1899 Diary

1899 Grandma Rose Etta Reiton – Age: 13
D.V. = God willing

Monday, April 3
This the 3rd day of April, 1899 – I begin to write in this book what I do in the “coming” year. This the third morning of April it is snowing very fast. I am at Mollie and Ben’s. Found turkey nest and made flowers.

Tuesday, April 4
Sunshiny morning – snow melting fast. Made Doras a dress while Mollie had a chill. Helped get supper. Made a snowman.

Wednesday, April 5
Pretty day. Made Doras a bib, churned and helped wash.

Thursday, April 6
Helped get dinner, gathered eggs, washed dishes, sewed.

Friday, April 7
Went to Tilda’s and quilted a little. Nursed Doras.

Saturday, April 8
Made my first custard pie, patched a little, ironed for Doras. Churned and carried in wood.

Sunday, April 9
Went to Mrs. Brookshire’s. Walked, carried Doras a little ways.

Monday, April 10
Washed for Doras while Mollie was hoeing. Fixed my dress, milked, carried in wood.

Tuesday, April 11
Helped take up the carpet in the kitchen. Dropped potatoes, helped clean a poultry yard.

Wednesday, April 12
Went with Ben after a load of wood, churned, went fishing with Alma.

Thursday, April 13
Cleaned the kitchen, Clara, Tilda, Raman, Mabel and Ella came over. I went home with Clara.

Friday, April 14
Went fishing with Ella and Clara. Caught two fish.

Saturday, April 15
Alma came after milk. We went home with her. Helped get supper.

Sunday, April 16
Cleaned the kitchen. Lieut came. Mollie had a chill. Gathered wild flowers.

Monday, April 17
Molly had a chill. Went to Mrs. Lotton’s and gathered flowers. Mrs. Hart stayed all night with us.

Tuesday, April 18
Rained. Got dinner, gathered eggs, churned. Washed for Doras. Cleaned front room. Mollie was sick all day.

Wednesday, April 19
Molly and Ben went to Americus. I stayed at home. Made doughnuts. Molly gave me a new dress and hair ribbons. Jannie, Lydia, Homer and Mary came in the evening.

Thursday, April 20
Nursed Doras in the morning. Left for home at 12:00 P.M. Jannie stayed at Danville. Rained on us. Miss Birdie came home with us.

Friday, April 21
Helped wash, hung out the clothes and scrubbed. Gathered in the clothes, gathered the eggs and milked.

Saturday, April 22
Milked, ironed, went to Mrs. Dunford’s. Rained and stayed until dark.

Sunday, April 23
Cleaned the house, slept. Tresa G. came. Cracked hazel nuts.

Monday, April 24
Milked, cleaned two rooms and made three beds. Went fishing. Beulah and Cora came. Tresa and I hid behind the wardrobe.

Tuesday, April 25
Milked, churned, went to Mrs. Lotton’s and the graveyard. Fished. Irma and I went to Mrs. Bailey’s. Ate pickles.

Wednesday, April 26
Helped wash, got dinner, sewed, milked and made a little garden.

Thursday, April 27
Helped take calves to the woods. Churned, milked, cleaned summer kitchen. Started fire, milked, helped make garden.

Friday, April 28
Milked. Made one bed and took cows to the pasture. Jannie and I went to town. Walked nearly all the way. Got my summer hat and then went after the cows.

Saturday, April 29
Ironed. Got dinner and milked. Henry, Jannie and I went to the pasture. Lieut came. Washed dishes.

Sunday, April 30
Went to Sunday school. Helped get dinner. Lieut went home. Mr. Wherman came.

Monday, May 1
Went to Mr. Wherman’s. Milked, fished and went to Mr. Lotton’s. Gather flowers.

Tuesday, May 2
Helped wash, churned, got dinner. Irma came. Went home with her. Mrs. Bailey and Miss Birdie came over and so did Harry and David. Rained.

Wednesday, May 3
Ironed, baked a cream pie. Milked and went to Mrs. Bentfield’s. Pedler came.

Thursday, May 4
Milked, took cows to the pasture, churned, helped sew and got the cows. Papa went to St. Louis.

Friday, May 5
Milked, took the cows to pasture, made watermelon hills. Helped get dinner and went to town.

Saturday, May 6
Milked, made two beds, washed dishes and went fishing with six others. Milked again.

Sunday, May 7
Milked, went to Mr. Bentfield’s.

Monday, May 8
Milked. Helped take flowers into the mound. Milked, washed the dishes and had lettuce for supper.

Tuesday, May 9
Milked, helped clean hen house. Helped wash. Papa came home. Milked and help do the feeding. Helped set out cabbage plants.

Wednesday, May 10
Milked, helped iron and made one bed. Helped make a cake, washed a shirt.

Thursday, May 11
Took the cows to pasture and then to Mrs. Bailey’s and Lotton’s. Milked, made two beds, helped get dinner.

Friday, May 12
Washed dishes and helped wash. Made two beds, helped get dinner. Went to Mrs. Lotton’s. B & G came.

Saturday, May 13
Went to Danville. Bess, Thad and I went horseback riding. Mollie and Ben came. Milked.

Sunday, May 14
Came home and helped get dinner. Washed dishes. Mrs. Bailey came.

Monday, May 15
Milked. Made three beds, swept three rooms, hoed. Helped get dinner. Ben and Mollie went home. Started a fire and helped wash dished.

Tuesday, May 16
Milked and took cows to pasture. Fished and gathered greens. Went to Mrs. Lotton’s and Bailey’s. Got in wood.

Wednesday, May 17
Milked and took cows to pasture. Helped wash and make a saddle blanket. Madge came over. Helped get supper.

Thursday, May 18
Milked. Helped clean the kitchen and iron. Went to the woods. Went fishing and caught 14 fish. Helped get supper. Wiped the dishes.

Friday, May 19
Helped get dinner. Slept. Got in wood, helped wash and get supper.

Saturday, May 20
Went to Sunday school, slept and Frank came.

Sunday, May 21
Milked. Washed dishes. Made one bed.

Monday, May 22
Milked. Made hen nest’s, cleaned chicken coops. Irma came out. Went to Mrs. Bailey’s. Milked.

Tuesday, May 23
Milked. Went to Fred’s.

Wednesday, May 24
Went to Mr. Garvey’s. Gather lettuce. Edna and I went with Fred afterward. Edna came home with us.

Thursday, May 25
Dressed and washed Edna. Helped iron. Went to Mrs. Davis’.

Friday, May 26
Washed, dressed and combed Edna. Went to Mrs. Bailey’s and Lotton’s

Saturday, May 27
Made one bed, milked, washed dishes, churned, strained the mile and swept. Hoed in the garden. Went to town. Fed chicks, combed Edna’s hair. Milked and went after the cows.

Sunday, May 28
Made one bed, milked and went to Sunday school. Helped get supper.

Monday, May 29
Milked, went gooseberrying and sewed. Helped get dinner. Went after the cows. Put Edna to sleep.

Tuesday, May 30
Milked and took cows to the pasture. Helped wash, took cows to the pasture, gathered lettuce. Helped plant beans and went to Mr. Hensley’s party.

Wednesday, May 31
Ironed, made one bed and helped get dinner. Made cookies. Went to Mrs. Lotton’s and Bailey’s. Gave Edna a bath. Fred came after Edna.

Thursday, June 1
Milked, combed Edna, went home with them. Gathered sarvas berries.

Friday, June 2
Milked. Hung out the clothes. Swung Edna.

Saturday, June 3
Went fishing. Slept. Swept one room and went to Garvey’s.

Sunday, June 4
Helped wash dishes and went to Garvey’s.

Monday, June 5
Helped get dinner and went fishing and mulberry hunting.

Tuesday, June 6
Cleaned the house and stuck peas.

Wednesday, June 7
Gathered a gallon of mulberries. Helped get supper.

Thursday, June 8
Washed a little, went to Mr. Garvey’s. Gathered mulberries.

Friday, June 9
Ironed, ate squirrel. Helped get supper.

Saturday, June 10
Helped get dinner. Went to an ice cream supper at Mr. Murries (Remember Mr. Austin).

Sunday, June 11
Went to Mr. Garvey’s and Spencer’s.

Monday, June 12
Hoed in the garden and started a fire.

Tuesday, June 13
Went to Mr. Spencer’s. Went mulberry hunting.

Wednesday, June 14
Went to Mr. Garvey’s. Started a fire. Milked.

Thursday, June 15
Went to Spencer’s. Stemmed mulberries.

Friday, June 16
Ethel and Fred went to Prices B. I stayed at Mr. Garvey’s. Cut up meat and planted beans.

Saturday, June 17
Got breakfast and went after berries.

Sunday, June 18
Went to Mr. Garvey’s. Had cream and cake. Mr. and Mrs. Snider and Lill and Edd were there.

Monday, June 19
Came home. All of the folks gone. Got dinner, hulled peas, went to see Beulah and got supper.

Tuesday, June 20
Milked and got breakfast. Cleaned the house. Got dinner and went home with Beulah.

Wednesday, June 21
Milked, fed chickens, got dinner, cleaned the yard and went fishing.

Thursday, June 22
Milked, cleaned the house, got dinner, watered flowers and stayed all night at Mrs. Bailey’s.

Friday, June 23
Milked, washed, got dinner, sprinkled clothes, cleaned feed coops, got supper and washed dished.

Saturday, June 24
Ironed, got dinner, scrubbed, baked pies, cake and cookies. Churned and went to B.D. Took a bath.

Sunday, June 25
Henry, Jannie and Lydia came home. Helped get dinner, wiped dishes and milked.

Monday, June 26
Milked, wiped dishes and hoed. Cleaned David’s clothes, milked.

Tuesday, June 27
Milked and ran “old slim”. Nena and Beulah came. We dressed up. Milked and churned.

Wednesday, June 28
Milked. Helped paper. Got the cows and went to Mrs. Bailey’s.

Thursday, June 29
Milked and helped paper. Went after the cows. Madge came over.

Friday, June 30
Milked, hoed and went to Mrs. Bailey’s. Milked and washed dishes.

Saturday, July 1
Milked, helped get dinner, churned, wiped dishes and milked. Went to see Beulah.

Sunday, July 2
Milked. Bessie, Thadia, Beulah, Ora and Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Nena and Cass were here. Us “gals” took a horse back and cart ride. Dressed up – and scared all of them.

Monday, July 3
Milked, helped, got dinner, tacked carpet rags and went to Beulah’s and milked.

Tuesday, July 4
Helped get dinner and made me a pair of gloves. Went to Beulah’s. Lena P. was there. Had ice cream, lemonade and cake.

Wednesday, July 5
Milked. Went to town and got my slippers. Shocked one round of oats. Helped get dinner.

Thursday, July 6
Nothing in diary.

Friday, July 7
Went to Molly and Ben’s. Ironed and got dinner.

Saturday, July 8
Milked. Nursed Doras. Papa went home.

Sunday, July 9
Went to Mr. George Mars.

Monday, July 10
Ironed a little for Doras. Helped wash dished.

Tuesday, July 11
Ironed a little for Doras. Helped wash dished.

Wednesday, July 12
Washed dishes. Spent the day at Mr. Brookshires.

Thursday, July 13
Mary Lotton spent the day at our house. Milked.

Friday, July 14
Spent the day at Emma Bs. Went to Tilda’s.

Saturday, July 15
Helped scour, washed dished and nursed Doras.

Sunday, July 16
Frank Gentry and Lient were here.

Monday, July 17
Washed dished. Jannie came after us to go to Tilda’s. Alma was there.

Tuesday, July 18
Washed and went to Mr. Brookshire’s and Tilda’s.

Wednesday, July 19
Cooked for Thrashers, did not come “hooks”.

Thursday, July 20
Went to Mrs. Brookshire’s. Cooked for Thrashers. Lient stayed all night with us.

Friday, July 21
Spent the day at Mrs. Hart’s.

Saturday, July 22
Washed a little. Went to Tilda’s. Clara and Ella were there.

Sunday, July 23
Milked. Mr. Brookshire came. Jack and George came.

Monday, July 24
Spent the day at Mr. Stiegman’s. Clara and Ella came home with us.

Tuesday, July 25
Washed, ironed, got dinner and churned. Mollie was sick. Jack Berk came.

Wednesday, July 26
Got up at 2:00 A.M. and got breakfast and started for home. Beulah, Ora, Nena and Mrs. Davis came up in the evening.

Thursday, July 27
Helped get dinner. Molly and Ben went home. Cleaned front room and milked.

Friday, July 28
Made one bed and went to see Nena.

Saturday, July 29
August came home. Swept the yard and helped get supper.

Sunday, July 30
Spent the day at Irma’s. Lient came.

Monday, July 31
Lient went home. I went to town and helped get dinner and supper.

Tuesday, August 1
Helped wash and helped get dinner. Went to Bs. Fred and Mr. Davis came. Helped get supper.

Wednesday, August 2
Ironed and helped get dinner. Height girls came. Went to the old orchard.

Thursday, August 3
Helped scrub, washed dishes, went to tell Nena and Cass “goodbye”.

Friday, August 4
Gathered the vegetables for dinner and took a bath. Made three beds.

Saturday, August 5
Had a chill and couldn’t go to the picnic (bu hunk see the tears). Had the doctor.

Sunday, August 6
Sick all day.

Monday, August 7
Becca, Johnnie, Mattie, Philip, Oscar and Sam came. Was sick all day.

Tuesday, August 8
Irma, Beulah and Mrs. Bailey came. Was sick all day.

Wednesday, August 9
Becca and all went home, but Emma. Had Le_______.

Thursday, August 10
Sick. Had watermelons.

Friday, August 11
Better. Skinned grapes and went to Mrs. Lotton’s.

Saturday, August 12
Made two beds. B&B came. Finished making a handkerchief.

Sunday, August 13
Made two beds, swept two rooms.

Monday, August 14
Went to Emma’s and gathered wild plumbs.

Tuesday, August 15
Helped Becca wash. Helped pick geese and went to Will’s and Lizzie’s.

Wednesday, August 16
Came back to Emma’s. Ironed. Mrs. Able came.

Thursday, August 17
Helped get dinner and helped sew.

Friday, August 18
Cleaned the house and went to camp meeting.

Saturday, August 19
Attended camp meeting.

Sunday, August 20
Attended camp meetings.

Monday, August 21
Otto, Sam and I went to Warrenton. I came home. Walked out from town.

Tuesday, August 22
Started to school. Went to Edd’s party (coming home).

Wednesday, August 23
Went to school.

Thursday, August 24
Went to school and made one bed.

Friday, August 25
Went to school. Went into the high geography and history.

Saturday, August 26
I ironed, washed dishes, shocked millet, milked, gathered plumbs and took the cows to pasture.

Sunday, August 27
Girtie, Cousin Fred and Mr. Meyercordt came. Went to Mr. Standhardts. Girtie stayed all night.

Monday, August 28
Milked and went after the cows. Went to school.

Tuesday, August 29
Went to school and then milked. Mrs. Bailey and Lotton were here.

Wednesday, August 30
Went to school. Made one bed and went after the cows.

Thursday, August 31
Milked and took the cows to pasture. Fed the hogs. Laid up a fence and went to school.

Friday, September 1
Milked, went to school, and fed the hogs.

Saturday, September 2
Ironed, helped get dinner and went to Girtie’s.

Sunday, September 3
Stayed all night at Girtie’s. Got weighed. _____ the corn.

Monday, September 4
Milked, studied and helped get supper.

Tuesday, September 5
Lydia went to John’s. Milked and ironed a little.

Wednesday, September 6
Milked. Went after the cows. Went to school.

Thursday, September 7
Molly and Ben came. Papa is sick. Went to school. Milked.

Friday, September 8
Went to school. Milked.

Saturday, September 9
Milked. Helped wash, scrubbed and washed dished. Melia and Mrs. Wherman came.

Sunday, September 10
Dick dies – 11 years old. Helped get dinner. Washed dishes.

Monday, September 11
Milked. Went to school. Helped get supper. Got a new pair of shoes.

Tuesday, September 12
Made two beds, milked, washed dishes and went to church.

Wednesday, September 13
Milked. Jannie went home to stay. Went to church.

Thursday, September 14
Milked, got breakfast, supper and dinner. Milked, washed dishes, made two beds and went to church.

Friday, September 15
Got breakfast, washed dishes, cleaned the house, went to school and got supper.

Saturday, September 16
Washed dishes, cleaned the house and got dinner. Lydia came home and August. Went to church.

Sunday, September 17
Helped get dinner. Carrie and Becca are here.

Monday, September 18
Went to school. Helped clean the house. Went to church. David joined.

Tuesday, September 19
Milked. Went to school. Helped pick the geese. Went to church.

Wednesday, September 20
Milked. Went to school. Went to church.

Thursday, September 21
Milked. Went to school. Went to church. Made three beds.

Friday, September 22
Milked. Rained. Washed dishes and helped get supper.

Saturday, September 23
Milked, ironed and helped get dinner. Went to church.

Sunday, September 24
Cleaned the house. Made two beds. Got dinner. Went to Irma’s. Preaching closed – could not go. Rained. Bess sent me three watermelons and sweet potatoes.

Monday, September 25
Milked. Helped get supper. Went to school. Went after the cows.

Tuesday, September 26
Milked. Went to school. Went after the cows.

Wednesday, September 27
Milked. Washed dishes. Lydid went to John’s to stay. B.D. stayed all night with Mr. B. M. came.

Thursday, September 28
News of a birth – Janine. Went to school. Milked and made two beds. Swept five rooms. Got supper. Skimmed the milk, etc.

Friday, September 29
Milked. Went to school. Thrashers came and had to get supper and breakfast for them.

Saturday, September 30
Milked, washed dishes, got dinner, ironed and washed. Got supper, gathered the eggs and milked.

Sunday, October 1
Milked. Washed dishes, got dinner, breakfast and supper.

Monday, October 2
Milked, made three beds, swept and got breakfast and supper. Churned.

Tuesday, October 3
My birthday – fourteen years old. August gave me 14 pennies. David one and a button. Milked. Got supper.

Wednesday, October 4
Milked. Washed dishes. Mary gave me an apple and piece of cake.

Thursday, October 5
Milked. Washed dishes and made three beds. Got breakfast and supper. Washed some of the clothes. Washed dishes.

Friday, October 6
Finished washing. Milked. Went to town and got me a hat, dress and pair of shoes. Scrubbed and ironed.

Saturday, October 7
Milked. Went to school. Got supper.

Sunday, October 8
Beulah, Bertha, Lester, Mary and Henry came over. Henry and I took a horseback ride. Got supper and dinner.

Monday, October 9
Milked. Got supper and breakfast, made three beds, swept and washed dishes. Went to school.

Tuesday, October 10
Went to school in the morning. Mrs. Bailey and I went to town in the evening. Brought my winter hat and dress home. Washed dishes.

Wednesday, October 11
Went to school. Made three beds, milked, got supper and breakfast, swept four rooms, pealed apples and washed dishes.

Thursday, October 12
Went to school. Got supper, made two beds and washed dishes.

Friday, October 13
Milked, got supper and breakfast. Went to school. Swept the yard and milked.

Saturday, October 14
Washed dishes, scrubbed and churned. Went to town. Baked cookies, got dinner, washed, ironed and made one bed, cleaned four lamps and gathered the eggs.

Sunday, October 15
Went to Danville. Went to church. Jannie came home. Got supper. Girtie went over with us.

Monday, October 16
Went to school. Washed dishes.

Tuesday, October 17
Went to school. Washed dishes. Helped get supper. Made one bed.

Wednesday, October 18
Went to school. Moved the bed out of my room upstairs. Made two beds, washed dishes and helped get supper.

Thursday, October 19
Went to school half day. Practices marching. Burnt my hand.

Friday, October 20
Went to the fair. Lient came home with us. Helped get supper.

Saturday, October 21
Went to the fair. Marched. Took the second premium. Albert’s folks, Tresa and Mr. McGeorge came home with us.

Sunday, October 22
Helped get dinner. Tresa and Albert’s went home. Mr. and Mrs. Lotton and Mr. and Mrs. Wherman’s came. Went after persimmons and milked.

Monday, October 23
Went to school. Helped get breakfast, milked, made one bed and dug my pea nuts.

Tuesday, October 24
Went to school. Nursed Clara. Milked.

Wednesday, October 25
Went to school. Helped get breakfast.

Thursday, October 26
Helped get breakfast. Nursed Clara. Went to school.

Friday, October 27
Went to school. Helped get supper. Strained milk. Made one bad.

Saturday, October 28
Went to school. Swept and fixed my dinner.

Sunday, October 29
Churned, helped get dinner. Was sick all evening.

Monday, October 30
Bess, May C., Mr. and Mrs. Richard, Emett and Mattie came. Mrs. Richard stayed.

Tuesday, October 31
Went to school. Helped get supper, pealed apples and dressed chicken.

Wednesday, November 1
Went to school. Nursed Clara. Helped get supper. Washed dishes.

Thursday, November 2
Went to school. Snowed. Washed dishes, made one bed and snow balled all noon

Friday, November 3
Went to school. Had debate. Helped get supper.

Saturday, November 4
Helped render lard, scrubbed and churned. Nursed Clara. Ironed a little.

Sunday, November 5
Made two beds. Nursed Clara. Went to Mr. Fred W’s.

Monday, November 6
Went to school. Helped get breakfast. Washed dishes and made one bed.

Tuesday, November 7
Went to school. Made two beds, sewed on my dress and helped churn.

Wednesday, November 8
Went to school. made one bed. Girtie, Alice and Iuerna were here. Washed dishes.

Thursday, November 9
Went to school. Helped get breakfast. Nursed Clara. Sewed.

Friday, November 10
Went to school. churned and washed dishes. Nursed Clara. Wrote to August.

Saturday, November 11
Churned and ironed. Went to Danville – stayed all night with Thadia.

Sunday, November 12
Went to church. Stayed all day with Bessie and came home and helped get supper.

Monday, November 13
Went to school. Nursed Clara. Washed dishes and made one bed.

Tuesday, November 14
Went to school. Made two beds and washed dishes.

Wednesday, November 15
Went to school. Went to town. Milked and helped get supper

Thursday, November 16
Went to school. Helped get supper. Washed dishes and made taffy.

Friday, November 17
Went to school. Made one bed and helped wash dishes. Stayed all night with B.

Saturday, November 18
Helped iron and scrubbed. Went to town – got a pair of over-shoes and plaid dress.

Sunday, November 19
Made two beds and nursed Clara. Went to preaching. Helped get supper.

Monday, November 20
Went to school. Helped get supper. Mollie and Ben came.

Tuesday, November 21
Went to school. Helped get supper. Cleaned four rabbits and washed dishes.

Wednesday, November 22
Went to school. Helped get supper. Nursed Clara. Sewed, made two beds and washed dishes.

Thursday, November 23
Went to school. Washed dishes, helped get supper and made two beds.

Friday, November 24
Went to school. helped get supper, washed dishes and churned.

Saturday, November 25
Made three beds and swept the north room. Mary came and went home with her.

Sunday, November 26
Came home. Irma came with me. Mrs. Rentfield came over. Washed dishes and strained the milk.

Monday, November 27
Went to school. Made three beds, washed dishes and strained milk.

Tuesday, November 28
Went to school. made three beds, washed dishes, strained milk and swept four rooms.

Wednesday, November 29
Went to school. Helped get supper. Alice and Uerna came and I churned.

Thursday, November 30
Thanksgiving Day. Milked, washed dishes, made three beds and molded butter. Lula, Beulah and Lila spent the day with me. Made candy. Played blind fold.

Friday, December 1
Washed a little and went to Mollie’s. They were at a party. Got supper.

Saturday, December 2
Played with Doras and went to John’s. Skinned two rabbits.

Sunday, December 3
Came home and washed dishes. Nursed Clara. Went to the bluff and gathered fern.

Monday, December 4
Went to school. Washed dishes, made two beds and stained milk.

Tuesday, December 5
Went to school. Made two beds, washed dishes, and helped get supper.

Wednesday, December 6
Went to school. Washed dishes and was vaccinated. Mammie and Rush came.

Thursday, December 7
Went to school. Washed dishes, nursed Clara, got in wood and dressed a chicken. Beulah stayed all night with me. Helped get supper and made two beds.

Friday, December 8
Went to school. Made one bed and swept.

Saturday, December 9
Churned, helped scrub, washed dishes and made three beds. Sewed.

Sunday, December 10
Cleaned the house, wiped dishes and nursed Clara.

Monday, December 11
Went to school. Helped get supper, washed dishes, swept two rooms and made one bed.

Tuesday, December 12

Wednesday, December 13

Thursday, December 14
Went to school. Made two beds and fixed my waist.

Friday, December 15
Went to school. Made one bed. Spelled and snow balled.

Saturday, December 16
Made three beds, swept, nursed Clara and dressed a rabbit. Went to town and got my “tan” shoes. Bess came. Made taffy.

Sunday, December 17
Went to see B and C. Snow balled, skated. Washed dishes.

Monday, December 18
Went to school. Nursed Clara, made two beds, swept, washed dishes, ironed and helped get supper.

Tuesday, December 19
Went to school. Ben came. Went to our spelling match, played jump the rope, snap and wolf on the ridge.

Wednesday, December 20
Helped get breakfast. Went to school. Made three beds. Went to Mr. Wright’s party.

Thursday, December 21
Went to school. Helped get supper. So sleepy.

Friday, December 22
Went to school. Wrote a letter, got supper, washed dishes and made two beds.

Saturday, December 23
Washed dishes, made three beds, scrubbed, churned, ironed, washed dishes and helped made cookies. Jaime gave me a shirt-waist and David a belt.

Sunday, December 24
Went to Danville. Washed dishes.

Monday, December 25
Christmas, comes but once a year and how are you rubber? Mack Gleman came over and played on the organ. Skated. Went to see Thad and Irene. Took supper with Sarah.

Tuesday, December 26
Went to see Fresa and came home. Bessie came with us. Wrote a letter.

Wednesday, December 27
Washed dishes, made three beds and swept. Went to Mr. Hill’s party. Helped make my waist.

Thursday, December 28
Made two beds, swept and washed dishes.

Friday, December 29
Made three beds, washed dishes and nursed Clara. Went to Mr. Duenkel’s party. Remember the “ssi” G.H.

Saturday, December 30
Worked hard all day. Rejoiced at the party (at our house).

Sunday, December 31
Helped clean the house. Had a hot time at the party. Slept. Went to a X.M.A.S. tree.