, February 26
Three meetings. Called on Miss Meadows – sick. Souls at altar.

Monday, February 27
Three women came for prayers. Called on Leung Kam Tai (sick) Si Ni. Studied. Albert taking Miss Stodghill’s box to Nam Tau boat. Called at hospital after meeting Leung Si Ni there.

Tuesday, February 28
Last day of February. Albert at Nam Tau. Called at hospital. Mrs. Lum I came regarding her father’s will. Studied. Meeting.

Wednesday, March 1
Women’s meeting. Called in six homes. Night meeting. Albert came home. Strike at height.

Thursday, March 2
Wrote letters. Callers. Meeting. Mr. Au for supper. All amahs leaving.

Friday, March 3
Prayer meeting here – 31 present. Studied. Miss Friske moving into new flat – under our bedroom.

Saturday, March 4
Back in China one year today. Called at Mann’s. Studied. Prayer meeting – 30 off. First letters for Mr. Hing.

Sunday, March 5
Three meetings and prayer meeting from 2:00 to 4:00 P.M. – 40 off here.

Monday, March 6
Studied, wrote and meeting again.

Tuesday, March 7
Prayer meeting. Called at hospital. Teacher. Letters, etc.

Wednesday, March 8
Women’s meeting and prayer meeting. Mr. Swanson here. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 9
Called. Mr. Au for dinner. Prayer meeting. Letters. Strikers went to work. Music lesson.

Friday, March 10
Studied. Miss Pierce preached in chapel. Prayer meeting. Studies, sewed, etc.

Saturday, March 11
Work in general.

Sunday, March 12
Four meetings: Sunday school, church, boat and night. Miss Friske spoke.

Monday, March 13
Studied. Business meeting. Miss Meadows came. Night meeting. Mung S.S. came.

Tuesday, March 14
Miss Stodghill came. First hospital meeting. Last lesson with Leung S.S.

Wednesday, March 15
Went shopping with Miss Stodghill. Bought my black slippers – $5.25.

Thursday, March 16
Prayer meeting. Went to boat with Miss Stodghill at 12:00 midnight. She went back to Nam Tau.

Friday, March 17
Sewed and work in general.

Saturday, March 18
Mr. and Mrs. James here. Sent our circular letter. Music lesson.

Sunday, March 19
Sunday school, noon meeting, boat meeting and night meeting. Missionaries from India at church.

Monday, March 20
Mr. MacKenzie here. Meeting, sewed and work in general.

Tuesday, March 21
Hospital and night meeting. Callers, sewed, etc.

Wednesday, March 22
Women’s meeting, night meeting and prayer meeting after church.

Thursday, March 23
Wrote and studied. Prayer meeting.

Friday, March 24
Mr. Grant preached an after meeting. Went to dentist with Miss Friske. Cottage meeting at Tse Si Ni. Called at James.

Saturday, March 25
Went to dentist. Ah Chaai quit. Work in general.

Sunday, March 26
Three meetings – Miss Friske preached. Called at Mr. Wong’s factory.

Monday, March 27
Rain. Mr. Au began teaching Miss Friske. Sewed. Chan Hoi here. Meeting.

Tuesday, March 28
Work in general. Hospital. Mrs. Grant bought a Brownie.

Wednesday, March 29
Women’s meeting. Called on Mr. Chan (sick). Went to Miss Meadow’s for supper – Miss Lewis there. Night meeting.

Thursday, March 30
Dentist and then shopping all day for Mrs. Cowles. Mrs. Galloway and Gains came. Albert and Brother Grant start for Sai Heung. Mr. Lum’s father-in-law to be buried tomorrow. Bought bamboo curtains for back windows.

Friday, March 31
Last day of March. Went to Mr. Leung’s funeral in Hong Kong. Albert and Mr. Grant at Sai Heung. Mr. Hing gave me $30.00. Meeting. Prayed for Mr. Au (sick). Made first payment on property at Sai Heung.

Saturday, April 1
Mrs. Galloway for supper. Albert and Brother Grant came home from country. Sai Heung Church business meeting. To begin fund for poor.

Sunday, April 2
Communion Sunday. Mrs. Galloway and Gains for supper. Four good meetings – souls at altar.

Monday, April 3
Called at Shamshiupo – Yeung King I’s. Work in general. Meeting.

Tuesday, April 4
Hospital meeting. Dentist bill – $3.00. bought blue and pink cloth for girls’ dresses. Night meeting.

Wednesday, April 5
Bought matting for floor – $6.80. Women’s meeting. Night meeting. Lady from Denmark came. Souls at altar.

Thursday, April 6
Mrs. Galloway and Gains for breakfast. Called on Mr. Au’s mother. Went to Old Kowloon. Prince of Wales came to Hong Kong today. Callers. Sewed. Prayer meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Miss Pierce and Friske, Albert and I went to see the illumination and fireworks and parade in honor of the Prince being here. Mrs. Irish came to work with Mrs. Galloway.

Friday, April 7
Miss Meadows, Miss Lewis and Miss Fuhl from Denmark were here. Girls went to Hong Kong. Miss Fuhl preached at mission. Work in general.

Saturday, April 8
Bought screen – $4.25, settees – $3.75, pan – $2.25 and bookcase – $16.00. Made Helen’s white voile dress. Work in general. The Prince left for Japan.

Sunday, April 9
Three services. Albert spoke in evening. Old Ah Po saved.

Monday, April 10
Meeting. Miss Stodghill came down.

Tuesday, April 11
Hospital meeting. Mr. Au and Mr. Mung for lunch. Night meeting. Went to boat with Miss Stodghill.

Wednesday, April 12
Letter saying Mr. Croft and son has smallpox. Women’s meeting. Called on little blind girl in hospital. Mr. Grant spoke at mission. Hired new amah for $9.00 – came yesterday at 4:00 P.M.

Thursday, April 13
Called in three homes. Went out on the Mt. with Miss Pierce. Sewed and wrote, etc. Tang S.S. came from Nam Tau.

Friday, April 14
Good Friday. Meeting. Made blue and white voile dress. Called in one home.

Saturday, April 15
Sewed for Mrs. Grant. Mrs. Grubbs came. Work in general. Made Cross for mission.

Sunday, April 16
Easter Sunday. Mr. Au preached in A.M. and Albert preached in P.M. Boat meeting and Sunday school. Mrs. Grubbs, Grant, Pierce and Friske for lunch.

Monday, April 17
Sewed, callers, and letters. Chan Siu Shang went to Nam Tau as chapel keeper.

Tuesday, April 18
Work in general. All had supper with Miss Friske. Meeting.

Wednesday, April 19
Women’s meeting. Called in four homes. Went to hunt for Kam Siu Shang. Night meeting. Boat meeting.

Thursday, April 20
Sewed, letters, etc.

Friday, April 21
Meeting. Supper at Grant’s. Meeting at Cheung Shing Ue. Called on Mrs. Chan’s sister’s husband. Tang T.S. came back with his wife from country.

Saturday, April 22
Made lemon pies. Grants, Misses Friske and Pierce for lunch. Went to Hong Kong. Albert got white low shoes.

Sunday, April 23
Three meetings. Called on Miss Hitchcock at Miss Meadow’s.

Monday, April 24
Suet Si Ni baby born.

Tuesday, April 25
Miss Hitchcock sailed for U.S. Hospital meeting.

Wednesday, April 26
Women’s meeting. Woman got out of hospital to work in knitting factory. Kam S.S. married a concubine.

Thursday, April 27
Sick with headache. Albert left for Nam Tau and Sai Heung – payment on property.

Friday, April 28
Called in two homes. Meeting. Sewed.

Saturday, April 29
Albert came home. Made rose Edna’s white voile dress. Grants and Pierce and Friske for supper.

Sunday, April 30
Three meetings. All at Grant’s for dinner.

Monday, May 1
Meeting at Chau Hoi. Called at Mrs. Au’s. Mr. Wong went to Ching Uen.

Tuesday, May 2
Hospital meeting. Mr. Tang came back from Nam Tau. Night Meeting.

Wednesday, May 3
Women’s meeting. Mr. Grant preached. Mr. Au for supper. Keeping Mrs. Grant’s baby to wean. Mrs. Tidberry and Ue Foon called.

Thursday, May 4
Prayer meeting. Called in two homes. Callers.

Friday, May 5
Meeting at Leung Shi Kam’s and Grants decided to take little blind girl to raise. Church business meeting on account of Kam S.S. wife.

Saturday, May 6
Mr. Smale and Mr. Huen came. Grant, Friske and Pierce for dinner. Work in general. Blind girl came to Grants.

Sunday, May 7
Three meetings. Mr. Swanson came. Brought Grant’s organ and buggy. Gracie Smale here.

Monday, May 8
Wong S.S. went back to Sai Heung. Meeting. MacKenzie for lunch. Work in general.

Tuesday, May 9
Mr. Cheung came from Canton (Munroes). We called at Lum I. Hospital meeting. Worship on account of plague. Mr. Cheung preached.

Wednesday, May 10
Women’s meeting. Whitewashed chapel. Made five calls. Mr. Cheung and Albert started for Sai Heung.

Thursday, May 11
Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Albert at Sai Heung. Third night of worship to stay the plague.

Friday, May 12
Meeting at Cheung Siu Ni. Night meeting. Albert came home from Sai Heung.

Saturday, May 13
Work in general. Grants, Friske and Pierce for supper.

Sunday, May 14
Boat meeting and three meetings at chapel.

Monday, May 15
Called in four homes. Chau Peng Si Ni’s baby boy born.

Tuesday, May 16
Meeting at hospital. Mr. Swanson here. Made rose Edna a white dress. Bible study. Knitting factory strike.

Wednesday, May 17
Women’s meeting. Bought pictures – scene – $1.20 and two small ones – $1.75. Mr. Kwok preached.

Thursday, May 18
Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Called. Mr. Lum here.

Friday, May 19
Went to Sha Tin – Mrs. Grant, Miss Pierce and Leung Si Ni. Good opportunities. Miss Pierce got poisoned on shrimps and milk. Meeting at chapel. No ferry on account of strike.

Saturday, May 20
Work in general.

Sunday, May 21
Three meetings. Callers. Miss Friske preached.

Monday, May 22
Called, meetings and letters, etc.

Tuesday, May 23
Cheung Shing Yau and family came down from Canton enroute to Sai Heung. Night meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Au had supper with Miss Friske.

Wednesday, May 24
All of us foreigners and Mr. Swedner and Miss Anderson had supper at Mr. Chau’s in honor of his mother’s birthday – 62 years old. Paid for blind man’s boat.

Thursday, May 25
Meeting at Leung Kam Tai Si Ni. Boat meeting and prayer meeting.

Friday, May 26
Went to visit Kam Si Ni. Meeting on Wong Kwong’s boat. His wife sick. Night meeting. Mr. Grant preached.

Saturday, May 27
Work in general. Rose Edna has a new pencil box.

Sunday, May 28
Dedicated blind man’s boat. Meeting at Missionary Home. Three meetings at church.

Monday, May 29
Called and had meeting. Work in general. Circular letter.

Tuesday, May 30
First ice cream. Mailed circular letters. Hospital meeting. Babies died – much suffering. Ellis family came down from Shiu Hing. They are hear and Grants.

Wednesday, May 31
Women’s meeting changed to 2:00 P.M. Night meetings. David sick.

Thursday, June 1
David very sick. Mrs. Storey and Doyle called – up until 2:30 A.M. talking with Ellises. Mr. and Mrs. Cheung Shing Yau left for Sai Heung. Mr. Lum here. Prayer meeting. Ko Tai Koo (Mrs. Chan) began Bible women work.

Friday, June 2
Took David to the hospital. Grants and Miss Friske went to Cheung Chau.

Saturday, June 3
Mr. Wong came down from Sai Heung – Made Frank Ellis a birthday cake – 7 years old tomorrow. Mr. Au and Miss Pierce for supper. Ah Choi started to work here.

Sunday, June 4
Grandma’s birthday. Miss Pierce preached. Ellises went to Shamshuipo to live for the summer yesterday.

Monday, June 5
Miss Stodghill came down from Nam Tau. Meetings.

Tuesday, June 6
Quarterly business meting. Grants came in from the Island. Miss Stodghill went to Miss Meadows for vacation. Chau Hoi Si Ni baby boy born.

Wednesday, June 7
Women’s meeting. Called in two homes. Albert in Nam Tau marrying Tang S. Shang and Wong S. Shang. Made Helen’s little white dress. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 8
Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Prayed for Mr. Wong Tong’s son. He died at 11:00 P.M. Miss Pierce and I dressed him. David Ellis has typhoid.

Friday, June 9
Mr. Wong’s baby buried. Mr. and Mrs. Grant came from the Island. Albert, the girls and I went back with them.

Saturday, June 10
At Island – Cowles house. Miss Friske and we went in bathing. Had supper on beach.

Sunday, June 11
A.M. came home. Church. Mrs. Grant gave Helen a little voile dress. Mr. Lum and Miss Pierce for dinner. Callers. Night meeting.

Monday, June 12
Helen is 6 years old. Eight little girls and Frank Ellis at her party – ice cream and cake. Mr. Lum here. Mr. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Miss Friske, Pierce, Stodghill, Mr. Wong and his bride. Preacher left for Ching Uen. Miss Pierce went to Cheung Chau with Grants. Meeting.

Tuesday, June 13
Hospital meeting and night meeting.

Wednesday, June 14
Women’s meeting. Called and work in general. Mrs. Ellis taken to Victoria Hospital.

Thursday, June 15
Miss Stodghill here. Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Mr. Ellis, baby and Frank here.

Friday, June 16
Miss Friske and I called on Mrs. A. C. Tidberry (leaving for Shanghai), c/o British P.O. Miss Friske went to Cheung Chau.

Saturday, June 17
Grants came back from Island for good. Miss Pierce came for over Sunday. Miss Stodghill here. Mrs. Grant took Ellises baby while she is in hospital. Water famine here in Yaumati. Called in three homes.

Sunday, June 18
Kwok S.S. preached special prayer meeting to pray for rain. Miss Pierce preached in evening – six at altar.

Monday, June 19
Work in general. No water. Callers.

Tuesday, June 20
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers. Made agreements and first payment on new Peniel church building in Yaumati – corner of Portland and Hamilton Street – Tuesday, June 20, 1922.

Wednesday, June 21
Went to visit Mrs. Ellis in Victoria Hospital. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Six at altar. Miss Stodghill, Mr. Ellis, Miss Friske and Grants for supper. Work in general.

Thursday, June 22
Boat meeting. Shoe sale at Sincere’s. Prayer meeting.

Friday, June 23
Miss Stodghill here. Price of Wale’s birthday. Miss Stodghill went back to Nam Tau.

Saturday, June 24
Ice cream for Miss Friske’s birthday. Work in general. Mr. Ellis and Frank here.

Sunday, June 25
Mr. Sundstrom preached. Mr. Lum I at night. Miss Friske born 1896.

Monday, June 26
Went to Hong Kong. Mrs. Storey and Katherine here. Katherine’s first lesson in music. Night meeting.

Tuesday, June 27
Hospital meeting. Bible study.

Wednesday, June 28
Albert and Mr. Grant went to Sai Heung on Lo Shuen. Women’s meeting. Night meeting.

Thursday, June 29
Boat and prayer meeting. Albert and Mr. Grant came back from Sai Heung.

Friday, June 30
Mrs. Grant’s birthday – had ice cream and cake for her and Sister Pierce. Burnt idols in two homes. Cottage meeting at Tse Si Ni. Night meeting.

Saturday, July 1
Miss Pierce’s birthday. Work in general.

Sunday, July 2
Mr. Grant preached in A.M. Albert at night. Went to Mr. Kam’s to pray with his son’s wife. Called on Mr. Au Liu Kei. Three meetings. Lord’s Supper.

Monday, July 3
Called in homes, hospital, etc. Night meeting. Church business meeting.

Tuesday, July 4
Went to visit Mrs. Ellis in Victoria Hospital. Night meeting – Mr. Kwok.

Wednesday, July 5
Called on Oo Man Sang’s people and So Si Ni in Hong Kong. Women’s meeting. Prayed with Mrs. Au (consumptive). Night meeting.

Thursday, July 6
Leung Wai Chi Sin Shang came back to be preacher. Prayer meeting and boat meeting. Mr. Ellis here.

Friday, July 7
Meeting on blind man’s boat. Called in homes. Night meeting.

Saturday, July 8
Miss Anderson (from Swedner’s) here – had ice cream. Mr. Ellis, Miss Friske, Pierce and Grants here. Mr. Ellis took Paul home to Shamshuipo. Mrs. Grant’s old amah left.

Sunday, July 9
Three meetings. Called. Water shortage again.

Monday, July 10
Work in general. Meeting. Set up all night with Mrs. Au Si Ni who is not expected to live.

Tuesday, July 11
Work in general. Spent afternoon until 1:00 A.M. with Mrs. Au again.

Wednesday, July 12
Women’s meeting. Stayed with Mrs. Au until 8:00 P.M. Night meeting.

Thursday, July 13
Again with Mrs. Au. Went to Shamshuipo. Work in general.

Friday, July 14
Mr. Ellis and Mr. Rose here.

Saturday, July 15
Mr. Swanson and Mr. Pedersen came from U.S.A. Mrs. Au worse.

Sunday, July 16
Mrs. Au died at 9:00 A.M. Three meetings in church. Two in home. Albert sat up with corpse.

Monday, July 17
Funeral from Mission, etc. 11:00 A.M. Had a Chinese meal. Mr. Swanson, Pedersen, Rose, Ellis, Grant, Friske, Pierce, Grant and children. Paul came to stay with us a while. Albert and Mr. Lum went to Sai Heung.

Tuesday, July 18
Work in general. Callers. Letters.

Wednesday, July 19
Albert came back. Callers. Sewed. Prayed with Chan Hoi baby.

Thursday, July 20
All of Mr. Au’s family and relatives came – Mrs. Barth, Mrs. Ung and Mr. Leung. Boat and prayer meeting – full day.

Friday, July 21
Canned 13 quarts of pineapple. Mrs. Yess and daughter, Mr. Winters, Ellis and rose here. Work in general.

Saturday, July 22
Albert watched buckets at well all night for water. Callers. Work in general. Mr. Chue died on boat in Japan. Body came back today for burial. Ko Tai Koo’s brother-in-law.

Sunday, July 23
Three meetings. Called at Mrs. Chue’s. Hospital. Dinner at Grant’s. Heard Mr. Burtt is to be married again.

Monday, July 24
Mr. Chue’s funeral from chapel. Mrs. Ellis and David came home from hospital. Callers. Mr. Swanson here.

Tuesday, July 25
Took little Paul Ellis to his mama. Girls went to sugar refinery. Callers. Mr. Lum I’s son born.

Wednesday, July 26
Sent circular letter. Men from boat came with Mr. Swanson for Chinese meal and song service (four men).

Thursday, July 27
Mr. Swanson gave me glue straw hat. Sewed. Callers.

Friday, July 28
Looked at new flats next to new mission to rent. Work in general.

Saturday, July 29
Decided to take flats. Callers, called, etc.

Sunday, July 30
Dinner at Grant’s. Called. Mrs. Goforth preached in chapel.

Monday, July 31
Work in general – letters. Callers.

Tuesday, August 1
Mr. and Mrs. Allen and son of China Inland Mission called. He preached. Hospital meeting.

Wednesday, August 2
Went to Miss Meadow’s meeting. Stayed at Ellises for supper. Took baby Paul home with me.

Thursday, August 3
Work in general. Callers. Mr. Grant at Nam Tau.

Friday, August 4
Paul took sick. Mrs. Ellis came – dysentery. Callers.

Saturday, August 5
Mrs. Ellis, Mr. Rose, etc here. Callers all day.

Sunday, August 6
Meeting. Dinner at Grant’s. Miss Meadow’s last meeting. Mr. Jaffray spoke. Mrs. Marsh came home with us for supper. Night meetings.

Monday, August 7
Old man Sang Si Ni and baby came. Callers. Music. Work in general.

Tuesday, August 8
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers. Mr. Rose for dinner.

Wednesday, August 9
Women’s meeting. Did some packing. Gains Kwon came.

Thursday, August 10
Boat and prayer meeting. Siu Sam Koo’s son Li buried. Girls went to Edna Pryce’s birthday party. Lights put in new building.

Friday, August 11
Paid $7,000 on building. Went to Ellises. Callers. Mrs. Wong went to Nethersole Hospital. Mr. Burtt went back to Shiu Hing.

Saturday, August 12
Work in general.

Sunday, August 13
Three meetings. Mrs. Smith came from Kwai Uen. Rev. Goforth preached in our church. Mr. Stone

Monday, August 14
Went to Missionary Home to hear Rev. Goforth. Callers. Left for Sai Heung with Albert and Miss Friske. Girls stayed at Grant’s.

Tuesday, August 15
Arrived at Nam Tau. Miss Stodghill went to Sai Heung with us. Saw lots of rain, but we kept dry. Night with Miss Stodghill. Albert and Miss Friske came back – I stayed.

Wednesday, August 16
Spent in Nam Tau.

Thursday, August 17
Came back to Yaumati. Packing. Mr. Smith here. First meeting in new chapel. Prayer meeting – Brother Smith spoke.

Friday, August 18
Went to Dr. Goforth meeting at Missionary Home. Work in general. Callers. Brother Smith here.

Saturday, August 19
Meeting again at Swedners. Work in general.

Sunday, August 20
First Sunday in new chapel. About 300 present. Brother Weldon Smith preached at 11:00 A.M. and Sister Pierce at 8:00 P.M. Five at altar. Goforth meeting at 3:00 P.M.

Monday, August 21
Meeting. Work in general. Rev. E. P. Burtt was married in Canton to Miss Mary Knapp.

Tuesday, August 22
Hospital meeting. Callers. Mr. Au and Smith for lunch. Work in general.

Wednesday, August 23
Mr. Lum’s son dedicated to the Lord by Brother Smith at their home. Chinese feast afterwards. Named him Daniel – one month old. First women’s meeting in chapel.

Thursday, August 24
Made a shirt for Mr. Grant. Work in general. Callers. Prayer meeting.

Friday, August 25
Packed, etc. Meeting at mission.

Saturday, August 26
Sent our organ to chapel, packed, canned can of meat for Sister Smith. Work in general.

Sunday, August 27
Peniel Mission dedicated to God meeting from 12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M. Myrliu Grant, Paul Ellis, Rhoda Rose and her brother and a number of Chinese children dedicated to God. Sermon by Brother Smith. Church decorated with flags and potted plants. About 50 at altar at close of meeting. Glory to God. He doeth all things well.

Monday, August 28
Brother Smith left for Kwai Uen. I cleaned in the new flat – 64 Portland Street, Yaumati. Mrs. Grant gave me $5.00 gold piece. Mr. Au from Shiu Hing preached in chapel.

Tuesday, August 29
Moved into flat next door to mission. Rain. Mr. Au, Mr. Leung, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Miss Pierce, Friske and Yau Tai for supper. Mr. Au preached. Mr. Ellis here. Three raised hand for prayer.

Wednesday, August 30
Miss Pierce and Friske and Yau Tai for breakfast. Six Chinese callers. Women’s meeting and work in general.

Thursday, August 31
Mr. Rose for dinner. Miss Clark here. Leung Kam Tai mother went to hospital. Called at hospital. Mr. Au came. Prayer meeting.

Friday, September 1
Mr. Christoferson here and a number of Chinese called at hospital. Canned fruit. Work in general.

Saturday, September 2
Made 11 pints of jelly and 11 quarts of fruit. Mr. Grant’s birthday. Made him a cake and two neckties. Mrs. Ellis, Miss Friske and Pierce, Mr. Swedner, Miss Anderson and we went down and spent the evening with them.

Sunday, September 3
Three meetings. Reorganized Sunday school. Went to hospital.

Monday, September 4
Work in general. Miss Pierce for supper. Mr. Hoh went to Sai Heung. Night meeting.

Tuesday, September 5
Hospital meeting. Cheung Tak Chiu for dinner. Music lesson. Callers. Night meeting.

Wednesday, September 6
Women’s meeting. Mr. Burkwall here. Mr. Rose, Mr. MacKenzie, Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Business meeting. Callers. Night meeting.

Thursday, September 7
Mr. MacKenzie for lunch. Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Mr. and Mrs. rose here. Chinese callers.

Friday, September 8
Mrs. Ellis and children for supper. Made jelly. Nigh meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, September 9
Mr. Larson here. Sunday school teachers’ meeting. Miss Pierce for supper. Work in general.

Sunday, September 10
Mrs. Marsh and Mr. Larson for dinner. Four callers. Dr. and Mrs. Wright in meeting. Night meeting. Hospital.

Monday, September 11
Called in four homes. Miss Stodghill came. Mr. Larson left. Night meeting. Work in general.

Tuesday, September 12
Business meeting. Mr. Au came from Shiu Hing. First meeting on prayer. Mr. Au for supper. Called on Mrs. Chan.

Wednesday, September 13
Miss Stodghill and Mr. Au here. Mrs. Steel here. Callers. Hospital meeting.

Thursday, September 14
Mr. and Mrs. Steel, Ilene, Mr. Au Kok Wan, and Rev. Au for supper. Miss Stodghill here. Work in general. Night meeting and boat meeting.

Friday, September 15
Girls had tiffin with Ilene. Mr. Au for three meals. Miss Pierce. Callers in general.

Saturday, September 16
Miss Stodghill went back to Nam Tau. Made jelly. Roses here and Mr. Leung and Mr. Au. Meeting.

Sunday, September 17
Mr. Au preached second coming. Au Kok Wan had Sunday school. Grants for dinner. Old Ah Po form Kowloon at meeting. Mr. Kwok for supper. Night meeting.

Monday, September 18
Mr. Au here – called a meeting regarding the church – 17 here. Prayed until 2:00 A.M.

Tuesday, September 19
Hospital meeting. Roses here. Brother Au here. Callers in general. Night meeting.

Wednesday, September 20
Women’s meeting. All went to Ellises and had ice cream and cake. Typhoon wind. Night meeting.

Thursday, September 21
Mr. Au left for Macao to hold meetings. Called preacher and Bible woman in – decided to discharge them. Prayer meeting. Man enroute to India spoke.

Friday, September 22
In bed most all day. Mr. Rose here. Mr. Grant preached. Mr. Sundstrom interpreted.

Saturday, September 23
Went to Hong Kong. Mr. and Mrs. Dittman left for U.S. Bought girls shoes. Ellises came. Roses for supper. Mr. Swanson came.

Sunday, September 24
Man for India spoke in A.M. Mr. Sundstrom evening. Prayed with Au Kok Wan until 2:30 A.M. Souls at altar. Mr. Swanson for dinner.

Monday, September 25
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis and children and Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Roses here. Got our cat off the S.S. Jackson. Went all through this ship with Miss Pierce, Friske, Yau Tai and Albert. Night meeting and prayer until 12:00 midnight. Paid Leung Wai Chi Sin Shang two months wages and dismissed him. Kept Paul Ellis.

Tuesday, September 26
Made my Alpaca dress. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis for lunch. Mrs. Hitchcock and Miss H from America here enroute to Koon Shan. Mrs. Alice Galloway and Gains here. Hospital meeting and night meeting. Man enroute to India spoke through Miss Pierce on Holiness. Blessed service. Paid Ko Tai Koo and dismissed her.

Wednesday, September 27
Mrs. Galloway and Gains here. Mr. Au and Tang Si Ni Siu Sam Koo, Women’s meeting went to pray with Mr. Tang. Night meeting.

Thursday, September 28
Boat meeting, night meeting. Called. Washed Mrs. Hoh at hospital. Mr. Au for supper. Chinese callers.

Friday, September 29
Called in three homes. Examined candidates. Wrote for circular, sewed, callers up until 1:30. 27 candidates.

Saturday, September 30
Callers. Work in general. Last day of month.

Sunday, October 1
Baptism. Lord’s Supper. Mr. Au preached. First baptism in new chapel – Portland Street. 23 baptized. Albert preached at night. Hospital. Gains here.

Monday, October 2
Mr. Au came for prayers. Work in general. Church business meeting until 12:00. Cake and coffee and prayed until 4:00 A.M.

Tuesday, October 3
My birthday. Louise sent me a dress. Girls’ stockings. Myrlin combination suit. Mr. Swanson three tins of coffee – six of carnation. Man on boat – bottle of candy. Supper at Grants. Dinner at Kam Si Ni – her jewelry stolen. Miss Pierce, Mr. Grant and I went out there.

Wednesday, October 4
Women’s meeting. Mr. Au’s partner Mr. Li King Wan went back to country last night. Mrs. Hoh died at hospital. Chan Kwai Kwong spoke at meeting. Made Mrs. Hoh a shaam and skirt to be buried in.

Thursday, October 5
Dressed Mrs. Hoh. Boat meeting. Mrs. Au here. Other callers. Prayer meeting. Made black skirt into jumper.

Friday, October 6
Mrs. Hoh’s funeral. Cleaned store room. Called in three homes. Night meeting.

Saturday, October 7
Not able to be up. Callers.

Sunday, October 8
Young Mr. Kwok preached A.M. Mr. Au at night. Souls at altar.

Monday, October 9
Mrs. Galloway, Mrs. Storey and Katherine for supper. Meeting. Tseng Tak Chiu led. Work in general.

Tuesday, October 10
China’s Independence Day. Boat meeting at 12:00 noon. Bible study. Work in general. Callers.

Wednesday, October 11
Women’s meeting. Miss Friske talked. Night meeting. Mrs. Galloway here. Albert at Nam Tau. Made Helen’s black and blue skirt.

Thursday, October 12
Albert came back. Mr. and Mrs. Rose left for Koon Shaan. Prayer and boat meeting. Couldn’t go to either one.

Friday, October 13
Mrs. Robinson, Miss Deck, Chinese callers. Work in general. Circular letter.

Saturday, October 14
Mrs. Galloway here. Miss Pierce for supper. Callers.

Sunday, October 15
Miss Kirby came from U.S. enroute to India. Mr. Grant preached. Mr. Au for dinner. Mr. Kwok, Grants, Friske, Pierce, Kirby, Galloway, Mr. Au for supper. Mrs. Robinson, Miss Deck and Miss Matley in meeting.

Monday, October 16
All went to Hing’s knitting factory. Folks left for Shiu Hing. Miss Stodghill came. Night meeting.

Tuesday, October 17
Gains came. Mrs. Irish. Hospital meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Wednesday, October 18
Ko Tai Koo here. Miss Kirby spoke in women’s meeting. Four at altar. Night meeting. Callers, etc. Mrs. Galloway sick.

Thursday, October 19
Went to Hong Kong and bought pith hat with Miss Kirby. Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, October 20
Canned prunes. Got up at 3:00 A.M. Miss Kirby and Miss Stodghill left for Nam Tau. Called all afternoon. Mrs. MacKay came. Mr. Lum for supper. Night meeting. Tseng Tak Chiu preached.

Saturday, October 21
Went to Hong Kong. Prayed with Mrs. MacKay at Mr. Swedners. Cottage meeting. Work in general.

Sunday, October 22
Miss Hitchcock preached at night. Brother Au here. Three meetings.

Monday, October 23
Went to meet Miss Kirby from Nam Tau. Wong Kwong’s concubine went to Koon Shaan with Miss Hitchcock. Her mother went back to U.S. Called in two homes. Night meeting.

Tuesday, October 24
Hospital meeting. Called at Chan Hoi Siu Shang’s. His baby died yesterday. Bible study. Supper with Miss Pierce and Friske. Letters and work in general.

Wednesday, October 25
Work in general. Night meeting and women’s meeting. Souls at altar.

Thursday, October 26
Miss Stodghill came again. Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Miss Friske’s music class recital from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. Bought Miss Kirby two dresses.

Friday, October 27
Miss Kirby sails for India. Miss Friske, Mr. and Mrs. Grant, Mr. Au and Miss Kirby for lunch. Albert went to Matilda. Rose Edna went to Helena May to a butterfly lecture. Night meeting.

Saturday, October 28
Miss Stodghill went back to Nam Tau. Callers. Girls went to park with Miss Friske and Pierce. Letters.

Sunday, October 29
Three meetings. Went to Matilda with girls to see Albert.

Monday, October 30
Called in three homes. Callers. Supper at Grant’s. Night meeting.

Tuesday, October 31
In bed most all day. Callers. Meeting.

Wednesday, November 1
Tang S.S. and wife left Nam Tau. Callers. Wrote letters. Supper at Grant’s. Meeting.

Thursday, November 2
Myrlin’s birthday. Mr. Swedner’s wedding day. Sick in bed all day. Couldn’t go to meeting.

Friday, November 3
God touched me – up and about. Helen’s fever no better. Sent her to the Matilda with her daddy.

Saturday, November 4
Callers. Letters. Washed cats.

Sunday, November 5
Went to meeting. Mr. Au went with Rose Edna and me to the hospital. Helen in bed. Albert’s foot improving.

Monday, November 6
Letters. Meetings. Grants for supper. Slept at Grant’s. They left with Chan Lok Tei for Nam Tau and Sai Heung to look at a house to live in.

Tuesday, November 7
Hospital meeting and night meeting. Brother and Sister Smith came. Mr. Burkwall here. Miss Pierce and Friske for dinner.

Wednesday, November 8
Women’s meeting – I talked. Miss Pierce sick. Night meeting.

Thursday, November 9
Called. Albert came for one night. Prayer meeting. Callers.

Friday, November 10
Went to Mr. and Mrs. Swedner’s for dinner. Brother Smith preached. Made Rose Edna’s brown dress. Callers. Albert went back to Matilda.

Saturday, November 11
Brother Smith went back to Kwai Uen. Cottage meeting began at Mr. Wong Tong S.S. Meeting at Pat Koo’s. Work in general.

Sunday, November 12
Albert came back after 17 days in Matilda. Three meetings. Called with Chan Sz Mo.

Monday, November 13
Fixed my suit skirt. Night meeting.

Tuesday, November 14
First Chinese lesson with Kwok Siu Shang (blind boy). Mrs. Smith went to hospital meeting with us. Tseng Tak Chin there.

Wednesday, November 15
Tseng Tak Chin died of plague last night. Buried today. Work in general. Women’s and night meetings.

Thursday, November 16
Took Kwok Sin Shang to hospital for eye treatment. Boat meeting and prayer meeting.

Friday, November 17
Called in three homes. Night meeting. Helen came home. Mrs. Smith gave her testimony. Healing testimonies by Christians.

Saturday, November 18
Calls. Meeting at Pat Koo’s. Work in general.

Sunday, November 19
Service in memory of Tseng Tak Chin – flowers, wreaths, etc. Afterwards went to cemetery and had service. A number spoke at chapel.

Monday, November 20

Tuesday, November 21
Miss Meadows, Mrs. Swedner called. Brother Grant sick. Took music lesson. Night meeting and hospital meeting. Work in general.

Wednesday, November 22
Our Mission open eight years. Testimony meeting at chapel. Mrs. Smith here. Mr. and Mrs. Sundstrom called. Work in general.

Thursday, November 23
Mr. Huen to preach. Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Boat meting. Mr. Crane called.

Friday, November 24
Night meeting. Callers. Work in general. Mr. and Mrs. Hinkey and Mrs. Hess in meeting.

Saturday, November 25
Mr. Casley came from U.S. and gave Smiths $5,000 for Kwai Uen. Amen.

Sunday, November 26
Mr. Casley spoke through Sister Smith. Mrs. Johnson for dinner.

Monday, November 27
Mr. Casley left for Manila. We all went down to the boat to see him off. Work in general.

Tuesday, November 28
Mrs. Smith leaves for Kwong Sai Lo Tak and Shai Kai going with her. Hospital meeting and night meeting.

Wednesday, November 29
Women’s meeting. Swedner moved into new home. Night meeting. Miss Stodghill came.

Thursday, November 30
Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Thanksgiving – Grants, Miss Friske and Pierce and Mr. Au for supper. Mung went to the country. Mrs. Wong from Nam Tau sent two chickens. Callers.

Friday, December 1
Work in general. Meeting. Miss Stodghill here.

Saturday, December 2
Mr. Swanson and Pedersen came back. Callers. Letters, etc.

Sunday, December 3
Mr. Swanson told about the bell dedication in Seattle. Three meetings. Dinner at Grant’s.

Monday, December 4
Four boxes of old clothing from San Francisco. Night meeting.

Tuesday, December 5
Business meeting (foreign), hospital and night meeting.

Wednesday, December 6
Called on Mrs. Storey. Her baby girl born November 2. Rose Edna went to dentist. Night meeting.

Thursday, December 7
Miss Stodghill went back to Nam au. Shai Kai’s mother went with her to work. Prayer and boat meetings.

Friday, December 8
Rose Edna is 8 years old. Grants, Miss Pierce and Friske for supper. Coffee and birthday cake after meeting. Work in general.

Saturday, December 9
Heard first toll of church bell set up in church. Called in New Missionary Home – Jordan Road. Called on Mrs. MacKay and Storey. Miss Meadows called. Work in general.

Sunday, December 10
Three services. Hospital – Mr. Tang died.

Monday, December 11
Cheung Shing Ue Si Ni and her sister called. Funeral. Night meeting. Callers. Grant’s for dinner.

Tuesday, December 12
Mr. Swanson back from Manila. Hospital meeting.

Wednesday, December 13
Mrs. Swanson for supper and Mr. Ellis. Grants and ladies. Women’s meeting and night meeting. Callers.

Thursday, December 14
Boat meeting and prayer meeting. Called on Tsz Si Ni and made Helen’s plaid dress.

Friday, December 15
Mr. Mung came from Nam Tau. Night meeting. Callers.

Saturday, December 16
Waffle dinner. Work in general. Callers.

Sunday, December 17
Three meetings. Callers.

Monday, December 18
Wrote letters. Rain. Callers and night meeting.

Tuesday, December 19
Week of prayer began last night. Good attendance. In bed most all day.

Wednesday, December 20
Women’s meeting, “Light of World” subject. Went to the girls’ school for tea and prize giving. Night meeting. Shoemakers son born.

Thursday, December 21
Fast day. Work in general. Callers and called. Boat and prayer meetings.

Friday, December 22
Meeting at Mr. Wong Tong’s. Went to Hong Kong. Night meeting. Callers. Work in general. All had dinner at Grant’s.

Saturday, December 23
Mr. Mung came down from Nam Tau. New preacher there. Callers. Supper with Miss Pierce and Friske – goose. Prayer meeting.

Sunday, December 24
Christmas Eve. Three meetings. Miss Pierce and Friske, Mr. and Mrs. Grant and Mr. Lum and Yau Tai for supper. The girls gave their presents of handkerchief out to all here.

Monday, December 25
Christmas Day. Preparing for program. Gave On Lok Uen boxes to Sunday school children over 1,000 people – first time bell rang 6:00 P.M. by Albert. Program from 6:00 until 9:30 P.M. Decorations potted plants and flags.

Tuesday, December 26
Hospital meeting. Callers. Prayer meeting. Albert left for Nam Tau. Letters.

Wednesday, December 27
Women’s meeting. Callers. Night meeting and work in general.

Thursday, December 28
Fast day. Leung Wai chi in Yaumati again. Boat and prayer meeting. Two boys back from country burnt idols. Fine prayer meeting. Last night of 10-day meeting.

Friday, December 29
Examined candidates for baptism. Friction on account of not accepting children. Meeting until 12:00 noon. Nineteen accepted.

Saturday, December 30
Callers. Cottage Meeting. Work in general – letters.

Sunday, December 31
Sunday school baptism. Mr. and Mrs. Lum, Mr. Au, Mr. Mung, and Mr. and Mrs. Grant for supper. Watch night service 9:00 until 12:30 midnight. Mr. and Mrs. Lum stayed all night. About 150 at meeting. God met us in prayer and testimony. Out blessings being countless.

Thus ends 1922.